Daewoo KOR6N35SR Manual Microwave Oven – Large family size microwave

Easy clean interior , looks good, decent family size.

Love this product, it’s so hard to find a microwave with an unpainted interior like this. So easy to use and nice clean look, what’s not to like?.

Very nice microwave looks good in my kitchen.

Value for money and the stainless steel interior is a bonus and easy to use.

Nice colour and easy to use, came quickly.

Bought this because had almost the same simple manual controls as its predecessor. Does the basic things i need it for. Haven’t neededto clean it yet butcexpect the stainless steel interior will be an improvement on its predecessor’s painted one.

I like every thing about it.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but it would have been nice to try before i bought the item. Reason, the family find the operation of the oven difficult. It lacks the element of intuitive operation.

Well designed good looking pleased to own.

Somewhat difficult to know exactly what duration your going to get if below a minutes as a) no markings for time settings less than 1 minute and b) play in the control. So to set it for say an estimated 30 seconds you need to turn duration control clockwiss to about a minute or thereabouts and then wind it anti clockwise to your guesstimated 30 seconds,. Well if you heat your white coffee for 20 seconds instead of say 10 seconds it will be far too hot and will gain a kind of overboiled milk taste. Overall, not bad and bar the above it is easy to use.

I like the stainless steel interior & the fact that it doesn’t create much condensation on the interior. My previous microwave which had a painted interior created a lot of condensation causing rust & peeling of the paint.

Really great microwave oven. Bought it for my mum and she’s well happy 😊.

Stainless steel interior easy to clean and resistant to rusting,which i have encountered with other models. Manual controls more reliable than electronic ones. Altogether good value,andsolid construction. Here are the specifications for the Daewoo KOR6N35SR Manual Microwave Oven:

  • 800 W Power Output: Delivers quick and efficient cooking results
  • 20 Litre Capacity: Ideal for small households
  • Defrost Function: Lets you easily cook meals straight from frozen
  • Concave Reflex System: Ensures food is evenly cooked
  • 35 Minute Dual Speed Timer: To schedule cooking period
  • Reminder End Signal: Alerts you when your food is ready

It was what i wanted – simplicity of use, nothing confusing in number of buttons and options, simple opening and closing. I don’t use it for any complicated or difficult purpose, i don’t need a complicated or difficult microwave.

I am very pleased with my microwave.

Love this item for the money. It’s a very basic microwave oven but no worse for it. The door opening couldn’t be simpler, just pull it open, no cheesy push button to snap off in a week. The product is well made and finished with a stainless cavity, none of that painted nonsense, and cooks the food very well indeed. It’s quite compact too so for those with a small kitchen like myself it’s a godsend. Overall 5 stars, there nothing to complain about. If you want better then pay more.

Great microwave easy to clean and to use the two control knobs.

Does what it says on the tin. We chose this model for its simplicity. Like cars, many microwave ovens become useless due to body rust rather than mechanical malfunction. The stainless steel cavity (interior) is therefore a great advantage. The daewoo kor6n35sr can slide slightly if you pull open the door with one hand, so we put a piece of non-slip rubber underneath.

Not as easy like the old one but i like it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great microwave.

  • Compact, basic and brilliant

  • Daewoo basic microwave oven.

This was purchased for my 90 old mother. I chose it because she likes white rather than stainless steel or black that doesn’t appeal to her. I always look for a stainless steel interior, so that you have no issues with paint peeling. The controls were very simple. She basically leaves it on maximum and only has to turn the knob (easy to turn arthritis fingers) to how long she wants it.

Love this microwave, i wanted a simple to use one, and this is so quick and easy. No having to waste time working out settings and timings. Also didn’t want a digital one, so this for the bill perfectly.

What can i say its a microwave cooker, better than most.

Hi the whole family use this microwave every day. Only brought this one again as we needed to swop our old one from the house over for use in the stables, as our really old one stopped working after many years of use.

Stylish and simple to use, this daewoo microwave performs perfectly time after time. It’s large enough and powerful enough to serve my kitchen needs as well as being small enough to take with me in my campervan for short breaks away from home.

Excellent service from amazon.

I like the white door panel as it keeps the appliance looking nice and bright and clean also the stainless steel interior is smart and better than having a painted indide.

So glad i found this make was getting so fed up with other microwaves that the paint inside kept chipping and you cant repaint them safely, well if you can ive never found paint that was safe, so ive gone for a stailess steel one inside and so far so good, if this mes lives up to all the itmes ive had in the past i will be very happy,.

So simple to use looks good just what i wanted.

Easy to clean and good value for money. My last microwave was a daewoo and i had it for 19 years. This was the reason i wanted another daewoo. Would have liked the screw on the side of the cabinet to have been white or it has a white cap on it. However this is a very tiny niggle from me. I am really pleased with this microwave.

It works very well – nothing complicated.

This microwave is very easy to use. After several microwaves with press pad controls, my last one necessitated three operations to turn it on, it was a relief to revert to simple dial switches. Unless i am defrosting i tend to keep one on the highest level anyway so it is purely a matter of turning the other knob to the desired time. I have also had problems on other makes with excessive condensation inside and the interior surface degrading. This has a stainless steel interior and looks sturdily built. The door opens with a recessed handle as opposed to a flimsy switch. It might seem less sophisticated but i find it a welcome relief. I tend to only use the microwave for heating cereals, soups, ready cooked meals, baked potatoes etc and it is just what i need. If you are microwaving for less than 2 minutes turn the dial to 2 and then back to 1 as per the instruction booklet. Easily fits a dinner plate on the turntable and good visibility of what is happening inside.

. Great for the over the hill mob.

The controls are clear, simple to use and apart from sometimes being difficult to find the driving centre location, i would certainly recommend this microwave as value for money.