Dèlonghi DeLonghi ETAM29 : Easy to use, excellent, bean to cup coffee machine

This was a present for my wonderful husband and dad of six and he says it is brilliant. We’ve had consistently delicious coffee and it’s very efficient too. A perfect addition to our kitchen equipment.

It was given to me as a gift because i enjoy a fresh coffee. I have had it a few days and whilst it makes good coffee i am finding it a little wearisome, maybe this will pass once i get used to using it. Despite it allowing you to personalise the amount of liquid it uses to make your coffee it requires a double shot of grounds to make a larger mugful which i find annoying. One real gripe is that there is no handle on the water container which fits to the rear of the machine so you end up with a thumb in the water before you fit it and lock the lid into place. Emptying the drip tray is a very regular occurrence and i can see that keeping it clean will be a major part of owning this. Part of the warranty registration says that they will give you your first annual service for free, normal cost £70. The coffee is tasty but it needs to be to justify the costs involved. There is a water filter that needs replaced every two months but if you are in a soft water area might not be needed. Then there is descaling, flushing and cleaning routines. The coffee is good but i can’t recommend this machine for everyone.

Pleasure to use and delicious coffee. Saving so much money not having to pay for starbucks every morning.

The coffee is tasty i like the digital interface s it give a feel that this machine is a pieces of rock t it is quite large and takes up a lot of space water tank in back steamer is limited to move the machine is annoying. Also very limited drop tray that requires emptying daily. Needs time and effort to clean the delonghi elleta and magifica is better in design like the water tank , cup warmer not activate automatic like elleta i search a lot for that before i pay but no one give the answers price is quite higheroverall the machine give tasty coffee doppio function hot coffee this what i like in this machine.

This is my 2nd delongi coffee maker the first was purchased 8 days before christmas2018 ok a slightly cheaper model. That one being a christmas present. But my one i have had a week and it’s a delight to use. And more important makes excellent coffee the instructions are ok but you must read to get basics of operation. As you use it you quickly get used to its touch buttons and menu displayyou need patience when a button is pressed it may take several minutes of setting up from cold as. Machine rinses and heats up. Rember this machine will tell on display when to insert a cup/mug for to get coffee. But it maybe that for 30seconds nothing is happening. I had a bosch model before and it’s just very. Yes i like it and can recommendone star knocked of because drip tray is well made apart back section probe which can be broken if not careful. But bosch model in this respect was even more frigile it’s drip tray for comparison. So must be the common design flaw all products have.

I have only had the machine for a few days. It works well and having set the amount of coffee and then adding a little hot water from the machine itself it is good and works well.

Slimline and quality feel product, great coffee making.

This is an impressive piece of kit. All types of coffee can be made, one or two cups at a time. The results so far have been very impressive and it even includes a steamer that can be used to get frothy milk for the perfect cappuccino. It has an almost industrial look to it and is very sturdy and well made. On the downside, it is quite large and takes up a lot of space in your kitchen. It is also very noisy when it’s in action. The instructions could have been clearer and would benefit from having a ‘quick start’ guide. As part of its ‘self-cleaning’ routine, it dispenses water every time you turn it on and off. This is collected in the tray at the front, but emptying this can be quite tiresome. Overall, if you can afford it then this is well worth it.

  • had my coffee machine a week now and have enjoyed possibly to many coffees already
  • Much better than I’d hoped
  • Good espresso

DeLonghi ETAM29.620.SB Autentica Plus Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, 1450 W, Black and Silver

Product Description, With the De’Longhi Autentica Plus Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, you can get a deliciously hot and creamy coffee whenever you wish. Featuring a range of easy to use functions, this model comes with an adjustable milk frother, letting you get barista quality coffee from your kitchen. You can also prepare two cups of coffee with a single brewing cycle so you no longer have to wait to share your caffeine hit. The Autentica Cappuccino makes all your coffee shop favourites from the comfort of your home, grinding your choice of beans for a perfect taste. Thanks to the innovative Doppio+ brewing process from De’Longhi, you can get more than a double sized espresso, complete with extra aroma and an extra boost of energy. Ideal for those mornings when a regular won’t do! The ‘Long coffee’ feature reproduces the taste and size of the Drip Filter Coffee through slow and low-pressure brewing all from a touch of a button With the adjustable milk frother you can easily make a smooth and silky foam to create your favourite milk beverages, such as Cappuccino, Caffe Latte, Latte Macchiato. The soft touch control panel features two text line displays and has 16 languages to choose from, making it simple to programme the strength, length and temperature of your coffee to your taste. If you’re a fan of beans but your partner loves ground coffee, you can both be happy with the Autentica plus coffee maker as you can use either to make your favourite beverages.

