Cuisinart ICE30BCU Ice Cream Maker – – great capacity and works well

A bit noisy but v easy to use. All recipes need much longer churning than in the recipie booklet but they are worth the wait.

I’ll start out by saying that there are very few commercial ice creams that i like eating, and mostly i wouldn’t even bother with them thinking that i just didn’t really like ice cream in general. I mainly bought this machine so that i could make sorbets and frozen yoghurt rather than ice creams. However, having made a few vanilla and toffee ice creams mainly for my partner, i can safely say that home made ice cream is far superior to pretty much anything you can get in the supermarket – i’m a total convert. What’s just as fantastic is that you can make pretty much any flavour you fancy – a huge bonus considering that supermarket ranges are so limited (to my tastes at least, whether it’s ice cream, sorbet or frozen yoghurt), and you can vary the recipe to make them healthier if you want by using semi skimmed milk instead of full fat, etc. As others have said, the bowl is quite big, so deep freezer drawer is required if you’ve got an upright, and the machine is also reasonably noisy but as it only churns for about 1/2 hour and the result is so delicious this doesn’t bother me at all. I would recommend getting some strong silicone ‘scrapers’ to ensure you can scrape the ice cream from the sides to mix in without scratching the bowl, asi found that plastic utensils were not quite good enough or strong enough for this purpose. A fantastic purchase and one i wouldn’t be without, especially during summer.

Not certain what i was expecting but pleasantly surprised. Things i’ve noted:immediately decant all ice cream as soon as made – otherwise remainder will freeze solid on the edges and base (have broken a heavy duty plastic spoon so far). Using ‘sugarly’ 70g instead of 230g granulated sugar gives a better taste in the standard vanilla recipe. Heavy double cream is better than double cream. Jersey full fat milk tastes a little bit nicer than standard full fat. The ice cream straight from the machine will melt very quickly. Putting it in the freezer for too long will set it like rock. Haven’t yet experimented to try and create soft scoop. Closest texture-wise is a ‘mcflurry’.

Received the machine yesterday and washed the bowl and put it in the freezer. My freezer is quite small and really packed so i left it in for about 20 hours to make sure it was nice and cold – and it really was. I used it to make peanut butter sorbet. My mix was about 750g and quite thick – more like yogurt/toffee rather than slush – and i cooled it in the fridge for about 15′ before pouring it in the machine. I took the bowl out of the freezer last minute and put the machine together in seconds – so very easyi switched it on. Then i poured in the mix – very clean job through the opening on the top. I certainly would not have it in the same room i was having dinner.

Super machine for making the most delicious ice cream. Good simple design, little that would go wrong. Used the recipes in book provided with machine, it’s spoilt us for any other ice cream, tastes absolutely delicious. Would recommend this product highly, and price on amazon is cheaper than elsewhere, always a bonus.

Makes gorgeous ice cream -so very easy -can scoop it straight from the maker or freeze further for a firm set -for those reviews where it turns out more like a smoothie -you have to make sure the ingredients are absolutely cold (i make my mix the day before or in the morning and make early evening ) and every batch i’ve made has turned out delicious ice cream -i have followed the recipe book that comes with it and now tweak mine by reducing the sugar and that has made it perfect to my families taste -great little gadget.

I thought having to keep the bowl in the freezer might be annoying but actually it’s not a problem and the ice cream is fantastic – very very simple to make or you can make things more complicated it you want. Personally i think the basic no eggs vanilla recipe is hard to beat.

I think this ice cream maker is quite good for the price. It has a decent sized bowl and is quite simple to use. The ice cream tastes nice ( i use a vanilla pod as well as vanilla extract). It’s good because you know what ingredients go into it, no preservatives etc. The only issue i have is it really does make soft serve ice cream and starts to melt straight away so you have to put it in a tub and freeze it for several hours to firm it up.

I’ve only used this once so far but comparing it to one of those generic aldi/lidl ones i can see this one is very good. The generic model i had was ok, certainly has downsides but by far the biggest issue i had was the capacity. No sooner had i made some ice cream, than it was gone againit got me searching for what other options were out there and this cuisineart one seemed to fit the bill. The big difference that i notice after using it, is that it churns properlyi’m not sure if it’s because the bowl turns around a stationary paddle, instead of turning the paddle in a bowl but it seems to cope much better with the churning as the mix gets thicker. It was even still mixing well as it spilled out the top a little (due to me maybe adding a bit too much)the way the motor is contained, sealed, in the base instead of being part of the lid means that it is easier to clean up and less damaging with no fear of getting water in the motor. I do feel, it could be a bit quieter and there’s not many products that deserve a full 5* hence 1* less.

It is quite large and you do need quite a bit of space in the freezer to freeze up the inner bowl. Simple to work and so far good results. The only downside so far is that when churning some of the ice cream sticks to the sides of the freezer bowl so you have to stop and scrape down every so often.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good purchase – will get decent use in hot weather.
  • great capacity and works well
  • Easy Ice cream -love it