De’Longhi EC850 : A fantastic, professional cappuccino

Got this as a replacement for my nespresso machine as pods expensive. Once machine set up initially was easy to use. Can now be more adventurous with my coffee choices.

I am a committed coffee drinker but cannot abide the “mess” or effort required to be my own barista. I have in the past owned bean to cup machines , i have eventually worked out that no matter how much i pay fir a coffee machine they are a lifed kitchen item. With that view in mind ie it is not going to last much more than 2 years note guarantee periods offered, i decided to look for a semi automatic machine that was affordable , took ese pads , ground. Coffee and had some variable selector controls. This hit my list totally and was really really worth the effort. Suggest that folk shop around and trial pads but i buy pitti 100%arabica from amazon and i get on we’ll with these , well with the purchase.

We’ve only had it 6 weeks so limited experience but -cons first:sometimes the milk is hot but usually not hot enough. As the coffee taste is great we put up with this – 10 seconds in the microwave is usually enough. It helps to ress the ‘clean’ vapour button a few times. Nowhere can we find what the ‘factory setting milk quantities’ are – the temperature would be fine for these quantities we think. If you know them please tellthe cup space is small but fine for our needs. ‘normal’ mug sizes here (spain) are not as large as in uk. Instructions manual needed my engineer husband to interpret (spanish, so his interpretation of italian translation worked fine). If it doesn’t say different, press the same button again – you’ll see what i mean – when changing milk or coffee quantities settings.

Spent a longtime trying to decide which coffee machine to purchase. Good and bad and finally decided on this one as we prefer the milkier coffees. It takes a little time to set up as you like it but if you read and follow the instructions step by step it is quite easy, take your time and try not to rush it. Always warm the milk spout by using the self clean and we tend to let that hot water warm the cup too this keeps the coffee hotter longer. The only thing we wish it would improve would be to have the coffee hotter but as we usually make latte and cappucino the ill does not get heated up to the same temp as the water so the coffee is not as hot. All in all we are really pleased with our machine as you can set it to remember just how you like it. Coffee pods are available in 2 blends at £1. 69 from lidless great value and good taste.

First machine arrived, easy set up etc, wasn’t overly pleased with the results, as thought milk froth was poor. After a few days milk froth was non existent, amazon had a new machine to me in 2 days. Tried to set up new machine, fault light came up as soon as i applied power, at this stage not very pleased. As first machine was making good espresso, thought it might be a faulty milk dispenser, so used the milk dispenser from the 2nd unit & hey presto the results were outstanding. The best way to make a cappuccino or latte is to press the clean button first, so every thing is nice & hot, then use the machine as normal. I payed £220 on a amazon special promotion.

One of my best every purchases. I would recommend this coffee maker. I bought a coffee bean grinder also which allows my to use fresh beans, rather than packaged pre-ground which isn’t as good.

Looks great, but very difficult to opperate.

I love my new machine, great coffee whenever i like 🙂 i recommend that machine to all coffee lovers.

  • Well-Made/Robust and Produces Good Coffee with an Excellent Automatic ‘Milk Froth’ Capability – Pricey.
  • Not let down by first coffee machine
  • Excellent value for money

De’Longhi EC850.M Pump Espresso with Simple Touch Milk Carafe

Product Description, De’Longhi Traditional Pump Machine EC850.MThe traditional pump coffee maker with Automatic Cappuccino. With its elegant and refined design, EC850.M is constructed entirely in metal, which is a guarantee of sturdiness while still following the best tradition.  Although it respects tradition, the new EC850.M is the result of all of De’Longhi’s expertise in the area of coffee making. The “Automatic Cappuccino” function allows you, with the single press of a button, to transform the milk in the built-in carafe into a thick and smooth froth, for a perfect cappuccino. Practical and easy-to-handle, the carafe can be placed in the fridge, and when it’s empty, by pressing the “automatic clean” button, a full cleaning cycle begins, cleansing all internal parts.With a single touch, EC850.M lets you choose between espresso, cappuccino, latte or just hot water for tea or an infusion.
The standby button and auto-off features permits maximum energy saving to save money and respect the environment (Energy Class A).
Quick guide to the features this machine has available:If the user packs the coffee grounds too tightly in the filter then the pressure will build up and as the water cannot penetrate the coffee it will leak out. The pressure in these is 15 BAR and that is enough to cause a violent reaction. A simple matter of not packing the coffee grounds too tightly would prevent this issue

