De’Longhi F26237 Deep Fryer : Bought this as all can go in dishwasher, though

Pros:cooks chips well and fast. Easy to disassemble and clean. Cons:difficult to see the food inside from the window due to vapors. You can not operate (lower or push up), the basket with the lid closed.

Love this, i bought it after almost setting fire to my kitchen, forgot to turn the gas off.

The writing and silver background on the front came off the first time it went into the dishwasher. I expected it to be a bit better than that. The chip pan itself worked perfectly, it just looked awful with the silver stuff on the front partly missing and flaking away more every time it was cleaned.

Everything goes in the dish washer apart from the power pack.

A good fryer on the whole but i’m not sure that it reaches 190 degrees because chips take a long long time to brown and crisp up. It is also very important that the inner basket is thoroughly cleaned after each use as it quickly becomes covered in old fat which is difficult to remove. The timer is of little use as the only way to check that the food is cooked properly is simply by looking.

Does exactly what it says it should do. Clean, economic, cooks various things beautifully. Easy to clean, tub out, wipe, oil in, off you go.

What can be say other than an old fashion saying of, i bought a five o’ clock job first, then the replacement was brilliant, as they say it did what it said on the can.

Very pleased with this purchase it arrived within 2 days which was brilliant. Product comes apart so you can wash it all easily in the dishwasher. It has a selection of temp settings cooks well, what more do you want.

  • Superb
  • Wouldn’t buy this one again
  • New generation easy to clean

De’Longhi F26237 Deep Fryer with Total Clean System

Product Description, “The De’Longhi F26237 Fryer with 1 kg food capacity is a must for anyone who loves fried food but doesn’t like the time-consuming clear-up afterwards. The Total Clean System means the electric unit can be separated from the bowl with one touch and the non-stick bowl, basket, lid and fryer body can be washed independently. The F26237 has a horizontal adjustable temperature control and the fryer has a cool touch body. On the locking lid, which is released at the touch of a button, there is a practical viewing window that will allow you to monitor the cooking process without opening the lid. The lid contains a steam and odour filter, which can be easily removed and washed along with the non-stick bowl, basket, lid and body when disassembled. Frying has never been easier!”

Box Contains,

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I bought this as my old fryer used to cover the kitchen in grease and make it smell for at least another day after cooking. This one doesn’t do that at all, very little smell and no grease everywhere. However, the temperature gauge is very insensitive and it takes an age to heat up (around 10min to 190deg). Cooks food well but takes a little getting used to.

Wish i had one of these along time ago.

I bought this as a present for my daughter as i’ve been using one for a couple of years now. The fact i can put most of it in the dishwasher is a boon, although oil scum is left on the non-stick coating. The scum can easily be cleaned by hand. When making chips, i start by putting the thermostat to 160, cook till they look about ready (for about 7 minutes, raise the basket and turn the heat up to 190. The chips are then lovely and crispy on the outside, but soft on the indide. I will buy another one when mine gives up the ghost.

I only use this fryer occasionally for chips, to make my fave chinese meal and just a few other things. I remove and filter the oil each time which keeps it cleaner. It does smell a bit which my “other half” hates but i’ve seen worse. Also, the body doesn’t get greasy and is very easily cleaned after each use. It holds enough chips for 2 but you can rotate for double frying enough for 4.

We wanted to replace a old irregularly used deep fat fryer. So we did not want one that held too much oil as we end up chucking it out. Not too large, very easy to clean the fryer completely seperates from the case/electrics for a proper clean. I would recommend to anyone.

Best deep fat fryer i’ve ever had. Everything comes apart for cleaning and is dishwasher proof.

Brilliant product and got it at a bargain price.

Very pleased with my purchased of the de’longhi deep fryer.

  • Superb
  • Wouldn’t buy this one again
  • New generation easy to clean

De’Longhi F26237 Deep Fryer with Total Clean System

Just what i wanted a good size for three or four servings looks good and cooks well and quickly.

It performs well, and the ease of cleaning is exactly as advertised, so i am very pleased. Have recommended it already.

Love the way you can dismantle it and put it in the dishwasher. We had the previous model and this one works just as well, but should stay a lot cleaner.

Wife really likes this easy to use deep fat fryer. Smells contained within the filter. Takes up very little space in the cupboard.

Great product but basket not big enough for 2 hungry people.

Vast improvement on last deep fat fryer.

This deep fryer is just as described, it has a total clean system which is very easy to do, the way that the element just pulls out and then slots back in again is very neat. I am very pleased with my purchase, it’s great to have ‘real’ chips again.

This is a great deep fat fryer. Easy to clean, easy to use, light weight but still robust. Used it now a few times and with unbelievable results. Potatoes and chips lovely and crispy.

Very good and easy to clean. Will recommend it to any one.

This product is easy to use and clean. It also looks very stylish and the choice of temperature and cooking timer are useful. The cable tidies away in the back and leaves it looking very streamlined and smart. I would recommend it to anyone.

This is a great idea but unfortunately it doesn’t hold the temperature and needs to be checked out by de’longhi.

It was what i expected, good value for the price.

Perfect just what i wanted out of a fat fryer.

A very good deep fat fryer with a very handy timer display.

Brilliant, best idea yet, comes to pieces to clean, but you do need to give it a scrub prior to dishwasher, but it does clean much easier than my old one.

I used to have an actifry as a healthy method of eating chips, but you can’t beat deep fat fried ones and this fryer does make lovely chips and floured fish. Easy to clean and take apart. It is also quite light to carry which came as a surprise considering its size. I am very pleased with my purchase.

2nd purchase is a great product.

I had to replace a old deep fat fryer because it was looking very tired. It was hard to clean as only the basket , lid and metal oil tray was able to be immersed in water. Having looked at a few fryers on the sight, this one seemed to be the best for my household mainly because you can completely clean about 90% of it in the diswasher. Having received it and used it once, i am amazed how i have survived without this for so long. The fryer comes all assembled but i found it easy to take apart for future cleaning. It came with a small timer which can be useful. I fried some frozen chips which came out lovely. I ignored the timings on the instruction leaflet as i never believe in these anyone. Seems to be a ‘once size fits all’ timing anyway. The small annoyance is that i cannot lift the food out the oil to drain the food and rest the basket on the edge of the fyer and have the lid closed (lid does not close if basket is resting out the oil).

Features and Spesification

  • Maximum food capacity 1kg, oil capacity 2.3 Litre
  • Total clean system allows quick and easy cleaning
  • Adjustable temperature control and timer
  • Cool-touch body
  • Steam and odour filter can be easily removed and washed