De’Longhi EC146 : purchase and still experimenting with different strengths but I love lattes and to be able to make one at

No complaints here, this being one of the cheapest espresso machines you would not expect anything crazy. It makes espresso properly (with crema, unlike what other comments seem to say, as long as a decent blend of coffee for espresso i used. You buy cheap beans, you get cheap coffee). Nothing to complain about, if not maybe the space for putting the cups in, wouldn’t hurt if it was a bit bigger. Again, it’s worth its price.

Good but the supplied single shot container is not designed for pads. I had to spend another £12 getting the one for pods.

At first, i was unsure if i should buy this or not,i’ve now had it for i’d say almost a month, i’m not sure exactly. Anyway, overall this is very good, like everything in the world it has bad points and good points. I will list them and let you decide for yourself if the good points outweigh the bad. Cons:-you can just about squeeze a cappuccino mug in it, and that’s only if you’ve taken the little tray out-you can’t really do 2 cups at the same time-it vibrates so much that the cups actually move out of placenow i may be at fault and using it wrong so forgive me if i amto stop my cup moving out of place i folded a kitchen tissue and put it where the tray was. To do 2 cups it will probably be best if you held them. I found 2 teenie cappuccino mugs that squeezed in but because of all the vibrations they kept clanking together. In the package, you do get a booklet with a list of problems and how to solve them. Pros:-coffee tastes sooooo smooth-water is very hotfor me, that is well worth the cons. Having used an old coffee machine for the past 4 or so years, this machine is definitely an upgrade no matter what. I am in no way some kind of barista, but i do enjoy my coffee, from grinding beans to tasting, i don’t have much experience as this is the only new machine i’ve’ owned.

Great coffee machine for this price.

This is the most wonderful coffee maker and my favourite gadget in the kitchen. It makes great coffee with a minimum of fuss. It is also very good value at the price.

Having had issues with other coffee machines, went back to a product i have purchased and used before.

The last one i had used it for four years never cleaned it and of course, brooke eventually, if you take care of and use descaler will last forever.

A more compact machine that the previous delonghi i had meaning that it takes up less counter space, but with the restricted height, can only be used with small cups. However, that is not a big problem as i can use a espresso cup and poor into a mug to make americano, latte,. For the price it is very good value for money and delivers coffee as good as more expensive models.

  • Good coffee machine at a reasonable price
  • This is a good coffee machine.
  • Compact and smart, but the original of this machine was better

De’Longhi EC146.B Traditional Pump Espresso Machine – Black

Product Description, De’Longhi EC146. B Traditional Pump Espresso Machine – Black

Box Contains, 1 x Delonghi EC146.B

From the manufacturer

Pump espresso EC 146.B

Designed to make an authentic espresso in everyday life, this machine provides a perfect cappuccino with a rich and creamy froth, thanks to the perfect mix of steam, air and milk.

  • Stainless steel boiler.
  • Transparent water reservoir (capacity: 1 l.).
  • Self-priming system means machine is always ready for use.
  • ‘Cappuccino System’: it mixes steam, air and milk, producing a rich, creamy froth for great cappuccino.
  • Single selector knob for on/off, espresso and cappuccino with indicator lights.
  • 2 separate thermostats to control water and steam temperatures.
  • Adjustable steam emission.
  • Filter holder for ground coffee.
  • 2 filters: for 1cup & 2 cups.
  • Removable drip-tray.
  • Anti drip system.
  • Incorporated coffee tamper.

Cappuccino System

It mixes steam, air and milk,producing a rich, creamy frothfor great cappuccino.

Coffee tamper Incorporated
Weight (Kg) 3
Rated voltage/Frequency (V~Hz) 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Input power (W) 1100
Choose your favourite colour Black
Auto shut-off
Milk system Manual
Heating system Stainless steal boiler
1&2 cups filters
External dimensions (WxDxH) (mm) 190x240x282

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Got an excellent crema on the first try.

I was so unsure on this machine due to how cheap it is but after research and finding out it’s £159 on the company website i went ahead and purchased it and i’m soooo glad i did. And it’s so small and adorable.

It’s a bit of a pain to be honest but i’m sure it’s the same with all machines like this. I just thought the flavour would have been better but i’ll persevere a bit longer.

Great little machine – doesn’t come with milk jug however and you have to hold cup in place as vibrations move it. Quick heat up time and the milk frother attachment works really well.

Bought for my sons birthdayloves it. Good froth and easy to clean. Much more powerful than you may think to look at it.

