Cuisinart Griddle and Grill : Toasted Sandwiches

Cuisinart griddle and grilli bought this product 2 weeks ago and it’s absolutely fantastic. I do panini’s just about every day. My son and my friends call and they get uset if i don’t make them a panini. I believe that you get what you pay for and this product exceeds my expectations. This is quality in build and looks great in the kitchen. Don’t even look at any other product. I’m so impressed that i’ve just ordered the cuisinart 2 slice toaster. Now that i’ve got a taste for cuisinart i won’t stop there and will definately buy some of their other products. These are amazing professional products for amazing low end prices. I know what to buy for my son this christmas.

No point messing with the cheaper ones as you will only be fed up with them and ultimately end up with the gr4uive only had this a few days but upon first usage it was noticably better than my previous george foreman 14525 grill and melt which only cost about £20 less. It might be quite a bit of money in this price bracket but i can honestly say it was worth it. They both say they have 1500 watts but this cuisinart is much quicker at cooking and you really do get the sear marks on your food like a proper grill unlike my previous one which looked like i had steamed my salmon fillet or my steakthe george foreman was smaller in cooking surface but more difficult to clean because the handles on the grill plates were integrated as catches to slot onto the machine itself and was so wide it wud not sit in the sink to clean effectively.The gr4u cooking plates are just that, no handles or stuff to get mucky in cleaning and larger than the foreman but fits easily on the sink base (i dont have enough dishes to clean to warrant using the dishwasher) it also comes with another pair of cooking plates which are flat. . For pancakes etcthe top plate can also adjust for the thickest of food cooking it uniformly unlike the foreman which ‘squeezed’ the food nearest to the hinge which is not great. This is a major plus pointhowever nothing is perfect. It does look a bit ugly and cumbersome and somewhat cheap when u see the large text by the control knobs and no feedback on the temp control. Just minor things that bugs me, but im picky.

This out strips the more popular “lean” products in its field. I don’t feel there was a need to have seperate thermostate controls for the grill or griddle other wise this is a excellent product and will not disappoint.

Modest in all ways had the fewest array of guests, but no less filled with the warm aroma of burgers, both meat and veggie. Eight burgers in all, each securing a spot on my new cuisinart griddler. Mushrooms and sliced onions filled in the spaces between. Not more than three spices brought fragrance and flavor to the burgers: pepper, onion and garlic. No background music to wrap around the night. Just burgers packaged in buns, graced with ketchup and mustard, washed down with water. All and only, it was simple meal shared at a table surrounded by those most loved.

Good food, not as easy to clean as stated, but worth the money.

In fact i like it so much it hardly ever gets put in the cupboard. It is really easy to use and the removable grill plates are easily removed for dish washing.

We are very pleased with our grill/griddle it has lived up to its expectations providing us with deliously coooked dishescuisinart griddle and grill.

I absolutely love this grill – although i have to preface this review by saying that i have only had 2 grills previously, both george foreman and i found them awfulfirstly, appearance. It looks very stylish, so for those of you who don’t want more ugly plastic kitchen junk cluttering your kitchen, this is your grill. It’s very easy to use, obviously you should always read the manual before using, but it’s not rocket science. To turn it on, you simply select if you want to use the grill or griddle and adjust the temperature. The light on it will go from red (in heat up) to green when it’s at the right temperature. So far we have cooked bacon, chicken, beefburgers, pork steaks, kebabs and warmed up buns on the plates for the burgers (great to mop up a few of the juices from cooking). The only thing that didn’t work as i’d hoped was the veg kebabs – i ended up eating scorched but still ultimately raw veg. This was my mistake though, i find it easier to cook these in the closed position now. The floating hinge is brilliant, keeping the plates flat on chunky steaks, burgers etc. It will normally cook food very quickly in the closed position which is great.

