Daewoo KOR9GQRR Touch Control Microwave Oven : and was a bit hesitant but so far so good (as in its not broken down yet – touch

Very compact – smaller width than microwaves of this size. The audible alarm for the completion of the cooking program repeats quicker than seems reasonable to be able to empty the microvave of xooked food. It ‘nags’ you to respond to its’ completion.Very easy to use with the one-touch facility. The digital clock is accurate which negates the need for another clock in the kitchen.

Finally the baby bottle sterilizer fits in. I like the built in defrost programs, before i never knew how to set the time right.

Bought this for my grandson he is extremely happy with it.

So easy to use we like the digital settings so you can time to the second, looks good too.

Smart looking and powerful and easy to use.

A good sturdy microwave, only bug for me is it continues to beep when it’s finished job which is annoying if your upstairs and have left it to run the cycle so you can get on with other jobs, you have to go back down to switch it off.

You have no idea how many microwaves i have been through in the past couple years, quite ridiculous really. Thankfully, my hero came through the door and saved the day/month/year. This is quite a handsome fella and it does the job required to do in the most fabulous and proper way.

We needed a new one and after reviewing this product and feedback already submitted plunged for it. The product does not disappoint at all and is very easy to use. Would easily recommend this to friends and family.

  • Great microwave at an affordable price.
  • My hero
  • Un-obtrusive to the furnishing in the kitchen

Daewoo KOR9GQRR Touch Control Microwave Oven, 900 W, 26 Litre, Black

Style Name:Touch Control Microwave Oven
Product Description, Cook up fuss-free everyday meals for you and the family with this 26 Litre touch microwave oven from Daewoo. The 10 different Power Levels, 5 auto cook and 4 auto-defrost settings means you can heat up a wide range of ingredients including vegetables, soups, bread and pizzas at the touch of a button. It also features a handy electronic minute timer so you can easily keep an eye on how long is left on your cooking cycle or simply just check the time. All of your meals will be cooked thoroughly as the advanced Concave Reflex System evenly distributes heat around the food for better results. It’s the convenience your kitchen needs.

Box Contains, 1 x Daewoo Touch Control Microwave Oven; 1 x Instruction Manual

From the manufacturer

Daewoo Touch Microwave Oven, 900W, 26 Litre

Cook your food effortlessly with this 900W touch microwave oven, which offers a convex reflection system and 5 auto cook programmes.

A More Evenly Cooked Meal

Thanks to its Concave Reflex System, this microwave combines concave reflector which concentrates the waves equally on all area of the food, cooking it evenly to ensure the best possible results for a flavoursome meal.

Autocook settings

Make mealtimes faster with this 800W powerful microwave and take the hassle out of cooking with the choice of 5 preset menus. You can heat up a variety of ingredients, including vegetables, soups, drinks and dinner plates.

Keep on top of your Cooking

Choose from 10 different power levels, so you can cater the temperature to the food you’re making such as soup and pasta. Also the handy defrost function means you can cook your favourite meals straight from the freezer.

Large Capacity

This large 26 litre capacity Daewoo microwave, is equipped with a child lock system which provides added peace of mind when cooking or re-heating meals, making this appliance ideal for family homes.

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Just what i was looking for. . Does everything i wanted it to.

Great microwave really good quality build. Excellent one year guarantee. Have been using now for a while a lot better then other microwaves in same price range. Also has a big cooking area when compared to other. highly recommended simply a great microwave at good price for everyday use.

Basically it’s quite, efficient and easy to clean. Looks nice too, had it a long time now with no problems whatsoever. Daewoo digital microwave, 26 l, 900 w – black.

Very good microwave at a very good price. Cooks faster than the ‘average’ microwave and has plenty of space for that ‘larger’ meal. Others have moaned about the ‘reminder’ feature but i really like it. With my old one, i often found food ( usually a cup of coffee ) that i had put in to reheat yesterday, or the day before, still in there.Not any more, the reminder feature is really good.

Easy to clean and easy to use. Definitely would recommend this product.

Great size and cooks very quickly. I cook porridge in the morning in just over 2 minutes for a delicious bowl. Easy to clean and simple to use.

The amazon box is now a bed for my dogs too.

  • Great microwave at an affordable price.
  • My hero
  • Un-obtrusive to the furnishing in the kitchen

Daewoo KOR9GQRR Touch Control Microwave Oven, 900 W, 26 Litre, Black

Great buy for the price, easy to install and use. Comes with comprehensive instructions and year warranty (if you fill in the attached slip and send it off).

Love this, can contain a plate which was my concern.

As described both physically and functionality.

Save yourself lots of time on which?. And trustedreviews and go for this one – decent capacity, nice finish and the korean quality that we’ve all come to expect of samsung (daewoo) etc.

Smaller than i thought but does the same job.

Great product at excellent price have had no problems with it my plates fit great and all functions work well.

Makes things hot, easy to use (set time press go)looks / feels a little ‘cheap’ but does that matter?.

The item itself is a lovely little microwave and i highly recommend it, however as an prime member this was for next day delivery which i did not receive until two days after order.

Haven’t had product long but appears really good value. Easy to use & clean, so presently very pleased.

I like the styling and it does the job, not used all the features on it. The only drawback is that it’s noisy,never had that problem with my other microwaves, that’s why i only gave it 3 stars.

Does it’s job, but hinge is squeaking after a week. Nice beep reminder though if it finishes and you’ve not opened door though after finished cooking. Great for those of us with adhd.

This microwave is very easy to use, can be used to defrost any items meats and even breadeconomicalnot very noisyhad one of these in greece and would not change it for anything elseeasy to use controlssimple to programmewould recommend.

So far so good ,bit noisy but cooks my gourmet tv dinners like a boss.

Product description did not say no light to inside it is somewhat smaller than expected but works ok our last daewoo lasted 23 years.

The best microwave i have ever had, without a doubt. Worth every penny, i would definitely recommend this.

Brilliant for the price , works very well and really pleased.

It’s a great little microwave, runs well, heats fast and is easy to clean.

Bought this but the only problem it has no light until your cooking something, most of the food is 800, but this a 900, so have toadjust the times, otherwise it overcooks.

Features and Spesification

  • 900 W Power Output: Delivers quick and efficient cooking results
  • 26 Litre Capacity: Ideal for family cooking
  • 10 Power Levels: Offer temperatures to suit a variety of foods, including a defrost function
  • Five Auto Cook Menus: Automatically let you quickly heat vegetables, rice, pasta and pizza
  • Four Auto Defrost Programmes: You can heat meat, chicken, fish and bread straight from frozen
  • Concave Reflex System: Evenly cooks your food for better tasting results