De’Longhi Dinamica ECAM 350 : Wonderful coffee

Our delonghi magnifica bean-to-cup machine is now 7 years old. It has given absolutely sterling, daily, fault-free service during that time. It has simply been amazingly reliable, consistently serving truly full-tasting coffee. It’s been such a good advert for delonghi, too, with my cousin being the latest to buy his own a few days ago – and he’s loving it. We were thrilled to be asked to test this new model. It’s about a hundred pounds more than the basic magnifica. Yes – most certainly, but you’ll still get top coffee from the cheaper machine, for certain. What makes the newer machine better?- it’s far more compact and will fit in even the smallest kitchen. – it’s extremely stylish and modern looking.

From start losing water but i fixed.

Having previously used several manual coffee presses, with their own limitations, it was time to splash out on a bean to cup machine. Decided on this one without a milk facility as i only drink black coffee and if my partner wants a white one we have a steam/hot water wand. Really pleased with this machine as it produces magnificent coffee straight out of the box. There are grind/temperature/volume controls which i haven’t changed from the factory settings. Many reviews of other machine hi-light problems with coffee temperature but get really good heat without pre-warming cups. I like my coffee strong and black so for a large coffee i use 2 double espresso shots and top up with hot water from the wand. If you put the hot water in first you get great frothing on your coffee. For a smaller coffee i use the ‘doppio’ preset, which dispenses a very slightly larger volume than a standard double espresso. Apparently coffee officianados use this to judge coffee tastings. Haven’t used the programmable set ups yet but you can use this to perfect your own set up.

It took me sometime to finally decide to purchase this machine, partly because of the sheer number of machines out there and also because i couldn’t find many reviews for this specific machine. So after some comparison work i jumped in. So glad i did, great machine, makes fantastic expresso, long, regular coffee, late and cappuccino. I have programmed it to extract specific sizes of coffee and expresso for my own cups/preferences. Also it warns you when its due to be cleaned and takes you through the whole process. I purchased the water filters and descaler and have used them with no issue. Afterwards i poured the descaling/water solution that had passed through the machine into my kettle and it cleaned that a treat as well. You wont be disappointed with this machine, you will however consume too much coffee as a result, because they taste so good.

The only thing i didn’t like is the strength of espresso machine – some finely ground coffee causes it to choke. Overall it’s a classic bean to cup machine, there’s not much to tell, it makes good coffee even from mediocre beans.

Great value bean to cup coffee machine that offers many different drink option at the touch of a button and is built to last. The delonghi ecam35x coffee machine is a very smart bean to cup machine that offers excellent value for money. It comes in an off-white high gloss finish, which fits in our kitchen’s modern décor. This is complemented by a stainless steel drip tray and chrome plated control unit. Annoyingly, delonghi had stuck a leaflet about their coffee club firmly onto the stainless steel drip tray with strong glue that was difficult to remove. Setting up the machine was quite easy. It comes with single language instruction manuals in english, italian and german so you don’t have to read multi-lingual paragraphs. The instruction manual is fairly clear but the english translation is slightly confusing in places: fortunately the line drawings are very clear. I was really pleased to see that this machine has a water softener filter in its water tank. Prevention is better than cure in terms of limescale plus these filters do improve the taste of the water used to make coffee.

I have had a delonghi esam 4000 for over two years and have been very happy with it. This is a much more advanced user interface allowing you to have much more control over the strength, volume and type of coffee. It’s got one large bay at the top to hold coffee beans and can also be used for ground coffee. You can add as many beans as you want, i generally fill it up with no more than a couple of days at a time to keep it as fresh as possible. The milk frother is much easier to use than on my old machine and very powerful and fast. You can make a delicious black coffee in a couple of minutes (about the time to boil a kettle), and a milky coffee within five. It takes not much longer to make two cups as you can make two coffees at a time and you can do enough milk but both cups. It does occupy quite a large space in your kitchen, but it’s a very impressive machine and i guarantee the neighbours will be in awe when they see itit seems expensive but it doesn’t take long to spend the cost of this machine on your daily takeaway coffee, and this is just as good and you can make it just the way you like ityou can also use the frother for drinks like hot chocolate. I wouldn’t recommend using this machine with powdered coffee as you have to measure out just enough for one cup and put it in the container, you can’t preload it like you can with beans. It’s also a lot of button clicks to use powdered coffee.

Italian built, micro processor controlled to simplify the process of making first class coffee. Only gripe is that they could have made the water tank a bit larger but that’s because the coffee is irresistible. Great looking on the desktop.

