De’Longhi ECP35 : Nozzle falls off

Fantastic little kitchen countertop coffee maker at a really competitive price. You’ll have to give the instructions a quick glance over before you get started, as it isn’t as easy to use as some of its competitors but it makes a lovely coffee (depending on what ground/pods you use) and the milk frother is really good. Doesn’t take standard nespresso style pods though, it uses e. E pods which aren’t available in most supermarkets.

Amazing piece of kit, highly recommend over the cheaper less powerful (pressure wise) machines.

Its ok for a starter machine. Your better off getting the magnifica machine its more expencive but you wont be disappointed. With this one you will soon get fed up with all the hassel of making one cup at a time. I upgraded after a month but its worth spending an extra £100 on the better machine from the start.

I have had three espresso machines over the last 18 or so years and this is definitely the best one so far. The removable water vessel is a godsend (no more having to drain the machine if the water is more than a day old, just remove the vessel, clean, fill and return to the machine). I love the different adaptors (for one or two cups) and while i probably won’t use the adaptor for the ese cartridges, it is nice to have it anyway. Makes a perfect coffee every single time and the milk steamer works fantastically. The drip tray is removable which is perfect for cleaning as well as being able to get a larger cup or vessel under the dispenser. I am incredibly pleased with this coffee machine.

Is the second coffee machine i have bought in two weeks. The first one was awful,another brand,more expensive but the quality was very poor. I am really happy with this,the coffee is great.

If you are new to grinding your own coffee be sure to not grind the beans too fine, this will cause the water to pass through at an extremely slow rate. Delonghi is a great brand to go with if you want good quality item, warranty and customer support. ++ good build quality for the price (weighty portafilter, sleek design)++ makes excellent espresso++ great steam wand for heating/frothing milk++ hidden/built in water tank which holds a reasonable amount of water.

For the price it makes an excellent cup of coffee. I can’t believe the difference between the cafetiere i used and coffee from this machine. Ok it hasn’t got the bells and whistles of a more expensive machine, but the coffee tastes superb. Rich coffee crema and lots of frothy milk.

Awarded 4 stars on the basis of the quality of the build and the features on offer. Unfortunately our experience with this machine was anything but satisfactory. This machine created just a very tiny trickle of coffee. I felt that this was due to the hole in the base of the various coffee baskets being just far too small. I queried this with delonghi who assured me the hole size was correct. Looking at the different demo videos of this machine on youtube, (all of which showed a nice steady flow of coffee), left us very disappointed with the coffee produced by this particular machine. Delonghi offered a collect and return repair but i declined as we had only had the machine a few days. I instead opted for a refund from amazon. I printed off the return label (free postage) and took the parcel to my local fruit & veg shop (which is an amazon collection point). Just 9 minutes later my refund had been authorised.

  • Highly recommended
  • Better in Everyway
  • Makes excellent coffee and just how you like it.

De’Longhi ECP35.31 Traditional Pump Espresso Machine – Black

Product Description, Multi-functional, energy efficient and easy-to-maintain, the DeLonghi ECP35.31 Espresso Coffee Maker is a superb addition to your kitchen. Become your very own barista and enjoy cappuccinos and espressos in the comfort of your own home.

Box Contains, 1 x DeLonghi ECP35.31

From the manufacturer

Barista Skills

Use freshly ground beans to enhance a rich coffee crema. Plus create silky smooth milk for latte art. Learn true barista skills all with your De’Longhi traditional pump machine.

De’Longhi ECP35.31 Traditional Pump Espresso Machine

Create all your coffee shop favourites with the De’Longhi ECP35.31 traditional pump machine. This machine will deliver a real barista experience at home. Enjoy your favourite coffee, whether that is a strong espresso or frothy cappuccino, all from your choice of fresh ground coffee.

  • Makes all coffee shop favourites
  • Steam arm to froth fresh milk for cappuccinos and lattes
  • Use your choice of ground coffee
  • Hot water delivery for americanos
  • Make two espressos at once
  • Double drip tray for mugs

Prepare and deliver your perfect espresso with fresh ground coffee.

Adjustable steam arm device makes it easier to create frothy cappuccinos and smooth lattes.

Hot water delivery function for americanos or herbal tea.

