Deik Electric Kettle Stainless Steel Cordless Kettle 1 : its brilliant

It’s still working and functions, the last kettle lasted 16 months, we’ll see how long this one lasts.

This kettle looks good and is easy to handle. Once or twice there s been a strange taste to our cuppa but this could have been the water as this is not continuous.

This kettle boils quickly and as i wanted an energy efficient kettle i’m pleased about that. It’s good value for money and seems sturdy. The reason i gave it four stars is because it is quite noisy.

Good value for price – rather loud and heavy up to my previous more expensive kettle.

Stylish kettle at a great price. Is a tad noisy but boils the water very quickly so i can live with that.

Sturdy, well made, looks good and boils quickly. Really like this and it pours well which is something hard to find.

Love this, it matches my other appliances, works well arrived quickly and well packaged.

  • So far so good, stylish

  • Good material

  • A fantastic kettle

Deik Electric Kettle Stainless Steel Cordless Kettle 1.7 Liter 3000W Quick Boil BPA-Free Auto Shut-Off & Boil-Dry Protection

The Deik stainless electric kettle does an excellent job of boiling water quickly in just a few minutes. This is good for saving time and living health!Product Specifications: Capacity: 1.7L Operating power: 3000 watts Dimensions: 23 x 22 x 16 cm Kettle capacity: 1.7 litersNOTES:1. The kettle base is in the botton of the package. Please take out the kettle first, then you will find a paperboard, take it out and you will find the base. 1. Do not allow hot water to dry in the kettle. 2. Try to soak the base in vinegar or lemon juice if it has turned into an unpleasant color. 3. Stay away from the electric kettle when water boils. Due to stainless steel materials, the kettle body will be hot. You could grab the fresh touch handle to pour more fresh water. 4. Please check that the package is complete, otherwise, come back to us.

From the manufacturer

electric kettle

electric kettle

electric kettle

Special features

Designed For Better Life

  • 3000W
  • Auto On/off switch
  • Stainless steel body
  • 360° base with integrated cord storage
  • 1.7 litre capacity
  • Push to open hinged lid

Quick and Elegant

Packed with functional, handy features you’d expect from the pioneers of the automatic electric kettle, the DEIK stainless steel kettle deserves pride of place in the heart of your kitchen

  1. Fast: Boil 1 cup of tea in 40 secs and 1.7L water in 5 mins
  2. Healthy: Premium 304 food grade stainless steel, no any unpleasant smell
  3. Safe: Auto shutoff and dry-boil protection
  • Keep the kettle dry when the kettle is not in use
  • Use vinegar or lemon juice to clean the kettle base if it turns into nasty color.
  • Don’t touch the kettle body while boiling water

electric kettle

electric kettle

electric kettle

electric kettle

304 Stainless Steel Material

Premium 304 food grade stainless steel and BPA free parts, there is no unpleasant taste or smell.

High density of brushed steel kettle prevents water leaking

British Strix control

Working with British Strix control, the kettle would auto shut-off promptly when the water reaches a boil or dry boil.

Heat-Resistant Handle

Double Layer heat resistant handle always protects you and your family’s hand safe. Featuring an intelligent design, the spout with a smooth edge could pour water without dripping

Removable Filter

To keep your kettle clean and fresh, and free from limescale, it has a removable, washable filter that you can simply flip out, rinse through and pop back in.

electric kettle

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Looking kettle easy to fill price was reasonable.

Really pleased with this kettle. Got it at a good price, it is easy to clean with nice unfussy interior and does exactly what we want it to do – boil water nice and quickly.

Good quality, good looking, quick & quiet to boil and easy to clean using natural white vinigar.

Our old kettle was wean and with water scales so brought this one, so far the kettle working great and the filter is something i quite like with this kettle.

Good functional kettle at bargain price. Only gripe is that it is very noisy when bolling.

At last a kettle that doesn’t drip or spill when pouring.

