De’Longhi BCO261 Pump Combi Coffee Machine : Good machine

I don’t drink coffee but my wife does. We have previously had a cheaper model from de’longhi which was great for filter but the espresso side was never used and by the time i tried it was gunked up. The materials used in this version seem much more substantial, easier to disassemble for cleaning and make it seem much more value for the extra money without costing over £100 like a lot of coffee makers. The taste is apparently good and i can vouch that the machine is easy to use. It is not as hassle free as any cartridge system, you have to heat the machine and cups for espresso for example and this time (as we live in a hard water area) i will be filtering all water that goes into the machine and keeping the machines filters and pipes clean. All the filters i have had to take apart and clean are well designed so it is easy to access and clean them to keep in good condition. Not the most hassle free way for good coffee but well worth the money.

Only machine available in uk that offers both expresso and drip at a resonable price. Much less sturdy than my last combo machine; but just as realiable.

I have it couple of months, and i’m really happy with it. Is perfect choice if we looking for balance between good coffee machine and not to high price.

Best coffee machine i have ever bought. Neat clean and tidy also looks good on the kitchen unit.

Takes a while to get used to the steam and espresso part of the machine but once you get the hang of it is great. Very good value for money compared to the other machines available on the market.

I am giving the coffee machine five stars as it makes espresso, cappuccino and filter coffee without any problems. I’ve owned two filter coffee makers, two cafetieres and a stove top espresso maker in the past and it is vastly better than those. This is not just for the steam function but the temperature of the filter coffee and the quality of the component parts. I can not however compare it to ~£1000 bean-to-cup systems but then again if i had that kind of income, i wouldn’t be making my own coffee.

I bought this as a christmas gift for my coffee loving boyfriend and he loved it. It’s really easy to use and the coffee is brewed quickly – looks well in the kitchen.

I recently bought this coffee machine as a present for my boyfriend, and he has been very pleased with it. It is a combi machine which can make filter coffee as well as espresso’s and cappucino’s, but he has only used the filter side so far. It was really simple to set up, it required that you filled the tanks at the back with cold water and run both sides of the machine as normal twice to flush through the pipes before use. He likes that you can adjust the strength of the filter coffee, however he likes it strong so never changes it anyway. But this would come in useful for serving different coffee’s for friends and family. The only reason why he hasn’t used the espresso side is that we are still looking around for some espresso mugs, or at least some regular mugs which are small enough to fit under the espresso drip. Normal mugs will fit underneath, but you would need to tilt them to get them back out which is not possible when filled with liquid. It would have been good to have a timer function on the machine to start the filter side automatically in a morning, but to be honest if its set going as soon as you wake up then its quick to empty the tank and filter the coffee, with a great taste and still steaming hot. And with the heat plate under the filter jug there is no worry about cooling down in the slightest between pouring a cup.

  • Good basic coffee machine
  • Slight leak, but tastes good
  • Good buy for the money!

De’Longhi BCO261 Pump Combi Coffee Machine

Product Description, The BCO261 is a combi espresso machine from De’Longhi that can be used to prepare excellent espresso, cappuccino or filter coffee. It utilises both ground coffee and Easy Serving Espresso (ESE) pods to deliver that fresh coffee aroma with the taste you prefer.The espresso system is powered by a high-performance, professional level 15 bar pump pressure and features a self-priming system and adjustable steam emission. It has a stainless steel boiler, a removable water tank with level indicator and a removable drip tray.The built-in cappuccino system mixes milk, steam and air perfectly to obtain a rich and creamy froth for a great cappuccino.The filter coffee maker has a 10-cup capacity and a carafe warming plate to keep the coffee hot once made. It features a flavour selector to choose the desired coffee aroma, an automatic drip-proof device and a removable water reservoir.

