De’Longhi Autentica Cappuccino ETAM29 – Love mine. Great wee piece of kit makes delicious coffee

Perfect coffee machine, we had another delonghi that we’d had for over 5 years, it was still working, but we wanted to upgrade, this one was a bargain price compared to some, delonghi are very reliable, love the range of coffees and how easy it is to use and clean :o) highly recommend.

The coffee taste great, the machine looks good. It is much quieter than the previous one i used to own.

This is a very impressive machine – quite a small footprint which i was relieved about as the box is huge. It takes a little while to set up as you need to install the water filter and set the water hardness and things but the instructions are pretty good. Once it’s all set up with beans in and the water tank full, you turn it on and it takes a minute to warm up and it rinses through a little water into the drip tray which sounds a bit alarming at first but you get used to it. It also does this when its turning off. I think it keeps the pipes clean. If you want a milk based coffee, latte or cappuccino etc then you need to attach the milk container that you can keep filled and in the fridge. It’s very easy to click this onto the front and a dial on it dictates how much froth. Once set up you just choose your coffee – you can adjust coffee strength and amounts to personalise it exactly how you like it if you can be bothere. There’s a ‘my coffee’ button to put your favourite on. It does cappuccino, latte, macchiato, espresso, long.

Hot coffee, hot milk, easy to use an clean. The water tank at the back of the machine is a bit of a pain but it is worth the hassle for the excellent coffee.

This is my second de’longhi bean to cup coffee machine. Dad who is 80 managed to break the coffee grinder on the old one by fiddling with the adjustment dial in the hopper. It still works with ground coffee, but be advised only to adjust the grinder one notch at a time, and only when the grinder is in operation. The autentica comes with the same health warning. That said my new autentica arrived just before christmas and i am super delighted with it and fast on my way to becoming a coffee geek; i can now converse in coffee and can tell you what the difference between a cappuccino a lattè and a flat white, a ristretto, doppio and an espresso, even if i’m still not sure how to spell them properly. Bottom line is they all taste superb, because you can set the strength of coffee, the froth of the milk, and the size of the cup, to suit yourself. There are four temperature settings too, as well as a cup warming tray on top to take the chill off your cups, but the tray does take 5-10minutes to warm up fully. If you want your own particular style in your favourite cup, you can set it to dispense that at the touch of a button. You can even adjust how long the machine will remain on standby before switching itself off, and another feature to set it to come on, so that eg it is warmed up ready for breakfast in the morning. The milk jug can be swopped out, it fits neatly in the fridge door tray, for a hot water/steam nozzle for making tea or cuppasoup, but i’m drinking so much coffee right now i haven’t gotten round to trying that option.

So far its great but still having a play around with it for the perfect coffee.

Fantastic machine, better than the previous one we had which was supposedly a better model – prima donna-. Milk jug can be a bit stiff to take out sometimes. Very good selection of coffee and menus. Would have preferred water to be a the side like our old one. So much better than old models, for ‘hot’ coffee.

Christmas present for my partner he loves it. Easy to use makes lovely coffee.

Choices of coffee production at a touch of a button. How ever de longhi needs to change the design of the milk spout. It spouts out of the cup sometimes. May be a longer spout needed.

This is the best little coffee maker, its a joy to get up in the morning.

I used to own a cheap but serviceable saeco espresso machine, but i’m glad that i upgraded to this. I prefer black coffee, so my favourite option is the doppio+ button, but i’ve started experimenting with milky coffees and i’m very pleasantly surprised at how much i enjoy them from the delonghi. I’ve knocked off one star however because the water tank at the back is awkward to refill. You have to lift the lid and then lift the tank up and out, annoying if you have kitchen cabinets above the machine. There are two small lugs on the lid of the tank which means you have to lift the lid first before removing or replacing, and with a tank full of fresh water, the replacing is even harder.

Had the machine for 7 months it’s been great but now the display says full tank and now won’t work.

To hard to use when you pay 1000pounds the expectation it is something alse.

Putting the water tank in the back is a bit footery but that’s the only slight negative, in all its worth it as the machine is great and the coffee is wonderful.

