De’Longhi Delonghi ECOV310 : Would happily recommend.

Moving from a ‘pod’ coffee machine to this did at first present a few problems, not least the amount of ‘fuss’ involved in making a cup of coffee. These days, when everything is instant, including the coffee, is it really worth the trouble of setting up a coffee machine like this, with all the coffee dregs, the mess and the extra washing up, simple answer, you bet it is. Great coffee comes from getting everything to your own individual taste and with this baby you can do just that. Choose a coffee from one of the hundreds available, then follow the instructions and you get a perfect cup of coffee every time. Ok so if you want a short cut that doesn’t detract from the flavour, you can get pods (ese) that work perfectly with this machine. Indeed you can buy a wonderful collection of pods that you can use to search for your perfect coffee. For me, i make my coffee a la latté, half coffee half milk and then put it in the microwave for a minute – result = perfect coffee. Looks great with the kettle and toaster. Not the cheapest but it certainly makes great coffee, after all that is what it is for.

I love our new coffee machine. Easy to use and easy to clean. A bit fiddly if you are making 2 cups as one is getting cold while you get the seconde cup ready.

Great machine, does what it should and that is to give me coffee i can really taste.

Really pleased with coffee maker, makes break time that little bit more special.

Haven’t had any of the temperature problems others have reported. Niggles are : it vibrates quite a lot – this has the effect of firstly meaning that cups tend to ‘walk’ when its operating and, before we padded it a little, the water tank didn’t hug the body tightly so caused a noisy rattle.

Great coffee, hot, well frothed milk.

The answer is in the following sentence. I thought the coffee fitter container was too small only for very small cups. So i would have preferred larger coffee fitter/container, and the hot water reservoir heated up a small amount of water. . A fiend recommended de’longhi to me.

Excellent value at a great price . Does as much as more expensive models at a third of the price.

  • It makes a mean espressowhen it works – and the nozzle leaks
  • so I guess I must be happy. They last about 1 year to 18 months
  • Great product.

Delonghi ECOV310.BG Vintage Icona Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine 1.4 L, 1100 W – Cream

Product Description, The Vintage Icona Traditional Pump Espresso Machine, in cream high gloss finish, is an espresso and cappuccino maker. It is both elegant in design and easy to use, with a simple three-button operating system. Part of the Vintage Icona range of kitchen appliances by De’Longhi, a matching kettle and toaster are available to complement this coffee machine.
The Vintage Icona coffee machine is a must for any budding Barista. The two-in-one professional filter holder holds either ground coffee or Easy Serve Espresso (ESE) pods, while the stainless steel manual milk frothing arm, with variable steam emission, mixes steam, air and milk to produce a rich creamy froth for a tasty cappuccino.
The Vintage Icona ECOV310.BG is built to accommodate two full-sized cappuccino cups or two espresso cups. It features a built-in tamper and an incorporated crema device, for the suitable crema, while the separate coffee and steam boiler ensures faster use and optimum temperature control.
Other features include a removable 1.4 L water tank, cup warmer, removable stainless steel drip tray and built-in tamper.
The Vintage Icona range from Delonghi brings elegance, sophistication and retro design to any kitchen, for an enjoyable breakfast time surrounded by captivating design. Traditional craftsmanship that is re-invented through distinct design, brings together the warm charm of times gone by.

Box Contains, 1 x ECOV310.BG Espresso Machine1 x 2-in-1 filter holder1 x full set of instructions

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My son has this range in his kitchen and is into coffee so bought this as a wee surprise for his christmas.

Item arrived fast and as expected.

I bought this for my husbands birthday. It makes great coffee and looks fab. No complaints or problems so far.

Very pleased, love the colour and such a great price.

I am very happy with this, it is difficult finding correct coffee strength, but that is nothing to do with the machine,easy to use.

I am just drinking my 2000th cappuccino care of this machine, and have decided to review it, partly because it makes the best coffee i have tasted, but also because it has lasted long enough now (18 months) without a problem to warrant a recommendation. Not only that, it looks great and is relatively inexpensive. There is little to add; the instructions explain how to descale and maintain it (once every 200 or so cups you need 15 minutes to clean it up) that’s it. Nothing specific to this model, and you will have read this elsewhere, but the only real ‘secret’ to making best coffee with these gadgets is to stop the flow when the stream is still a healthy brownish colour (before it gets whitish). That way you avoid the burnt flavour, and the liquor is still ‘sweet’.

It’s very cute and make deliciouse coffee easily.

