De’Longhi Esam4000 : Great coffee every time.

Fantastic coffee making machine. It takes a little practice as the directions indicate to get the best balance of coffee and water, but when you do, enjoy. Such a smooth espresso, with a lovely micro-foam finish on top. I haven’t even used the froth wand yet, but i am sure it is good. As my son said of the machine, it is not discrete. Yes, it makes a good bit of noise. But it is grinding beans, loud by nature, and has moving parts inside. So don’t keep it at your bedside and you’ll be fine. It really makes a great coffee, and one or two cups worth at a time. It runs a cleaning cycle every time it is first turned on and then again when turned off.

Brilliant just what we wanted, does perfect espressos.

Excellent bean to cup machine.

Own it for 3 years, keeps on making amazing coffee, frother a bit useless, but the coffe itself is just brilliant, you will not get a better quality/price trade off, simply the best 😉 i barely buy coffee outside home now ;-).

A little noisy first thing in the morning but so simple and clean to use. No faffing with ground coffee or expensive , limited availability cartridges/sachets. Never been a great delonghi fan but this is brilliant 3 months in no complaints just does what it is meant to. Would thoroughly recommend to coffee addicts.

We did quite a lot or reading, googling, and general looking around before buying this bean-to-cup machine. The comments here on amazon were particularly useful. Would recommend this to anyone looking for a bean-to-cup machine that doesn’t include an automatic milk ‘thingy’. We love the creamy foam we get from the steamer. My tip – get a little jug and a thermometer for the frother if you’re going to use it. The thermometer has you making milky drinks like an expert.

First review i’ve written but worth taking the time to do so for all those trying to decide which machine to buy. A great entry level bean to cup machine that does exactly what you need it to do. Easy to use, simple to set up & maintain, looks classy in the kitchen.

After years of using a manual espresso machine and a brief and very unsatisfactory dalliance with a pod machine i wanted a bean to cup machine to get the flavour of a proper espresso machine with the convenience of an automatic pod machine, but decent bean to cup machines have always been too expensive for me. However when i saw this one on offer at a similar price to a decent manual espresso machine i thought i’d take the plunge and give it ago – especially since it has alot of really good reviews and is packed with alot of nice features. I’ve not been disappointed, after about 15 minutes of setting up and playing with the controls to get a decent espresso i was getting an espresso easily as good as i have ever been able to produce with a manual machine. It also seems to be repeatable from one draw to the next, so i’m really pleased with it. One other benefit is the fresh coffee smell you get when it is operated. The long term reliability has yet to be tested, but it feels solid and quality enough and there are plenty of decent reviews from long term users, so i’ve no real concerns. I’d recommend this to anyone who likes a good espresso based coffee and doesn’t want all the faff and palaver of a manual espresso machine.

  • OK with a few niggles
  • Extremely convenient and easy to use coffee machine when it’s at the right price
  • Enjoy a very smooth and delicious coffee

De’Longhi Esam4000.b Magnifica Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, 15 Bar – Black

Product Description,
Box Contains,

  • 1 x Delonghi Magnifica ESAM4000.B Bean to cup machine
  • 1 x pack of descaler
  • 1 x plastic coffee measuring spoon
  • 1 x Set of instructions
  • 1 x fitted UK plug

  • From the manufacturer

    De’Longhi Magnifica ESAM 4200 Automatic Bean to Cup Machine

    Make all your coffee shop favourite drinks with the Magnifica ESAM 4200 bean to cup coffee machine. Nothing else can beat freshly ground beans to create your favourite coffee. Whether you like a strong espresso or long frothy cappuccino, this machine can deliver it.

    • Makes all coffee shop favourites
    • Grinds beans for perfect taste and freshness
    • Personalise strength and length of coffee
    • Frothing nozzle for milk drinks
    • Make two cups at once
    • Easy to clean and maintain

    Grinds Fresh Coffee Beans

    Your choice of fresh coffee beans finely ground with the integrated burr grinder. Creating coffee shop quality coffee, to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.

    Personalise Your Coffee

    Easy to use control panel for you to simply adapt the coffee strength and length to your preference.