See how long this one lasts in our hard water area. We descale, filter and it still furs up. We’ve had 3 they last about 18 months.

Makes fab latte and expresso coffee.

I’ve had these de’longhi espresso machines for over 10 years in various houses in various countries, including the uk. They’re great value, make delicious coffee and last forever.

  • Good coffee machine at a reasonable price
  • This is a good coffee machine.
  • Compact and smart, but the original of this machine was better

De’Longhi EC146.B Traditional Pump Espresso Machine – Black

Turning out some very tasty coffee, simple to use and becoming very addictive.

This is easy to use and makes the best latte ever. Goes well in my kitchen too.

Works good but it very, very noisy.

Came on date stated and very good product.

I replaced this machine after many years of excellent service. It performed much better than the newer delonghi at twice the price.

All of the reviews do help,i found that when i first tried to use it i couldn’t get the water to flow for the coffee and it was extremely noisy. After trying around 4 times i finally felt defeated and ended up setting up the machine again to find i hadn’t inserted the coffee filter properly. As soon as i had the noise level went down dramatically and the water flow was effortless, the coffee doesn’t taste extremely strong so for those who like a strong coffee like i do i’d suggest you buy the strongest coffee you can to get a descent cup. The steamer side of things worked well immediately but with the machine being so small it was a littleness difficult to get the middle in and out of my larger cups. The only real downside to this machine is that you will need espresso cups for the coffee because it is a very very small machine.

Very new purchase and still experimenting with different strengths but i love lattes and to be able to make one at home is really good. I make ther latte with semi-skimmed milk straight from the fridge and it froths up very well.

Not impressed very fiddly to use.

It is good in general, steams well for latte. 2 minor diadvantages: the cup size is small and the steamer could be a little bit longer.

This machine makes fantastic coffee and cappuccino .

Having read the reviews i was concerned that this would last a week and produce disappointing coffee. However this has proven to be a fantastic purchase and is still going strong after daily usage for three months. Takes a bit of practice but after a week you’ll be making near barista standard lattes. Not all coffees produce a good crema so shop around but as this doesn’t bother me i couldn’t be happier.

It was in perfect condition, coffee tastes beautiful although for some reason is not creamy( i have another de’longhi in italy and makes it very creamy, better than at the coffee places). I would recommend it, it’s great for making cappuccino as well and the price is definitely very good.

It quickly makes a good hot strong cup of coffee.

Very impressive machine – frothing good, crema less so.

Bought on price and a vague recommendation from a magazine. Expected it to fail so bought protection breakdown. Still going after five months. Probably a bit slow by comparison. Not a lot of room for the cup.

Makes a good espresso consistently, i prefer using ground coffee. Starbucks sumatran is great in this, just ask for it ground for an espresso machine. If you use the de’longhi grinder mentioned below, set it at just over half way between medium and fine for great results. After about a year, the filter needed a quick clean using a small pin to clear the holes, as suggested in the manual. Prior to this it lost some pressure when making coffee, which made it appear to stop working correctly. Have read that you can also rinse it through with fresh lemon juice, or vinegar to reduce calcium build-up, but that wasn’t necessary for me. The produced espresso has a lovely rich crema, and the coffee is hot and smooth. Heating the cup prior to use by rinsing through without any grinds, really helps both taste and effective operation. Although i drink espresso, it does make excellent cappuccino with a little effort. The milk froths well, and is rich and thick.

Great little machine for the money. Makes superb lattes and cappuccinos. Create single or double espressos using filter coffee or use ese pods for simplicity which you can buy here on amazon for around 20 pence a cup. Positives easy to use and maintain. Negatives small gap for the cups so need to use espresso cups or shallow bowl for the coffee.

I already have one, use it daily and recommended it to a friend. This was meant to be a gift for this friend. It arrived on time as stated. Unfortunately, on unpacking it i noticed that the plastic plate that enables one to compress the coffee in the coffee filter cup was broken. As it is too much of a hassle to send it back, and it should make no difference to its function, we decided against sending it back. At least unless we find further problems with it. There were further problems. The coffee was not hot although the indicator light suggested it would be. The machine is noisy unlike the ones my brother and i have. I hadn’t realised this was a refurbished machine when i bought it.

Features and Spesification

  • Self priming system machine meaning it is always ready for use
  • Cappuccino system means it mixes steam, air and milk producing a rich creamy forth
  • Cup shelf
  • Adjustable steam emission
  • Filter holder with crema device