Dèlonghi De’Longhi Fully Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine ECAM25 : ECAM22110B Review

The de longhi machine is everything i expected. It seems well made, works exceptionally, and produces first class coffee with little fuss. Represents extremely good value at the price i paid from amazon. I purchased this machine on the recommendation of a close friend who has owned a similar de longhi machine and have not been disappointed.

Installed and setup this machine yesterday and i’m impressedi work as a field engineer for a coffee company and deal with commercial bean to cup machines costing between £4000-£9000 and wasn’t expecting this to be much use but it makes good espresso and the steam wand produces excellent micro foam. 1 in 3 expensive italian made machines that i install have serious ‘issues’ upon delivery but this worked straight out of the box, no leaks, no grinder or brewgroup problems, it just makes good coffee with no fuss. I like how it flushes itself when it powers up and powers itself down. Ensure you follow the cleaning/descaling procedures and use a filter if you’re in a hard water area and you’ll have no problems, i’ve removed a5 sheets of solid limescale from machines that haven’t been looked after, so save yourself unnecessary repair bills by performing simple and relatively low cost preventative maintenance.

Decided to take the plunge on a bean to cup coffee machine, after years using a cafetiere. I did a fair bit of research and eventually decided to buy the ecam22110sb last month on the strength of the “which” best buy review. However, there were no reviews at the time on amazon on the machine, but the price was unbeatable (£331) so hey-ho i bought it. I have not been disappointed. The machine is very compact and is very easy to set up and use. If you spend this sort of money on a machine you will want to get the best out of it. It seems pointless using ground coffee or a cheap bean – you need to buy the best possible bean to thoroughly enjoy the experience. The only minor gripe is that you may have to pre-warm your mug if you want a truly hot coffee. Other than that thoroughly recommended.

Fantastic machine, really worth the money. It makes excellent coffee, is easy to maintain and clean and simple to use. I would say that it makes better coffee than many good coffee shops i have been to, it certainly makes better coffee than any other ‘home’ device. At the amazon deal price it is great value.

Great machine, you can pour a whole bag of beans in the top and great coffee comes out at the touch of a button, all week.

After years of persuading my husband that we would benefit from the coffee maker, i have now converted him.

Great coffee and so easy, ( you don’t know what coffee is until you have one of these) we’ve had ours for a year. We bought this one as a pressy for our daughter.

Fast delivery easy to use, makes amazing coffee.

  • Great coffee machine
  • Fantastic Coffee from a great coffee machine
  • Everything I expected

De’Longhi Fully Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine ECAM25.462.B, 220 W

Style Name:ECAM25.462.B
Product Description, The ECAM22.462.B will create you the perfect espresso at the touch of a button as well as providing you the opportunity to make cafe style milk based drinks such as cappuccions and lattes. Beautifully crafted, this fantastic piece of engineering will allo

Box Contains, 1 x Delonghi ECAM25.62.B

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I have waited for over 3 months to write this review, as i wanted to provide a review based on the experience of using the machine over time, rather than just out of the box. I have to say that this machine is a joy to use. The design is smart, it’s made of a tough plastic, but if you want stronger, then pay a stronger price. The functions are really good, you can make 2 coffees at once and the milf frother works very well. It is a fairly small machine, quite compact, and therefore does not take up too much space in our small kitchen, one of the downfalls of the size is that you need to fill up the water tank fairly often, like every 4/5 coffees (that includes frothing milk, which seems to be where most of the water is used) however when you consider the fact you only have to slide a tray out, run it under a tap for 6 /7 seconds and then slide back in, it’s really not much of a concern. I’ve tried several different types of coffee beans, and all of them come out tasting well. Its worth noting that you cannot use beans that are coated in flavoring like caramel etc, as they will clog up the grinder and invalidate your warranty. The machine is easy to clean. It will flash when its due a clean, you just add the cleaning solution, and push a few buttons, leave a carton underneath to collect all the water, and half an hour later its done. It seems to need cleaned once a month, and that’s averaging about 4 coffees a day.

Easy to set up and get running. Produces a good cup of coffee.

So far i could not be happier. It works well and i have been making 2-3 cups a day for the last 6 weeks with no issues. It is easier to clean and the front loading water tank is a great idea as i have storage cupboards above it. Coffee smell in the morning is amazing and the taste can be altered to suit most tastes. I have only been using beens so i have not tried the pre-ground funnel.

I bought this coffee machine because my daughter had one and i was so impressed by the coffee. I am delighted with mine too. I read the instructions carefully and found it easy to use, easy to clean as well as producing excellent coffee and being good to look at.

Had this machine 4 years and absolutely love it. Beautiful coffee, beautiful frothed milk, use it everyday, sometime twice a day. If i had more money to spend i would probably have bought a higher range one with an automatic milk frother as it is one item i use everyday without fail. But i have no complaints about this machine. The steamer knob has just broken after 4 years, went online, delonghi website for replacement parts: £2. 50, put a new one in and off we go again. Love this machine, can’t remember what life was like without it. Spend time buying lots of different beans and find the one you like, then find the strength setting you like and off you go. If you like good coffee and drink it at home most days, this is money well spent, and if like me you get good at making a vanilla cappuccino at home, you stop buying coffee out because its better at home.

What an absolutely awesome machine at an awesome price. Had a good play around with this machine today and rather too many coffees. Well worth reading the instructions to get familiar with the use of the machine to get the best performance and how to maintain it. Don’t look anywhere else, you won’t regret it.Once you have perfected your coffee making skills, there is no need to live next to any coffee shops. This produces the best coffee i have ever tasted.