    Double Delivery

    Prepare two drinks with a single touch of a button, or prepare hot water for tea infusions.

    Traditional Milk Frother

    Produces a smooth and silky milk foam to create your favourite beverages such as Cappuccino, Caffe Latte, or Latte Macchiato.

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    Magnifica ESAM 4200 Autentica ETAM 29.510.SB Autentica ETAM 29.620.S Eletta ECAM 44.620.S Autentica ETAM 29.660.SB Eletta ECAM 44.660.B
    Size Compact Super Compact Super Compact Compact Super Compact Compact
    Dimensions 36 x 38 x 28 cm 34 x 19.5 x 48 cm 34 x 19.5 x 48 cm 36 x 26 x 46 cm 34 x 19.5 x 48 cm 36 x 26 x 46 cm
    Milk Frother Manual Manual Adjustable Manual Adjustable Manual Automatic – Milk Carafe Automatic – Milk Carafe
    One Touch Recipes Espresso Espresso, Doppio+, Long Coffee Espresso, Doppio+, Long Coffee Espresso, Long Coffee Espresso, Doppio+, Long Coffee, Cappucino Espresso, Long Coffee, Cappucino
    Milk Menu
    Milk Menu Recipes Cafe Latte, Flat White, Espresso Macchiato, Latte Macchiato, Hot Milk Cafe Latte, Flat White, Espresso Macchiato, Latte Macchiato, Hot Milk
    Digital Display
    Coffee Type Beans or Pre Ground Beans or Pre Ground Beans or Pre Ground Beans or Pre Ground Beans or Pre Ground Beans or Pre Ground

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    Really good espresso and good crema.

    This is a great little bean to cup coffee machine. Used every day since i bought it. Turns out a lovely fresh tasting coffee every time.

    Having enjoyed having a cup of coffee mid morning and our other unit too old to repair, we decided on this one for value and money. All has worked out well although the machine is a little noisy.

    Only using this in an office for making basic cups of coffee, nothing fancy. Seems good for the price, maybe not as robust as the one it replaced which lasted 10 years but we’ll see. Has a few quirks but i think all these machines do. Once you figure them out and the settings which give the desired results it seems to deliver consistently.

    From the time i turn it on to getting my expresso takes 3 minutes. Its as good as starbucks and i get to choose whatever coffee beans i want.

    Really expensive `but worth every penny`. We have had one for the past eight years,but it finally, after also 18 thousand of really good coffees, it required some costly attention. We decided to buy a new one. Wonderful, almost silent grinding providing excellent coffee.

    Having spent so much money over the years on espresso machines, nespresso, tassimo etc i wish i had bought one of these earlier. It makes a perfect cup of coffee everytime, is economical, self cleaning, low maintenance and just brilliant. When people visit our house they all comment on it being a better cappuccino than costa, starbucks etc. I really like being able to choose any beans i like, the fresh ground taste and the spout froths the milk beautifully (buy a small stainless steel jug for this).

    What can i say??i love itgreat coffee and fast shipping.

    • OK with a few niggles
    • Extremely convenient and easy to use coffee machine when it’s at the right price
    • Enjoy a very smooth and delicious coffee

    De’Longhi Esam4000.b Magnifica Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, 15 Bar – Black

    Bought this 2 weeks ago and can’t believe we managed to live without one before. We’re still using the factory settings cause the coffee tastes superb – really smooth and creamy – so haven’t felt the need to adjust yet. The milk heater could probably be on a longer lever so it’s easier to make cappuccino’s, but this is a minor niggle and at least the machine is nice and compact as a result.

    Nice compact coffee machine that makes a very nice cup of coffee.

    Proper coffee that you would pay real coffee shop money for. As quick as boiling the kettle. At this price couldn’t be beaten.

    So far this machine has done everything we expected it to so. It’s taken a bit of trial and error playing with the settings but that’s part of the experience i think.

    Item delivered promptly and worked (as it should) out of the box. I had the previous model for many years which worked well until the water heater expired. The new unit is if anything even better than the model i had (venezia). The water is hotter and the coffee grinder is quieter.

