De’Longhi Caffe’ Corso ESAM2800 : Great machine. Just don’t set the grinder below 3.

. So far was easy to set up and as advised poured away first four cups brewed as the next one was very hot with a deep rich crema. Used red lavazza beans, tasted as good as any coffee from a barrista.

This machine produces good coffee and it is easy to use. The only problem is the noise it makes as other people have mentioned. My wife has band it to the utility. However the coffee is great so i do not mind the noise.

Can not recommend this highly enough – the easiest and tastiest coffee machine i have ever owned.

I’ve just made my first couple of cups. I based my purchase on which magazine review, it got best bean to cup review beating machines that cost in excess of £1,000. I’m glad to say that so far, i’m not disappointed with the results. Very easy to use, but once the steam has been used you have to wait for the machine to cool before you can make another cup.

Recommend you don’t set grinder below 3. The finer size blocks everything.

Get advice from a friend or person who used it before. This is the first time we have used a machine like this. Based on recommendation of my son.

Brilliant piece of kit, fresh ground coffee just the way you like it in a matter of minutes, easy to set up and easy to clean with minimum fuss. No filter papers or sloppy grounds to dispose of, just nice neat hokey pucks of compressed coffee. Milk frother is a bit of a kerfuffle but if you microwave the milk 1st it makes it easier.

What a joy, traded up from a pod machine to this. It is astonishingly easy to use. Once you have found your desired settings, it makes a perfect coffee every time. Very well made, easy to clean. Fill up with water, pour in the beans, press the button. Hours of fun frothing and warming milk.

  • Perfect coffee by the cup.
  • Get this coffee machine!
  • My little coffee shop at home

De’Longhi Caffe’ Corso ESAM2800.SB Bean to Cup, Silver and Black

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It’s hard to understand in the beginnings but using good coffee beans you gonna have the best coffe. And that froff place to do the milk?. Really really please with my purchase. If you love coffe, real taste coffee, you need one of these.

Turned me into a coffee freak. Even removing the internals for the monthly clean is easy. Uses a lot of water though as it cycles pre and post coffee making. Once you’ve set the grinder to suit your taste it’s magic.

Used every day and produces great coffee. I use waitrose columbian beans and the smell is great and taste even better.

I concur with the “which” review. It’s a great machine purchased at a fantastic price of £179. It’s a bit noisy, but hell the coffee’s good.

. This is an awesome machine, at an awesome warehouse price (£185). It allows fine tuning of ground size, quantity of grounds, and cup size. It also provides hot water to make tea, or steam to warm milk and make cocoa. If i had to be picky, i have pressed the on/off button by mistake, instead of pressing the 1 cup button. So had to wait till the machine shut down, and started up again. Please delonghi change your firmware so the on/off switch needs to be held for a few seconds before turning off.

Great coffee but the eco setting does not work to allow change of auto shut off. It means it goes of at the shortest setting and i can find no way of re setting as the sequence in the instructions does not work.

Love, love, love this coffee machine. We’ve been toying with the idea of a bean to cup machine for a while. Had a nespresso and a dolce gusta machine, but this is above and beyond the best machine we’ve hadlove it, very easy to use, great coffee everytime. Haven’t had to do a descale on it yet so can’t comment on how easy that is. The smell of fresh coffee every morning puts a smile on my face.

I love, love love this machine. It’s the second one i’ve bought. First one only lasted just under three years but still worth it, saved me a fortune in takeaway lattes and cappuccinos.

  • Perfect coffee by the cup.
  • Get this coffee machine!
  • My little coffee shop at home

De’Longhi Caffe’ Corso ESAM2800.SB Bean to Cup, Silver and Black

This is simply the best coffee maker we’ve had. It makes excellent coffee every time and is easy to use and clean. It’s quicker than our nespresso machine was and makes far better coffee.

I think the raport quality versus price is very good. I love this coffe machine and i know that they are very resistent in time because i saw at my brother in law he have one for 4 years without any problem.

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