DALI Alteco C-1 Speakers – Gutted

Ive got a pair of dali opticon 6, expensive, but good speakers, i was going to get a pair of opticon 1,for my surround but i liked the size of these and my room isn’t very big and these can be mounted on my walls, , so i got a pair delivered today, and honestly i didn’t think i’d keep them i was just curious on how they sounded because of the good reviews, for £250 these speakers are a absolute steal, i unplugged my opticons 6 and replaced them with these, i was shocked how good these sound, obviously there not as good as my opticons 6 £1200,but it wasn’t a night and day difference, they sound very very clean, clear, descent detail very musicall and surprisingly good bass for the size of them, , i would honestly have no problem using these as stereo pair in a second system, i haven’t tryed how they sound as atmos speakers yet but i’ve absolutely no doubt theyl sound amazing, in fact i’m going to order another 4 of them to finish of my atmos setup, well done dali you killed it, highly recommended.

Never got to hear them as mine arrived damaged.

1 system and denon avrx 2500h , decided to look for a pair of atmos speakers and am not convinced by atmos bouncing off ceiling so opted for these. Ran audyssey set up again and set out to try a few discs , kong skull island and mad max fury road , i can confirm there is a huge difference in sound quality and a lot of height to sound and to me a lot more depth. Add in the ability to orientate these speakers in many directions and the directional switch and i don’t think you will do better for the money. These speakers may not be atmos certified but it has no bearing on their quality , highly recommended.

If like me you have have had a pair of onkyo skh410’s and been totally underwhelmed after a substantial upgrade of all your av equipment then read on. I spent a small fortune after getting the green light from the wife to move the living room around to accommodate a large 4k tv. Of course, a new av receiver and speakers were required so i purchased a dali 5. Wanting to add the newest craze of atmos/dtsx i went and purchased a pair of onkyo’s (about £140 at the time). After god knows how many different positions and calibrations i concluded that unless i rip out the ceiling and go for overhead speakers that the whole ceiling bounce effect was total nonsense and real atmos was a pipe dream. I stumbled across an online preview of the alteco’s from dali i was intrigued as the 5. 1 speakers i already had were really super quality and very affordable. I sold my onkyo’s and purchased these via amazon, via the same retailer i had purchased my yamaha amp and pico’s some 2 years earlier. Immediately on opening the package i knew i had made the right decision, with a nice finish and weight to match my existing speakers, and at a rrp a substantial saving over the svs elevations, which i’m sure were the inspiration for dali for the alteco’s.

One small gripe is that they don’t take banana plugs, so it’s bare wires into a spring loaded terminal. Apart from that, they are excellent.

Added these to my dali zensor 7’s , vokal, and dali zensor 3’s and sub, to compliment the set. As always with dali, first class product.

Absolutely brilliant surround speakers. So good in fact i bought 6 of them. 4 for heights and 2 for surrounds. Being able to direct the sound at a more acute angle is an essential selling point of these due to my room layout. When used for atmos based movies, and even normal tv upmixed, these just fill the room with extremely clear sound beautifully. If you want some (relatively) affordable, great looking, fairly discreet speakers then just go for them, you won’t be disappointed. They are also extremely easy to walk mount on to a couple of screws with the dedicated fixing holes on the back.

Chose these speakers as part of a 5. 2 dolby atmos set up,connected to a sony str-dn1080 av reciever and they sound fantastic,i have used them as height speakers and now trying them as side surrounds in the down firing position,both speaker locations work flawlessly and add great depth and clarity to movies and music,they are solid and well made and i couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

However, after adding a denon 4500 as the main driver i wanted to benefit from atmos. I moved things around to that it is now a 5. 4 setup and it is very good. Not a massive upgrade from 7. 1 but certainly worth the expense.

Great, clear, atmos speakers. Easy to mount on walls, upwards or down switch gives flexibility on placement.

Great sound from a height channel speakers very please.

Here are the specifications for the DALI Alteco C-1 Speakers:

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  • Soft dome tweeter inspired by dali’s high-end Series
  • Dolby Atoms, dts-x, auro-3d support
  • Upward and downward firing modes
  • Dual sound modes

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Versatile way to add Atmos/DTS-X without breaking the bank!

  • Fantastic sound

  • Absolutely brilliant. Can’t recommend highly enough.