De’Longhi EC680 : Punchy little machine with great results!

I love the slim design and having used for well over a year i have no faults to report on it.

Nice looking machine replacing our old much-loved and worn-out delonghi some 10 years old. This would be the same model, but much up-dated. I had difficulty at first to make a coffee as good as the previous machine – but am getting there after several weeks of practice. The frother works very well with full cream milk.

Used this machine several times a day since we bought it. Seems to need descaling a little more often than we expected, but that’s not a problem as it does that itself (with a little descaling solution added). Only downside seems to be the delay between steaming and espressoing. Simple solution – make all your coffee first, before starting on the milk. Perfect espressi every time, and pretty quiet too. No wonder it’s top of the ratings lists.

Consistent great cup of coffee.

Excellent machine with professional espresso feature. Programmable to suit temperature and water quantity. Spacing saving – only 15 cm wide. Can be used with ese and ground coffee.

I’ve been searching for years to replace my fantastic old coffee/ cappuccino maker and at last i have. . This machine makes great espresso and milk froth. It’s easy to use once gotten over the initial reading instructions and had a few practice goes. It looks good,oozes quality and delivers a great coffee. After being so disappointed in other coffee machines and sending them back time and time again i’ve finally found one that delivers. I thoroughly recommend this and have done too.

After much debating whether to get a capsule machine or one like this using fresh ground coffee i eventually decided on this one. It arrived this morning and was very quick and easy to set up and change all the settings. I followed the advice of others and took the metal sleeve off the steam wand and the quality of the milk was much better than when i tried it with the sleeve on (far too many big bubbles). I am barista trained and am really impressed with this machine and the power it has. The only annoyance was when the steam wand switched off after 60 seconds to prevent continual use but no problem, i just switched the steamer off and on again and carried on. So far this machine seems to be brilliantedit: after using this machine daily for almost 3 months the steam wand has only turned off whilst in use once more for me. Still thrilled with this purchase and the coffee it produces.

Good coffee and milk froth, quick warm up. Compact size and ability to top-up the water without having to remove the reservoir is handy. Depending on what you have used before it may feel light to hold. I also had some difficult with placing the filter holder on the machine at first but this soon loosed up for an easy fit after a few uses. Don’t over compact the coffee and it will flow freely. If you live in a hard water area i suggest you try the delonghi 5513292811 water filter which fits inside the water reservoir, our de-scale light came on only after a couple of weeks of frequent use, this seems to be helping so far.

  • Exceeded all expectations.
  • If you want a proper espresso, this is for you
  • Love it

De’Longhi EC680.BK Dedica Coffee Machine with 15 Bar Espresso Pump – Black

Product Description, De’Longhi EC680.BK Dedica Coffee Machine with 15 Bar Espresso Pump – Black.

Box Contains, 1 x Delonghi EC860.B

From the manufacturer

Key Features

  • 15 bar professional pressure
  • Ready to use in 35 seconds
  • Anti drip
  • Manual milk frother so you can make more than espresso

Delonghi Premium Pump Coffee machine EC680.B

The Dedica (EC680) from De’Longhi is a must for any budding barista taking their first step into domestic pump espresso machines. You can make an array of hot beverages, and using the manual milk frother you can make the perfect lungo, latte, cappuccino, or other milky drink. It produces 15-bar restaurant and coffee house standard coffee in the comfort of your own home.

All aspects of a typical professional pump espresso machine (like the ones you see in your high street coffee bar), such as grinders, filter holders, and steam pipes, are found working inside the De’Longhi Dedica EC680. The traditional milk frother allows you to impress your guests by manually frothing the milk whilst making them the ideal cappuccino or latte.

Will This Machine Make My Favourite Types of Coffee?


Create coffee shop quality espressos.

Espresso Macchiato

Manual milk frother allows you to mix steam, air and milk, produce a rich froth for espresso macchiatos and much more.


Manual milk frother allows you to mix steam, air and milk, produce a rich, dense and creamy froth for great cappuccinos


Manual milk frother allows you to mix steam, air and milk, produce a rich, dense and creamy froth for great lattes.

Ease of Use

Easy to Clean

Removable drip tray with water level indicator allows you to maintain the machine with ease. It has a descaling alarm to help you keep it in the best shape.

Easy to Use

You’ll find the easy-to-use control panel with 3 illuminated buttons very user friendly.

The flow stop function allows you to pre-set and store the quantity of coffee in the cup.

Level of Convenience

It can either be used with ground coffee or Easy Serving Espresso (ESE) pods and comes with 3 interchangeable crema devices for 1 or 2 cups simultaneously.

If you wish to create milky coffee drinks, then the manual milk frother gives you that flexibility.

The filter holder is equipped with 3 interchangeable stainless steel filters to prepare one or two coffees.

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Super machine, perfect coffee and frothy milk everytime.

Excellent product and dont have to use those wasteful plastic pods.

As a very peaky italian guy i can say if you buy proper italian coffe the result is jut perfect. The cappucino is more difficult to make but after viewing few videos on how to make it properly also that can be perfect. It’s been one year that i have it and i am completely satisfied. I use it every day for my breakfast. To keep quality good mantainance is required, such as regular cleaning and discaling.