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I bought this as i wanted a coffee machine that does more than just filter coffee. Having said that so far we have not tried the expresso/latte part. The filter is fast and efficient and produces good coffee. There is a permanent gold filter but i still prefer to add filter paper as this makes cleaning easier after use. Although mostly plastic seems strong and i am happy with the price i paid, as this was £40 less than any where else. It is good value at this price but i would not have paid more. I have given 4 stars as i have still got to try out all the other functions and therefore cannot comment on these aspects.

Easy to use – access to filter basket fiddly but overall excellent machine – makes superb capuchino. This is our third de’longhi coffee maker – highly recommnded.

Although it makes very good coffee and steams milk very well the general feel about the casing of the machine is flimsy and not as strong as others on the market.

We are occasional rather than avid coffee drinkers, so if you want flexibility to make expresso, lattes or simply a filter coffee at a sensible price then look no further. Makes good coffee, effectively and without too much fuss. Not a design icon but seems reasonably styled and robust.

Nice machine, good value, makes excellent espresso, cappuccino and filter coffee. The only down side is that it is a bit big for a small kitchen, nevertheless value for money.

I bought this coffee machine in april and it is brilliant. Makes very tasty filter coffee, the strength indicator is a bonus for obtaining coffee how you would like it; strong or not so strong. The expresso is very good also, but i do have some difficulty with the milk frothing attachment, still trying to make a good cappucino. The instruction booklet is very good and easy to understand.

Thjis is really good coffee maker. It is easy to use and clean and makes both good espresso amd filter coffee.

Great product just like two individual machines and both do a great job. The frother and steamer works really well too. Had about 3 combi machines in the past but none as good as this. No problems in recommending this machine.

  • Good basic coffee machine
  • Slight leak, but tastes good
  • Good buy for the money!

De’Longhi BCO261 Pump Combi Coffee Machine

Excellent product, however it could could be improved by giving more room for two cups to be filled at the same time.

This is an excellent value coffee machine. Does both filter and espresso quickly and easily. Couldn’t want more for the price.

Considering that you can get just a normal coffee machine for not much less than this price, this is a great buy, looks the part and would please most people. Bought it for a gift for my husband and he loves it, does just what is says on the box.

This would have got 5 stars but for the ‘button’ on the expressor part of the machine which did not line up correctly making it harder to understand the written instructions. Apart from that, it is an excellent machine, very easy to clean.

Filter side:good range of flavours possible using the top knob (does exactly what it says on the tin). Espresso side:slight leak down the milk frother (probably condensation) whenever you use the espresso. But the flavour is excellent. Make sure the coffee holder is perpendicular to the machine otherwise there will be spillageupdate 25/10/2015machine still going strong. However, i did have to make a repair to the filter side earlier this year – the safety thermostat cutout failed and so would not heat water. However, machine was easy to open and an exact replacement part was obtained at maplin.

Myself and mr gerbiltamer have really got into ‘real’ coffee in the last couple of years, hence why we purchased a morphy richards mr cappuccino machine a couple of years ago and have used it almost daily. Well the time had come to upgrade so i was delighted to be given the opportunity to test this machine which includes a filter coffee maker as well as an espresso function and milk steamer/frother. Therefore, for purposes of this review i’ll take each section in turn. The filter coffee maker: this is extremely easy to use and the jug levels tell you how much water to put into the large water reservoir under the flip up lid. The filter itself is a nylon permanent one and is easy to empty, clean and fill (you use approximately one scoop of ground coffee per cup, according to taste. ) there’s also a strength dial on the top which has a dial ranging from weak to strong. It makes a quick cup of filter coffee too and can be pre-prepared the night before if time is of the essence in the morning. There’s a hotplate under the coffee to keep it warm, which may be worth watching because it can over-heat your coffee if left on too long. In fact, i left it on all day and went to work but returned home with no signs of damage to the machine or to my kitchen, which is a good omen for its safetythe espresso machine: this comes with two filters – one for a one cup size/repository for an ese pod and a slightly deeper two cup one. I can’t really fault the one cup filter; it makes a lovely espresso if you load it with strength 5 (very strong) coffee.

