De’Longhi Delonghi EC145 1 Litre 1100 Watt Pump Espresso Coffee Machine – what I thought does not froth the milk as good as I thought it would

Only problem the drip tray is made out of hard plastic. When the machine runs and vibrates the cup used to catch the coffee vibrates from under the spout and all my lovely coffee goodness ends up in the drip tray. Had two of these and both machines are the same.

My daughter says my son in law was like a child so pleased with this item as a birthday present.

We love this machine it makes great coffee without the expense of having to buy pods. Only downside if you want a mug, you need to put small cup underneath then transfer. Took a liitle time to master technique but frother works great too.

Could not have matched our requirements better.

I purchased this item as a present for my boyfriend. He was really pleased with it. I chose the delonghi brand as i have a de’longhi icona eco310. R pump espresso machine, scarlet red since several years and it still works perfectly and does great coffee. I love to use it for cappuccino. And this one is cheaper and good too. It’s just a shame that you can not put bigger cups other than the espresso ones. I know it’s an espresso maker but it will be more convenient for cappuccino less washing up ;-).

I have always liked delonghi and have been satisfied with them. When i bought this one i was using an electronic frother until it gave up the ghost. When i went to use the frother on this one i found that it didn’t work. I was most disappointed but this is the first problem i have had with delonghi.

Replacement machine – just as good as the original.

This is an ok coffee machine. Good points are the water tank is removable so easy to refill and clean. It heats up quickly and the coffee is hot – i never got on with the lukewarm offerings from pod machines. It doesn’t take up too much kitchen counter top space. It’s not as stylish as my equivalent gaggia espresso cubika plus ri8151/60 coffee machine, blackand the crema layer produced produced isn’t as deep on this machine. Better than a pod machine but i think there are better simarly priced coffee makers out there.

I want to compare this to the russell hobbs 19720 15-bar pump espresso machine, black which i also recently received. This delonghi has some improvements over the rh one. *firstly it looks and feels less cheep – for example of the rh when you open the cover for the water you feel like you are about to break it but not with this one. *this one holds more water*this one doesn’t have a silly little hose you have to bend into the water resivoir, you simply place the container in the unit (it sits on a valve). *you can decide how much ‘oomph’ to give the milk frother via use of a knob. *the handle on the ‘thingie’ that holds the filter(s) has a flippy thing that holds the filter in place when you turn it over and shake it to get rid of the used wet granuals – thus avoiding dropping it in the bin every time. *you can just about get a small mug under/into it if you don’t have the right designed ones. Things that are different, but neither better/worse in my opinion. *there is a build in tamper – this saves you loosing the loose one (you get a loose one with the rh) but is harder to clean. *this one gives instructions to heat for 30 mins before use – but you still only get warm coffee. *the frother is on the left rather than the right. *you get more of a drip one side than the other so one cup fills quicker. *does not come with correct sized mugs or correct sized thing to make the milk in.

Find it quite straightforward to use. If you want a mug you will need to see if it works by removing drip tray but i find the cup quite ok.

Yummy coffee, plenty of pressure, the frother attachment is better than my last £200 machine, but not much clearance between frother and worktop – needs a shallow container for frothing the milk.

Not what i thought does not froth the milk as good as i thought it would, would nor recommend.

I have had my own one for over two years now, so bought the same one for daughter. Buy yourself a bottle of syrup, and make your own coffee house morning coffee. Here are the specifications for the De’Longhi Delonghi EC145 1 Litre 1100 Watt Pump Espresso Coffee Machine:

  • 15 Bar pump pressure
  • Traditional milk frother
  • Filter holder and tamper for perfect crema
  • Removeable 1 Litre water tank
  • Built to accommodate full-size cappuccino cups (with drip tray removed) or 2 espresso cups

I sent for this coffee machine for my mum because the one i bought last year makes gorgeous coffee with lovely crema on top. This particular machine does not create crema on top of your coffee. We have tried and tried and its just flat as a fluke. The model isn’t the same quality as the one i ordered for myself either 12 months ago although its the dame model.

Excellent service, coffee machine is great.

Does everything it says on the box delighted.

For such a price it is great.

I bought this machine as a replacement for the very similar model which i had used for about five years, until it started leaking. However the new one does not make coffee with the thick ‘crema’ layer which it should. I am at present in communication with delonghi to try and get a replacement. In its favour i will say that the milf foamer is superb.

I bought this out of my local asda for £15. It brews a great espresso but the steaming wand took ages to steam milk to 60 celsius.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great machine. Only problem the drip tray is made
  • Delonghi Espresso machine
  • Very good coffee machine easy to use we are very pleased

For the price it’s good, it can be a bit hit and miss sometimes the milk will froth ok other times not. The machine arrived without a uk plug an adapter was sent later when i requested it.

Not as good as prvious models.

Works just as it should, just a shame you can’t fit a normal sized mug under it.

There are a lot of coffee makers on the market and this seems to be one of the more reasonably priced models. It does not, however, have the bells and whistles that you’d get it you paid a bit more. You can use it to make cappucinos and so on at home, using your own coffee. Most makers seem to be of the nespresso variety now, so this is a big difference. Personally i quite like the nespresso capsules but obviously using fresh coffee is a much better method for the environment (and i’m sure coffee connoisseurs would say it tastes better too). This model is easy to use (though the instructions could be clearer). Feels a little bit flimsy, though, and i do wonder about the quality as we had a delonghi kettle and toaster which both gave up after a short amount of time.

Thank you perfect delivery very good coffe machine agata.

 this is a squat, austere-looking unit; the mains lead is about 1. 15 metres long but there is nowhere under the base to wind excess cable. Clearance of the steam pipe to table-top is only 8. 5cm so it needs a small milk jug. There is a removable water tank with a water gauge visible,. The unit is supplied with 2 inserts, one for a single coffee and one for two, the spare insert is stored under the rear cover, where there is also room for the spoon. The filter holder has a lever to hold the insert so that the used coffee grounds can be knocked out. The removable drip-tray has slats with about a 1cm gap between the slats which means that some espresso cups with small bases can easily tilt over. The top of the coffee maker sticks out over the base and when the coffee-maker was on a kitchen worktop and i was standing i couldn’t see where to put the coffee cup, there isn’t much room and the maximum height of the coffee-cup is about 7cm.

An inexpensive device that does what it says on the tin.

It does what is says on the box. Price- quality is ok but no wow factor.

Great machine dose what it says on tin.

Very good coffee machine easy to use we are very pleased. We tried different coffee beans and the coffee is really good but you need to find your favorite coffee beans.

Super little machine makes great capachino.

– works well, albeit a little noisy, but concerned about the build quality. Six months ago i bought a delonghi ec220 coffee machine for only a few pounds more than this machine but the build quality is far superior. The holder for the ground coffee is solid and well made on the ex220, but on the ec145 i felt it was a little flimsy. The structure of the ec145 machine is quite flimsy also, and doesn’t instil confidence in the potential longevity of the machine. The water reservoir, however, seemed a little better on the ec145 than on the ec220 and the seal appear to be a bit more robust. As with all machines of this type (a ‘removeable’ water reservoir) i recommend refilling from a jug rather than removing the reservoir as the seal would not last too long this way. The manual, i would suggest was written in a language other than english and was then translated. I’ve a feeling that the translation was done by computer as it’s a little weird in places; ok if you’ve used this type of machine before, but if this is your first, you may need a little advice on it’s usage. Overall, i think that 3 stars is probably the best i can offer although time will tell if the fear over the build quality are founded or not.

Easy to use and makes very good coffee.