Dèlonghi DeLonghi ECOM311 : Five Stars

Great item, exactly as described, fast delivery, would recommend.

Works great, makes a decent cappuccino, nice and quiet. Took a little while to get the milk froth to the right consistency but over all well worth the money.

Excellent machine and superb promotion we caught. Can’t imagine a morning without now. Sturdy and stylish at the same time.

Makes my perfect nutty coffee for a good latte. However some point, there is no automatic shutoff so you need to know what a single or double shot looks like. And you need to experiment with what type of bean to use in this machine. I’ve tried a few and only found one that makes the foam at the top. Also the espresso part will drop after you shut it down (generally a shots worth) so it’s prudent to turn the button off a little before where you want it. Otherwise a good quality machine.

Very nice and easy to useperhaps only complaint would be that when you are using it the water container vibrates making quite a bit of noise. It is easily fixed by putting some weight on top. Coffee is very tasty and milk froster works very well.

An impressive and affordable coffee machine. So far since purchasing this i have had no problems. Just ensure you have enough tabletop space when using the steam function.

Purchased this as a christmas present for my girlfriend on black friday for approximately £90. The coffee machine itself is fairly simple to operate (although i use a professional machine regularly as part of working on a bar) and took very little setting up. The look of the machine is absolutely fantastic, and it blends in extremely well with her kitchen. Can’t fault the taste of the coffee that it produces, however there are a couple of things to bear in mind when purchasing:-it doesn’t come with a milk steaming jug so you’ll need to purchase on separately. I got mine off ebay for approx. -large mugs will not find under unless you remove the drip tray. -you don’t get the same level of control over the milk froth content as you would with a professional machine (it’s difficult to steam a latte/cappuccino), so if you prefer flat whites, i wouldn’t recommend, however it still produces a pleasant beverage. -the espresso shot doesn’t stop automatically, and so you’ll have to stop the flow of water manually to avoid horrible coffee (even if you want an americano, you must do a shot of espresso followed by clean boiled water). -to give yourself the biggest choice of coffee, get a coffee grinder. Freshly ground beans taste superior. Alternatively, lavazza coffee (available at most supermarkets) is superb, and is available in both normal and decaf.  lavazza qualita rossa roast and ground coffee 500 g (pack of 2). -to make a coffee, it will take a lot longer than instant.

  • Superior machine
  • Looks great and a great Black Friday price
  • Nice looking but bad for milk foam

DeLonghi ECOM311.B Coffee Maker, Icona Micalite

Product Description, Self-Priming System Means Machine Is Always Ready For Use “Cappuccino System”;Transparent And Removable Water Reservoir (Capacity: 1.4L);2 Separate Thermostats To Control Water And Steam Temperatures;Cup Warmer;Removable Drip Tray

From the manufacturer

  • Barista Skills: Use freshly ground beans to enhance a rich coffee crema. Plus create silky smooth milk for latte art. Learn true barista skills all with your De’Longhi traditional pump machine.

De’Longhi Micalite Traditional Pump Espresso


Makes perfect espresso, cappuccinos, caffelattes or can be used to create any favourite coffee or milk drinks.

  • High performance 15 bar pump pressure
  • Stylish high-gloss Mica-black finish
  • Professional 2 in 1 filter holder suitable for ground coffee or ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) pods
  • Built in tamper and incorporated crema device for perfect crema
  • Built to accommodate full sized cappuccino or 2 espresso cups
  • Water boiler which at the touch of a button, switches between espresso and steam production
  • Adjustable steam emission
  • Cup warmer
  • Easy to use – 3 button operation

Built to accommodate full sized cappuccino or 2 espresso

Traditional milk frother

Removable 1.4 litre water tank

Part of a stylish breakfast set

ECOV311.BG ECZ351 ECP35.31 EC685
Size Compact Compact Compact Super Compact
Milk Frother Manual Manual Adjustable manual Adjustable manual
Coffee type Pre ground or ESE pods Pre ground or ESE pods Pre ground or ESE pods Pre ground or ESE pods
Bar pressure 15 15 15 15
Heater System Boiler Boiler Boiler Thermoblock
Double drip tray
Matching breakfast set

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Purchased to replace a worn out one of the same model. The fact we purchased another of the same should say enough. Best with medium/fine ground coffee.