Three filters including a single, double and ESE compatible filter.

ECP31.21 ECP33.21 ECOV311.BG ECZ351 ECP35.31 EC685
Size Compact Compact Compact Compact Compact Super Compact
Milk Frother Manual Manual Manual Manual Adjustable Manual Adjustable Manual
Coffee Type Pre Ground or ESE Pods Pre Ground or ESE Pods Pre Ground or ESE Pods Pre Ground or ESE Pods Pre Ground or ESE Pods Pre Ground or ESE Pods
Espresso Delivery Manual Manual Manual Manual Manual Personalise
Bar Pressure 15 15 15 15 15 15
Heating System Boiler Boiler Boiler Boiler Boiler Thermoblock
Double Drip Tray
Matching Kettle and Toaster
Matching Professional Grinder

kg521.m kg79 kg49
De’Longhi Dedica Style KG521.M Coffee Grinder – Silver De’Longhi KG79 Professional Burr Grinder De’Longhi Blade KG49 Coffee Grinder – Black

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The filter holder broke after 9 months. The replacement part cost £28. Its made in china so not a quick delivery. I have never had a filter holder break before in 20 years of using expresso coffee machines but this is my first delonghi. I have had better luck with gaggia and krupps. Otherwise coffee and machine are ok so far.

21 italian traditional espresso coffee maker, blackhad this just under a week now and very happy with it. The machine was bought to replace a delonghi ec330 espresso machine, that had given up the ghost after three and a half years of faithful service. This has many improvements over our old machine; the coffee holders are a different and improved design, slight more fiddly to change between the one and two cup holders, but we never do, so its not a problem for us. The holders are far easier to keep clean and yet still produce a lovely crème on the espresso. This machine is a lot quieter than our old one and has an auto-off feature that is useful. Under the lid it has storage for the spare holders, that keeps them hidden out of the way. This machine is a lot easier to keep clean than our old one, it also has a smaller footprint and takes up less worktop space. It would appear a lot of thought has gone into the design of this machine, and it shows. The only small negative, is the water level indicator; maybe its a bit dark in our kitchen, but it is hard to see where the water level is on the indicator.

It really squeezes out all the flavour from the coffee grounds making a thick rich espresso with great crema. And it uses real coffee, not plastic cartridges.

Looked at several coffee machines and after reading their reviews decided on this make and model. Makes great coffee, easy to use with clear instructions. Contrary to some comments the one, two cup and pod filter holders are easy to swap with a finger nail being all that is required to remove from holder. The coffee holders are stored under the lid which keeps machine clear and tidy. Milk frother and heater works great provided you purge to remove any water from it prior to putting it into the milk, the instructions make this clear. Water container has sufficient room to store the scoop and and coffee holder within it which again keeps machine clear and tidy. Water reservoir is large enough to hold sufficient water for two or three large cups of coffee or several smaller cups. I am very happy with this purchase and recommend it for great tasting coffee.

I longed for a cappuccino at home for ages and my dreams came true when this arrived.

For the price it can make a decent coffee , still experimenting with beans as haven’t found the perfect one yet.

I brought this machine couple of months ago and i can say i love it. I use it on daily basis and it makes a really good espresso and capuccino.

Took me a second to figure out how it works but once i did. It works well, has multiple pieces, and instructions for various coffee beverages. This is a part of my daily routine now and i save so much money not stopping at coffee shops on the regular.

  • Highly recommended
  • Better in Everyway
  • Makes excellent coffee and just how you like it.

De’Longhi ECP35.31 Traditional Pump Espresso Machine – Black

I bought this as a birthday present for my mum who has been using a senseo coffee pod machine for many years. While it is not as sturdy as delonghi’s more pricey machines (you need to keep one hand firmly on top when attaching or removing the filter arm) but that aside it makes a pretty good coffee, especially for the price. Hopefully it will be strong enough to last my mum a few years but time will tell, and from my own experience with their coffee machines i have faith it will be ok.

The machine has great potential but after only a few weeks of usage the nozzle just pops right off into your milk jug when using it sometimes. And then you hve to did it out of your boiling milk. I wouldn’t recommend as you can get ones a bit better for only £20-30 more. Not very happy with this machine.