Box Contains,

From the manufacturer

The De’Longhi Autentica offers an upgraded Bean to Cup experience.

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Exclusive Doppio Plus Feature

More than a double espresso: Enjoy a double sized espresso with extra aroma and energy.

  • One touch delivery
  • Exclusive recipe

De’Longhi Autentica ETAM 29.620.S Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Make all your coffee shop favourite drinks with the Autentica ETAM 29.620.S bean to cup coffee machine. Nothing else can beat freshly ground beans to create your favourite coffee. Whether you like a strong espresso or long frothy cappuccino, this machine can deliver it.

  • Makes all coffee shop favourites
  • Grinds beans for a perfect taste
  • Personalise strength and length of coffee
  • Adjustable frothing nozzle for easy milk drinks
  • Exclusive doppio+ recipe
  • Digital display
  • Make two cups at once
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Adjustable spout for tall cups and glasses

Grinds Fresh Coffee Beans

Your choice of fresh coffee beans finely ground with the integrated burr grinder. Creating coffee shop quality coffee, to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.

Personalise Your Coffee

Navigate with the two line digital display to personalise the coffee strength and length to your preference.

Double Delivery

Prepare two drinks with a single touch of a button, or prepare hot water for tea infusions.

Adjustable Traditional Milk Frother

Create silky milk foam with the adjustable frother, helping you make your favourite milky beverage such as frothy cappuccinos or smooth lattes.

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Magnifica ESAM 4200 Autentica ETAM 29.510.SB Autentica ETAM 29.620.S Eletta ECAM 44.620.S Autentica ETAM 29.660.SB Eletta ECAM 44.660.B
Size Compact Super Compact Super Compact Compact Super Compact Compact
Dimensions 36 x 38 x 28 cm 34 x 19.5 x 48 cm 34 x 19.5 x 48 cm 36 x 26 x 46 cm 34 x 19.5 x 48 cm 36 x 26 x 46 cm
Milk Frother Manual Manual Adjustable Manual Adjustable Manual Automatic – Milk Carafe Automatic – Milk Carafe
One Touch Recipes Espresso Espresso, Doppio+, Long Coffee Espresso, Doppio+, Long Coffee Espresso, Long Coffee Espresso, Doppio+, Long Coffee, Cappucino Espresso, Long Coffee, Cappucino
Milk Menu
Milk Menu Recipes Cafe Latte, Flat White, Espresso Macchiato, Latte Macchiato, Hot Milk Cafe Latte, Flat White, Espresso Macchiato, Latte Macchiato, Hot Milk
Digital Display
Coffee Type Beans or Pre Ground Beans or Pre Ground Beans or Pre Ground Beans or Pre Ground Beans or Pre Ground Beans or Pre Ground

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Rolls royce of coffee makers easy to use and can be adjusted re your taste. Consume a bit of water though because there is a rinsing step when switch it on and off.

Still tweaking the grind/brew process, but consistently produces very good cups of coffee. Having fun trying out different beans. Great machine, very easy to use once you read through the manual once.

I have had my coffee machine a week now and have enjoyed possibly to many coffees already. As much as i like the machine i do have a few niggles not so much with the machine but de’longhi. I feel for the money you are paying for the machine they should include a jug as one is needed. I also feel that the instruction book could include clear instructions on how to make all the wonderful coffees their write up tells us it makes. I being a novice thought that i would select the type of coffee i wanted from the display and press the button and it would pour it for me. I knew i would have to manually steam the milk myself but it doesn’t and there is no indication in the book as to how to make all of the coffees yes it says a little about cappuccino and steaming milk and espresso, but unless you have a great knowledge about all the coffee types you will have to do what i have done googled and watched many you tube videos which have been most helpful. Now i know the difference i feel confident the machine is up to it. I hope this helps and i hope de’longhi read this and step up.

Loving coffee is a life of disappointment punctuated by the occasional moment of unadulterated joy. Purchasing coffee in a dedicated shop on a daily basis doesn’t even guarantee anything. A bartender can make a bad job of pulling a pint but a barista can utterly waste your money. Making coffee at home without the proper equipment is a an admission of failing before you’ve begun. A stovetop is the best budget option and just £20 can buy you years of pleasure. Beyond that you have the nightmares of cafetières and nespressos. And beyond that the expensive systems where things get serious. This delonghi machine is big and it’s going to look out of place in a small kitchen. It’s not a beautiful item either, and looks like something you’d expect to see in a hotel or restaurant rather than a modern kitchen. It feels a little unromantic too with its digital readout out and fits of automatic cleaning. The first few coffees are a disappointment too and at that stage it’s hard to imagine why anyone would spend £600 on it. Fortunately within 7 of 8 coffees things get better.

