Dash Everyday Stand Mixer – Not bad

Can’t review as it was a present.

Works just great, excellent price and fast delivery.

This item is fantastic great price to good for someone starting out.

Good for price but bowl too small.

The mixer was a bit too small to be honest. After looking at other mixers in the shops we saw this on amazon and it looked the same, but it was very small in comparison.

Bought for my daughter as a gift she loves it she says it good quality.

It’s a bargain for the price. Does what it says in the listing. Perfect for us, as we only really make the odd cake. I’m sure the more serious cake makers would want more features and the quality is very slightly more plasticky than the other more expensive models. But it’s perfect for our needs.

Great value item, easy to use, and clean,.

Have to keep spinning the bowl and moving it side to side and manually stir the mixture though as it doesnt get everything from the sides. Sorta defeats the purpose of a standing mixer that does the job for you. My homemade whipped cream did take a long time to make.

This broke my will to live, thanks.

This is the best mixer i have used in a long time . Not for someone who bakes a lot as the bowl is small, but perfect for small amounts and looks super cool,.

Dislike the fact that it is not very adjustable for power. However, had good results with small batches of cake mixture etc.

The speed is a bit fast but the rest is just fabulous, i love it. It just looks like a toy stand mixer, it also weighs like one but it is the total opposite, it is just perfect for beginners like me. When i started using it, it was really helpful you can move the bowl from side to side and that just helped me to mix everything together very well. Here are the specifications for the Dash Everyday Stand Mixer:

  • Includes beaters and dough hooks
  • Features 2.5 – quart stainless steel mixing bowl
  • Revolving bowl turns automatically
  • Compact, portable and lightweight
  • Sized to fit under kitchen cabinets

Love it, perfect for my small bakings n fits well in my kitchen as it doesnt take alot of room. Comes with a little recipe book so you can have the chance to make lots yummy desserts.

Brought as a gift for my daughter she loves it and makes great cakes.

It’s a lovely colour and looks nice. Price was fab so budget wise not a bad buyit’s a bit on the small side thou so for big bakes not ideal and also i find the mixture doesn’t mix too well and clings to the side so have to stop n start to push it back to the middleoverall it’s good.

I love the fact it has counter tip suckers. I bake maybe 4 times a year.

Great for all cake making light but powerful.

Christmas gift sure she will like it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Fantastic little mixer, for the price you can’t fault it
  • Bargain. Cake mixer for less than 15 quid!
  • Great for beginners.

Treated myself to this nice mixer. Looks good and nice size for a small family. Haven’t used it yet but i think it will be fine. Read reviews before i bought it.

Do what is there not to like?it works fabulously every time and looks far more expensive than it was.

Does exactly what you expect it to do.

I’m not a baker but do the odd tray bakes, meringues and cakes. This looks lovely and is a hands free mixer that does the job for me.

Not the best mixer in the world but very happy with the results.

For the price you can’t go wrong. Looks smart and nice and compact.

Great product for my 12 year old who loves to bake, lovely colour, will keep her busy in time.

Bargain at what i paid works brilliantly and looks expensive.

I was so suprised how good it is as it’s such a bargin.

Really good starter mixer and i love the colour. It is very easy to use and has a good size bowl. Bad points; it’s really noisy and although the bowl does spin, i found it didn’t catch all the mixture, so i had to stir in the stuff at the side of the bowl to get it too mix properly. However it definitely cut down mixing time as i was manually mixing before, it was a good price and i am enjoying using it.

Brought this for my mother in law and she loves it.

I love it good value for money.

Love this mixer as it slots from side to middle, no problems with it and a fantastic price it was.

For the price i wasn’t expecting a great deal but this mixer is fab. My daughter loves baking and this does a great job and looks great to boot.

Considering the price of this mixer i cannot fault it at all. I bought this for my small business making batches of cosmetics/bath products. The bowl is so much bigger than i thought and is quite tall, which is perfect when adding powdered ingredients as they don’t puff out when you turn the mixer on. Even the slowest setting was good enough to whip up solid shea butter easily which i was quite impressed with. There is an option to slide the bowl along the base with a lever, this isn’t something i’ve seen before but found it really useful because you can move the bowl to make sure the beaters catch whatever is on the sides. The stainless steel is really easy to clean and the design is lovely and very cute. It’s compact and small but still big enough to make a decent amount. I have even put away my expensive kenwood mixer and replaced it with this one because it is so much more user friendly and light. You can fit it in a narrow kitchen cupboard with loads of space still. It is so sturdy as well and the materials are probably better quality than mixers i’ve had costing over £100.