Cuisinart Grind and Brew Plus : The best

This is the second one of these that we have had, and between both we had a brief, and overall poor experience with another make/model. We first had an earlier version of this unit back about 10 years, it worked perfectly for many of those years but we mistreated it by not descaling it and swapping the charcoal filters which in a hard water area such as ours is never good. The flask also started to leak when pouring, which could have been easily resolved. But the combination of the two things and perhaps wanting a bit of a change we opted for a smaller coffee maker from another manufacturer. This we gave up with after less than 2 years because it started to use less than the required water when brewing a coffee so ground 8 cups worth of beans but only used 4 or 6 cups worth of water. I suspect this was down to the hard water again as it would work better after a thorough descaling. Cuisinart has made a couple of changes to this coffee maker since the earlier model. They have made the top part of the unit a little smaller, more compact shall we say, which is a welcome change at the older version was quite tall. They have done this by making the bean hopper, the control panel and the filter area a little more compact height wise. It also sounds a little quieter when grinding coffee, which is a welcome change as the old unit used to wake up the neighbour, two doors downeverything else is the same incuding the jug/flask.

Used daily, unlike any other coffee maker we have had. We didnt want the pods, just great coffee bean grinder, very easy to use and clean. Used at least once a day for 6 cups (makes 4 of our mugs). Never had a coffee maker that is so brilliant. Thank you for perfect coffee for us daily and for friends.

I am not the coffee drinker in the house. To me a coffee pot is a coffee pot. My husband raves about this one and he is a real connoisseur of coffee. It works well and does a good job of the grind. If it had any faults, i wish it had a larger capacity pot and the burner plate stayed on longer. But the carafe does well to keep it hot long after the brewing.

I liked the fact that you did not have to measure or grind the coffee, you just set the amount of coffee you needed to make, filled up with water and off it went. It made a noise when grinding but this didn’t last long and was not unpleasant. The filter is easy to clean. I usually stick it in the dishwasher and put the grounds on my garden. Our local village hall now has two of them because we recommended them.

We love coffee, and we love exploring new, interesting beans from local roasters. So we like to really taste the expensive beans we indulge in. That’s why, until i bought this helpful coffee robot, our morning coffee setup was an aeropress and a hario hand-cranked burr grinder. Delicious coffee, yes, but very labour-intensive in the morning. I bought this machine because i wanted filter coffee made with freshly ground beans made automatically, on a timer, in the morning. I chose the grind and brew plus because it has a burr grinder, which grinds beans more evenly, as opposed to a blade grinder, which roughly chops beans into pieces. I also chose it because it has a thermos carafe – i don’t want my coffee sitting around on a hotplate, getting increasingly scorched. We’ve used it for two mornings in a row now, and i’m very pleased with the purchase. I’ve noticed a lot of complaints in previous reviews about the strength of the coffee. The grind and brew plus will use all the water you add to it, so i’ve found it’s very easy to adjust the strength of the coffee by adjusting the number of cups you want, as more cups = larger dose of ground coffee.

Ordered it despite of all the mixed reviews i read and still decided it’s the best kind on the market. Had some trouble with getting it delivered, but finally it arrived. Now it has been 2 weeks for me and it still works flawlessly. Here are my positive and not so positive points:positive:- makes fresh coffee straight from the beans as promised- keeps coffee hot around 1-2hours after brewing (more time when you preheat the carafe with hot water)- makes me happynot so positive:- cleaning after each brewing (specially the gold filter), using paper filters is much easier and they supposed to keep some chemicals in them as well, give it a try- when taking carafe out for pouring, inevitably there will be 1 or 2 drops of coffee (i can live with it)- doesn’t grind coffee thin enough (not an expert opinion though)for illiterate or people who don’t like to read manuals, checking out cuisinart website for how-to video is recommended. Update: tried paper filters, works better for me, easier to clean and it also stops some harmful particles, like it even more nowupdate 2: if you want to get the last coffee out from the carafe, take the lid of and pour the last half cup out with ease.

