De’Longhi EC.680.M Dedica Coffee Machine with 15 Bar Espresso Pump – Metal : Short steam wand

My boyfriend is a barista, and he loved it.

I think this is the best espresso machine you’ll get at this cost. You’ll have to shell out in excess of £300 to get anything better. Slim size is advantage against other machines.

This coffee machine is a good product. It does what it says, it arrived well packaged and on time. So why the 3 star rating?well, firstly its overpriced for what it can do. The steamer doesn’t work great, it starts leaking hot water into your milk as you’re frothing so i never use it. Also, its pressure power is completely useless. If you put in a speck of coffee more than what the cheap plastic coffee spoon (enclosed within) measures, then the machine can’t push out espresso, water starts leaking from the sides, the machine starts vibrating and shacking and it looks like its hazing a seizure. Another worry of mine is, what happens if i lose the “cheap plastic spoon”, i’ll have no way of measuring the exact amount of coffee the machine can handle without having it flip out – literally. You won’t be able to make strong coffee, you won’t be able to make froth milk, and its overpriced.

He loves it but only has one complaint. The steam jet is not adjustable which means you cannot make nice creamy milk as it becomes bubbly.

Great coffee with a nice and slim coffee machine.

We use ground coffee rather than pods. Easy to use as it produces a serving with the touch of a button. I find the serving a little small, but i know italians like their coffee short and strong.

Love this machine makes great coffee very fast and easy to use take up very little space.

Super simple to use nice to design, makes good coffee too. Only downside so far is upon purchase the clamping process was very stiff which meant the entire coffee machine moved around when we were clamping the coffee hopper onto the front as the base is so slimline. This did loosen up after about 10 brews so not a massive issue, just disconcerting on a new product.

  • Perfect cuppa, from a tiny machine.
  • Coffee at it’s best
  • manual I have found this machine to make a good quality espresso with very little effort

De’Longhi EC.680.M Dedica Coffee Machine with 15 Bar Espresso Pump – Metal

Product Description, De’Longhi EC.680.M Dedica Coffee Machine with 15 Bar Espresso Pump – Metal.

Box Contains,

  • 1 x Delonghi EC860.R

  • From the manufacturer

    Key Features

    • 15 bar professional pressure
    • Ready to use in 35 seconds
    • Anti drip
    • Manual milk frother so you can make more than espresso

    Delonghi Premium Pump Coffee machine EC680.M

    The Dedica (EC680) from De’Longhi is a must for any budding barista taking their first step into domestic pump espresso machines. You can make an array of hot beverages, and using the manual milk frother you can make the perfect lungo, latte, cappuccino, or other milky drink. It produces 15-bar restaurant and coffee house standard coffee in the comfort of your own home.

    All aspects of a typical professional pump espresso machine (like the ones you see in your high street coffee bar), such as grinders, filter holders, and steam pipes, are found working inside the De’Longhi Dedica EC680. The traditional milk frother allows you to impress your guests by manually frothing the milk whilst making them the ideal cappuccino or latte.

    Will This Machine Make My Favourite Types of Coffee?


    Create coffee shop quality espressos.

    Espresso Macchiato

    Manual milk frother allows you to mix steam, air and milk, produce a rich froth for espresso macchiatos and much more.


    Manual milk frother allows you to mix steam, air and milk, produce a rich, dense and creamy froth for great cappuccinos


    Manual milk frother allows you to mix steam, air and milk, produce a rich, dense and creamy froth for great lattes.

    Ease of Use

    Easy to Clean

    Removable drip tray with water level indicator allows you to maintain the machine with ease. It has a descaling alarm to help you keep it in the best shape.

    Easy to Use

    You’ll find the easy-to-use control panel with 3 illuminated buttons very user friendly.

    The flow stop function allows you to pre-set and store the quantity of coffee in the cup.

    Level of Convenience

    It can either be used with ground coffee or Easy Serving Espresso (ESE) pods and comes with 3 interchangeable crema devices for 1 or 2 cups simultaneously.

    If you wish to create milky coffee drinks, then the manual milk frother gives you that flexibility.

    The filter holder is equipped with 3 interchangeable stainless steel filters to prepare one or two coffees.

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    Not very pleased with the machine, didn’t seem to work right.

    Absolutely brilliant machine. Best espresso maker i’ve had 0 and i’ve had a few over the years. For those who say it ‘doesn’t do hot’ actually it does; read the instructions and set the machine properly. For those who say it doesn’t froth milk, it does; read the instructions and use the machine properly. For those who say it is not strong enough,. Well, you know what i’m going to say. And that is the point really. This machine will make the best coffee you have tasted but, seriously, take the trouble to read all the instructions first and you will not be disappointed. For the money, you will find nothing better. Oh,,,try and use filtered water if you can, even out of a filter jug; it makes all the difference and also prevents the machine from becoming full of lime-scale and dying a horrible death.

    After deciphering the confusing instruction manual i have found this machine to make a good quality espresso with very little effort. The ability to preset temperature & amount of water in your espresso has been invaluable. I would have preferred the steamer control knob to have been located to the left hand side of the machine for easier use though.