Makes a brilliant cup of coffee.

I love a good cup of coffee and enjoy all types and varieties, so i jumped at the chance to try the delonghi cappuccino system. It is quite large in our kitchen but wasn’t as large as the picture made out, so we were quite happy with it. Within a few minutes of reading the instructions we were ready to try our hand at a home made barista style coffeeyou can make a variety of coffees at the touch of a button. Cappuccino, flat white, espresso, latte and more. It comes with a frothing nozzle to authenticate the experience (no container provided) and you can adjust the strength you desire by pressing a button. You also have the option of making one or two cups at a time. We have tried several of the varieties so far and have been very happy with the result. The instructions do state that the taste and experience gets better after the first few cups have been made. It is pricey and some people will not like the look of it, but we were very happy indeed.

Over the years i’ve bought all sorts of coffee making gadgets. Cafeterias, stove top jugs as well as machines. I’ve never been satisfied, the coffee just hasn’t tasted right. I ordered this machine because the reviews were balanced and in the end everyone said it made a good cup of coffee. Well the huge box arrived today i unpacked it fathomed out the instructions i found youtube very helpful. I love this machine it lets you set how hot, how strong and how big you want your cup. I live how you can use beans or grounds. I started off with grounds and then took the plunge and poured in a whole bag of beans.

Great product and a vast improvement on earlier generations however. Water tank in rear with no level indicator – super annoying. Also very limited drop tray that requires emptying daily.Bean storage smaller than other models requiring refill far more regularly. What is intended as a low maintenance machine is anything but. Makes a great espresso though.

  • had my coffee machine a week now and have enjoyed possibly to many coffees already
  • Much better than I’d hoped
  • Good espresso

DeLonghi ETAM29.620.SB Autentica Plus Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, 1450 W, Black and Silver

Bought some starbucks beans, slowed the filtering rate right down and honestly you can not tell the difference between homemade and a proper £3+ cup of coffee. It might even be a bit better. Took a few youtube tutorials to get the milk micro-bubbles right. Just need a flour to muffin cake machine now.

After the first coffee maker was lost by the courier, amazon refunded my money and i repurchased from a different seller for a better price. Makes great bean to cup coffee. I haven’t used the ground coffee facility yet but lattes,cappuccinos and flat whites are easily made and delicious. Still experimenting with various strengths and long and short drinks.

We waited patiently for a the right bean-to-cup to come into our price range, and this one seemed the perfect choice. It’s really very neatly sized – yes, bigger than a nespresso etc. But it’s only about 7-8cm taller than our kettle, and barely any wider. For a while we considered a caffe corso or magnifica (all the delonghi machines seem to get favourable reviews)but this was neater and more stylish, plus for where we wanted it in our kitchen, having the steam wand on the left was a bonus. As usual with amazon it came super quickly, along with the 350ml milk jug we ordered. The instructions are clear and i recommend reading them first before twiddling – you quickly get a sense of how the digital interface works and it’s actually very straightforward. There are just a couple of settings that need adjustment before you get going that you might not otherwise think to do: the hardness of the water, and whether or not you’re using the water softening filter. The tester strip that comes with the instructions barely registered our water as 1 on the 1-4 scale (and we never get limescale in our kettle) so in fact i didn’t bother installing the filter – just an added expense to replace, and our old nespresso did fine without one for years. The bean hopper is accessed from the top, with a rubberised edge seal to maintain freshness of the beans inside, and the water tank is removed from the back. This seems to draw a few complaints but is really not difficult at all, as the flip-up lid acts as a handle; as long as you have space to move your arm over the top of the machine, you can pull up the tank and then move it off to either side to remove and fill.

Easy to setup and set parameters for hot coffee, strength and quantity. The cup warmer is of no use to me as it neither gets warm enough or quick enough for that early morning brew from standby, if you have it on all the time it might be of use though.

Features and Spesification

  • Makes all coffee shop favourites, grinding your choice of fresh beans for a perfect taste
  • “Doppio+” function to enjoy more than a double size espresso with extra aroma and a boost of extra energy.
  • Advanced milk frothier with adjustable froth for a smooth and silky milk foam, to create your favourite milk beverages like Cappuccino, Caffe latte, Latte Macchiato, or make hot water for delicious tea or infusions.
  • Personalizing coffee as often as you want has never been easier. Choose from short, medium or long, try a strong or extra mild aroma, enjoy it piping hot, medium or low temperature.
  • Intuitive soft touch control panel with two text lines display in 16 languages for a clear and simple use.

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