Having got through three ‘standard’ (i. Cheap, basic, functional) filter coffee machines breaking the glass jug each time (one was doa) i decided to look into something a bit grander with a more solid carafe. Once looking beyond basic glass carafes the prices go up significantly, so i decided to go for this which grinds the beans also. The quality of this machine is superb. It has a burr grinding mechanism which takes around 10-20 seconds or so and produces a fabulous result. The coffee is perfect: fresh ground, correct temperature (i. Hot, and stays hot) and correct strength (i like strong black coffee and this does the job), full of flavour. In the past i have ground my own beans separately and then filtered but the results have not been as good as this – presumably it is the burr grinder that makes the difference. Other small touches ensure a great result: gold plated coffee filter, charcoal water softener cartridges included, thermos flask carafe, timer mechanism. No problems with cleaning: you should always wash coffee maker parts, whatever the design, to avoid the build up of bitter tasting coffee oils. I rinse well and let the parts drip dry (as i’m lazy) and the whole process takes a minute max. If perfect ultra-fresh plain coffee without the froths and frills is your morning thrill then this is well worth the expenditure. If you want to add froths and frills it’s not impossible, just not a part of this machine.

Brews coffee well and keeps it hot for at least an hour. The flask is quite deceptive in use as you think it has little left in it but when you tilt it further it still gives; so not easy to know how much remains. The bean grinding is very noisy but thankfully does not last more than about 10 seconds. Several pieces to clean afterwards so be prepared.

  • Wonderful machine.Coffee beans well ground, water temperature seems to be right, the carafe keeps the coffee hot
  • Back to old faithfaul
  • A helpful coffee robot – shame it’s tough to find paper filters to fit!

Cuisinart Grind and Brew Plus

Manufacturer’s Description, The Cuisinart Grind and Brew Plus is designed to produce the ultimate filter coffee, with an integrated burr grinder that extracts the maximum flavour fresh coffee beans. Fully automatic, it can make up to 12 cups of coffee and is fully programmable so you can have fresh coffee waiting for you in the morning or after a dinner party. You can also choose the strength of your coffee: mild, medium or strong.
The Grind and Brew Plus benefits from a double-wall insulated carafe that not only looks good but will also keep coffee warm. A ‘grind off’ button allows you to use pre-ground coffee if required.
Other great features include a permanent, professional gold tone filter, which will not distort the taste of your coffee, and two charcoal filters to purify your water and stop the build-up of lime scale.

Box Contains,

  • Coffee maker
  • Gold-tone filter
  • 2 x charcoal filters
  • Instruction book

  • From the manufacturer

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    Cuisinart Grind and Brew Plus


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    • Fully automatic for maximum flavour and freshness
    • Grind off feature gives you the option to use pre ground beans
    • Strength control option choose from strong, medium or mild coffee
    • 12 cup thermal insulated carafe keeps coffee fresh and hot for hours
    • Audible beep lets you know when your coffee has finished brewing

    Cuisinart’s bean to cup filter coffee machine grinds fresh beans before brewing up to 12 cups of delicious filter coffee. With auto start timers, wake up to fresh coffee every morning, or use at a dinner party when required.

    Fresh, good quality beans is the foundation to a cup of coffee and grinding immediately before brewing helps to retain the delicate oils and aromas contained inside the beans. The built in ceramic burr grinder presses the beans between its plates for an even grind. This will extract maximum flavour without causing friction, which can affect the taste of your coffee.

    After grinding to the optimal coarseness, hot water passes slowly without pressure through the beans ensuring every drop of water comes into contact with the coffee grinds.

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    We just got this upon move to uk, and i was am so impressed with it. First of all, it is heavy and feels substantial – not flimsy like so many of our previous coffee makers. This looks great on the counter top. I researched online, saw that this was rated #1 by ‘good housekeeping’ web site. We are not big spenders on coffee makers – and friends have expensive ones, but i think this is best value i have seen in this range. The smell of the ground coffee is great in the morning. Easy to figure out how to operate; each button does just one thing. Electrical chord slides back into the unit= sweet and removes clutter. We like that there is a low-med-strong setting for coffee strength when grinding.