    Feels and looks high quality. Great coffee, easy intuitive controls. Drip tray removes to fit regular mug under. At £150 it was an absolute bargain. Takes up little space on the worktop.

    Great coffee machine, love it.

    Bought this for my italian husband who is now obsessed with the gadget. Takes a while to be able to perfect the milk froth, but otherwise very straight forward to use. Only gripe is the coffee can be a bit hard to tap out if the filter.

    Great machine: warms up really quickly (good for somebody who doesn’t drink coffee all day long), had good pressure so extracts all the flavor and aroma from the coffee, and also makes great milk froth very easily – no need to be a barista for great results.

    Good coffee, if settings are tampered with after a few uses, i am used to an industrial machine so it wasn’t ideal for me as i didn’t like the fact you had to weight for the water to boil. Then wait for the temperature to drop to use the steam wand. 330ml pitcher required as the steam wand is very short. Volume of the milk was to high before it would even be near the right temperature.

    • Perfect cuppa, from a tiny machine.
    • Coffee at it’s best
    • manual I have found this machine to make a good quality espresso with very little effort

    De’Longhi EC.680.M Dedica Coffee Machine with 15 Bar Espresso Pump – Metal

    Compact and functional it produces most varities of coffee with minimum fuss.

    Easy to use and good slimline design. A little tricky getting the coffee ground to the best fineness as the water does not flow well if it is too fine. Makes cappuccino in a very short time and is quiet too. Having had two cheaper machines over the past 4 years i am delighted so far with this product as it is quieter, much faster and makes a better cup of coffee. Worth the extra money as it use it at least once per day.

    This is an excellent machine. Simple to use and makes great coffee, what more can i say?.

    First coffee machine i’d ever bought, never feeling the need to invest in such an appliance. There are probably better out there but i’m delighted with this machine which makes cup after cup of excellent expresso and cappuccino coffee. I would recommend this machine to everyone whether a first time buyer like myself or a coffee connoisseur.

    An excellent machine, quick heat up.

    The only issue would be that the normal size cups only fit if you remove the tray and yes you can only fit one normal cup under it with the tray removed. I know but absolutely dislike the fact that all these machines have a very small distance between the nozzle and the tray.

    Brilliant machine + looks good in the kitchen:-).

    Machine looks brilliant but my daughter was very disappointed that her birthday pressie arrived with a 2 pin plug, not a uk plug as expected. We now need to spend more money to purchase a black adaptor plug.

    Very nice little machine that functions beautifully, the only criticism is that the steam wand/frother is quite short but overall an excellent coffee maker.

    This makes great coffee and is much easier to use than cheaper models.

    This coffee machine is tiny, and very quiet compared to my last machine (which is perfect for first thing in the morning). Although i did initiallty overfill the pod with coffee, preventing me from fitting the head to the machine. The tidy up was easy and i havent made the same mistake since. Most importantly the coffee it produces is wonderful, with excellent crema. It is perfect for coffee lovers who dont have a lot of room in their kitchens.

    Thus far, i’m in love with my slim, semi-automatic 680. In the past i’ve used a de longhi icona (nice, my previous machine) and a dualit (nasty, style over substance), so i can’t comment on the 680 versus higher-end (and cost) machines. But i can only agree with the other positive reviews here – this stylish little thing can make good to great coffee and has a range of settings/ features that are rare in this price range. It does take some study and practice, so be prepared to set it up right and practice with shots – unless you opt for the ese pods which can give ok-to-very-good results if time is short (illy and waitrose ese pods are pretty darn impressive, best results i’ve ever had using pods). But the fun is in grinding your beans, and experimenting. Contrary to some opinions i’ve read on various coffee sites, i do find (light) tamping effective with the pressurised baskets this machine uses, thus giving more variables which, with grinding, adds to the fun ( and tbh, the short-term frustration when things don’t turn out – but then you get a good result that makes it all worthwhile, and the good results happen more and more often as one gets to know the 680). This is what takes this machine above the every-shot-the-same-yawn-nespresso-experience which, if that’s what one wants. . But i’ll take my ec680 anytime.I really do look forward to making each and every coffee with it – a pleasure to use.

    Great compact machine at a reasonable price. Makes great coffee and lattes.

    As home coffee machines go this is by far the best for the money. Milk frothing will always be weak until you get to high levels but for the home espresso love this is perfect. Cleaning function is also excellent.

    Features and Spesification

    • Thermoblock heating systems
    • 15 bar professional pressure
    • Ready to use in 35 seconds
    • Manual milk frother
    • Anti drip system
    • Its simple and contemporary form is sleek and slim and with its Thermoblock boiler, this pump espresso coffee machine will enhance performance, quality ease of use and customisation for all your hot beverages
    • If you prefer herbal or fruit teas, this machine can also dispense hot water with its fast heat-up time of 35 seconds
    • With its flow stop function you are able to consistently personalise your coffee
    • Manual milk frother allows you to mix steam, air and milk, produce a rich, dense and creamy froth
    • Removable drip tray with water level indicator

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