Cuisinart Kettle – Five Stars

Quick, quiet, quality, looks good, feels good. Works well, although i find i only boil. Bought this one to replace a similar looking magimix kettle – which i loved, despite constant diy repairs. It was the chrome finish i was after. Don’t expect this particular model to hold the temperature constant after boiling – that’s another model (stainless).

Easy to use , superb quality and aesthetically pleasing.

It’s a beautiful kettle works well to and pours well.

Power saving kettle with various temps.

This is a great kettle, with an easy to use temperature option. I am not keen on the fact that funky blue light is on all the time (not just when its boiling). I bought this to replace an exact same model that lasted about 4 years. I hope this one does better.

Solid build and looks really smart.

Amazing and easy to clean out and in.

Had this for four years plus and still works as it should and looks smart too. I bought it for the variable temperature options which saves overheating water. 95 degrees for tea and coffee is ideal and saves energy too as the last 5 degrees leads to over run. There is a newer version with more temperature settings, would go for that next time.

Delighted with this kettle which seems beautifully made. It heats quickly and bleeps to say when it has reached the chosen temperature.

This looks great and does exactly what it says on the packet.

Its a kettle for goodness sake so it boils water but it is gorgeous to look at.

I’d like to have given this five stars as it’s a great kettle. I have quite a few cuisineart pieces in my kitchen and they all still work flawlessly, for example my coffee bean grinder that’s been used nearly every day for 7 years. The features on the kettle are really handy if you drink tea with a global perspective and i would recommend to anyone for it’s stylish looks. I would advise anyone in a hard water area to think long and hard before committing. Owing the the sophisticated nature of the thermostat (which simply has to be digital) as soon as the limescale starts to build the kettle boils for a long time at 95 degrees before the 100 degree heat transfers through the limescale and to the sensor. For me this happened in a matter of months. Descaling doesn’t seem to help so i would guess that the sensor is somewhere my de-scaler fluid can’t get to. The answer, then, is to set the kettle to switch off at 95 degrees for normal tea and 80 degrees for teas that require less than boiling. This means you cant just dump it on its base and hit ‘go’. Here are the specifications for the Cuisinart Kettle:

  • Digital controls with a choice of temperature options, ideal for speciality teas and coffees
  • Easy clean removable filter, improves quality and taste of drinks
  • 3kW concealed element for rapid boiling
  • Large illuminated water window for easy viewing of fill level
  • Safety auto off stops the kettle from boiling dry

The kettle looks great, and performs like a kettle should. However after about 18 months, it went wrong. The last one kept tripping the power to the kitchen. This was at least my third kettle and each one stopped functioning before the guarantee expired. Cusinart customer service were always helpful and returning to them was easy. But enough is enough i wouldn’t recommend this kettle and it’s very expensive.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great kettle, hope it lasts
  • Great kettle. Quick
  • Five Stars