Box Contains,

  • 1 x EC 850 M Coffee maker
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    This is my first coffee machine so i havent anything to compare it to but i’m happy with it so far after about 20 cups of latte. I was originally going to buy one of the other cheaper de’longhi products the citiz and milk but opted instead for this model. The dual use of pods and ground coffee led me to believe this would be best option. The machine itself looks well in my kitchen and i’m sure it will compliment most locations. As other users have said the instructions arent that clear so a bit of experimentation is required. I have only used ese pods so far but i’m happy with the taste and speed of delivery. I’m mostly a “milky” coffee drinker so have concentrated on getting a perfect latte. Tried a few cappuchino’s and espresso too. One disappointment for me is that the machine cant take proper latte glasses. I didnt realise this until i had forked out £24 on 4 glasses from m&s. Even removing the drip tray completely still doesnt allow tall glasses to fit. I’m sure de’longhi have special glasses for sale that fit but disappointing non the less.

    A great looking machine but it is difficult to make a weak cappuccino how my wife likes it. Would like more froth although it seems to improve with use. I had not realized that the filter needs periodic replacing. A bit pointless if you have a built in water softener.

    Excellent product and good value. Easy to use if you by-pass the instructions. Fast coffee with self cleaning milk frothing system.

    Does what it is meant to – only slight moan is that the milk is not quite hot enoughbut for the money a nice bit if kit.

    Really pleased with this coffee machine. I am too lazy to grind beans and just want to chuck in some coffee and get my fix. Took a bit of getting used too. Too lazy to read manual and work out timings so went for the easy option and use the hot water spout to get the right strength. While it makes cappuccinos i am not a great fan of coffee this way as i always find the froth burns my lips. I prefer to make an expresso and then use the cappuccino button to add milk froth. This make a really nice cup and has a crema you could stand on. In my opinion this is a much better buy than a bean type machine.

    Easy to use, easy to clean, makes great cappuccino. I love it and just hope it will last for long.

    I was searching for a long time for a capuccino/ latte machiao coffee machine and i found out coffee machine. I had limitations on space, but i would say it is compact for the functionality it provides. It looks very nice, the opertion is very user friendly. The milk container fits perfecly on the door of my fridge and it is ideal solution to quickly prepare your milk based coffee quickly. The milk container ‘clean’ functon is very good too. It warms up wuickly and it is quite silent. You can adjust your factory setting too, although i found the preset ones perfect for my taste. At the end, it prepares great capuccino and latte machiato, nice cream o on top. I have rediscovered the joy of having a coffee.

    Quality of this product is good ,less cheaper ,energy class a,,good taste of coffess :perfect for cappuccino,latte ,black americano,perfect for people who likes good qualty of coffee.

    • Well-Made/Robust and Produces Good Coffee with an Excellent Automatic ‘Milk Froth’ Capability – Pricey.
    • Not let down by first coffee machine
    • Excellent value for money

    De’Longhi EC850.M Pump Espresso with Simple Touch Milk Carafe

    I have to say that i am a complete beginner to coffee machines and bought this because of the many positive reviews on amazon. Very easy to set up, i left the blue plastic covering on the drip tray as detailed in other reviews, to prevent scratching, and this has worked well. I have also found that senseo coffee bags put into the medium attatchment of the coffee holder work brilliantly to give a lovely espresso. They are a fraction of the cost ( about £3. 60) for 18 bagscompared to the pods specified. This machine is easy to clean , easy to use and hot coffee with a lovely crema in 40 seconds. I think it is worth every penny. Have only used it for espresso so far though so can’t comment on cappuccino etc.

    I’ve owned this 850 model for about a year and have been very happy with it. It is robust and produces good coffee (espresso or coffee/milk drinks) with an especially excellent automatic ‘milk froth’ capability; no need to diy with a milk jug/frother nozzle etc – for me this is a significant capability you can also get hot water/make tea if you wish. . —–i think it’s worth mentioning from the outset that the 4 drink option buttons produce ‘just’ 2 types of drink automatically; what the doubling-up of those buttons allows you to do is precisely program different volumes of coffee with 2 buttons and different ratios of milk vs coffee with the other 2. So, if larger liquid volumes are programmed a ‘latte macchiato’ is made (as opposed to a ‘cappuccino’) since your programmed amount of frothed milk is dispensed first, followed by your programmed amount of coffee – a ‘latte’ is made coffee first. I say that as i also own a philips senseo latte select, which also froths milk automatically, but which can produce both a ‘latte’ and a ‘latte macchiato’ (as well as cappuccino) since the milk/coffee dispensing is done in the necessary order as required. Some more quick comparative comments on this model later on. . However, as this machine is ‘logic-controlled’ you can interrupt/’skip’ the milk/coffee automatic process (the user guide does mention this ) – so, you can manually make ‘latte macchiato’ quite easily since you first use the coffee process then the ‘latte’ process, stopping it after it has added the milk = coffee first then milk = ‘latte macchiato’ —–i like this de’longhi so much so that i bought (second-hand) the newer 860 model, which adds a switchable cup warmer and a nozzle milk frother option (this 850 only has a nozzle to dispense hot water). Aside from that i believe that the 2 models are identical. I now use the 860 instead, with the 850 in storage should (when ?) the 860 pack-up this machine is essentially ‘computer-controlled’, with the bank of 6 push-buttons on the left offering far more options when pressed in combination with other buttons and/or pressed for differing durations. Those buttons also have accompanying lights to not only signal their selection but also indicate varying ‘information’ to the user when you examine the combination of illuminated/flashing lights *** this means you have to study the user guide quite methodically to ensure that you are getting the full capability of the machine and also ‘discover’ certain features, as that user guide is occasionally a bit haphazard in how it presents information.

