De’Longhi Coffee Machine EC221 : I’ve yet to find fault with this little beauty!

Actually my husband is the one who is into fresh ground coffee. I am an instant coffee fan,he thinks this machine is the best he has ever had. It looks good on the counter,is compact and he manages to get two big cups under it which then fill half full of his strong coffee to be topped up with hot water to full ones. Easy to set up and understand.

For years i have been looking for a good and affordable coffee machine and this is it. It takes ground coffee like my favorite one lavazza and also you can use the ese pods but for me it was the fact that the latte wand on the side really works, i got a metal jug and thermometer from andrew james and every time i have made an awesome latte, for those struggling only half fill the jug with milk then just slightly tip the jug to the side so you get a swirling action going with the milk in the jug, only turn the steamer knob halfway at most and within a couple of minutes the jug will fill to the brim and you will get a frothy coffee. In short this is a quality machine that does everything really well and imo at the same level as the big high street multiples and you cannot go wrong with it.

I used to have the old model, that was more square but made delicious coffeethe new one makes amazing coffee, even when the coffee quality is not so high.

Great piece of kit for espresso. It’s been used almost every single day since we bought it. The cappuccino making’s a bit of a faff, and somewhat disappointing, but ok.

My son wanted one of these and hence we bought it as a present. He loves it and does just what he wanted.

This is the first coffee machine that i have bought and i love it. It arrived very quickly and was well packed. I am the only one in my family who drinks coffee, so i am having fun experimenting with the different types. I have made cappuccinos and they were delicious. The only minor gripe is that i did find the instructions a bit vague and would have liked more text rather than the diagrams. Otherwise i am one very happy coffee drinker.

Ok – it’s not a professional ‘barista’ coffee machine that can be found in coffee bars, pubs, restaurants and the like throughout the world. But it doesn’t cost £2,000 or even £200 and for a very reasonable £64. 99 including delivery this turns out to be an excellent purchase. A further (small) investment in crockery, frothing jug etc. May be necessary (depending on whether you’ve had a machine before – we did not) as well as an appropriate type of espresso-ground coffee – we’ve so far tried only the lavazza variety from tesco. Some of the reviews suggest the coffee can be less than hot – certainly not true for the espresso. For cappuccino, by following the instructions about pre-warming the cup that is also at just the right temperature (the very same you would expect in a high street coffee shop). The other aspect that may have put some people off is the suggestion that you have to wait for the machine to heat up (from a cold start in the morning, for example). How about less than one minute and ready to go?.By the time you’ve put the grounds in the holder, the machine will be ready.

Couldn’t believe that this coffee maker was available so cheaply, but after reading several positive reviews, i thought i’d risk it. It’s small enough to sit comfortably in the kitchen without dominating it, and simple to use (even for me). Within about 10 minutes of unboxing this coffee maker, i had a latte in my hand, which was every bit as delicious as any from my local coffee shop. It comes with everything you’ll need to make espresso, americano, latte or cappuccino – though you may need to buy a jug for your milk. Really can’t recommend it enough.

  • Fantasic Machine at an affordable price
  • Good Value For Money Altho A Little Disappointed
  • they definately give the best resullts if you like a good frothy coffee like

De’Longhi Coffee Machine EC221.B

Product Description, The high performance 15 bar pump pressure coffee maker makes perfect espressos, cappuccinos and caffelattes or can be used to create any favourite coffee or milk drinks. It is both stylish and easy to use with a simple dial operating system.
The professional filter holder and built in tamper creates the perfect crema on your espressos and the traditional manual milk frothing arm mixes steam, air and milk to produce a rich, creamy froth for a great cappuccino or latte so you can have Barista style coffee in your own home!
The pump espresso/cappucino maker is built to accommodate two full-sized cappuccino cups or one or two espresso cups. It features a water boiler which can be switched between espresso and adjustable steam emission function which ensures faster use and optimum temperature control.
Other features include a removable one Litre water tank and removeable drip tray.

Box Contains,

  • 1 x Coffee Maker
  • 1 x Filter holder
  • 1 x Fitted UK plug
  • 1 x ground coffee measuring spoon
  • 1 x Full product instructions
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    Nice and quick, easy to clean and will make nice espresso or a lovely frothy coffee.