Is a very nice and stylish coffee maschinelooks beautifully in my kitchenmakes very good coffeedown side -leaks when heating up and cooled down.

  • It makes a mean espressowhen it works – and the nozzle leaks
  • so I guess I must be happy. They last about 1 year to 18 months
  • Great product.

Delonghi ECOV310.BG Vintage Icona Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine 1.4 L, 1100 W – Cream

Loud , and rattling water tank, although brews fantastic coffee.

I bought the coffee maker at sale price and feel i got an absolute bargain. Other reviewers have complained the machine is noisy, and it is, but the coffee it produces is wonderful so i am quite happy to put up with a little noise. Once you master the technique (not difficult), the results are consistently excellent. I highly recommend this product, best coffee maker i have ever owned.

Bought as a present for my mum and she loves it. So easy to use and easy to clean.

Just what i wanted and it matches my kitchen colour. Easy to use i will definitely be increasing my coffee intake.

Pros -looks stylish and well madematches my de’longhi vintage icona kettle and toastermakes great coffeevery easy to use – filling, making coffee, frothing milk, cleaningcan use both ground coffee and pods2 filter sizes – espresso and double espresso / coffeecons -you need to wait for the water to heat. The green light comes on once hot and you start making your coffee. When the light goes out you press the button to stop the flow and wait for the light to come back on again before restarting it. For a cup of coffee it usually takes 3 lots of heating. This rules out making a quick coffee – you need to allow 10 minutes to clean, fill, heat, make the coffee and froth/heat the milk. Fine for days when you have time to enjoy the pleasures of the ceremony of making coffee, but i keep a jar of decent instant on stand-by for those days where i’m in a rush and need to grab and go. It’s pretty noisy when you’re making the coffee, mainly caused by the silver part of the drip tray vibrating. I bought this on a black friday deal and overall am delighted with it. I can live with the cons, putting up with a bit of button-pushing and noise is still well worth it for the lovely cup of coffee it produces.

I had a free trial of the amazon prime so i used it. Firstly the service was very fast i was using my coffee machine the next day a*. The delonghi vintage icona is a great piece of kit for the price. I am pleased to say that buying with trusty old amazon i saved £54. House of fraser are selling this exact product for £159. Your paying for the shop name guys don’t fall for it. I was 50/50 when i decided to purchase this due to the bad feedback out doing the positive. I’m glad i didn’t listen and bought the machine, i am so happy with it that invited a few mates round and made them drinks. (also loved it and buying as christmas presents). It makes a perfect drink every time as long as its used correctly, warm the cups, get milk frothed to correct temperature and follow instructions. The only draw back to this awesome bit of kit is that the drip tray does rattle if the cups been used to collect the coffee or water are too light. Doesn’t bother me much as i just weight it down. Just be aware guys the the house of fraser description imply’s it has a coffee grinder built in.

Very pleased with my coffee maker, reasonable price. Takes a bit to get used to making the coffee but easy to use.

It’s a great machine and really stylish but a lot of hard work for a coffee then again worth worth the wait.

The steamer works very well.

Great product easy to use but sounds like a rocket taking off when in use and vibrates so much the cups sometimes start to move.

Makes an espresso but the steamer is quite temperamental.

My favourite purchase of the year.

Its about the 5th one of these i have bought, so i guess i must be happy. They last about 1 year to 18 months. I use it everyday at least once so it gets some hammer.

Fantastic product, a must buy.

Got this at a great price to use when travelling in our touring caravan. Takes a little getting used to, but i was very annoyed to find out it makes better latte milk than the machine i have at home which cost 4 times as muchseriously, this is a great piece of kit and i love the retro appearance of it. Shop around as prices seem to vary enormously.

Excellent choise in great priceloved the design and the quality of the coffee.

Looks great and males an excellent cup of coffee. Would definitely recommend it and great value for money.

Makes good coffee (i use the ese pods which are really simple and good value) the big let down with this machine is that it is very noisy when it is pumping the coffee through. Really ot nice when ou are making coffee for friends etc. Haven’t managed to find a way to make it quiet by reducing vibrations despite many attempts.

Features and Spesification

  • Espresso and cappuccino maker with professional 15 bar pump pressure
  • Suitable for ground coffee and ESE (easy serving espresso) pods
  • Stainless steel milk frothing arm
  • Cup warmer, removable drip tray, professional 2-in-1 filter holder, built-in tamper and incorporated crema device
  • Simple three button operation