  • Perfect panini Machine
  • absolutely amazing
  • Best contact grill so far

Cuisinart Griddle and Grill

Product description, The CuisinartTM GriddlerTM makes “multifunctional” an understatement! Make perfect panini… plus! With four separate cooking options, it can handle everything from pancakes to sausages to grilled cheese to steaks, hamburgers and panini. It helps you prepare more servings of more kinds of food in less time, so you can cook for a crowd — no one has to wait! Simply change the cooking plates and adjust the floating hinge to use the Griddler as a Contact Grill, a Panini Press, or your choice of an extra-large double Open Grill or Griddle. Multi-functional: open grill, open griddle, contact grill and panini press. Adjust to any thickness of food, non-stick dishwasher safe removable parts, opens out to provide double size grilling surface, fat and grease draining system, commercial grade stainless steel housing. 5 year guarantee. Please Note: All electrical products sold by cookinstyle (InStyle Products Limited) are supplied with a UK 3 pin plug.

Manufacturer’s Description, This award winning appliance is a must have for every kitchen, featuring interchangeable griddle and grill plates and its unique design offers multifunctional cooking. The grill cooks on both sides so you can cook open, closed or even flat for a double cooking surface. This is also the perfect indoor barbeque and is perfect for the complete full English!
The spouts on the plates allow grease / fat to run away from the food for healthier, reduced-calorie cooking. The floating hinge enables the lid to rest evenly across the food for perfect cooking results. And when you have finished, the plates are easily removable and can be washed in the dishwasher for hassle-free cleaning.
About CuisinartOriginally a French company, Cuisinart became the leading exclusive merchandise brand in the US and is now in the UK. In 1973 Cuisinart’s legendary food processor became the definitive food preparation machine for American chefs. Continuous development since then has broadened the Cuisinart range of kitchen equipment to include innovative and state of the art products.
The Cuisinart GuaranteeAll Cuisinart products are engineered to last. They are thoroughly tested and quality checked three times before being released. This is why Cuisinart has a unique (and free) extended guarantee policy. But, if for any reason a product or part develops a fault (under normal domestic use) during the guarantee period, we will replace it immediately. At Cuisinart we believe that a repaired product is never the same again.
Visit if you have any concerns or queries and in the un-likely event that you need to return your a machine, we will pay to have it returned to us and a replacement to be sent to you.

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This does everything you could want. Makes excellent toasted sandwiches, makes fantastic pancakes if you have it out flat as a griddle. It is wonderful to be able to put the plates into the dishwasher. The outside does get very hot but it is a grill, after all. Really delighted with this product.

Easy to use controls although the lights in the control knobs are very dim. Removeable plates are a godsend when it comes to cleaning up after use.

After our very disappointing experience with the george foreman grill (review available some place)summer was on its way and we still had no grill for outdoor barbecues – happily we found the cuisinart griddle & grill which was sent by amazon’s excellent delivery service in good time to please our summer guests -and it is fab-ul-ous. The grill actually does what it says it would do – gets hot and sears meat. No more of those g foreman insipid steaks. It is so easy to clean – and looks great on a granite kitchen top.We’re all very happy bunnies.

We bought our cuisinart griddle & grill several years ago. We use it more than any other kitchen appliance. It does the job brilliantly, it’s so easy to clean and it looks great too. I have just bought one through amazon for my daughter for christmas 2011. I hope she will be as thrilled with it as i have been with mine. The build quality is superb. This is way more than a sandwich toaster. I would wholeheartedly recommend this appliance. If you buy one, you won’t be disappointed.

This was to replace a panni machine and a health grill. Its heavy to get out the cupbpard and doesn’t lock shut when you put it away which would help. The open griddle is fine, but if you use it the same as the health grill it doesn’t slope forward so the fat doesn’t run off just as quickly, also if you open the grill up to look at food any grease on the top plate runs down the back and drips on the worktop. I like the interchangeable plates and the fact they goes in the dishwasher, not sure if i would buy it again.

Easy to use and has interchangable plates to vary your cooking. Definately recommend to others as it does the job.

Its is are an very goodly great products. That were whats i very wanted. Thanked your yous from my me.

