DCSk 100 m – 2 x 4 mm² transparent loudspeaker cable I OFC copper cable – A really sensible choice

Great cable for my tannoy speakers, lovely sound, i used silver core cable but was not happy with the sound this is much better nice warm sound.

Seems like very high quality cable. I used 20m of it to connect 2 rear speakers for a surround sound system and to my ears it sounds fantastic. I admit i’ve not got a lot to compare it to, but for the relatively low price you get a thick, robust, good quality cable.

Great quality, i have hooked it up with my pioneer elite sc-09 and pioneer elite sp-efs73 7 towers and ec73 centre with two subwoofers. This cable has surpassed my previously installed audioquet rocket 33 series. But this dcsk is the best i have ever owned in my 49 years of audiophile journey. I am going to buy a lot more of dcsk cables so i am future proof.

Decent quality speaker cable at a decent price.

I was glad i had followed experts’ advice, to buy good quality loudspeaker wire – this product made me realise what rubbish i had used in the past.

Purchased and used for one of my rear 5. 1 surround speakers , as you would expect the cable is quite thick so make sure you can fit it in , i am no expert in the audio field so ill keep it short , no loss of audio quality experienced.

Using these to bi-wire my monitor audio speakers to my technic amplifier and am really pleased with the quality. I’m no audiophile, but it sounds great to me.

Using a denon dab system and wharfdale speakers and using thin cable and felt it needed more to compare to my bose system. And wow the difference is outstanding. No need to turn up so far and even had to adjust the bass. Get this if looking for quality cable i did not expect much difference but what an improvement and in par now with my bose if not better. 1 multi award winning denon and award winning speakers.

Very satisfied came next day great value cable sound fantastic 10/10.

Don’t save pennies on cables if using good speakers.

10 meters for less than £13, complete bargain. Sounds great in my system (rega rp3, mission cyrus 6a, monitor audio bronze 5 floor standers). Better than whatever was connected before. Cheapest branded cable was £6 per meter.

Bought 13awg 30m to run 2 x 10m lengths to rear surround speakers and the leftovers used for a centre speaker, good quality cable and a decent thickness without being overkill for what i need, sound quality is really good and the strands fit into banana plugs well. Overall very happy with this speaker cable.

This is fantastic cable, solid and heavy. Remember when you bought an amp but needed another small mortgage to buy decent cable from the hi fi shop, forget that with this cable. You can now afford to upgrade to proper 4mm cable at a well affordable price. It’s heavy and lies flat on the floor which makes laying it down easy. Most of all it’s top quality. Highly recommend in my book.

Cable is reasonably flexible (this is for the awg 13, 2. 5mm2 version), and wasn’t too difficult to strip to fit into banana plugs.

This is perfect for hooking up my hifi system.

I ordered 50m off this, the cable is very heavy (especially compared to the 100m of qed 2. 5mm cable that i’ve run recently.

Big difference in sound comparing to the old stock thinner cables. Old hifi plays now noticeably nicer.

This cable is in every way almost identical to the cable people pay £30 per metre for, having recently purchased a naim nait 5si amplifier i needed some new speaker cable that matched the needs of my new amplifier, this speaker cable has the same size 4. 5mm conductor as the naim cable but not the cost, who in their right mind is going to spend £300 for 10 metres of cable, snake oil is very expensive.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good quality but check it is the correct thickness for your equipment before you purchase.
  • Great cable, great price
  • This is fantastic cable, solid and heavy

Ordered this to replace black wire. Research showed this has proper copper wire, not coated like others. Would definitely order from this supplier again.

This is fully copper ofc is far more better than cca cables (alluminium combined) i mean you can get cheaper cca cable for the half price of this, but let me tell you this 30m cable is so heavy alone, you can feel the quality. I love it, at least 2 kilos of copper cable for 30m. , compared to cheaper qulaity cca cables.

Good quality wire, well made and easy to work with. Does not feel flimsy delivers good signal. Perfect for me and i’ll be buying more.

What i really like about this speaker flex is that it is no bigger than it needs to be. So many speaker flexes i used in the past have thick insulation, seemingly suitable for kv, not v . The fact these have insulation no thicker than needed allowed me to choose the next size up (as ever, the more copper the better in speaker flexes).

Excellent, unobtrusive, easy to work with. Very pleased with this purchase.

Quite thick cable and very nice sound quality over the 20m i used in my system. At just over £1/metre you can’t go wrong.

Amazing speaker wire i won’t buy any other from now onused on a fairly expensive set up its excellent and the perfect compromise of thickness and ease of useexcellent in banana plugs.

I’m not a hifi expert, but i know what i like. The cable was heavy in it’s coiled state, but easy to handle. I’m using it with a pair of kef cresta’s and a yamaha crx 550. The sound is as i like it – bass is bold and vocals clear. I’ve had gale bi-wire and qed ‘budget’ cable in the past and this is just as good but less expensive.

Good quality speaker cable, just replacing some of my surround sound cables which are quality thick gauged +$400 cables with this and i cant make out any difference in sound quality. Would definitely recommend this cable.

This is super cable and only problem i had was getting crimped into slightly tighter screw connector on surround speaker where banana plug not an option.

Arrived the next day & good quality cable. I’ve got a pair of monitor audio gold speakers with a yamaha av amp – not sure i could tell the difference is i had spent much more.

This is excellent quality cable and the sound from the speakers is unimpaired but unfortunately it is far too thick to fit in both the connectors that inpurchased and the connections on the hifi unit. It took a lot of effort to get the speakers connected but the wires just will not stay out in the hifi connectors so i have had to order thinner cable.

Great, high quality canle for my surround sound set up. The copper inside is quite thick but just fitted into the speakers holes. Even though it is thick, there wasnt any problems getting it to bend.

I replaced my gale 4 strand cable (speakers are bi-wireable) with this dcsk cable, and was amazed at the improvement. Better fidelity and definition at every frequency.

I would say the gold cable gives a warmer sound than the silver cable, but we all know that is all poo.

Best speaker cable i have ever used in all the projects i have done. Used it for dolby atmos speaker cabling channeling through plasterboard walls and ceiling.

Fantastic quality well made my whole house is using this cable deep bass vivid sound on any speaker you can here the difference to complement this cable ensure you use closed screw type banana plugs to ensure the the signal is 100% mono price or cable matters they are almost identical truly fantastic cable.

Great cabling and fits y connectors at 6mm. Noticed considerably more clarity in audio since swapping over for these. Very high the quality and solid copper. Non of that hair thin rubbish they sell elsewhere. This has also removed the odd crackle i used to notice on higher volumes.

Good speaker wire well marked with a positive strip and meter length markings which makes cutting into length easy.