This machine took a bit of getting used to, especially when the experts in the cafes make it look so easy on their commercial barista machines. It’s a fairly robust machine and heats up fairly quickly after each use, when you turn the switch to make the espresso you don’t get a measured shot so you have to judge when you think you have sufficient for how strong you like it. The steamer wand has 2 settings and the instructions only tell you how to heat the milk without froth and how to froth it for cappuccino. My wife loves a piping hot latte so i had to use trial and error to get the temperature and froth right. I get the milk nice and hot with the hot milk setting and then give it a bit of froth with the cappuccino setting. I also found it essential to get a proper steel jug for steaming because i wasn’t getting much success with ordinary pottery and pyrex jugs. The beauty of having your own machine at home is the prospect of trying so many different types of coffee and making it just how you like it. If that’s what you want then this machine is ideal.

I bought this product to replace an old delonghi espresso machine. This new one is ok but not as good as the old one. It does not produce such a good crema. Also i used to tip the coffee receptacle out of the holder to clean it. This one retains the coffee receptacle with a clip and it does not tip out for cleaning. You have to lever it out with a knife which is annoying.

I bought this as a gift for my cappuccino loving husband. It is so easy to use i’m sure he will be having one every day and not just when we go into town. It seems sturdily made and easy to clean. I really like the way the frother can be removed and taken apart to ensure all traces of milk are gone. Two simple operating knobs with pictures of coffee types make it easy to make coffee of your choice. Easy to understand instruction leaflet covers making coffee, but not drawing patterns in the froth; i will try utube for that. I am finding the coffee holder hard to turn (arthritis in hands/wrists) but then it needs to a tight fit to work properly. Likewise the inside of the coffee holder is a tight fit, but i would sooner have it that way than falling out into the dirty waste bin when emptying it. There is a little slit at the side just the right size for a teaspoon handle so you can hook it out to rinse it. There is a red button that pops up to tell you when the spillage resovoir needs emptying.

Easy to cleana little inconvenient to fill tankafter coffee is made it keeps dropping for a minute or twomakes coffee fastcoffee taste good just like any high streetwe use lavazaa creams agusto.

Marginally more sturdy than the cheaper de longhi model it replaced, (which conked out after just 10 months of use) but un-necessarily complicated to operate. The amazon deliver simply dumped it outside without ringing the bell.

Bit disappointed to be honest, we had a delonghi ec220cd that we used for years until it gave up the ghost. The replacement has a few snags, the water tank for example has a tendency to pop loose (not leaking, but the machine starts sucking air) and i’ve had to put a small screw in to hold it in place. No need to remove it anyway to fill it with water. The pump is not as powerful as in the old machine and if you buy for example the red illy, which is ground quite fine, better not compact the coffee too much. And i’m pretty sure the coffee isn’t as hot as in the old machine. But the coffee that comes out of it is nice and creamy and it wasn’t worthwhile returning it.

Had it for about six months now and still works great, use it several times a day. Milk steamer is amazing, still as effective as the day i got it. It is quite loud, and sometimes has some issues but the troubleshooting guide fixes everything in minutes.Easy to clean and take care of, for the price i couldn’t be happier.

Simple to use and produces coffee in seconds. Other reviewers have provided some very helpful reviews. I just followed their instructions.Thanks to all who have provided reviews and shared their experience.

I am mostly happy with this produkt, i just find the milk frother a bit loud sometimes and after using it for 3 weeks, it seems like the milk is not getting as creamy as it used to. Also, it seems like there is no fitting pods available. I already spent about £20 on pods that won’t fit. I can’t find any info about which ones would.

Present for my wife and it;s spot on. Not exactly a silent device, but not particularly noisy either. Makes great coffee and looks nice in the kitchen.

Proscoffee tastes really good with good cremamilk steamer works really welleasily as good as what you get in a coffee shop if not better. Consa little loud when making coffeethe drip tray comes detached far too easily which is annoyingoverall a great upgrade to my previous delonghi motivo.

Features and Spesification

  • Premium finishing
  • Adjustable milk frother to enhance the quality of the steamed milk
  • Ability to use E.S.E pods as an alternative to ground coffee
  • 1 litre water tank;Transparent and removable water reservoir (capacity: 1,1 l.)
  • Double drip tray