Looks good and boils quickly but it sounds like an aeroplane is landing in my kitchen. I have had many kettles in my life but never even considered the sound of a kettle before. This is so loud i am going to buy a different kettle.

Hard to clean as has a narrow opening and found better quality else where.

  • So far so good, stylish

  • Good material

  • A fantastic kettle

Deik Electric Kettle Stainless Steel Cordless Kettle 1.7 Liter 3000W Quick Boil BPA-Free Auto Shut-Off & Boil-Dry Protection

Impossible to carry on a conversation whilst this is boiling. Other than that is a good kettle and water has no after taste when boiled in it. Due to noise i only use as a spare.

It’s a great looking kettle boils quickly not too noisy. Will boil a cupful of water so economic in use. Occasionally it can dribble from the spout if poured too quickly.

It’s boils water, very noisy. Hate the lid as it springs up quite harshly, then when you close it it is very heavy closing.

A bit noisier than my previous plastic-open element kettle. However, i’d decided i wanted a covered element and not plastic.

It boils a good quantity of water fast with no overflowing boiling water or undue noise. It handles well and pours well with no spillage. The top opens and closes precisely. No nasty tasting mugs of tea after a couple of initial uses. It looks smart and seems easy to keep clean. Early days but i can’t fault it given its low cost and inclusive 2year guarantee when compared to the more expensive household brand named kettles that rarely endure past the two-year point regardless.

The kettle boils quickly enough and looks ok. However, i find it spills water from the spout unless you pour slowly and carefully so a point deduction for that. Also a point off for being very noisy. I wouldn’t buy again and will probably be replacing this fairly soon.

You hear the sounds of bubbles almost instantly and the kettle boils faster than any i’ve ever used.

A very decent kettle, for the price. The stainless steel prevents the water from tasting bad. It isn’t as noisy as my previous kettle. Very good purchase for the price as it competes well with the major brands (russel hobbs etc).

This kettle looks smart, lid opens easily but it can be filled through the spout if the filter is removed. It pours without drips but i found the handle uncomfortable to hold when fully filled. I couldn’t detect any unpleasant flavour, it boils quickly thanks to the 3kw element and the boil dry switch works as it should. My main disappointment is the noise it makes; it sounds like a locomotive at high speed but perhaps they all sound like that nowadays. My 15 year old 2kw kettle was almost silent by comparison but sadly is no more.

I looked at much more expensive kettles from the brands with household names. This is just as good for far less money. It’s fast to boil, pours well and looks good too.

Looking good, strong, boiling water as should.

It is a bit on the loud side but everything else is good. It looks good boils fast and doesn’t leave a bad taste. Fast delivery and very good customer service.

The noise when boiling is quite loud, otherwise i would give it 5*.

Amazing value for money, stylish, easy to clean, great speed to boil water. Good capacity and great size.

Looks good but when boiling noisy and bouncy seems to get quite angry.

Looks okay, boils fast and fairly quiet.

Brilliant kettle very fast on boil looks good well designed quite cheap too.

Fast and slick kettle, very happy to replace this shiny kettle with old rusty one.

Features and Spesification

  • ✅Fast boiling tea kettle – Boiling at 3000 Watts power, water in a fast speed even when it was filled to the max line (1.7L).
  • ✅Safe & Precise water boiler – Equipped with British Strix thermostat control (the world’s leading thermostat), this kettle would auto shut-off promptly when the water reaches a boil. It will automatically switch off when its done,easy and safe.
  • ✅Food grade stainless steel kettle – This kettle is made completely of stainless steel. Premium 304 stainless steel(distinguishing from 201 series) is great health wise and gathers rust hardly, which is considered the best material for durability.
  • ✅1.7L large capacity & clear water gauge – The capacity is 1.7L so will be good size for the family. Large size for making multiple cups of tea or coffee. Besides, the clear sight window showing the water level on the side clearly, you can easily see level of water in kettle.
  • ✅One years Warranty kettle – We offer one years warranty. If there any problem with the kettle, please contact us via Amazon message or Deik Official.