    This purchase was my second attempt with a cuisinart coffee maker. I had previously purchased the cheaper version without the bean hopper, which was a mistake. This model is so much better and worth the price premium. The bean hopper and grinder works well and with some experimentation you can make coffee to your required strength. The jug requires pre warming with water, making the timer function not feasible, a feature i do not use, so no problem for me. A little tricky to assemble and does require cleaning after each use, but all in all a well made and designed product.

    Great so fari agree with other reviewers- does not always get hot enough. I pre -warm the water and jug. Good ceramic burr grinding making lovely coffee without the fuss of frothing milk etc. I take the lid off to pour and it works ok. I can see why people have got frustrated with it, but now i have the hand of it, i’m happy.

    If you like american style coffee, this is a great machine. I switched from nespresso to this because i like a big cup of coffee in the mornings. I program it so that my coffee is freshly ground when i wake up. What a difference from other coffees.

    Took a while to work out the strength of coffee by using different combinations. Tried increasing the amount of water to number of cups, as well as increasing strength from mild to medium. Have found that 6 cups of beans on medium with 8 cups of water is just about right, depending on the type of beans we are using. Grade 3 is fine mid morning, grade 4 gives more flavour and is ideal after dinner. It is all a question of personal taste and as we use this everyday for our mid-morning pick-me-up, we eventually found a formula that worked. Eight cups equates to four decent sized mugs of coffee and it keeps hot enough for the second cup. We use the automatic facility and once the grinding starts we know it is time for a break. Some reviewers did comment on the way the jug pours and i have to say that it is a little awkward. I have arthritis in my wrists and this does make pouring a bit of a chore. However, it now does the trick and looks good.

    After seeing this coffee maker at our daughters house we were very impressed with it. The coffee stays very hot for hours but does not stew and get stronger, stays fresh, excellent quality. You can use beans or ground coffee and we fitted with the water filters as live in a hard water area. Very well made and high quality product. We always buy coffee makers and this is the best we have ever had. We are very pleased with all features and quality of product. I did order the wrong size coffee filters, it would be a good idea to list the correct size needed.

    It delivers what i expected mostly. It is a little bit fiddley – you must remember to empty, clean and line up the filtering parts. You must remember to change the dials re the amount of coffee and strength. You must wait and remember to scald/preheat the coffee jug. I suppose i would still like the coffee to be a little hotter- it’s the hardest thing to get from all these machines. The grinding /crushing mechanism certainly improves the flavour compared to the centrafugal cutting of the beans. That’s the outstanding feature.

    I have now had this coffee maker for over six months. This has allowed me sufficient time to properly review it. It is a fantastic item to have in the kitchen, especially for coffee lovers. Once out the box, it is easy to follow the instructions to set it up for the first time. Everything is clearly labelled, and once i had set it up then fresh coffee was about 3 minutes awaytwo main things to remember if you do not wish to have a full pot of coffee:1. Do not fill the water tank up to the top level – however much water you put into the reservoir, then it uses it all. Change the number of cups on the front for the amount of coffee to be ground. You can select strong/medium/mild via a push button on the front, but on my machine it all seems to be pretty much the same. There are only slightly less coffee grounds used in mild as opposed to strong.

    • Wonderful machine.Coffee beans well ground, water temperature seems to be right, the carafe keeps the coffee hot
    • Back to old faithfaul
    • A helpful coffee robot – shame it’s tough to find paper filters to fit!

    Cuisinart Grind and Brew Plus

    Now, unlike a lot of the self-professed non-connoisseurs of coffee, i am rather picky about mine. We bought this machine because my sister has a previous incarnation of it and i was impressed with that. I have used this machine every day since getting it and i have nothing but good things to say about it. Being able to brew coffee for a specific time is brilliant. I love being able to wake up to freshly brewed coffee. The caraffe keeps the coffee warm for ages. The first time we used it we set the machine for 7:30am and i had the last cup at 2pm. At 2 the coffee was still warm, although not hot.

