De’Longhi ECAM 510 – great quality

Easy to use, good coffee quality.

Fairly pleased but still not been able to get a good cappuccino as it always put in to much milk first, so i just froth the milk with the steamer instead.

Good and high quality machine to have, delicious coffee, and user friendly.

Didn’t expect that it expects this level of maintenance though. Lots of procedures to keep it clean :).

Amazing, amazing, amazingthis is my second delonghi bean-to-cup machine & the last one made us just over 9500 cups of coffee before it sadly died :-(this machine is great. Iv programmed each coffee it makes to just the right amount of milk / coffee depending of the cup size. The full metal exterior look very nice.

Only had this a few days after upgrading from another delonghi machine. Stainless steel finish is amazing and it’s a doddle to setup. Using it with my mobile is easy and everything is adjustable from the app, handy as i am incredibly lazy but also i can switch it on from my bed so it is ready when i head to the kitchen.

I did a lot of research into midrange bean-to-cup machines and eventually settled on this one, being convinced by the praise for customisability and value for money given. My gaggia brera was a lovely little machine but unfortunately died after about 5 years. The delonghi looked great initially once i’d figured out how to get the grind i wanted and produces a decent espresso. I would like to be able to set the default espresso strength rather than adding ‘my’ espresso, but i am not sure if that is possible – it might be. My main problem with this machine is the milk. My gaggia required manual milk steaming every time and i was looking forward to being able to click ‘latte’ and walk away. Unfortunately the delonghi has a preset milk temperature that cannot be changed, somewhere around 55 degrees. I don’t know about you but i like a hot drink, more like 70 degrees plus. I contacted their support team who told me i was a fool for wanting a hotter drink and that milk was best at their lukewarm preset. At £700 i would like to be able to set the temperature of my milknever mind, i would use the steamer.

+lovely machine, own sets, quiet, 7 sets of grinder, pesonalization by phone or by button in my menu. Great coffee, qiuck heat up_descaling after 3 weeks of usage with filter on and softened water usage (set water hardness lvl 3, machine was set by manufacturer to 4). Filter replacement after 4 weeks (they saying up to 2 months)stainless steel cup base – after 1 week of usage looks like front stairs in ikea, full of scratches. For that price i was expecting something in better quality.

Here are the specifications for the De’Longhi ECAM 510:

  • Machine connected to the innovative Coffee Link App, to create new beverages, discover infinite personalisation
  • “”LatteCrema System” to enjoy a perfect mix of pleasure: a creamy cappuccino, with dense milk foam, always at the perfect temperature… until the last drop”
  • Wide variety of traditional beverages at the touch of a button: Espresso, Coffee, Long, Doppio+, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Caffelatte and Milk as originally prepared
  • “MY” function: personalise each beverage adjusting aroma and coffee/milk quantities, to enjoy drinks that perfectly match your taste
  • Control panel with clear LCD display and touch buttons for an easy communication and interaction with the user

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Disappointed
  • Great machine but have some minuses
  • I would Highly recommend this model