    I like the way it makes my coffee, it is quite creamy and delicious. I am using it for last 18 months and it is working perfectly.

    I buy this espresso for my wife she is a lover coffee , the old one was de’longhi ec330s but was more expensive than this and very noisy , this little cofeef machine was what i wantedbrilliant little machine which makes excellent cappuccino and espresso. A great buy at just over £73 once you get the hang of it it’s really easy to use.

    I’m still getting great coffee out of this little guy after 2 years usage. I have had absolutely no issues.

    My wife can’t survive without coffee and this makes a great cup of coffee, when it first warms up it can take a while, but it is ready to go straight from frothing the milk to providing a coffee shot without any delays.

    Use it every morning for about 1 year. No problems, easy to use, and makes nice coffeedont bother with the hot milk steamer bit- cant be bothered. Otherwise works well , why pay £100’s.

    Quick and really easy to use.

    Simple to use but the instructions are diagram only, so take a bit getting used to very quick machine, almost as quick as making a cup of instant, but obviously far better coffee.

    • Fantasic Machine at an affordable price
    • Good Value For Money Altho A Little Disappointed
    • they definately give the best resullts if you like a good frothy coffee like

    De’Longhi Coffee Machine EC221.B

    Love just about everything this machine has to offer. Very class, stylish, sturdy build with a reasonanle small footpring and easy to handle. Big pro:’contract-free’ as it handles both ground coffee and ese pods. Very good quality – build to lasttiny niggle:to my ears there was a very slight ratteling noise from the plastic cover of the watertank during use – something that needn’t be there. Remedied with a little plastic stopper it is almost not worth mentioning. As it is certainly not impeeding on an overall fabulous product. Was lucky to get one from amazon warehouse-deals at £39. Don’t think twice, treat yourself.

    Had this machine for two weeks now and have no complaints – i have tried pods and ground coffee and both work well in this machine. I did buy a couple of shorter cups as standard mugs do not fit underneath but as it is meant to be an espresso machine not a complaint but just an observation. It is compact and is an attractive design so am happy to leave out on worktop.

    Cd pump espresso coffee machine is simply superb. I bought this machine as take away coffees were getting too expensive and the price of this fantastic device was amazing. The machine features all the standard functions you’d expect from a coffee machine, with the added benefit of its compact size. Setting the machine up is easy, the steps in the guidebook are simple to follow and you can enjoy your coffee in next to no time. The guidebook features clear information about how to make and prepare different drinks. Some people have commented that they find it difficult to froth the milk, however, this can be achieved by bringing the frothing wand to the very top of the milk to achieve a gorgeous and rich foamoverall, an amazing purchase and essential for any coffee addict.

    Nice machine have two of these one in uk and one in latvia all working well but the one in uk blew steam pipe off but had fied.

    Expressos are smooth and creamy, much better than any 1. 50£ expresso at any major coffee shop. You can’t get much better value for money than thisi haven’t tried the coffee pods from delonghi, but it works perfectly with regular ground coffee.

    Ok, so once you’ve got past the ‘cheap and nasty made in china’ feel to it, the rattles from the poorly fitting drip tray and the loose fitting lid (which falls off very easily whilst cleaning) on the water tank, the noise, the excessive dripping due to having no set volume limit – it makes a lovely hot brew. Also watch out for the steam pipe moving of it’s own free will, getting in the way at times, and is also scoldingly hot after use. I’m just glad i got mine new at 60 quid ‘cos it ain’t worth the normal 100 quid asking price.

    Was very excited about this, having tried the pod machines at work, i found them to taste artificial and bland. So i searched for a pump ground coffee machine for less than £100. This proved impossible, so discovered the espresso machines which turn out to work just as well. This machine is small and compact, but looks smart and at home in the kitchen. I take the drip tray out to fit the regular sized mugs and fill the filter with 1 and half scoops of ground coffee, compress it lightly (very important) to allow it to fit in the coupling. Turn it on ( after letting it heat up) and fill your cup. I’ve used the steamer for froth and heat the milk but do this with a steel jug as plastic and glass just creates smelly, failing frothy mess. The creme is thick and you can almost scoop it and the simplicity to use and clean this machine make it simply awesome. Read a few reviews about failings and other issues. Don’t worry comes with a 2 year warranty.