We have had this machine for nearly a year now. We use the machine every day. It is easy to use, compact design and makes great coffee, what more could you want.

Superbe machine et facile d’utilisation.

  • Great coffee machine
  • Fantastic Coffee from a great coffee machine
  • Everything I expected

De’Longhi Fully Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine ECAM25.462.B, 220 W

I have had a few coffee machines, but this is lovely. It is not as heavy or as big as my other machines. Was able to get the right taste for my coffee straight away by just altering the dial at the front of the machine, easy. Would recommend this machine to anyone, actually i have already told friends about this machine.

I’ve been using this for 10 months now and i’m really pleased with it. I had two machines from another manufacturer which both broke after three months, so i’m pleased with the reliability and simplicity. Also makes excellent coffee :-).

Great coffee machine, easy to use.

***update after 2 years of usage***last month the machine started to have a grinder problem. Basically the grinder was not able to grind anymore. Considering the type of work it does i was not 100% surprised as there is no way you can actually clean it but still, it made the machine unusable. As i am quite good with diy i opened the machine, remove the grinder part and tried to clean it. Unfortunately it didn’t work. I looked at de longhi parts and the grinder is the only part they sell in one piece only. So i ordered a new grinder for about £55 and replaced the part. Now it is working perfectly but it is a bit of a concern that i had to replace this part after only two years. The majority of the people would have thrown the machine in the bin of gone through a repair service and spending at least £100 if not more. Not happy about the design quality.

Having only had this machine for a month, there’s not a day gone by that it hasn’t been used. Only given a 4 star as it is of plastic construction and felt metal would have been better quality. My previous machine was a gaggia and i never thought i would change brands, but this is really good for the price and would highly reccomend for both ease of use and ease of cleaning.

We have made coffee with this machine most days since we bought it. Every few months it prompts you to perform a service, which is quite easy, providing you gave the right decalc liquid. It has not broken down nor given us any other problems. Just great coffeein the end, we just wanted a machine that made fresh espresso with beans, and which could froth milk. It does both, leaving us to make coffee just how we want. I did consider buying one of the fancier models with more automatic functions – capuccino etc – but very happy we didn’t. Absolutely delighted that we bought this machine. Incidentally, and this is just our personal preference, we have settled on espresso beans from monmouth coffee. Shops in london + mail order.

Purchased this bean to cup coffee machine from currys a month ago. I had been looking for a fully automatic (with milk frothing) bean to cup coffee machine for two months and couldn’t make up my mind. I read loads of reviews online and was comparing between getting this or an entry level jura or melitta (sans milk frother). When this popped up on a special deal i had to snatch it up. So far i have not had a single bad experience with the machine. It came well packaged in a large box and had instruction manuals in many languages. It also came with a water filter and descaling kit. The water filter is great because we have very hard water in my area. All the coffee that comes out of it is fantastic, my personal preference is for a flat white, however i have tried all the different options and they are all great. Pros:+ 5 standard drink options (extra short, short, standard, tall, extra tall)+ strength options+ 4 milk drink options (latte, machiatto, flat white, capuccino)+ auto clean functionality and milk frother clean functionality+ large drip tray+ very attractive design+ coffee has great crema and flavourcons- i would say the hopper is a bit small, takes around 100g of beans, and is top loaded so if you have this under a wall cabinet then it can be annoying to refill.

I’ve been using this for a month now and it’s fantastic. I drink mostly flat whites, double espressos and americanos and they taste perfect, which i guess also depends on the beans you use, of which i prefer lavazza qualita rossa. I’m not sure about the reviews saying their drinks are cold. A flat white comes out ready to drink and i have it one down from the highest temperature setting. Unless undrinkably hot coffee that you have to wait 10 minutes to cool down is your thing?. It’s does take patients and time to set up. I probably made 10-15 cups before i got where i wanted it but it was worth it. There is a default cup size programmed out of the box but you can set the size to your own mugs. My biggest tip would be to set some time aside with the instruction manual and some coffee loving friends and take your time to set it up properly. Once you have it’s all simple there after.

Not sure what the front dial does but the taste does change with it. Cons:*not dual boiler so 10 second delay for steam switching*struggles to make two cups at a time*mine came with a eu plug which amazon then sent me a free adapter for.

Good machine easy to use andvalue for money.

It smashes pod machines and looks good. However it gets through beans and water, ( more than you would expect ) but this is easily offset by the joy of having splendid coffee from home.

My morning coffee is perfect now.

We’ve had this for a year now and we love it. Makes all types of coffee drinks and easy to customise the drink to your liking. My only critisism would be that the long black coffee (americano) could be hotter.

Excellent service and product used beans from small roaster adams & russell and crema is fantastic.

Replaces our older model and works very nicely. Only down side is that unlike the older model this one has no adjustment for the amount of water so you cannot modify it to fill outrageously large starbucks mugs. You can only do that by hitting a large cup and thern hitting a small cup (which takes longer). Coffee is great and it is easier to clean than older model too.

Great machine for any coffee lover. It might a little while to understand how everything works, but it delivers. Whatever coffee you like it will be quick and easy to make it. It’s my 3rd delonghi coffee machine and every next model is just getting better.

Excellent machine dead easy to use and clean wonderful cup of coffee.

Features and Spesification

  • Cappuccino system: it combines steam, air and milk producing a rich creamy froth for a great cappuccino
  • The machine can be used with either fresh coffee beans or with ground coffee
  • Sophistacated icon control panel to prepare your specific coffee drink
  • New silent integrated grinder with 13 adjustable settings
  • You can prepare two cups of coffee from one brewing unit