De’Longhi Coffee Care Kit 5513292831 : MOT Kit for Coffee Machines

I decided to buy all of the cleaning products for my coffee machine in one box as it was cheaper. The box comes as with all the contents to service my coffee machine and instructions. Fast delivery and would purchase again.

Did the job, but was the wrong kit for my espresso pump machine.

Tad on pricey side but don’t want to mess up machine by using wrong stuff.

Functional, does exactly what was expected.

Everything i need for cleaning my machine.

Has everything you will need to clean your machine. Price, not to expensive to get you set for cleaning. Delivery was faster than listed really pleased with this.

I have a de’longhi coffee machine and, whilst everything comes apart for reasonably easy cleaning, there are still some areas that can be a little tricky to get to. I therefore decided to buy this kit to see whether it would make cleaning and maintenance even easier. The kit includes the normal twin-pack de’longhi descaling solution, a bottle of milk degreasing solution, a small oil spray, a cleaning cloth and tools – a brush and a blunt-ended plastic `spatula’. * descaling solution: i always use this particular solution and it has helped me to maintain my coffee machine in good condition. I am wary of trying other descalers as, depending on their composition, they could damage components – that is not a risk i want to take with my coffee machine. * degreasing solution: i had never used this before i purchased this kit. I have used it over the last two months and haven’t noticed any difference between its degreasing abilities and normal washing-up liquid. Once used up, i don’t think i will be replacing it. * oil spray: this was the most disappointing component of the kit. The oil lacks any particular substance and i seemed to need to apply it very frequently to the milk frothing system to maintain good performance.

I was lucky enough to be given a perfecta bean to cup coffee machine and bought this kit to ensure that its kept in condition. The instructions are comprehensive, the kit is well put together, and all in all, i’m impressed.

  • All in one box to service my coffee machine
  • Please be aware that there are 2 different care kits
  • Description incorrect no oil spray in the kit.

De’Longhi Coffee Care Kit 5513292831

Item Package Quantity:1  |  Colour Name:Silver
Product Description, Coffee at home is amazing. Keep it that way with De’Longhi’s coffee care kit — a complete solution for cleaning and maintaining your De’Longhi Bean to Cup or Espresso machines. These fantastic kits help to guarantee the long life of your machine and improve the quality of the coffee it dispenses. The kit includes a box (containing 2 sachets) of natural descaler which preserves the taste of the coffee and is cleansing and antibacterial without being corrosive or aggressive.  It also contains a 250ml bottle of special degreaser detergent for milk which is suitable for all frother tips and automatic frothing systems and will protect sensitive materials, keeping them cleaner and looking better for longer.  The IFD system oil spray which is included, is for automatic milk frothing system maintenance and ensures the correct operation of the bean to cup machine parts to be greased over time.  These three handy cleaning and maintenance aids are accompanied by a cleaning brush, microfibre cloth and an easy to understand guide to help you extend the life of the machine and the taste of the coffee effortlessly. All three cleaning and maintenance aids can be bought separately.

Manufacturer’s Description, Suitable for the following appliances: Delonghi

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Good directions and easy to use.

First class product and service.

Expensive really for what you get but brushes etc that come with it are useful you get two potions of descale solution and some milk fat cleaner not to bad.

Fast delivery well packed and great contents as described thankyou.

The kit itself is ok but i was expecting a idf oil spray maintenance lubricant but instead there was 2 boxes of descaler. Picture of the box is correct it’s just the description which is wrong and misleading.

Looks like it has all requirements for all bean to cup cleaning and maintenance. Particularly the milk cleaner and oil.

Please be aware that there are 2 different care kits. One has the care oil and the other a water filter. The picture shows the care oil kit but what was sent out was the water filter variant. They do not specify which version this is and i use water filters so i’ll keep it. I’ll have to look elsewhere for the care oil.

Does the trick but must be used weekly for best effects.

  • All in one box to service my coffee machine
  • Please be aware that there are 2 different care kits
  • Description incorrect no oil spray in the kit.

De’Longhi Coffee Care Kit 5513292831

Features and Spesification

  • Kit Includes: 1 Water Softner, 2 x 100ml Descaler, 1 x 250ml Milk Dispenser Cleaning Solution,1 Microfiber Cloth, 1 Cleaning Brush, 1 Water Hardness Testing Paper, Cleaning & Maintenance Guide.
  • For Use With Models: ESAM3200, ESAM6600, ESAM5500, ESAM6620, ESAM6700, ESAM04.110S, ECAM23.450S