Cuisinart Griddle and Grill : This has changed my whole way of cooking

Very easy and good in cooking. Proper price and good quality.

First one didnt work but replacement arrived very quickly. Replacement hasa dodgy switch but cant be bothered to replace again will just put up with it. Removable plates are brill and so much easier to clean.

Seems well made and i think it should last. It does seem to get good and hot, but if you are cooking a large piece of meat at one time, it does seem to loose of its heat, meaning you can’t always get it to sear the meat. If it had i would have given it five stars. The plates come off easily and the no stick coating is good. They don’t rattle about, unlike some other contact grills i have seen with removable plates. ** update after three years heavy usage. We’ve been using this regularly now for just over three years, mainly toasting gluten free cheese toasties. Still really impressed with the quality and how robust it is.

Happy with purchasethis is a good all rounder – it cooks chicken, chicken wings, steaks and burgers and any sandwich perfectly to your liking. I like the fact that it also flattens out to enable you to cook pancakes which i thought was a good feature. The grills also after you finished cooking come off for cleaning and can be washed in the dishwasher which i find is the best way to clean them after soaking and washing off the residue by hand – i soak mine first don’t try and scratch off residue of food as it will take the teflon off of the grills then after soaking for some time i get a very soft washing up microfibre cloth and the residue comes off easy and then it’s into the dishwasher for a thorough clean. I love cooking food with my cuisinart better than frying or grilling as you don’t get the fat or the dryness as the meat is always succulent and juicy. Out of all the similar products i brought in the past this is the best one i ever brought.

I have tried it in different ways and works perfectly.

Excellent buy cooks food really good versatile and easy to clean, a good buy and fast delivery, well pleased with the result.

So far did few panini sandwich 🙂 perfect.

Absolute fantastic product should have bought it earlier. Very easy to use and the food taste fantastic. Much better than the george foreman product i bought the last time.

  • Great Sandwich maker and grill !
  • A well made grill.
  • Definitely worth every penny.

Cuisinart Griddle and Grill, 1600 W – Silver

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The griddle is amazing i am very pleased with its versatility, it is perfect for single persons usage or a family and produces good food fat free. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

I was a bit dubious about ordering this, because of the lettering coming off, so many people complained about, and sent it back, even thoughthe company did exchange them for new replacement. But the performance of this is great from what i can see, mine is too soon to see if thelettering comes off (early days yet), but it did sound like it came from batch of them and not all. I can highly recommend this grill come sandwich maker though.

It is easy to use and i find it so much easier to griddle everything – easy to clean and i feel better knowing nothing is coated in grease.

Good quality panini toaster and griddler 👍.

If you haven’t tried cooking chicken or tuna steaks on a worktop grill like this, you haven’t lived. Plus you can buy adaptor plates for making waffles, and it makes 4 brilliant waffles too.

Good ,quick reliable service and excellent product.

I bought this a few weeks ago. We have only used it for panni’s. It heats up quick and they turn out lovely.

Perfect gadget would not be without it.

  • Great Sandwich maker and grill !
  • A well made grill.
  • Definitely worth every penny.

Cuisinart Griddle and Grill, 1600 W – Silver

Well designed and cooks well. Only gripes are that the fat doesn’t run off as well as advertised and does not cook very quickly when open as a griddle. However i use it every day so it must be doing something right.

There is a reason for that, it is fantastic. My partner was concerned about the price, considering we had seen £20 ones in the shop of inferior quality and all we wanted originally was a decent toastie maker. He asked me to get the best one i could, i did some research and picked this one. We have used it probably between 4 and 5 times a week since. We make panini’s, pancakes, burgers, i even grilled aubergines on it to make a parmigiana and it was a million times better than using a pan or the grill in the oven. Burgers are nicely dark on the outside with a lovely criss cross pattern (turn it halfway through cooking) and moist in the middle, pancakes are perfectly browned using the griddle function, everything i cook on this is perfect due to the variable controls and the lid that can accommodate anything you throw at it. A better alternative that using your oven or hob if you need the space too. There is a fat collection tray that is discreetly hidden that collects things easily. It is very easy to clean either by hand or in the dishwasher for the plates.

Found the cuisine art an excellent appliance. However it would be better if when using only the one main grill that then other grill remained off. Unfortunately there was a mechanical fault with the one i received preventing the locking down of the grill plate. This was dealt with very efficient and excellent replacement service.

Heats up well and cooks well. The only problem is it does not drain away the fat very well.

I’ve never used a griddle before as i always thought they were a bit of a gimmick. I have a perfectly good grill in my oven. Friends have got a ‘george foreman’ grill languishing at the back of their kitchen cupboard alongside their bread maker and juicerhowever, after spending ages cleaning the oven grill every time it was used i decided to buy this griddle. It is a joy to use, easy to clean and very healthy – especially as now i can just put a spray of oil on the surfaces. To date i have cooked steaks, sausages, a tandoori mixed grill (), prawns and toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches (a favourite of my wife’s). All have come out excellent; the steaks especially, with their charred grill markings. Sausages take less time to cook and remain succulent. Clean-up is a piece of cake. Just wait for the plates to cool and wash them. No more scraping wire grillsthe grill can open up to double its size and with the reversible plates i can cook bacon and eggs very quickly.

The first one had an electrical issue and shorted out my home so they immediately sent another that worked great.

I am extremely impressed with this grill and bought it after seeing my cousin use hers. I love the fact that the fat can drain away without being absorbed into the food. My bacon is always crispy just as i like it. Best of all i don’t have fat splatters all over my hob. I must congratulate amazon and cusinart as the first grill i bought turned out to be faulty. However this only became obvious after many months of use. Amazon allowed me to return it, free of charge, and then replaced it immediately. The only proviso being that the grill would have to be checked.

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