Having been a nespresso family for the past 8 years, we decided to upgrade to something a bit more substantial and after a couple of weeks of regular coffees, there are absolutely no regrets. The de longhi is fantastic and much better in comparison to the nespresso. It shares many of the attributes of the pod machine with some obvious huge advantages. It is very compact – the box is a bit deceiving and after being a bit worried that this was a monster when the package arrives, it is certainly not too big for the average kitchen. It is fairly slimline compared to our old nespresso but that was 8 years old and newer ones are obviously a bit more compact. It fits nicely alongside the cupboard at the end of our work surface. It is very easy and quick to use and easy to keep clean. It was very easy to assemble. Just lift out of the box and attach the water filter and it’s ready to go. It needs a bit of a consultation with the instruction manual which is clear and straightforward to understand.

I have found my machine to product excellent coffee a clever devil. I have read reviews and note no one has had any problems with in stalling the milk unit the o rings are a tight push on fit on my machine and need a little lubrication but what is safe to use??.

Great machine – first one didn’t work out of the box, replacement looks just fine after a year. The water tank is a bit small, but i have mine near the sink, so not a problem. I get through a lot of beans, so end up buying a 1kg bag of lavazza elevery 2 weeks. My wife loves the one button cappuccino because it’s so easy. But i paid a lot more (£460) than they’re on sale for now, but it was the cheapest that i could find. Im struggling to find anything bad – oh yes, it isn’t alexa enabled – i think that’s it. Drip tray fills up if you don’t put a cup there.

I have had the delonghi etam 29. Sb coffee maker for a month, ensuring i could give as complete review as possible, and overall i’ve enjoyed the testing process and have become used to lovely strong coffee every morning. It takes a little while to set up with your favourite coffee types, and getting used to the individual programmes. However, now that i’ve set up everything, i’m enjoying beautifully fresh coffee every morning at 6am before i rush out the door. As a nurse in the nhs, this important, and my ‘rocket fuel’ is ready at the touch of a button. I’ve noticed other buyers have complained that their machines aren’t making boiling hot coffee. This is certainly the continental way of enjoying coffee, but for me this isn’t really a problem, as i prefer to drink my morning coffee quickly and shoot out the door as fast as i can. So a little about the features:the delonghi etam 29. Sb coffee maker can use both beans and ground coffee, and i tend to use freshly ground coffee in the morning, simply because it’s quicker – and far nicer than any premium instant i’ve tried. I personally prefer lavazza coffee – its strong, full bodied and slightly bitter, giving me the kick i need in the mornings. The milk carafe is integrated and with the touch of a button, i’m able to make smooth creamy and frothy milk with very little effort. So far, i’ve made a great cafe latte, cappuccino, and latte macchiato. The great thing about this carafe is that it’s easily removable so you can keep the milk in fridge to keep it fresh when not using it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Love mine. Great wee piece of kit makes delicious coffee
  • Had the machine for 7 months it’s been great but now the display says full tank and now
  • Versatile catering for all tastes, weak or strong.

Everything is amazing in this machine, tasting beverages. Only use a good coffee beans.

Looks great and produces lovely coffees just like you pay lots of money for.

However the milk temperature is warm not hot. Any ideas about how to get hot milk for cappuccino and latte.

Easy to use and versatile if you like your coffee very weak or very strong, short or very long, and all tastes in between. I personally prefer this to the various ‘pod’ machines.

Have been using this coffee machine for a week now and it makes very nice coffee. It is very easy to set up and use. The only thing that i would improve is the milk tank area. Milk sometimes is splashed but other than that i love it. It is easy to clean and maintain.

It is a very good machine worth the money.

So far it’s a great machine, easy to use but the buttons do take a few mins to figure out. Great coffee, easy to maintain and clean.

Amazing coffees, had a nespresso lattissama+ previously and beats it hands down. Drinks taste are also clearly distinct from each other and served really hot – you can up the default temperature in the settings. I would say i drinks are better than most coffee shops. Key is obtaining freshly roasted beans – can order online.

Just one big problem, can’t stop drink coffee.

We got this as alternative to always buying coffee from shops. It is great and the coffee tastes good (depending on the beans you select). What i would say is it took some time to work out the correct quantities of milk/coffee for each different coffee type. However once thats done it seems to work good. Only other complaints would be the amount it rinses means the drip tray fills quite fast if you have nothing to catch the water and the grounds container fills quite fast. Oh and the milk foamer nozzle is quite ‘messy’ when it first fires up and you cant extend to reach the cup/mug.