Dee Banna Mini Portable USB Rechargeable Juicer Blender : Good product

This blender is easy to use and its rechargeable and u can use anywhere u can use that in with car charger laptop and with power bank i luv it.

I received the juicer, and the exquisite appearance was amazing. It was the christmas gift i gave to my sister. My sister liked it and took it out.

I am really pleased with this blender. I have used it a lot once i got it. It’s easy to use, mess free and makes great smoothies. My children like to mix different fruits into it. They enjoy the juice i made.

This machine is very portable and easy to charge. In the instruction menu, there are lots of ways of doing milkshakes and other fruit drinks. I especially like the material, it is a glass bottle with a lid. It’s very healthy to use glass products.

The item is perfect for making food blends for my kid, the small shape and low power consumption makes it an ideal choice. The six pcs blades will blend out everything for me, whether make a baby juice or baby food; it will be there to do the task. It is easily cleanable, only place it below your tap and the rest is simple.

The blade is just like a normal blender blade and it helps make a a fabulous smoothie. Because of its size, it fits perfectly in my handbag.

Well made blender, really compatible size. Really cool that you can use it by usb, so its available to take it even outside for bbq.

It is absolutely convenient, cute and small. It is great for fruits both frozen and fresh. Working perfectly, easy to use and good battery. Also lightweight and easy to carry s well. So from now i will start drinking fresh fruits juice. U can keep it in your car , office, home or anywhere. Because easy to get it changed just with usb.

  • We all like it!
  • This is surprisings useful.
  • Excellent

Dee Banna Mini Portable USB Rechargeable Juicer Blender with 6 Blades 460ml White Personal Blender for Traveling,Spots,Home,Office and Outdoor,Perfect for Fruit,Milk Shake and Baby Food

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When i open the box i know i love it and i can’t wait to make a cup of juice. Because it is easy to clean. Easy to use it and i can take it go anywhere when i want to have juice.

Super good blend with milk kiwi fruits and strawberries. Make very tasteful juice and portable subtle easy to carry for businesses travel.

Fantastic service,prompt delivery. Great product,not bulky or heavy to take to work everyday.

Made by glass and minimize the plastic particles. That is why we chose this and can enjoy fresh juice in office or outdoorseasy to cleanas the blade exposed after you open it which made the whole process of cleaning very easy. Easy to carryfast delivery, well packed.

Can easily mix all kinds of fruits in one blender and compress into tasty juice. Very healty and fresh for my body. Will recommond it without hesitate.

I bought this one mainly to use in the office. Size is perfect for drawer and the look of it is quite modern. It doesn’t have any plastic small at all which used to be one of my concern for cheap appliance. Perfect for juice and smoothies, not sure about other use. Thumbs up for a value purchase.

Hold enough for one person, i find myself using it to make smoothies and milkshakes. The button is on a timer, so you can push it and put it down whilst it does its thing. It is rechargeable and uses a micro usb for charging. It exceeded me expectations, great product.

I’ve been researching for a good mini compact blender for sometime now. I was leaning towards the more fancy and pricier ones but i took a chance and bought this instead because i wasn’t prepared to go all guns blazing on my first one. I’m pleasantly surprised with how well this one works.

  • We all like it!
  • This is surprisings useful.
  • Excellent

Dee Banna Mini Portable USB Rechargeable Juicer Blender with 6 Blades 460ml White Personal Blender for Traveling,Spots,Home,Office and Outdoor,Perfect for Fruit,Milk Shake and Baby Food

My daughter loves drinking juice ,i bought it , she asks her mother to make it for her every day ,great fruit presses are easy to install and easy to clean.

Bought it for my mum to used in the gym very small to carry she love it.

Used twice, squeezed a cup of kiwifruit juice, the juice is very delicate, but there are two kiwifruit cores have not been crushed, may be a little harder, the knife head rinsed with clean water, the operation is simple.

It’s light, easy to clean, i can take it with me anywhere, it’s also good water bottle. It charges quickly and lasts. It charges using usb again its ideal for travelling away. I would definitely recommend and i have just brought another one.

I like drink smoothies juice, i used it many times , i think it makes juice smoothies quickly, and easy to carry around , i can make two cups of juice for my children every day morning, my children very like it, really good product.

Absolutely great device i am currently doing clean eating and this is great for usage whilst travelling. Very powerful and makes great smoothies.

I bought it for me , it’s perfect for me to bring it to work, it do convenient at lunch timeused it at work fine. So nice having my portable blender.

Medium size which is good to make a couple of glasses of smoothie. Powerful blender and all functions work well. It comes with rechargeable battery inside so convenient while travelling.

I really like how light and compact this is. I have arthritis in most of my body but even when full of ingredients this blender was easy to handle. Battery charge is really good and easy to wash,recommend.

Just right size for making smoothie, juice, drinks. I can see the manufacture tried to use environmental materials as much as possible.Their packaging is unbleached paper box and nice design.

Arrived on time, perfect for me, i can easily carry it with me both home and work place. Nice and cute, make different fruit and vegetable juices daily now. Easy to clean, easy to use, highly recommend.

We’ve had the blender for a few days. Came well packed and protected. Included easy to follow instructions. It’s a powerful machine, but the motor is not loud.

Very handy to use and easyhusband loves his smoothies and travels alot for work so takes this with him 😊.

I really like this product, it is so cute and convenient. I charged it and take everywhere. Now i can have fresh juice everywhere.

Very good product,i use it very well.

It’s light, easy to clean, i can take it with me anywhere, it’s also good water bottle. Color is according to picture nothing too different.

Excellent quality with nice glass design and reasonable price, it’s also easy to clean and recharge when it finished. Saving space when you take it out as it’s only person. I would highly recommend it to everyone.

It is really easy to use and to take in a journey. It has the perfect size and it is very adorable.

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