    This is a wonderful machine once you get the hang of it. I’m still not sure i am doing it all correctly (according to the instructions the milk should be dispensed first) but i have worked out my own way of doing the coffee and enjoy a lovely cappuccino most mornings. I would definitely recommend the machine and by saving the money usually spent in costa it will soon pay for itself.

    First one of these didn’t work, so had to get it exchanged which was annoying, but the replacement is excellent and works well. Its easy to set up, pretty straight forward and so very simple to use, it gives really great results once you get the hang of it. Its less messy than a standard ‘steam’ based coffee machine, but this one also has a few niggles worth mentioning. The most annoying issue is that there is such a small clearance (even with the middle tray down) to fit a glass / cup under the spouts. I can only just get a mug under the hot water spout (i have to tilt it) and i cant get a latte glass under at all. It seems suited for short, wide cups. The milk carafe is good, but still takes a lot of effort. For example the manual suggests that its best to take the top section off and clean it under water after each use, plus if you only use the machine now and again you have to keep an eye on the milk if storing it in the carafe in case it goes off. Plus it has a little plastic tab on the side that helps seat it into the machine, which i know is going to get broken off at some point when someone chucks something heavy into the fridge next to it. I also found the drip tray gets scratches all over it so very easy from the bottom of cups.

    I have have bought it to make a good expresso and surelly it does. But in short it became the the most used appliance in the kitchen. All the family is crazy about latte macchiato, capuccino choco-ccino. Good price, simple use, quick heating-up, looks good and well build,. Pakaging was rather demaged during shipment.

    I love to come home and at the press of a button – cappuccino ready to drink.

    Sometimes there is some problems with latte or capuccino milk making, but when you make another glass it’s usually ok.

    Writing this after living with the machine for about 4 months. Overall, very pleased with it, and would purchase again. Main reason for getting was the cappaccino feature. I have never been good at frothing milk manually, and it makes a mess and takes longer. So, this has been a godsend. The milk frothing generally works great and is reliable. (i have found that it’s best to ‘clean’ the frother twice before you use it, and twice after, in order to reliably get frothy milk with volume – if you only do it once, things seem to get clogged up and you end up with frothed milk with little or no volume. It produces proper hot coffee too, my last cheaper machine was not really hot. This machine doesn’t produce as much crema as my previous cheap machine, which seems odd. The upkeep of the machine isn’t cheap when you consider you are advised to replace the water filter every 3-4 months (@ £9 each). Also, around the same time interval, the machines red light comes on to indicate rescaling is required (@ £ 4 or 5 each). Assuming you can live with the above, the machine is highly recommended.

    I agree that it could have a better manual. But overall it is an excellent machine and offers great value.

    This is my first semi pro automatic coffee machine and it ticks all the boxes as good as costa & starbucks. Makes fantastic espressos, cappuccinos and lattes. My wife who is not a big coffee drinker has now been converted. Got rid of our old filter coffee machine because i ended up drinking the whole jug not to waste it, now can have my fix as and when i please. Even though it is a bit more messy than pods there is nothing like playing with flavours from different ground coffees. Go treat yourself you won’t be disappointed.

    Spent quite a long time looking at alternatives before choosing this one. Makes consistently good coffee quickly and quietly. It’s worth using the “self clean” function before preparing the first cup, as it warms the pipes and so produces hotter coffee. Only complaint is that you can only fit short cups under the dispenser. Annoying but not a major issue (just make yourself another cup). Particularly if you get it at half price.

    Features and Spesification

    • Milk Frother
    • Programmable
    • Removable Tank
    • Thermoblock
    • Water Filter