Upgraded to this machine from a morphy richards accents espresso machine which served me quite well for a few years. In the sales i found this for £99 and, for the 2 months i’ve had it, i’d say it’s the best tonne i’ve ever spent. I rate the coffee this machine makes up there with the coffees i buy from upmarket baristas in town. I look forward to every sip of the coffee it makes, and it’s much more consistent than my previous machine. Looks nice in situ as well, and doesn’t dominate the kitchen’s aesthetic.

Good pressure for trothing milk. Better machine the £800 it replaces.

Money saved but pretty goo to useonly issue is with these button which are hard really sometime confusing to configure.

This device replaced a much large and not so successful coffee maker. Got it for half price, which is very good value. It takes a little patience and practice to get the froth right but when you do it is excellent. It looks the part and doesn’t take up much room in your kitchen. Would recommend to any cappuccino lover.

Quite compact – thinner than most 2-slice toasters, hight of about 2 tall glasses. Following on from other comments – i find home-ground coffee is easier to just tap out as a single block, while pre-ground tends to stick and needs to be helped with a spoon/knife. I guess that’s just because pre-ground is finer.

  • Exceeded all expectations.
  • If you want a proper espresso, this is for you
  • Love it

De’Longhi EC680.BK Dedica Coffee Machine with 15 Bar Espresso Pump – Black

My third espresso machine in the last ten years, all were good but, after two months use, this one is proving the best.

This is an amazing coffee maker. I worked in a cafe in spain and it was as good a cup of coffee as you get there. Don’t grind your coffee for too long as it won’t come through. It’s getting used to it and you won’t be disappointed.

Replaced a bean to cup machine which kept jamming. The coffee holder is very stiff to lock in and you have to hold the machine steady with your other hand as otherwise the machine moves. When you do this it is very easy to hit buttons at the front of the machine which operate it and then you have to reset it and start again. These are fairly minor complaints as very pleased with the neat size, appearance and the coffee it produces.

Much quieter dispenser and hotter coffee.

Love this machine makes a really good cup of coffee the milk frothing works very well , it reminds you went to descale and it’s small enough to fit tidily on the worksurface. I have had at least three delonghi coffee machine over the years, i really like this one.

Great coffee machine, steamer could be better, but the rest of the machine is fantastic.

It could be a littlebit bigger for 2 mugs, but it makes nice coffee :).

Make great coffee does not take up a lot of worktop space, delivery was quick.

Is there a 1 year warranty?.

Our old de ‘longhi was starting to fail and we were didn’t want one of those pod machines, this is a great improvement on our last machine – smaller and quieter and uses less ground coffee for the same great rich flavour. We never use the steaming wand as we prefer not to have too much froth. For cafe latte we heat the milk in the microwave. The crema produced by this machine makes the perfect espresso.

I’ve had one of these for around 18 months and it’s been great, makes really nice coffee. I’d advise to watch a few youtube videos to get started but altogether it’s easy to use making good espresso or regular coffee.

I have not had the issue others have reported where it can’t cope when making double-shot espresso – works perfectly for me.

Waited over a month for this to arrive from amazon,when it arrived it had a continental plug on it . Phoned amazon helpline who couldnt assure the replacement wouldnt be the same. I returned it,got a refund and went down to curry`s and picked up one next day ,at the same price. Well worth the wait,makes excellent coffee with a great crema. Read the instructions,flush it through and make your choice. It really is as simple as that.

What a fantastic espresso machine. I did read a lot of positive reviews here on amazon which is why i decided to buy it. However, i was just a little sceptical about the ‘genuineness’ of the reviews because they did seem too good to be true. Now i can understand why this product has so many great reviews. The espresso it produces is perfect every time, with the most lovely crema. There are some instructions by matt van andel on amazon. Com about preping the machine before each use (essentially this entails running hot water through the steam wand and filter). If you follow those and use good coffee, i’ll bet you can get great results too. I use preground coffee, lavazza or illy, but do make sure that is it fresh. Of course your espresso will be even better if you grind the coffee just before using it. The steam wand works well and nicely froths up milk. Cleaning it is also really easy – a must after each use so that bacteria do not get a chance to start breeding. The best part – super sleek minimalistic design which takes up only 6 inches of your counter space.

So far so good i’m enjoying my new de’longhi coffee machine so easy and simple to use no mess. Im so happy with this product.

Looks really good in the kitchen, and the size is perfect (not too overpowering). A bit disappointed with black paint finish, – a few ‘spots’ exposing shiny steel beneath, but i’ve touched them in rather than go through the hassle of an exchange. Most importantly, it makes first class espresso, and the milk steamer/frother is excellent. Not for people who are impatient for a quick drink, but if you want a really good coffee, look no further.

It looks great and it makes great coffees, even better than most coffee shopsi absolutely recommend it. Just a note for whoever is wondering: the steam wand is short but i perfectly manage to use a 600ml milk jug.

If you read the directions and take care of it, this has been a great machine and makes fantastic quality lattes, espressos or whatever. The steam arm is a bit short, but hasn’t been an issue.

Features and Spesification

  • Thermoblock heating systems
  • 15 bar professional pressure
  • Ready to use in 35 seconds
  • Manual milk frother
  • Anti drip system

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