  • So glad I did
  • Good machine, while it works
  • Silent

De’Longhi Dinamica ECAM 350.35.W Bean to Cup, White

Product Description, Efficient Thermoblock Heating System An efficient Thermoblock heating system ensures that the water is heated speedily to the optimum temperature to create great coffee and there’s a steam wand for heating or frothing milk in the traditional coffee-shop way. Easy to Use Intuitive, easy-to-follow graphic icons on the control panel offer one-touch buttons for Espresso, Coffee (Americano), Long and Doppio+. You can also use the ‘my MENU’ function to adjust aroma, coffee strength and milk amount and foam to save your preferred recipes for each coffee style. Perfect Results The Dinamica uses a powerful 15 bar pressure to give you the best tasting coffee. What’s more, De’Longhi’s conical metal grinders will extract the maximum flavour and aroma from your beans, ensuring the best possible aroma. And because the mechanism is tubeless, there is less space for old grounds to linger in the system. The removable brewing unit doses and compacts the grounds to guarantee optimal infusion so that you get aromatic coffee with a perfect, dense crema. Easy to Clean The brewing unit lifts out for simple cleaning and maintenance, the control panel will prompt you when the coffee ground collector should be cleaned and the ground collector, wide drip tray and condensation catcher can all be easily removed for emptying. The drip tray is dishwasher safe. The De’Longhi Dinamica Bean-to-Cup Coffee Maker also includes a dosing spoon for pre-ground coffee, a cleaning brush/scraper plus a descaler, a water filter for the reservoir tank and a water hardness testing strip in the instruction booklet – so you can programme the machine to remind you of the optimum intervals for descaling.22.5 x 43 x 35cm H. Flex 150cm. 1450W.

Box Contains,

From the manufacturer

De’Longhi Dinamica Bean to Cup

ECAM 350.35.W

Imagine your favourite coffee, perfectly made, all at the touch of a button.

Enjoy freshly ground beans delivered to the cup the minute they were ground. You simply cannot get a fresher or better tasting coffee. Simply choose your favourite coffee beans, and your favourite coffee recipe.

  • Touch control panel
  • Variety of one touch recipes
  • ‘MY’ Function, personalise your favourites

Traditional beverages at the touch of a button:

Espresso, Coffee, LONG and Doppio+ as originally prepared

Adjustable Milk Forther

to warm up milk or easily prepare a creamy and dense foam for your favourite milk beverages

Intuitive control panel

With clear graphic display and touch buttons for the best communication and interaction with the user

Drip-tray with removable and dishwasher-safe grid

for maximum hygiene and convenience

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ECAM 510.55M
Dinamica ECAM 350.35.W Dinamica ECAM 350.75.S PrimaDonna S EVO ECAM510.55M
Size Compact Compact Compact
Dimensions L X W X H 23.6 x 42.9 x 34.8cm 23.6 x 42.9 x 34.8cm 23.8 x 47 x 35cm
Milk Frother Adjustable milk frother Automatic Milk Carafe Automatic Milk Carafe
One Touch Recipes Espresso, Coffee, LONG and Doppio+ Espresso, Coffee, LONG and Doppio+ Espresso, Coffee, LONG and Doppio+
Milk Menu
Milk Menu Recipes Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato and Hot Milk Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Caffelatte and Hot Milk
Digital Display
Coffee Types Beans or pre ground including decaffeinated coffee Beans or pre ground including decaffeinated coffee Beans or pre ground including decaffeinated coffee

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I have had coffee machines since 1975 – i have had two gaggia machines (the very original expresso machines ever). Great results, fussy, and eventually seize up if not regularly descaled. Followed by a pavoni machine – same characteristics as the gaggias, good coffee but fussy. This was replaced some 8 years ago with a de’longhi magnifica (mk 1). Big difference: this was a bean to cup. Great coffee but very noisy, main bad bit was the time it took to return to coffee mode after using the steaming system – about 5 minutes making multiple coffee’s and changes of mind difficult to manage. This eventually wore out a bit due to very hard use and became mildly incontinent but still giving good coffee. This was replaced with a sage barrista. Very disappointing, variable coffee consistency, and eventually failed after only 3 months.

I’m less keen on white appliances myself, preferring shiny shiny metal in my kitchen accessories. The reservoir is accessed from the front and the bean chamber at the top back. You’d buy this one for preference because1. You want a machine where it is easy to access the inside (that brewing unit isn’t scary, really). This is important because coffee grounds go mouldy quickly and sealed units made by other brands are unhygienic. You predominantly like black coffee, or you want to budget by hand frothing your milk – not actually hard, but the machines with removable carafes are very good (and you get the option of a normal wand to swap). Personally, after trying the milk carafe i can’t go back to wand frothing- it’s just much easier to clean.

