Dainty Gold Jewellery for Your Autumn Wardrobe


Okay, so Autumn officially arrives next week and this is one of my favourite seasons. Spring and Autumn are the two I get most excited about each year; Spring begins just before my birthday, and Autumn is the time of year that I feel is acceptable to even start thinking about Christmas.Orelia Jewellery Collection

As the seasons change, so does my wardrobe and everything that goes with it. This time of year I tend to go for darker clothing – I do typically wear black on most days with just a pop of colour here and there, but this is the time of year where warm berry tones start to take over.

As always for me though, with every outfit there is some form of accessory. Gold dainty jewellery is my new favourite accessory, and what better time of year to start shouting about it. Orelia Jewellery have an eclectic range of accessories from rings and bracelets, to earrings and even head jewellery.

You will find them dotted around in a number of Topshop stores around the world and ultimately are becoming a firm favourite of mine when it comes to jewellery…but I do believe they still have some competition with Nikki Stark Jewellery in my eyes.

Their range of costume jewellery is all designed in house using Swarovski crystal and semi-precious stones, so you know you are getting great value for money here. All jewellery is Hypoallergenic and is Lead free and nickel safe.

Orelia Jewellery Swallow Bird RingSo, what are my favourites from their collection? Firstly it has to be the beautifully designed Open Swallow Ring*. This is available in different sizes, but what I like about the design is that it can easily be opened slightly to fit your thumb or fingers that are larger than the one you originally sized.

Orelia Jewellery Rabbit Necklace

Next up is the adorable Bunny Necklace*. Anyone who knows me well are very aware that rabbits are my favourite animal alongside dogs. This is a simple gold chain necklace with a dainty bunny pendant. It’s great for pairing up with a plain t-shirt, but also for dressing down outfits when you don’t want to over-do it. The chain is adjustable with various loops available to create a length you feel comfortable with.

Lastly, the Crystal Triangle & Bar Drop Earrings* are simply perfect. I love drop earrings, but I can only ever find chunky statement ones that start to hurt after an hour or so, and really don’t go with anything apart from that one top you never wear…typical. The two work hand-in-hand if you were to have two or more piercings on each ear.

However, even if you have just the one piercing then worry not as these still look beautiful. The Bar Drop Earrings are a statement piece of their own, but they go with everything which is the style of jewellery I prefer to opt for.