Dèlonghi Delonghi ICM15210 : Four Stars

Prompt delivery, all as described.

This is a good and very simple machine, easy to use and makes a nice filtered brew. Problem is that after a long time of functioning perfectly it started doing nothing when the switch was pressed and needing a jolt to make it work. This has got steadily worse until it needs considerable “beating up” before it starts to function. Our current example is the second to exhibit this behaviour. Assume it’s down to a dodgy connection or component on the circuit board, but the fasteners are of an unusual design for which i don’t have a driver, so i can’t look inside to check. Because the machine is reasonably-priced and simple, i’ve just at time of this review ordered a third. But if the new one goes the same way, we’ll look elsewhere next time.

Simple to use and competitively priced – shop around.

Nice to have a cheaper coffee maker that uses filter bags. Our previous machine has been relegated due to its coffee with dregs from gold filter.

Easy to use, makes good coffee.

Excellent coffee and very easy to use. Slight snag, the filter basket opens when removing the jug but i now remember to put a finger on it to hold it in place. I cannot function without my morning coffee and this is great.

A replacement after a previous machine finally expired after years of good service. So far the filter process is fine, but the build seems less robust than before. One morning and the filter compartment part opened to create a small flood, and now the water lid has lost a hinge. Unsure on how long this item will survive daily use.

However, no receipt, so unable to register guarantee.

  • Basic Coffee Maker
  • First Experience with a Coffee Maker – Nothing special but does what it should
  • Great coffee machine

Delonghi ICM15210.1 900 Watts 1.2 Litres Filter Coffee Machine Maker in Black

The Delonghi ICM15210.1 Filter Coffee Machine has a 10 cup capacity and water level window on both sides. The drip-stop mechanism permits removing the jug anytime while coffee is brewing. Additional features include an on/off switch with pilot light, Auto shut off, cord storage and non slip feet.

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At last a basic coffee machine.

I’m not a fan of coffee pod machines and have loyally used my stove top bialetti for years, however cleaning and maintenance has become a bit of a nuisance so i’ve been toying with buying something else for a while. I couldn’t believe the prices out there for coffee machines. I stumbled across this one and thought because of the price it must be refurbished. After reading the reviews below i thought id take a chance, and i’m very glad i did. There are no gimmicks or smart features, all you do is add a filter, finely ground coffee and water. Its a great starter machine, i love it.

Wasn’t clear to see the difference with the ‘old’ model and this one which wasn’t available by amazon so it was quite confusing. Hopefully we chose right buying the newer more expensive one. Easy to use, drips a little with condensation, but can’t complain overall. Like this brand of coffee machine, also have a delonghi expresso machine.

Easy to use , easy to clean , makes excellent coffee , takes about 3 minutes to percolate , would definitely buy again.

Easy to use, simple coffee maker. Design is classic clunky which makes it feel extra old school in the world of modern sleek coffee makers. Surely there must be a way to make this more aesthetically with the times while maintaining functionality?.

Very compact so fits in my small kitchen and looks good.

It makes great coffee, it’s simple to use and keeps the coffee hot enough for long enough that i can ebjoy the necessary 2 cups to enable me to reach a reasonably human level in the morning.

Had always wanted a coffee machine. Found this so easy to use and great quality for money.

  • Basic Coffee Maker
  • First Experience with a Coffee Maker – Nothing special but does what it should
  • Great coffee machine

Delonghi ICM15210.1 900 Watts 1.2 Litres Filter Coffee Machine Maker in Black

Just what i wanted – almost as quick as the kettle.

Works as described and easy to use.

Just what we wantedcoffee maker that works effectivelysimple to use.

Simple to use and clean, makes great coffee and a good price, i would recommend it.

If you are looking for an inexpensive, entry level coffee machine then look no further. I have had this machine for nearly a year now and can testify that this is well built, no frills machine that makes no fuss coffee in a couple of minutes. Made of black plastic it is easy to clean; the filter part comes off quickly to rinse while the glass jug has a detachable lid and both are dishwasher proof. One big advantage over some other makes is that it is very easy to pour the water into the machine as the reservoir at the top is not covered apart from the hinged lid; you are not forced to try and pour the water through a tiny opening, spilling it over the outside of the machine. To switch it on, all you do is press the large button on the front at the bottom and press it again to switch it off. When it has finished percolating you will hear an audible beeping noise to let you know it’s finished. The timer on the heating plate is set at 40 minutes so if you forget to switch it off it will do it for you. This does mean you need to drink your coffee reasonably quickly but is a nice safety feature. Some reviews of the previous model complained of a plastic taste that it left even after multiple uses. I can confirm that this is not a problem with this machine.

It makes good coffee, quickly and keeps the coffee warm for up to 2 hours.

This is my first experience with filter coffee, all prior experience was with the good old instant coffee. For a very cheap and basic machine this seems to do fine, it has some liquid recommendations on the glass jug and water tank to let you know roughly, how many cups are going to be made. The hotplate stays warm for 40 minutes and the pull out section for the ground coffee is removable and washable. For the price it has done me fine for the last 5 months. The only button on the machine is the ‘on/off’ button and that is it. Fill it up, chuck in the size 4 filter (you get some with the machine to get you started) add the ground coffee and bam. Simple device but effective is all that can be said. I feel like i need to ‘graduate’ to a more advanced machine with some sort of timer functionality but i cant fault this device for that as i knew what i was getting myself into when i purchased this. It is small, compact and quite.

Just follow the instructions on what to do before use.

Great compact machine , coffee goes through quickly and switches off automatically after 40 mins , i like mine to last bit longer so switch machine off and back on to keep plate hot for further 40 minutes.

Very good l am so happy with it l use it every day.

It’s simple, seems to be not expensive. You put coffee and water in and a hot drink comes out, there’s not much else it needs to do. Ok, so it switches off after 40 minutes but it appears lawmakers have decreed that in case we burn ourselves – or something. I load mine at night and all i have to do in the morning is press a button, so no need for timers and so on.

It is great to have a coffee maker that just makes coffee. I have searched for months for such a coffee maker. It is also compact and does not take up too much counter space.

A simple, straightforward and good value machine which makes good coffee. It has a number of improvements over the earlier model which i had previously: it is easier to fill with water (and the front facing window makes it easier to see how much water is in the machine). The swing out filter holder is easy to use – and easy to remove for cleaning. I also like the fact that the machine switches off automatically after 40 minutes – no risk of leaving stewed coffee inside the hot flask or burning a drain of coffee left in the bottom. The only thing that disappoints me is that they do not provide a permanent filter, although i recognise that disposable filters are easy to use and clean out.

Nice design, does the job, anti drip.

Well pleased with this, easy to use and makes real coffee.

Makes really good coffee quickly.

I like the appearance – the ease of filling the water tank – and the coffee tastes good and is hotter than any previous coffee maker i’ve owned. I dislike the 40 minutes cut out but this is an eu rule – not a choice made by the manufacturer – so can’t be changed – at least – not yet. My previous coffee maker cut out after two hours but i find i never get all the good things in one package.

Features and Spesification

  • Water Capacity (litres): 1.2 litres
  • Power (watts): 900 watts
  • Cup Warmer: No
  • Colour: Black