Arrived quickly and well packaged. Excellent coffee machine – infinitely easier to use than our last de longhi which used the pods. Press a button and hey presto – a cup of jonot too large in our modest sized kitchen and looks quite swanky on the worktop. Great price from this seller too – better than we could find anywhere else.

I got this machine to replace a “pod” coffee machine, and thought it would make better coffee with freshly ground beans. This it does – but it certainly more effort as well. Particulary if you only want one coffee, as the machine rinses itself through everytime you turn it on, and when you turn it off again. This means you have to remember to place a cup to catch the waste water, or empty the drip tray a lot.It also means that the fairly small water container needs refilling very frequently. The instructions are pretty hard to follow as they are mainly just pictures, but fortunately the machine is pretty easy to use so this is not too much of an issue. The most common drinks (single espresso, espresso lungo and hot water) have dedicated buttons to select them – for anything else you have to scroll through the “drink” menu, but this is fairly short so not an issue. The milk steamer has a really short stem (only a few inches are submersible), which rather limits what container you can use for the milk – and pretty much stops you making more than enough milk for one latte at a time. Again, a minor inconvenience but surprising they didn’t make the stem longeremptying the grounds container and drip tray, and refilling the water are all quite straightforward, and so far i’ve had no reliability issues.

This is a very nice bean to cup coffee machine, does an excellent latte/cappuccino but it’s also quite expensive. Prior to having this machine i used the delongi basic machine dedica style ec685m traditional pump espresso machine, which does a good job for the price. The bean to cup machine makes many coffees, expresso, ‘coffee’ doppio, long, latte, cappuccino, express lungo, and ristrettodetails below of operation=====================the machine is quite complex, not unlike an up market washing machine or dishwasher with loads of programs where you end up using only a couple. There is an instruction book , however the instructions are not ideal, refers to sections which when you go to them aren’t related to the topic you want.There are however online videos which are worth watching to get the basics. Whats in the box=============the coffee machine and power cables, a frother/steamer, water hardness tester, coffee scoop, and descaler solution. The machine requires some set up, language, cleaning, calibration water hardness testing/setting. Allow a couple of hours to do this. Coffee======the machine takes unground beans but there is also in a separate delivery chute for ground coffee. This is the only way to have two types of coffee on the go.

Love this coffee machine, had a bean to cup previously which was greatthis little beauty does everything i need at a touch of a button & looks great in my kitchenyou can programme it to make your perfect coffee & it delivers it perfect every time.

Bought this as a replacement for my old manual machine. Like the fact that it is white and not the usual black colour.

My last bean to cup machine was retired in favour of a nespresso partly because i had to make a jug full of coffee and partly because capsules were just a bit more convenient. However, capsules are not as good as freshly ground and brewed coffee. Where this bean to cup is better than my last is that i can just brew one cup or as many as i need on demand. There is also much more control over the strength of the brew and quantity of coffee dispensed. Everything is at the slightest touch of a button with a digital menu to let you know what is going on and when maintenence is required. Getting a fresh coffee is easy enough, but it took me some trial and error before i got the consistency of the milk foam right. You get plenty of warning as to emptying the drip tray, when to clean out the used coffee grinds (when full or after a few days to prevent mould). It is a mightily impressive machine and dispenses coffee that is close to professionally crafted coffee as you can get. Despite the superb coffee, it isn’t all roses, well mostly it is. There is a lot more maintenence and cleaning required over a capsule machine and it does take a little longer to get a cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

  • So glad I did
  • Good machine, while it works
  • Silent

De’Longhi Dinamica ECAM 350.35.W Bean to Cup, White

There are many beans to cup coffee machines, and this is my third one. My first one lasted about 7 years and only died when i washed the actual press section in a dishwasher and for some reason the machine would no longer work. Prior to that i’d always washed it by hand. The second one is still alive and kicking but it was a more ‘cost effective’ machine which made decent coffee but after putting this one into service certainly felt distinctly second rate. So, first off, we have a well-made and stylish machine. My wife in particular likes the slightly off-white finish because it’s a lot easier to keep clean compared to the stainless-steel brushed finish of my last one which showed every fingerprint up perfectly. From the first use this gives of an aura of quality. The controls are slick and well thought out and the ability to set it up to suit your perfect strength and size of coffee is superb.

Features and Spesification

  • Makes all coffee shop favourites, grinding your choice of fresh beans for a perfect taste
  • Grind your choice of fresh beans for a perfect taste
  • Froth fresh milk with the adjustable milk frother for easy cappuccinos and latte
  • Programme the strength, length and temperature of your coffee to your taste
  • Automatic rinse and descale programmes