Bought this about a week ago and have used it at least 5 times. Never got round to buying a gf but had a phillips, which i have to say was reasonably good, but, this is far and away better. Deeper ridges on the grill so more of the fat drains away, plates remove at the touch of a button, really easy to clean without a dishwasher, temperature controls and interchangeable griddle/grill plates and it looks really classy. I must have spent hours reading reviews before i bought this, because it is pricey, but glad i did, probably saved myself a fortune buying 6 gfs before this one even thinks of giving up. I’ve now had this grill for 6 weeks (ish) and i still absoloutely love it. Both sets of plates, griddle and grill, get the same amount of usage and both are spot on. Brilliant for just about anything from salmon steaks to dropscones.

  • Perfect panini Machine
  • absolutely amazing
  • Best contact grill so far

Cuisinart Griddle and Grill

This was the first cuisinart product i purchased and since i was so impressed i have since grown my collection. All the products are so well engineered and very robust and durable. This grill really does it all and there is nothing else like it on the market. Time to move over george foreman. There is a new heavyweight in town.

I’m really happy, it works well worm up fast, so i can cook health meal for my family.

I brought the cuisinart griddle and grill about 4 months ago, and have been extremely pleased with it. Cooks beautifully (usually chicken or panini’s), cleans easily. Good investment after having several cheaper ‘health grill’s.

This is one of the best additions to my kitchen recently. In ‘basic’ mode, you turn it on, set it to grill, heats up in half a minute, put in the meat or vegetable between the plates and it’s ready in a few minutes. Two reasons to choose this over other options:1) opens flat: besides the ‘basic’ mode, you can flip the top part open and make a large, near contiguous surface for open grilling. Putting it on the covered hob under the exhaust fan worked quite well indoors, without filling the whole flat with smoke. 2) dishwasher safe: the grill surfaces can be taken off the grill (after they cooled down), and washed in the dishwasher. It is also makes much easier to scrape off any residue. The unit has a flat, non-stick griddle surface as well, which does not have the ribs, and can be used to make sunny side up while toasting something like scones with it. Build quality is medium, it looks sturdy, but it has a lot of plastic and the switches are a bit flimsy. The unit is light weight, needs a stable surface to be safe. Overall, i found the grill very useful, fun, easy to clean and well equipped.

This is quality product and it makes great paninis. Will try more cooking in future. Did have gordon ramsey panini grill before and this is beter quality product, well worth the money. Would recomend to buy this machine over competition.

Facile da usare semplice da pulire. I panini sono a livello di una paninoteca di ottimo livello, conto quanto prima di utiluzzarla per grigliare carne pesce e verdure.

I bought this grill 12 months ago after using other makes of grill. At first i was very impressed but i noticed some design problems. When you open the grill the oil runs from the top plate on to the work surface behind the grill, the flat plates have bowed, the coating on the handles has started peeling and even though i have been very carefull washing the plates they are getting harder to wash. The grill looks great and if you dont use it much or just make panini’s then it will probably be ok, but i use mine every day and have now started looking for a replacement.

Have had grills in the past but this one surpasses them all. Really pleased with the results of panninis and steaks and it is so easy to clean with the removable plates. Looking forward to experimenting in the future.

Excellent product, very easy to use and even easier to clean, it makes fantastic paninis and can even be used open flat outside to replace the barbeque.

This cuisinart griddle and grill was purchased for a friend to replace a george foreman grill. I can only say that he has not stopped praising this item and i would advise anyone thinking of a grill, to seriously consider the cuisinart grill/griddle.

We were given this as a gift one christmas by some very generous friends and it sat in the garage for months unopened and unused. I really couldn’t be bothered to set it up and could not understand why anyone would bother faffing about with all this kit just to cook a steak or something. When our cooker packed up unexpectedly one evening we decided, for emergency purposes only, to dig out the ‘george formby grill thing’ and cook a couple of chicken breasts. Well, what can i say, they were fantastic. This machine cooked them in minutes and they were so tender. The next day we tried some steak (steak that was in the fridge and actually 3 days past it’s sell-by date) and, same result. It was the most tender steak i have ever eaten in my life. And there’s no spitting, no fat, no mess. And the lightweight non-stick grill plates just pop off so you can just chuck them in the dishwasher.

