CUSIMAX Electric Single Hot Plate – well made and fast heating

Very easy to use and was better than the hob i was replacing. Cleaned easily even when something boiled over. I can literally cook in any room. Or outside, it works no different to any other decent hob yet is fully transportable.

Delighted with performance and appearance.

Having bought a mini oven with electric hobs i found them rather a let down and therefore decided to replace it with 1 of these ceramic halogen hobs and i have to say i am rather impressed with it despite its small size it can cook all the things as good as any gas hob fried onions or mushrooms perfect simmering perfect & i must say it is value for moneyi even cooked chinese food for 3 very hungry peoplei would highly recommend this nifty little 2 ring hob & if you like having a good fry up while camping make sure to buy 1 of these as you can also treat your family/ friends to a very nice plate of properly cooked crispy chips for supper & if like me you are disabled i have problems with my hands this hob is very lightweight and easy to carry and the dials / knobs are large enough to gripit’s very easy and simple to set up and use and the bonus is that it’s very easy to clean damp soapy cloth or sponge removes everythingjust a word of advise make sure the bottoms of pans are clean to protect and maintain the ceramic hob plates.

I got this to replace a previous hot plate that stopped working. This model is a great deal better, it cooks faster with better control and is very easy to clean. I’m very pleased with this purchase.

This is all i hoped it would be. Excellent productsthis is all i hoped it would be excellent purchase.

We dont have a proper kitchen at where we lived and its so nice to have something like this for cooking. Easy to use and heat up quickly too. Has different temperature to suit all different needs.

Easy to operate, fast response on heating plates, easy to clean, good product.

Does the job – this hot plate heats up quickly and is very hot.

Extra hot-plate for cooking. Lightweight, simple to use, easy to store in a cupboard, does the job.

Nice addition to our camping kitchen.

I haven’t had to clean it but so far all good heats up quickly, and the temp gauge is pretty accurate.

This product can adjust the temperature and is easy to handle when cooking. Easy to clean, i am very happy to buy this product, thanks so much.

Generally a decent product, as described. I hoped to use it at a low ‘simmer’ setting for items which are to be kept warm or do not need boiling, but it does not do this well. At higher settings it is a typical ‘on/off’ temperature ‘control’. Temperature reached determined by on/off timing. Perfectly acceptable for a general-purpose kitchen heater, so i shall keep it as a spare extra hob. Good for quick heating, easy to clean. Here are the specifications for the CUSIMAX Electric Single Hot Plate:

  • A very handy additional cooking tool can be used around home, garden, workplace or caravanning, adding flexibility to your kitchen, especially a good choice for any cook’s collection.
  • Corrosion resistant cast iron heating plate measuring approximately 18.8cm in diameter, is easy to clean and strength enough to withstand the weight of the utensils
  • Full-range thermostatic control knob allows you to fry, boil, simmer or as a hot plate to keep food warm prior to serving
  • Comes with 1 meter power cord and non-slip rubber feet to ensure safety use. Overheat protection provides added layer of security
  • CUSIMAX OUTSTANDING 30-DAY MONEY-BACK CUSTOMER SERVICE: We assure you that no other hot pate beats our products’ high-caliber quality & efficiency. You can try it out for yourself, knowing that, should you change your mind, you are entitled to a FULL refund within the first 30 days! So Get Yours Now, Risk-Free!

Just what i wanted, looks good and works good.

The original purpose of buying this hot plate was for garden parties. But it is also very handy to use next to my ordinary gas cooker for keeping things warm. We have also been using it this christmas dinner on the dinning table to warm food up quickly. It is perfect for us as we are a large size family. It comes with individual variable temperature dials, both hot plates are powerful enough to fry or boil food. It gives me stable temperature, heats up very quickly. It’s very easy to use and easy to clean too. Overall this is a good quality and very useful product, great value for money, would recommend 100%.

Absolutely loved this cooker. Heats up really fast, has a good temperature. Anyone looking for cooker, i can definitely recommend this one.

My wife is from the philippines and we regularly send a box of good across to the philippines. This is the most recent addition to the box. Most of the cooking there is done with gas, but the gas isn’t piped and has to be bought in a cylinder. It is not uncommon for them to run out of gas and not be able to afford to buy more for a few days. This is great for those times when they cannot get gas. I gave it a trial run before sending it out to make sure it was working and my wife made a quick stir fry. It worked really well, heated up fast and produced enough heat to keep the wok going. It was simple to clean and cooled down in a good timeframe too. Good purchase and reasonable price.

