Degauss Labs SPKRS Universal Box Headphones – Pink : Great heavy bass

But they are way too heavy on the bass. Foo fighters) bass overrides all, lighter music (fleetwood mac – rumours) just too muddled due to bass heavy sound, electronic dance music (fragma – toccas miracle) – just fabulous. They were also great with gwen stefani the opening drum beats to hollaback girl ramming into your skull 🙂 grin inducing stuff. However, whatever you are listening to, there is great detail, it’s just lacks a little clarity and cohesion especially at the boundaries between bass and mids. They are however very sensitive to eq and if your playing device has that facility you can, to quite a large extent, overcome their shortcomings. On my ipod i find applying a curve higher on the right end than the left provides a much better sound, especially for rock/metal. Despite their problems the build quality, the detail available (i literally am hearing details on tracks i’ve been listening to for decades that i’ve not heard before) in the sound and the thought that’s gone into the construction (flat cable, phone control, clip, 5 types of ear fitments, colours available) & lovely packaging make these great ‘phones for the money, well, at least at the £15 i was able to get them for :-). They have an app available so you can customise your one button controller on your phone which is fab (they work well with my s3). Overall, beware the overpowering bass, but otherwise they’re making me smile and re-visit parts of my music collection i’ve not listened to in ages. So close to the most amazing earphones, but not, in the cold light of day, a patch on my old denon ahc551’s. But then again i got them for 1/5th the price.

These are decent enough for a pair of. I use these for my commute and when running and i have had no complaints. The remote works well with my nexus 4i did notice a bit of interference when i banged or moved the cable in the socket but this seems to have subsided.

Easily my favourite earphones, with the simplistic design and colour. There’s also a neat one button feature and comes different ear buds. Press once = pausepress twice = skippress thrice = previous.

I have been looking for some headphones which dont look like everything else that is out there – something fun. I found these, and thought they looked pretty good for the price, so thought i would test them out. When i got them home and opened them up i was not disappointed as the packaging looks great and the product is exactly what i wanted. The pink colour looks really cool, as the cable and the earphones are one colour i have not seen anything like it.They come with a couple of different earbuds too – one which is squidy and is so comfortable. I will probably buy them in another colour too for my boyfriend.

Best headphones i’ve ever had, indestructable.

I love the heavy bass and great colour choices. Sound more expensive than they cost so i bought the pink ones for my girlfriend.

Amazing quality for the price. I found them much better than the apple or samsung headsets that they give you with the phones.

The spkrs look and feel like a high quality item. The anodized aluminium housing, flat ribbon cable, right angle plug and microphone/remote all have a nice finish and feel. I found the default earbuds perfect for my ears – i can have them in for hours with no discomfort, and they are grippy enough to stay in place whether i’m at home on the sofa or out running. The package includes a good selection of alternative bud tips, including the memory foam type which will mould to your uniquely shaped ear canal. A bugbear of mine with many in-ear headphones is noise transmitted through the cable, especially when moving about or exercising. These are remarkably impervious to noise from knocks and friction, and superb at shutting out external noise. All good so far, but the sound caters to quite specific tastes. These are perfect if you like your music bass-heavy. However this comes at the expense of balance and detail in the mid range and high end of the frequency spectrum. Any delicate brushwork or high hats in jazz type music simply disappear, strings and vocals can sound a bit boomy and lumpy.

  • Ok for price
  • Nice and Stylish
  • Amazing quality for the price

Degauss Labs SPKRS Universal Box Headphones – Pink

Product Description, We made SPKRS to be the perfect introduction to the stunning performance of Degauss Labs earphones. The idea sprung from the progress and innovation that come about our uncompromising will to do better than before. Therefore we decided to make the SPKRS series without practical or financial consideration suppressing the original idea.
Our aim was to make sound quality is second to none (the bass is amazing) in its price range. SPKRS are durable and comfortable and is pleased to give you more Oomph – all day long.
The all aluminum housing absorbs vibrations and preserves the sound quality. The housing is coated with a special technique making the housing as matte and clean looking as the rest of the earphone, rarely found on metal housed earphones.
We aimed SPKRS earphones to set the highest standard of sound and performance – for economic ear buds. Thus they feature an enhanced acoustic design that helps music sound smoother and the enhanced and MASSIVE bass for today´s most popular music.
SPKRS comes in a variety of carefully selected colors and we definitely think the colors are better seen live than on your computer screen.
We hope to amaze you.
The enhanced bass and superior noise isolation ensure clean but massive sound. The new SPKRS driver units deliver a warm, detailed sound with resonant and a hard kickin bass. We have re-engineered the speakers original construction and created a deeper stronger bass. We see this improved formula to add speed and strength without taking away the clear mids and highs from the earphones.
A flat cabled tangle free and strain-relief cord makes SPKRS as perfect for the gym as it is on the street.
Take Control Over Your Smartphone. With SPKRS earphones you can easily take control of your phone. SPKRS have a one button remote with a microphone which gives you access to play or pause your music and answer or end calls. Via Google Play and App store you can download apps that adjust function to the button according to your need.

Box Contains, Degauss Labs SPKRS5 sizes of earbudsClipManual

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Although the *yellow* pair i ordered, the picture was a very nice, bright yellow however when they arrived they were a duller yellow which i was disappointed at, these have many good accessories and packaged brilliantly. Great all round earphones but the bass is great. However id your songs arent from itunes you can hear the difference greatly.

Bought these from a store in sweden but will be buying as a christmas present again. Packaging was great but i was amazed at the value. They are made from metal which keeps the sound in, super comfortable and came with 5 sets of ear buds. One set was a mouldable type which i use. The sound is best described as clear and natural, not too much bass and they seem to be getting better and better the more i use them. Very highly recommended certainly compared with my beats earphones which cost me a small fortune. Haven’t seen them in any stores over here but if you do not want to spend too much money i would highly recommend these headphones especially in blue or white but there are loads of colours.

Very good headphones and cheap but already the right ear is going – sometimes can hear through it and sometimes not. Still works as handsfree which is why i bought it.

  • Ok for price
  • Nice and Stylish
  • Amazing quality for the price

Degauss Labs SPKRS Universal Box Headphones – Pink

Features and Spesification

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    by entering your model number.
  • One button control with microphone on the cable – allows you to answer calls, and control your music
  • Flat non tangle cable
  • Comfortable in ear headphones which deliver amazing bass
  • Aluminium housing absorbs vibrations to preserve sound quality