    This is my favourite purchase for a long time. The machine is very easy to use and the coffee it produces is brilliant. It can be a little tricky to clean as it tends to drop grounds in the inside but this is a minor issue. The hopper for beans in the top carries a good volume and the water tank is enough for quite a few coffees. The milk steamer works well. The first machine arrived having been dropped in transit and failed to work when opened but this was quickly sorted out and the next arrived without issue.

    Easy to use, easy to maintain, and descaling. Noisy (all of them are) but well it is a beam to cup machine after all and it is really not disturbing. Do amazing coffee, latte, capuchino and espresso. One of the cheapest one on the market. Everyone love the taste of the bean to cup machine.

    Easy to make very good coffee,adjust the grind size, empty the grounds and fill the water tank. My only problem is access to the steam jet as the stem does not extend but swings round so if you are near a wall it’s not so easy but that’s not really a fault of the machine.

    We are using this machine in a small office so its getting plenty of use – makes great coffee but it is noisy.

    Picked this up on a lightning deal when it was heavily reduced in price. For what i paid, i can’t complain when comparing to other bean-to-cup coffee machines. The machine is very easy to use and clean, but does require you to thoroughly read the manual before getting started to ensure you have water hardness and temperature settings set correctly. The machine does make making coffee extremely easy, but it’s tricky trying to find the right balance of strength with this for americano style coffee. The cappuccino/milk steaming wand is a bit awkward to use i’ve found, after using it for a little while it seems to take the make a while for it to get the water temperature back up again so that you can start making coffee again. Personally, i prefer americano style coffee from an aeropress/chemex than this machine. But i still use it to make a quick cup of coffee when the aeropress/chemex is inconvenient to use.

    We’ve had this machine a few weeks now and got used to it. I still wouldn’t say we have made the perfect coffee, it’s a question of getting the right beans and experimenting with the strength, quantity and milk ratios. But this machine certainly gives you a lot of chance to experiment as the strength and quantity dials cover huge ranges. The biggest annoyance with this machine is it says it needs emptying far too often. When you pull out the tray sometimes it’s only about a quarter full. We’ve only made about 3 coffees sometimes before it insists it is emptied again. I like the fact you can use beans or ground coffee but once you’ve put the beans in there is no getting them out and you have to use them all up before they can be replaced.

    This machine has replaced a nespresso capsules machine, and although i didn’t think i could get better coffee than the ristretto i had for years, i am very glad to be wrongyou can change the grind thickness of your beans, the quantity of them which goes into a cup, the temperature of your coffee, and most of all, it produces great tasting coffee even with average brandsthe only minor complaint is that it tends to get dirty with coffee powder and grounds scattered internally, which require some patience to clean. This seems to be a reliable machine and it comes with 2 years warranty, but i’m expecting it to last much longer. I have become a coffee addict (again).

    Love this and only had to slam it twice.

    Loving this machine — after a long wait from dhl deutech post-i now have a decent cup of coffee. I don’t think i would order again from amazonuk if they use this dhl service.

    Absoluitely love iot as the coffee is so good but it does have high maitenance requirements.

    Compact machine that produces excellent coffee. The grinding procedure is noisy but no different than going to a restaurant. Choose espresso, cappuccino or americano, quality is the same. Easy to operate and keep clean. Ensure the water hardness settings are correct before use. Still have a cafetiere available for powdered coffee.

    Once you get use to the controls it becomes second nature and cappuccinos become easy to make. It is used everyday and is easy to clean. Hope it lasts for as long as some others mentioned in the reviews.

    One of the best purchases i’ve made. Already paid for itself and now don’t bother to buy expensive rubbish coffee from costa or starbucks. Easy to clean and quick to use.

    Features and Spesification

    • Stylish Bean to cup espresso/cappuccino machine with professional 15 bar pump pressure
    • Suitable for use with fresh coffee beans and ground coffee
    • Traditional stainless steel milk frothing arm and built-in burr grinder
    • Advanced dual boiler system, removable brewing unit and drip tray, active cup warmer and adjustable height dispenser
    • Bean to Cup quality with simple 1-touch operation
    • 2 year warranty