Cuisipro Yogurt Cheese Maker – This works well

Still haven’t made cheese yet. The greek yogurt produced is excellent. Could do with being a tad bigger, i can’t quite get my lakeland yogurt maker results in in a single go. A lot less messy than cheesecloth & the like. Expensive for a sieve in a box, but it’s a pretty unique item, so rarity value must apply.

Item delivered on time and as described.

Fantastic product if you love making your own greek yogurt and can’t be bothered with straining via muslin cloth . Holds just the right amount for me as i live on my own. . Would be great if available double the size as well for larger batches. Price yes a little high but so well worth it.

Results in not so much a soft cheese.

It lets some yogurt through into the whey and i have to strain in 2 batches as it isn,t big enough.

Is really useful easy to clean and the mesh is fine enough to strain yoghurt the reason for the 4 stars only is because i believe is overpriced.

Love this was dubious at first turning yoghurt into cream cheese but its fantastic and when you choose the right flavours its so tasty. Simple device but effective would recommend.

Great item: i make yoghurt weekly: any yoghurt left after 1 week gets made into cream cheese simply by leaving it in this container for a few hours: adding salt and optional herbs or ground pepper makes a lovely yoghurt based cream cheese that gets eaten within a couple of days: homemade yoghurt keeps up to a couple of weeks so this routine ensures it all gets used within the desired timeframe. Star rating reduced to 5 stars reflecting high cost of item plus fridge space required. It’s so easy to use and so efficient that i’d give it 5 stars otherwise.

Arrived quickly, well made and easy to use. We haven’t yet tried it with yogurt, but have used it with kefir which needs cheesecloth as well otherwise it all goes through, but we are going to try it with yogurt. Well pleased with my purchase.

Easy to use product,how simple is it to tip a pot of yoghurt into it and make cheese. Not the real thing but it comes very close to goats cheese. And best of all its fat free if you use the right yoghurt.

Really does work, i buy the cheapest super market yoghurt, after a few hours in the fridge you have lovely cream cheese.

Turns yoghurt into an excellent curd cheese, which can be flavoured for either savoury or dessert dishes. A healthy alternative to cream. , just as nice as crime fraiche. Here are the specifications for the Cuisipro Yogurt Cheese Maker:

  • Yogurt cheese is low-fat alternative to cream cheese, mayonnaise, sour cream and whipping cream
  • Converts 3 cups of yogurt into 1 cup of yogurt cheese in about 24 hours
  • Get a thinner yogurt cheese in as little as 2 hours

I thought that fifteen quid (plus 3 quid postage) was quite expensive for a tupperware box containing a sieve, but there is little else on the market which does what this does so i bought it anyway. To be fair when the item arrived (faster than its stated delivery date by some measure) its seems to be very well made and appears quite robust. I can see it lasting for quite some time without teh need to replace it. I’ve only used it once so far but have already achieved excellent results, although there is really not all that much you can get wrong.I look forward to getting many years of service from it. I would certainly recommend this to anyone, particularly if they make their own yoghurt.

Does what it says – remakably separating the whey and leaving a thick yoghurt – in the fridge 24 hrs excellent addition to the kitchen.

It is really working and easy to cleanno more wet and bad smell fabrics.

It is perfect for draining whey from runny yoghurt. The result is a thick yoghurt that can be used like cream cheese. I make my own yoghurt and use the whey drained off as a starter culture.

Excellent way to turn fat free greek yoghurt to cream chees.

Have been using this for quite a while now, is excellent :ddepending on what it is straining i have sometimes found that i have had to also put a couple of pieces of cheesecloth/muslin in though.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great item, easy to use.
  • Good stuff.
  • Quite small, won’t do a full bowl of my

It is expensive for what it is, i would think its price point should be £10. However, it is very well made and works very well and is easy to clean. My 1ltr yogurt maker makes about 750ml of yogurt from 1ltr of milk and it just about fits into the strainer. I dont know some are having problems with yogurt running straight through?. It works really well for me.

I make my own yoghurt and wanted something to sieve through to make it more like greek yoghurt. Mixed with granola makes a fab dessert. Really pleased with purchase and pleased i found it because not readily available in the shops.

Good all round container for lots of items, not just cheese maker.

