Daewoo Deluxe 17L 1300W Halogen Air Fryer – Do not over Cooke the meat and because it’s so juicy does not need to rest.

The plastic base was cracked on delivery but didn’t affect its use and i disnt want to wait for a replacement.

Easy to use cooks food brilliant.

It’s a great handy kitchen cooker. Although one of the reasons i got it is to cook chips more healthily. Unfortunately this product isn’t a substitute for a deep fat fryer. Although great for lots of other things.

Leaves joints of meat tender.

Good product does what it says.

It’s easy to use and i can cook so many a variety of meals.

This is currently my lifesaver as my oven has packed in and i can’t afford to replace it right now. Very simple to use, although the lid stand is a bit fiddly.

Good but not as good as my last one but hey what do you expect for the price.

Cant do without itthey are fab things dont last a long timethey rust after a whileso just buy a new oneafter 18 months.

Only downside is that it got steam when ‘baking’ pizza.

Very versatile if you use your imagination, even comes with oil sprayer. Great to cook a fry up, including frying the eggs. Recommended the £5 accessory kit too, bargain.

Cheap and great value for money.

These ovens are brilliant we use ours nearly everyday and cook lots of different things in it. Here are the specifications for the Daewoo Deluxe 17L 1300W Halogen Air Fryer:

  • 1300W POWER – This Daewoo halogen air fryer delivers a powerful 1300w output for a fast and efficient cooking while the air circulating technology allows for little or no oil to be used for healthier meals
  • VARIABLE TIMER – The handy inbuilt 60-minute variable timer allows you to set your timer for when it suits you to start frying – Ideal for busy people on the move and for perfect results
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL – Adjustable temperature control ensures your food is cooked correctly and perfectly. Variable temperature controls ranging from 125 to 250 degrees
  • SELF-CLEANING FUNCTION – To clean your air fryer simply fill with warm, soapy water, set to the self-clean function and watch it work – Nice and clean and ready to use for next time
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED – The Daewoo air fryer comes with an extender ring, lid stand, oil bottle, 2 mesh trays and high and low rack set of tongs so you’re ready to go and fry your food for the perfect dishes

Absolutely delighted with this halogen oven.

Excellent value great for cooking meat retains all the flavour.

Bought a similar one from coopers of stortford, however they have discontinued the product. Unfortunately, the elements tend to fail from time to time, but at £30. 00 for a completely new one, i can’t complain. The air fryer is easy to use and results, particularly from roasting are much better than a conventional oven. This one appears a better product then our previous purchase.

I’ve had this 5 months at the time of writing and since then i’ve very rarely had used for the main oven in my house. If you’re living in a house that has no oven this is definitely recommended. I use it to cook almost everything, it does great chips and crispy chicken wings sausages and as it has a timer so it’s difficult to overcook things. I’ve not as yet had use for the extension ring, but without a second hight extender to create a third layer, i don’t know if i would have use for it, if i was to cook a chicken maybe, but even then i would likely want to put that on the bottom shelf, it is a nice touch that it’s included especially for the £20 price i paid for it, even the oil spray bottle was better quality than i was expecting, and the tongs for lifting the trays out work great, not to keen on the stand though. The only issue is that if you put something meaty on the top it will drop onto whatever you have under it, so i do recommend the purchase of a small round pan to go in it, there isn’t one included also with a pan it’s easier to harvest the juices for pouring into gravy or saving for later.

Just got this as a friend has one and i got oven envy. Love this, cooks well and gives the kitchen a lovely glow.

We have always loved the convenience and quickness of cooking with a halogen oven. This one is extra specially good. It comes with a lot of accessories , a basket as well as extension to increase the capacity. It looks smart and cooks beautifully.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent
  • Great product, would definitely recommend 😁
  • Great for one pot meals

The energon oven cook so well and i have one before.

I was looking for a replacement for a dry air fryer. I looked on amazon and found the daewoo halogen air fryer at an extremely good price. I had, had daewoo kitchen gadgets in the past and found them to be very reliable so i decided to purchase this item. When i received it i cleaned it prior to use and used it to cook something very basic – chips. They cooked very well and because the air fryer had mesh trays i did not need to turn them over part way through the cycle. I am now using it on a regular basis and rarely use my main oven any more. It is easy to clean and the glass bowl make it easy observe what you are cooking. The only downside was the instruction booklet which was very basic and for someone like me who had never used a halogen oven before a recipe book is needed. Overall an excellent purchase at a great price.

Great product, easy to use, simple controls, cooks food brilliantly. Worth getting a halogen cook book as cooker only has basic instructions.

Bought it for use in our camper. Cooks most things really well. We know have an alternative to bbqs whilst away.

Bought this as a replacement for my old halogen oven. Excellent quality for a bargain price.

Good purchase easy to use and clean would highly recommend.

You have not actually put wash settings on it but it still works well and easy to use.

Fantastic for cooking food in , i got this as a present for my friend and she loves it.

Excellent value for the money. And you can see what your cooking.

Quicker and cheaper and cleaner to use than my standard oven.

Lovely product i use it everyday.

I only use it for cooking meat joints and chickenthe meat is very juicy and the chicken is even juicy when cold.

I love this product i use it for all my cooking it’s better than my cooker.

Nice to keep in the caravan, works really well and make cooking meals much easier.

Perfect replacement for a broken halogen ovenexactly what it said it is and does what exactly what its suppose to do.

Uber-swift deliveryover the moon with the whole itemthanks :).

This product is advertised as £29. It’s my third oven, it’s a good product.

Very pleased with this purchase, a different way of cooking so some learning required which i’m sure we’ll pick up quickly. Already done a chicken, roast beef, chips etc.

This is absolutely brilliant, since ordering this l have not used my cooker much cause you can do nearly everything in it, also got rid of my chip pan because the chips are perfect (not cooked in a load of oil) when you cook fish or chicken it tastes a lot better than when you cook it in the oven, everything is a lot healthier, it says you can spray oil onto your food before cooking it but we don’t bother with that, just wished l’d brought one years ago, we eat a lot more healthier than we did before, feel much better for it, thank you to the sellers.

Just as expected, i like the air frying baskets, first one i’ve had with these.

I have had some that seem to heat up quicker but it does its job.

Make oven/air frying cooking easier than evera kitchen must.

Excellent healthy food with no oil.

Love these ovens fast and convenient easy to clean, hardly use our large ovens now.

Very very happy with it hope it lasts for the money it’s very good.

You can cook complete meals in this. Cooking length takes a while to work out.

Brilliant cheap way to cook takes not much electricity the foods lovley my second halogen the last one was 15 years old cost over £100 this one less than £30.

After a hiccup with the bulb being broken (i think through transit) customer service was very fast and efficient in sorting the problem and sent out another lid.

Bought to replace a similar make / size which decided to give up mid baked potato. I liked that this was black as i find white electrical items tend to get really grubby looking with age. Particularly like the fryer basket things that come with it. Chips are healthier and tasty. It’s so easy to use and i find it particularly useful to keep cooking costs down. I have a gas oven and putting a large oven on for a baked potato is crazy. I do eat more than just baked potatoes i hasten to add. I steam chicken / salmon in foil in it, cook sausages, chips, bacon, heat up pre-cooked food, or the odd ready meal, roast potatoes too. Looking forward to trying the extension ring at some point, maybe for a whole chicken or joint of meat. Cleaning is so easy either using the self clean feature, or just taking the glass bowl out and washing it with soapy water in sink. I can’t think of anything negative, this is my third over a great many years.