    Can’t say how much the reviews have been helpful in getting this machine up and running. We’re delighted with the results and agree with what everyone else has written. Need to go shopping for the right coffee because we only had cafetiere coffee in the house. Am also gong to get some ese – illy and waitrose – to try. We don’t like frothy coffee so haven’t used the steam attachment. For the money we’re very happy.

    I bought this item as i have owned one of these coffee machines previously and found it to be a far better standard than other coffee machines that i have owned. It makes a great cappuccino and espresso and i find it fairly easy to use. My only gripe is that they never seem to last longer than a couple of years but at the price i paid, i accepted this. Not sure that i’d want to pay more recent prices for it to last only two years though.I do maintain it and clean it thoroughly but so far, it hasn’t extended the life of the product. Overall though, i would definately recommend this machine and recommend using lavazza coffee.

    Really good machine, not too noisy. Only comment is that it’s not a hot as coffee from a kettle.

    Very user friendly and easy to use. Did not expect it to be that simple to operate. Though is a bit complicated in the begining.

    Would score 5 if model was designed to allow a bit more room for cups. Only time will tell if reliability is better than the two delonghi ec 250’s i have recently returned. My first delonghi was great for a couple of years before i replaced it. This is the last chance for delonghi to regain this customer’s loyaly and confidence. I emailed them about faulty products but no response. Ok, used it for two months before the steamer failed. No quibble refund from amazon but they must get a lot of aggravation selling delonghi espresso makers as this is the third i have returned this year.

    I have loved every moment of this so far. The coffee is delicious the steamer does a good job. I’m sure a more expensive one would be more controllable but i am very happy with the results. It certainly is not noisy, unless you have allowed the water to rn out and then it quietness down when you put more in.

    A terrifying horror that is slow in gait, yet quick to strike. I have been stalked by this beast for many years and could find no refuge nor respite from its malevolent manner. Then one day i bought it this happy little dalek of a coffee machine and it exterminated the beast forever (at least until the following morning after it had brushed it’s teeth and before it had thumped downstairs). If you live with a morning beast, you may find the happy little dalek useful in fighting it off in the morning. Addendum – after speaking with the beast, i have been instructed to inform you that the grounds are not the easiest to remove, but the machine does make very nice coffee.

    Like this machine because it takes ese pods and fresh coffee. Most machines only do one or the other. Simple to use with either method. Haven’t used milk frother yet since we tend to only drink espresso.

    I am a complete noob to making coffee from beans. I have had a couple of percolators in the past but hated the taste of the coffee produced. But, having had this coffee pump machine for two whole days. The taste, even using cheaper ‘own brand’ beans is a whole different (and better) experience to the coffee produced by starbucks et al. Now, i know that there are more automated ways of producing coffee. , i just couldn’t justify spending a minimum of £260 on the cheapest entry level delonghi machine (like the esam 4200). So i went for this machine, with crossed fingers. As suspected, the major niggle is that there is very little cup height room.

    It does exactly what i want and makes lovely espresso coffee. It is also very simple to operate and easy to dismantle and clean.

    An absolute delight to usethis little machine is reasonably priced, and with a little practice you can make coffee to rival that of a high street barristaquick and easy to set up, though i’ve found that i prefer to use the double cup, as the single tends to be a little weak (but that might just be me) it’s easy to clean and look after, and easy enough to fill with a jug (other reviewers have said the rubber seals can go if you remove the tank to fill). My only problems with this espresso machine are:1) that the milk frother is very low, and quite difficult to use, especially to get enough frothed milk in one go for a bigger mug. Some people suggested getting a 600ml jug to use with it, but unless it’s very low, you will have trouble getting it under the frother. A 300ml jug is fine for most uses mind. 2) it feels quite plasticy, though it is cheap, and though it seems quite strong and well built despite my worries that i might end up breaking something with my clumsy great hands (no mishaps so far). Quick and easy to get to use with simple, almost foolproof controls, i already love this machine despite only having it for a few days.

    Features and Spesification

    • 15 bar pressure
    • For use with ground beans and easy serving pods
    • Built-in swivel steam pipe for frothing milk and 2-in-1 Crema holder
    • 1 Litre water reservoir, removable metal drip tray
    • Simple 3-button operation