Yes, this is an expensive piece of kit. I’m not keen on spending money and, when this was recommended to me (i’ve got a thermomix and it was on a thermomix-owners’ site when i was finding out how to make yoghurt), i was pretty appalled at the price. However i had just discovered that the ‘greek yoghurt’ sold in supermarkets is not greek yoghurt at all but thickened ordinary yoghurt, so i was doubly keen to start making my own yoghurt – and i bought the cuisipro ‘cheese maker’ as recommended. ‘wow’ would just about sum it up. You make yoghurt, and then you put it into the cuisipro yogurt cheese maker and let the excess whey drain out, and you have greek yoghurt. Leave it a little longer and you have a thicker version which, with added lemon juice, substitutes for crème fraîche. Leave it longer still and you have a substitute for cream cheese. The savings are so huge that i feel i should be giving cuisipro some more money (and i can’t believe i’m saying this. I’ve now had a cuisipro cheese maker for well over a year (first one bought april 2016) and it’s been in constant use. I buy beautiful, non-homogenised, organic milk from guernsey cows who all have names and are treated excellently well, and this (1 litre each time) is turned into yoghurt, greek yoghurt, and substitutes for crème fraîche, cream cheese and creamy dips. Even with paying pretty much top price for a litre of milk, the savings are huge. So i’m back here on amazon buying a second cuisipro strainer because it’s so much easier to leave it in the fridge doing its thing until i need to use the greek yoghurt/crème fraîche/cream cheese/yoghurt cheese rather than decant and fill it with another batch, that this is why. And believe me, i don’t spend around £25 lightly.

In deciding how many stars to award i had a dilemma. I think the product itself is worthy of five stars. It is well made, the plastic feels robust, the sieve part is made of a very fine mesh which is perfect and the lid fits well. The size and shape of the box means it will fit easily into your fridge. But i have knocked a star off because it is, i think, ridiculously over priced for what is, essentially, a tupperware box with a fine mesh sieve that sits inside. I make yoghurt cheese at least once a fortnight and i find that the batch lasts me for several days with a family of four using it. The sieve comfortably takes 500g of natural greek yoghurt. I mix mine with a teaspoon of salt and loads of black pepper (we like black pepper), stir it and tip it into the sieve, pop the lid on, stick it in the fridge and leave it for at least 24 hours. The longer you leave it the thicker it will become as more whey drains out into the plastic container. You can add other flavourings to taste such as fresh herbs, garlic or, for sweeter tooths, add sugar or drizzle with honey.

Thought this was somewhat overpriced but gave in and treated myself – and i must say it certainly beats hanging the dripping cheese over the sink.

Very pleased with my cuisipro cheese maker. Makes lovely spreadable consistency to which you can add various flavours to your own liking. Thanks to amazon for the great service also.

Quite small, won’t do a full bowl of my lakeland yogurt maker, otherwise does the job but takes at least 4-6 hours for greek yogurt and probably 24 for soft cheese.

It’s sturdy in its design although a little bulky to store which is the only downside. I have only used it to thicken yoghurt so far, turning natural yoghurt into a greek style yoghurt which only took 1. It took less time than i thought. One can then store the yoghurt in the sealed container it drains in (after removing the whey obviously)i am looking forward to trying yoghurt cheese next time.

Well made product, does the job if left for at least 24hrs. I could do the same with a basin, sieve & cloth over the top. Product easy to find room for in the fridge due to shape & size, a full 600ml pot yoghurt makes a reasonable amount cream cheese. A tad pricey, hence four stars. I add fine ground salt, mix well & pop back in fridge as the salt will bring more liquid from the curd. Leave another 24hrs, then taste, add chives, garlic paste, finely grated cheese, whatever you fancy. Different brands of yoghurt definitely effects the final taste, some better than others, i always use greek yoghurt.

You just pop some yoghurt in here and pop it in the fridge for a couple of hours and it separates the solids from the liquid leaving you with a nice cheese spread / cream cheese.

Would better if it had a higher capacity.

This clever little plastic box contains a fine wire mesh – nothing else needed i suppose. It turns dodgy yoghurt into dodgy yoghurty, pasty cottage cheese. Fine if you like that but i have discovered that i can live without it.

It is smalller that i thought but takes 1ltr of yogurt no problem. When the yogurt is very thin a great deal of the yogurt goes through. This is what i do if i have the problem. I let it go through because i bake my own soda scones and this yogurt whey mixture makes beautiful scone bread. When i am not in the mood for bread making i let the yogurt go through for around an hour and then i pour the whey/yogurt combo back through again and presto great creamy yogurt and whey left for for kvass making. I tried a paper/cheesecloth filter but i ended up with a loss of too much yogurt on the filter. For the cheese i just leave for longer the second time around. You could always use the first time but leave for longer. I use the cheese instead of butter on the bread or wee scones or put some on a digestive biscuit topped with jam.

Exactly what i was looking for.

Great for thickening home made yoghurt to make it like greek yoghurt in a hour or 2 if left longer makes great yoghurt cheese. Very strong and well made not cheap but will last and fits fridge. Wash out immediately would be my advise.

This is a very useful item i am very satisfied.