Being portable it can be used in any room and out of a busy kitchen.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great

  • It is very easy to use and easy to clean.

  • great product

Great little hot plate and at a very reasonable price. Heats up nice, quick and cools just as quickly when needed it. It has a great length electric cable too.

I needed this single hot plate to replace an induction hob ( i can not use it having a pacemaker)the hob heats up quickly and the control is good i was disappointed with the surround to the hot plate became so hot during cooking and remains very hot after it is turned off. It cooks well but i do find the heating of the whole unit a disadvantage.

Love the look amazing thank you.

After reading others reviewes i was scared of the stickers on top. However it is very easy to peel off with not much stickness. This hob is very powerful with fast heating. It turns out a lot quicker than my old one. On the safety said it is well made and all cables are strong. This is another reason i bought it because mine was european cable using with an adapter. This one is a lot safer and good value for money.

Just what i needed for my temporary kitchen during renovations.

Bought because i had to live in a bunker bin ( welfare cabin ) for 10 week’s work away. This was invaluable as to be able to cook and prepare proper food. Easy to clean and uses very little space. Can make fried breakfasts , curry’s, etc. Every little home comfort helps when away from home for so long.

Bought for my mum who is delighted with it. Heats up quickly and is perfect for her as she only needs to boil food now and again. My personal concern is that it’s surprisingly light, so could potentially move while in use, so we set it up in a ‘fixed’ position. But she thinks it’s brilliant value and is exactly what was needed.

Don’t know how long it lasts, but so far it’s amazing. It’s fine for home use if, for whatever reason, you can’t replace the heating element on the stove at the moment. It’s very portable if you’re travelling by car. It’s a little too heavy to travel with it otherwise. I put it in checked luggage and flew to continental europe with no problems. As long you bring an outlet converter, it’s a relief to be able to make your own hot meals from grocery store purchases instead of relying on overpriced hotel food or eating out. It is possible to cook with an electric tea kettle if you get creative and lower your expectations, but note these are not guaranteed in continental hotels, so you may need to bring your own.

Very pleased with the product. Neat and attractive to the eye.

It can be taken anywhere at home and have hot pot or soup anywhere at home as well. Especially when friends come, it’s really useful in these festive days. It’s really safe and easy to use. When it’s the first time to use, need to burn out the top protecting film on rue oven. And then use it hassle free. It’s of good quality when you touch it. It’s made of metal and rubber really thick and secure feeling.

Bought for emergency use, while gas hob out of action. Heated up fast and did it’s job, now kept for spare hobs when the family come round.

Cusimax ceramic hot platevery attractive little hot pate. Too soon to remark on cooking capabilities.

The cooker arrived on day expected, it is exactly as described and does all we want.

Great little hob at a good price. Used for 4 months now with no problem. Easy to clean and loos stylish.

I use the double hot plate as a hob and it is exceedingly useful and efficient.

I use this single cooker for the cooking soup. It is easy to use and easy to clean,i like it very much,thanks.

It is a pity that the product arrived with 3 small dent on the top of the stainless steel plate.

We used to have a single one. This is one is more powerful and heat very quick.

Neat, works well used it in the garden to supplement my bbq.

If you thinking a easy and portable cooker then here is the choice. Bought this one to take it for camping. Could not be happy than that. Very easy to use and clean too for its non-stick surface. It is not heavy and just a right square size to put it in my bag. Boiling, stir frying, grilling ect. So enjoyable the hot food it has brought at camping. It has got some burning smell initially, but it went away after few times of cooking thinking it might be because came out from manufacturing. So would suggest to use this device in open or ventilation area.

Perfect for external cooking, quick to heat up, easy to use, had no problems so far.

The cusimax infrared cooktop is a great piece of equipment for my kitchen. It’s easy to clean with its stainless steel body. I am able to cook in many different styles such as making stews, frying and boiling.

It’s made of stainless steel. I bought it in may of this year, and occasionally it will be stained by the sauce, but keep it clean and the surface is still like new, very good.

Functions brilliantly and it is the nicest looking hotplate i’ve come across.

It works with all my pan, very fast heating up, easy to clean and control. It can not auto shut, but worth the price.

Upon opening i found cosmetic damage to the item and arranged a return and a refund.

It’s beautiful it works well and worth every penny for this purchase. It heats up well and cook food evenly. First thing is that it has handles so it’s easy to carry. It’s easy to move from one place to another. The clean up is easy because of the way it’s made. Just wipe off with a dam cloth. This is great for small apartments fire stations anyplace that need to cook but don’t want to buy a whole stove. The size of the burners are amazing.