De’Longhi De Longhi ESAM2600 Caffe Corso Bean to Cup Espresso Cappuccino Coffee Machine : Nice machine lovely coffe setting up little difficult as instructions

Makes great coffee with a lovely creama in the cupprosgreat coffee, takes seconds to deliveradjustable quantity and strengthit’s easy to clean (grinding unit, drip tray, and water reservoir)consonly minor things but the milk steamer is not very adjustableafter using the steamer i find it quicker to turn the machine off and on again to make another coffee rather than switching the steamer function off. It takes ages to get the water to the correct temperature otherwisei also have a tip for the milk brother: get a temperature gauge – if you turn the steam off when it’s within the red gauge you can guarantee a perfect foam.

I was disappointed that i had to return the first machine due to a fault, however it was replaced quickly and efficiently and i am happy with the machine that i have now.

Had a krups coffee machine for years, which i loved, the downside was the frother wand occasionally came loose during use causing the milk to spill everywhere. The milk frother is light years ahead on this machine, the coffee so far, is on a comparable level to the krups machine. In response to the review saying it takes ages to wait between the milk frothing application and when the machine is ready to the coffee. To reduce this time from minutes to a mere few seconds, after frothing the milk to desired temperature, press either coffee cup buttons and the two green lights on the single and double coffee cup buttons will start flashing, then twist the steam know again to expel any excess steam from the milk wand until there is no more to expel, this takes a couple of seconds no more and then twist this back to off when the green lights stop flashing (will be no more than a few seconds). It’s advisable to put a cup or something under the milk frother when expelling the steam when doing this. The reason it takes a long time without returning to the steam knob is because the water temperature is too hot after frothing the milk to make the coffee and it takes ages to get the water temperature down sufficiently to enable the machine to make the water. Expelling the residual water in the milk wand application helps the machine cool down sufficiently virtually immediately. I’ve scored the machine 4 stars because i’ve only had it for a few days and have not quite mastered the perfect coffee yet. If and when i do i’ll reserve the score.

Look no further a great coffee maker – i use it for an expresso or a strong full cup of coffee. Can’t comment on the frothing mechanism but the black is just fine.

Only drawn back is the long delay between using the milk frother and being able to make another coffee.

Once you make coffee from a delonghi machine you will never go back to any other machine. This machine makes better coffee than most high street coffee shops.

I bought this machine for office use. We have another, more expensive and highly-specced, delonghi at home, but this machine (the office one) produces better coffee. I have a few minor criticisms of this one:(1) it is very noisy – lots of very loud clunking sounds coming out of the interior, as if there are orcs in the mines of moria, quarrying the beans out of the substrate. (2) it seems incapable of delivering the solid residue (post brewing) into the container within the machine, spilling the grounds all over the place. (3) the red warning light, telling one to empty the waste container is forever coming on – and when one investigates, there’s just one tablet of waste grounds in there. (4) you have to take great care when removing the coffee mill for washing – for it will not easily go back into its original position. Generally, it takes a considerable amount of care, edging and adjusting components to get the thing back in situ.

  • Does the job for me
  • Good coffee
  • Outstanding coffee at an outstanding price

De Longhi ESAM2600 Caffe Corso Bean to Cup Espresso Cappuccino Coffee Machine Black

CRF Technology Compact Reliable Fresh With the CRF Technology the Magnifica features a compact, Tubeless System. As the beans are ground instantly the Tubeless System always guarantees a perfect cup of coffee, with a perfect aroma at the ideal temperature. BREWING UNIT As the boiler is completely removable, cleaning the inside of the machine is easy, even in areas normally difficult to reach. INSTANT REHEAT Cappuccino System”: a millk frother device mixessteam, air and milk to produce a rich and creamyfroth. Adjustable steam nozzle. Cappuccino System” mixes steam, air and milk, producing a rich, creamy froth for great cappuccinos The machine can be used with either coffee beans or ground coffee You can prepare two cups of coffee with a single brewing Removable brewing unit with variable capacity New silent integrated coffee grinder with 13 grinding settings Adjustable coffee quantity Adjustable water quantity Electronic temperature control Pre-brewing Adjustable coffee dispenser for varying cups size Automatic shut-off Empty water and bean container indicator Coffee-grounds container capacity indicator: 14 cups/72h Removable water reservoir (1.8 L) Rinse and decalcification auto-programmes Programmable water hardness Removable drip tray Cup holder New patented thermoblock: to grant the espresso at the ideal and constant temperature Adjustable steam emission Electronic steam and coffee thermostat Energy saving function Power supply switch for zero consumption Stand-by function

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Have to use the delonghi descaler even so often othewise it doesn’t reset.

Doesn’t need refilling too often. Able to change settings for your own taste. Descaling light comes on quite regularly though.

This machine broke after a few days could not replace at the same price,i don’t fancy waiting for a repair had to pay £70 more for current machine,the machine is that same as the other except drip tray is slightly smaller,but the machine is great the variety of coffee you can make endless great machine.

Nice machine lovely coffe setting up little difficult as instructions aren’t over clear but very happy with the machine.

Excellent coffee maker bigger than expected water reserve. Took a little while to set up i. Temperature of water, etc before it would work, but coffee is the hottest i have had from a machine. I like the fact that it beans, and powder can be used makes it very adaptable to my needs. Shopped around when i made this purchase and got it under £100 cheaper than a well known high street trader.

I bought this to replace an elderly and no longer functioning de’longhi magnifica bean to cup espresso coffee machine esam4200 (before that i had a gaggia that i brought back from italy, but to replace it was too expensive). Theoretically, the esam2600 should have been inferior as it is cheaper, including the price for each new now. However, the corso is almost identical in every way except the colour and a few cosmetic differences. The functionality is the same, the good and bad points are the same. I like a bean to cup machine because there are no horrible non-recyclable pods to dispose of, i have reasonable control over how the coffee is made and i get to choose the beans. The amount of water dispensed (espresso to large americano style) is not great. A ristretto is almost impossible to get right, but i prefer espresso anyway. If you want a big cup of coffee, it just doesn’t happen. I shrug and don’t care too much because if i want a larger coffee, i like a medium extra strong cup anyway.

  • Does the job for me
  • Good coffee
  • Outstanding coffee at an outstanding price

De Longhi ESAM2600 Caffe Corso Bean to Cup Espresso Cappuccino Coffee Machine Black

Features and Spesification

  • Bean-to-cup machine with the possibility to customise your coffee as you prefer. Equipped with a manual cappuccino device to prepare easily a great cappuccino or hot milk and cup holder.
  • This special function heats the core of the machine, ensuring that the machine is always at the ideal temperature for espresso, no matter how long the interval between cups.
  • As the brewing unit is completely removable, cleaning the inside of the machine is easy, even in areas normally difficult to reach.
  • Removable water tank (1.8L)
  • Magnifica can be used with either fresh coffee beans or ground coffee