    The coffee jug holder does not keep the coffee warm enough at all. I wish it could be left on on demand rather than shutting down automatically. I made a comment to amazon customer service soon after buying it and they decided to have a new one delivered with same exact issue but i kept quiet about it this time, the coffee beans do not get ground fully and what one ends up with what resembling crushed coffee beans. The above causes a lack of potency in the coffee taste even if choosing the strong setting for medium roast coffee beans. One may decide to use dark roast but that will change the character of the coffee taste entirelyoverall , i am happy with the performance considering this price.

    I love my coffee and so what definitely tempted by the freshly ground aspect of this coffee maker. I have had it for almost a year now and cannot complain with the quality of the coffee. I read previous reviews of how it is a bit awkward to clean the pot and pour the last portion etc. But i found it cleans well enough with a scrubbing brush and i never want the last dregs of coffee because that’s were the majority of the coffee sludge is anyway. The programme function is good however there is no internal battery to keep the clock running in the event of a power cut so i have experienced my coffee maker grinding at 4 in the morning. The grinding of the beans is very noisy, there is no denying it, but if you can put up with for the 10 or so seconds then it is definitely worth it.

    Both i and my lass are coffee enthusiasts. Not nerds that spend tons on cash on it, but can really taste the difference between a cup of love and black trash. Before this majestic creation, we used the espresso pot for special occasions and a regular filter brewer in the morning. Good quality beans but no luxury. I really enjoyed my coffee life. When the filter brewer died after five or so years we decided to get a new one. The swedish coffee machine market is rather inbred so in my search, i chose the global option and ended up here. The price seemed a bit costly at the end (around €180 if that tells you heathens anything) but according to the reviews it seemed worth the try. In relation to the filter brewer with pre-grinded beans, this machine’s coffee releases particles that saturate the taste buds in ways i didn’t know was possible.

    This is my second grind and brew cuisinart. And this model is better than the first machine that lasted a good 5 years or more. I think it is excellent value. The coffee made from beans is reliable quality every time. It takes about 6 or 7 minutes and stays hot for quite a while. The little water filters are good also but one should remember to replace regularly.

    Just had it for just over a year and so far, a good experience. Feed it good coffee beans and it will give you a great brew. Coffee beans well ground, water temperature seems to be right, the carafe keeps the coffee hot for a considerably long time. Waterwe add pre-filtered water into the machine, even though its got its own filter. We use filtered water for everything and our kettle is a testament that it works. Hardly ever needs to be cleaned and even then any scale is so minor you do it for routine than anything else. Each cup requires around 150ml of watercoffee amountsthe coffee ground amounts to around 1 heaped tablespoon, or 8gr per cup. Majority of the time we just not much more than what we are doing at that point. Brewingthe cups setting is to indicate to the machine how much coffee to grind.

    The best coffee making machine available if you want to make 12 cups or less of coffee from freshly ground beans. I know some people find it complicated but then again a tin opener is complicated to many people. Our household would find the mornings much less enjoyable if this machine did not exist. Remember to clean it regulallry, empty the grounds out. This is not a mchine to make single cups of coffee other very good machines exisit to do that.

    After 18 months of daily use the internal grinder mechanism stopped working. – despite it being regularly cleaned. It’s not something you can change or get at , so the machine is fit only for the scrap. In the time i’ve had this i have never really been that impressed with this machine – the set up is fiddly each time you want to use it – and the coffee it produces isn’t that good, given that this is a bean to cup machine. I tried a side by side test of a coffee from the machine and a black instant = using high quality coffee for each.

    Features and Spesification

    • Unique all-in-one operation grinds fresh beans before brewing for delicious, flavourful filter coffee
    • Integrated professional burr grinder presses the beans between its plates for a perfectly even grind, extracting maximum flavour without causing friction which can affect the taste of your coffee
    • Grind off feature gives you the option to use pre ground beans
    • Strength control option – choose from strong, medium or mild coffee
    • 12 cup thermal insulated carafe keeps coffee fresh and hot for hours.