It was a present for my husband’s birthday. First 3 times coffee was lovely. It then broke down and the filter part no longer worked. It cost me £40 to have it repaired, and although it works fine now, i wouldn’t buy another one.

After using the product for few weeks i am satisfied. Initially only hinderance was that the machine comes with a uk-plug, which i had to change. Not a major issue, nor a significant cost. The espressoside has been in heavy use and i am happy with the drink that comes out of the machine. E pods that fit this machine but they are more expensive then using ground coffee and the end result is not different. They make the process slightly faster, but the difference is minimal. Good value for the money spent and i can really recommend this product for people that like a good cup of coffee and do not want to spend too much money to get it. Naturally you need to take some extra effort when comparing to the fully-automated machines but then again you spendt third or fourth of the money.

Very good coffee machine all in one & easy to use , only one problem i put the coffee filter handle in the dishwasher & it sent it discoloured ,.

I recently obtained a second hand bco261, which is in good condition and makes excellent filter coffee, quickly and efficiently. I’ve not been able to try the espresso facilit properly, as unfortunately i did not get instructions with the machine, but i have managed to figure out how it works. However although the frother works fine, and the water heats as it should, it does not filter down from the boiler. Has anyone else had this problem, or can suggest how i may get access to the boiler in order to clean it as it seems to be blocked in some way?.I’d also be grateful if anyone can give me a copy of their instructions or advise where i may be able to obtain and download copy online.

Good i think as i bought it for a christmas present. I believe it was well used by all the household.

This product is very easy to use, very good value for money and would recommend to anyone thinking off buying it.

Of the combi coffee makers i have looked at this was the nearest for my needs. It has turned out to be an excellent choice, and makes excellent coffee.

Simple to use clean maintain easy to follow instructions makes great latte filter coffee cappocinio expresso its my second one last one done 3 or 4 years used every night in security office all fuctions used would still be used today but truck parked on machine and office.

I am italian and trust me, this coffee machine makes quite a decent espresso. I think it looks lovely and it’s so easy to clean and operate; but most importantly, it’s cheap.

The filter coffee is very easy to use, fill the water tank, put coffee in and turn on. The coffee begins to come out after a matter of seconds and you can adjust the strength with a handy sliding button. You don’t have to use pods for the espresso either, simply put ground coffee in the pod holder, use the tamper to compress the coffee and turn the dial to boil. The machine is ready in under a minute and then turn the dial to ‘pour’. The frother also takes a minute of priming and then the steam dial on top works fine (only try it twice to get your milk hot enough)as for the actual coffee, it’s great. I’ve made some excellent lattes with my first few goes and the espresso comes out with the creamy stuff on top just like in the shop. Would advise anyone with any budget to go for this machine.

We had a de’longhi espresso machine for a couple of years and it was used daily. We replaced it because it started leaking. When looking for a new one we opted for the dual machine because of the price and as i like to have a pot of coffee when we have guests etc it was an added bonus. It’s easy to use and clean with the advantage of a permanent filter. Although i am still getting used to how much coffee to use with the filtercan’t fault the espresso at all. Can’t understand why some people are saying you have to warm cups because coffee isn’t hot. We haven’t found that at all. As long as you heat the water properly the coffee is more than hot enough. In fact i would say it was hotter than my last machinealso we don’t have any problem with cup sizes; we use 2 extra large cups (like mni mugs) at the same time and they fit with no problem.

Features and Spesification

  • Filter coffee, espresso and cappuccino combi machine with 15-bar pressure
  • For use with ground coffee and ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) pods
  • Cappuccino system: built-in steam pipe for frothing milk
  • Espresso: high-performance pressure with stainless steel boiler, adjustable steam emission and removable drip tray
  • Filter coffee: 10-cup capacity with flavour selector, removable water tank, drip-proof device and warming plate