De’Longhi Dedica Style EC685M Traditional Pump Espresso Machine – : Great machine

Love this coffee machine – makes lovely espressos, then i add just hot water and frothy milk to make a great cappuccino.

Not the easiest to add settings to as the time allowed between selections is not very long. Also the tray arrived with two minute scratches that had gone rusty. Coffee was slightly bitter with less crema than my old machine.

Easy to add water and easy to remove frothing wand for cleaning. Two attachments for pre ground coffee and one for bags. Easy to put into the holder but would do it before adding the coffee. Tamper is plastic but does a good job of compression. You need to practice to get the coffee taste to your own preference. Can do one or two cups at same time but need small cups if doing two in order to balance on tray. As with all machines of this size and type you have to put the coffee in each time you use. So if you were making for a number of people not ideal.

I have considered cheaper machines too but, at the end, i have opted for a well known brand. The machine, if left switched on, is on stand-by all the time. One only needs to press the “cup” button, wait a few seconds and the machine is ready to make espresso. Can stop the flow at any time by pressing the “cup”button again. I like short espresso coffee. I really bought it for expresso coffee and not cappuccino. I think someone in the house has tried to make one and i believe it was ok(ish). To get a good amount of steam and pressure the machine must have a big tank (just like your steam iron). This will suffice to heat and froth a cup of milk.

This is the first time i’ve gotten a coffee machine and i don’t regret buying this. It’s really simple to set up, use and makes great coffees. Can’t really ask for much more.

Absolutely fantastic machine, makes coffee just like costa, caffè nero etc. Makes near perfect espressos. The milk steamer works fantastically well. Can heat a pint of milk in less than 90 seconds. Children love it when i make coffee now as they get to have hot chocolate more often. If your buying this i recommend adding the jug/thermometer set that amazon also sell as the machine doesn’t come with one. My one and only complaint about this product and i suppose it doesn’t really involve this coffee maker is that the matching grinder is not available in the same red colour as the coffee machine is. However if you enjoy your coffee as much as me and your happy to buy ground beans then this is definitely the many for you.

It does everything that i have asked of it. It makes a great coffee (espresso/latte/capaccino) with a nice creamy head. It uses less coffee than the stove top method so is more economical. The milk frother is very effective too. My husband reports that it tastes like ‘barista’ coffee. We use bean press gedo ethiopia beans which we grind fresh each time and coconut sugar.

Seems like a well-built piece of kit for the price. Easy/simple to use and get great coffee. The only thing that i’ve noticed is that the milk frother may be a bit underpowered as it doesnt heat the milk required for a larger latte. But that’s probably because i’m trying to heat/froth too much milk at one time. Very impressed with this item.

  • The answer to all my coffee dreams
  • Fabulous Machine, so easy to set up and use.
  • Easy to use, very good coffee and cappuccino, pretty!

De’Longhi Dedica Style EC685M Traditional Pump Espresso Machine – Silver

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Works very well out the box, the coil system to heat the water much quieter than my old delonghi machine. The only pain i find is it will only steam the milk for a period then stop to protect itself from over heating. It will only really be able to do one cup worth of milk in that time. It takes two stabs to heat a jug full for the wife and i.

I bought this as an upgrade to previously well-abused espresso machine. Narrow and stylish, it took less space and had better features such as automatic cut off (my previous machine needed me to switch off the coffee making process manually). My main niggles are some odd design choices such as the power switch down the side towards the back of the machine rather than up front with the other controls. The other issue is that the filter is clasped into the holder using a spring metal system that means when removing coffee using the traditional hit the coffee holder against something hard method of removing the coffee can result in the filter coming loose instead. The said spring clasps might loosen over time if you are in the habit of switching between filter sizes or if u switch between ground coffee and ese pods frequently. Another niggle is the long cool off period for the steamer. However i prefer this to be there rather than ending up with burnt coffee. But basically if you plan on making more than one cappuccino , you should make all the coffee first then froth the milk for each cup after. Having said all that though, the pressure is good and the coffee has come out consistently smooth and creamy and the frother works well too. I’ve given it a variety of coffee brands (both ready ground and freshly ground) and everything was a-ok.

Price to value ratio for this product is very high. I purchased this for ~ £120. Great quality coffee in less than 2min. In my experience, it works best for single espresso shots or with ese pods. I only make espresso or americano and i am very happy with the results from this little machine. Can accommodate various size cups. This is totally what sold it for me.

I owned one of the same model as this for several years before it finally died. Since then i had 2 other models, neither of which produced coffee anywhere near as good, so i bought another of these. I’m happy to be brewing consistently good coffee again.

We are so in love with this coffee machine that i had to start buying decaf ground coffee to slow down on the caffeine intake over the weekendit was a hard choice initially as i was not sure whether to go for a nespresso pods machine or the dedica. I am super glad i bought the dedica because once you get your head around the way it functions – first 30/40 mins to read the instructions and try it – it is much better than the nespresso pods machine. It costs much less than coffee pods as it works with ground coffee and the quality of the coffee is really good. Makes an amazing creamathe milk frothier works equally well and the cappuccinos and lattes are delicious. Another big plus is the size: it occupies just a tiny spot on my counter which is small and already crammed with other things. I totally recommend it as it is very good value for its price.

🙂 do program it to your preference (water heat, length of pour etc) – it’s not hard if you follow the instructions, and it’s very satisfying. And the machine comes with a packet of descaler – i felt that was considerate.

I never been a big fan of coffee before but once i bough it i become from those kind of people that can’t have a day without a nice hot cup a day. It did performed good but i still have some problems with it, burn probaby i will learn how to use it properly. Tha only thing that annoys me is that when you take of the coffee holder the little metal cup got stuck inside and is a bit uncomfortable to be removed. Other wise i strongly recommended it because is handy and it fits almost everywhere in your kitchen.

Had this for a few months now and it has been brilliant. The build quality is solid and it’s a beautiful looking machine with the chrome, shiny black plasitc and red metal housing. Don’t let the size of this fool you. It fits perfectly into a small kitchen yet it always performs flawlessly making strong double espresso with crema and frothing milk to perfection. I’m in the habit of washing it down after making a coffee and this definately helps keep it in working order. It’s worth the extra effort to me for fresh espresso. I’d higly reccomend a few upgrades to make using this easier; a metal tamper, a stainless steel milk jug, a milk thermometer, small electric spice grinder for the coffee beans and a espresso cup for dispensing shots into rather than trying to get a mug under it.

  • The answer to all my coffee dreams
  • Fabulous Machine, so easy to set up and use.
  • Easy to use, very good coffee and cappuccino, pretty!

De’Longhi Dedica Style EC685M Traditional Pump Espresso Machine – Silver

This is an excellent coffee machine and exceeds my previous one, a gaggia which cost about 3 times the price ten years ago. I use it for espresso and it produces an excellent crema. It also is quite powerful ( high wattage) which enables quick warm up and produces a hot cup of coffee. It is very compact so fits in the kitchen without taking up too much work surface.

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