Fantastic coffee and a big grin :).

Brilliant product for the price, use it every day no issues.

Only problem is the inside of the wand pops out when you bang out the used coffee.

Nice looking expresso machine it does a very nice coffee but it’s rubbish for foam, i didn’t try it on time and now i can’t return it. When you want to make foam it splashes milk everywhere and it doesn’t do the foam.

By far a superior coffee machine, i am a barista by trade and this does a brilliant job for the price.

Exceptionally priced espresso machine – great as a starter or second unit somewhere. Pleasantly surprised with this unit, bought in black friday deal for my parents. Only one minor call-out which is probably to be expected at this price: doesn’t cope with really high pressure well (so don’t fill your coffee up too much as it will not pour the espresso). Otherwise a great product that looks good in any kitchen.

A great machine for all your needs, takes ground coffee or special tea bag style pads. A steam nozzle to froth and heat your milk, works a treat. I found pre-heating my coffee cups helps give you a hotter cup of coffee. No need to go out to those expensive coffee shops now.

  • Superior machine
  • Looks great and a great Black Friday price
  • Nice looking but bad for milk foam

DeLonghi ECOM311.B Coffee Maker, Icona Micalite

Cannot make proper espressos and have to be careful at all times.

This coffee machine is the perfect one if you are a coffee lover and don’t have to much space.

After a capsule machine i decided to switch back to a proper espresso machine. Capsules are expensive and packaging is extremely wasteful (although nespresso does now offer recycling). This arrived about a month ago:good points:looks good and doesn’t take up too much space. Produces decent coffee3 different filters for single or double shots, and ese pods. Pump seems strong, so far it has coped with all finely ground coffee i’ve used. Milk frother is not bad at this price point. Negatives:filter holder is new design. The filters are held in by metal retainers but they are pain to get in and out. Also when you ‘knock’ the coffee puck out the whole filter ends up in the bin. This is unlike older designs which do not have this problem.

We wanted something like this in a long time, bought it on sale and we love it. We are using decaf and regular coffee from the shop and makes lovely coffees, perfect creamy top layer, and the steamer, only used a couple of times,but is pretty good for the size of it.

It doesn’t steam well enough for 5 starsbut it’s a good coffee machine. I recommend it to everyone who loves a good coffee;).

I can’t really comment on whether this is a good product as i thought it was one that uses the pods but i was wrong. Should have read the description better. Delivery was fast and the machine looked good. Was able to return with no issues.

I wanted something that did not use pods but rather gives you the option to use beans/ground coffee. I like everything about this one. Makes great coffee, milk steamer/frother works very well, not too much noice, quite quick in making coffee, easy to maintain. Can’t ask for anything more.

Looks great and a great black friday price.

A great gift which we’ve had for nearly a year. Was very noisy to begin with, but much quieter now and the more we use it the better the coffee we make is. We’ve become our own favourite baristas. Its not perfect as some say you have to stop the flow yourself, but i think i like this as you can control the size of the espresso. We like it strong, so i fill the double gasket full with fresh, fine ground beans and do two slightly smaller shots to keep the temperature nice and high. The milk frother does the job, not messy for us as some reviews say, and despite getting more into coffee and thinking of upgrading, i’ve decided to keep this one till it dies as we’ve come to really rate it. Verdict – takes a bit of time to break in and get used to it, but overall it makes a pretty decent cup of joe.

I have never owned a bean to cup so i’m not expert but this makes a nice cup of coffee – probably will take you a few cups to work exactly how the machine works and get your perfect cuppa – my only gripe is when pouring hot water the light goes out without any warning but a very quiet click so you to be stood right at the machine as with all machines you want the water as hot as possible so make sure you run the water once or twice this warms your cup as well as warm/clean the handle where the ground coffee or pods go – the froth wand would be better if it stayed in a higher position but doesn’t bother me that much – overall i’d say this machine is worth no more than £100 – as i think it is priced to high but i got this on black friday so me personally am happy with the price i payed and is used everyday.

Features and Spesification

  • Self-priming system means machine is always ready for use “Cappuccino System”
  • Transparent and removable water reservoir (capacity: 1.4L)
  • 2 separate thermostats to control water and steam temperatures
  • Cup Warmer
  • Removable drip tray