I found this cuisinart griller to be a superb purchase. Our family have used it on a number of occasions because its quick to set up and use, it holds the heat very well and its easy to clean. The removable grills just go into the dishwasher and there is less mess and fuss when you’re toasting sandwiches or grilling sausages, for example. I would highly recommend this product and we only bought it because our friends had one, and they were so impressed. The only issue i can see is that our friend’s model has had some of the numbers around the dials rub off, but then they use it so often.

This grill/griddle lives up to all expectations in how well made it is. It is very easy to use and has the added bonus of the plates being dishwasher safe.

If this really compares as well against cheaper models, then they must be truly appalling. Whilst it is nicely made, and perfectly functional, there are a number of minor niggles i have with it. The removable plates are lightweight aluminium and really don’t look like they are made to last more than 12 months of intensive family use. The nice brushed stainless cover gets very hot (so that any grease which finds its way there will burn on), and whilst the construction is of good quality, it in not quite as luxurious as i expected for the price. Most annoying for me is the design of the controls on the front – perfectly placed to pick up grease spray, and not at all designed to facilitate easy cleaning. As has already been mentioned, the top lid will drip grease behind and onto the cord if it is opened even briefly whilst in use. That said, it is a great bit of kit, and contact grilling bread keeps it nice and moist inside – and i have no problems with any lack of run-off for grease when cooking meat (even if it does result in a slightly more messy washing process. Only one question for the masses – how do the grill and griddle settings differ?. Is it just in the labeling of temperature?.

Purchased this grill over 2 years ago now & it still looks like new, so it was well worth the hefty price tag. When i first took it out of the box i was not impressed with it at all. The non stick surfaces on the plates did not seem to be very good in my opinion. My opinion was wrong, after two years of almost daily use there is not a scratch to be seen. Other reviewers have mentioned the ease of cleaning & the chunky clunky nature of the beast so i’ve no need to. My main concern was with the non stick & it has exceeded my expectations. All in all; a good buy & highly recommended.

As other reviewers have said, this does exactly what it is meant to. It is solid, easy to clean and efficient in use. Compared to other, usually cheaper, appliances this is head and shoulders above them in it’s construction and usability. If you can afford it buy it.

Very high quality grill, nice looking will fit to any kitchen and it last for everwouldn’t find better on market.

I’ve been using this product now for about 3 months and i really recommend (based on previous disappointments) that it you’re shopping for a griddle, pay the extra for this one. Cleaning is easy, and it’s a nice, big, metal, solid lump of a thing which looks as though it might last 20 years rather than 20 uses. My only gripe – and in reality, i suspect this is my fault, rather than cuisinart’s – is that the plain grill plates have warped slightly. It’s not a problem if you’re cooking anything more than about 3 mm thick, which is what you’d tend to use the plain plates for anyway, but it niggles at the engineer / pedant’s part of my brain as i try to figure out how i can straighten them. I think probably the cause of it was dumping the hot plates into a sink full of hot water and detergent, so here’s a clue – if you have one of these, don’t do that. Perhaps it’s just a testament to my miserableness that despite having said this glitch is likely to be my fault, i’ve only given it 4 stars – but i can live with that. Overall, it’s head and shoulders above the nearest competition. If you have one, you’ll use it – which is more than can be said for that juicer / smoothie maker / warm water footbath you’ve got hidden in a cupboard somewhere :-).

Features and Spesification

  • 5 year guarantee
  • Multi functional Open Grill, Open Griddle, Contact Grill and Panini Press in one
  • Adjustable floating hinge for any thickness of food, ideal for thick steak and deep filled Panini
  • Open position provides double size grilling surface
  • Variable temperature settings & Cool touch handle for maximum grilling control
  • Healthy grill plates, designed to drain excess fat and liquids
  • Easy to clean non-stick grill & griddle plates, removable and dishwasher safe
  • Robust & durable commercial grade stainless steel housing
  • Recipes included