De’Longhi FH2133 Fryer – Two in one fryer and multi-cooker

My wife and i are trying to eat healthier and cutting out a lot of bad fat is one of our goals. The delonghi fryer came highly recommended. It has the capacity to hold a lot of potatoes. We have used fresh and frozen potatoes in the fryer so far and have had excellent results on both. You get nice crispy fries without the fat. They are light and fluffy with no greasiness as you would from traditional fries. I am looking forward to trying out other foods with our fryer and know it will be well used in our new healthier lifestyle.

I was skeptical that i would end up with a chip that felt and tasted good. I was totally wrong and ended up with exactly that. A tasty, crispy chip full of flavour and far less calories. It was easy to set up and use and easy instructions to follow. It needs very little cleaning and what does need cleaning is easy as pie. My only bug bear was it can clearly cook other things but there was no recipe book. Normally products like this included them and i think it’s a shame this one doesn’t.

I’ve been using an air fryer for about a year now and it’s definitely my favourite kitchen gadget. This particular model is bigger (height) and wider than most so be aware that you will need enough height space if going underneath your kitchen units. What i love about this is that having a larger capacity means that you can do your entire meal all at once. (my previous air fryer was small and you have to fry your meat and potatoes in separate batches). Instead of being like a chip basket type design this is more like an oven tray, with an excellent capacity. There is no need to preheat this ( in fact, you mustn’t do this), your food goes straight in and this gets to the correct temperature really quickly and is super efficient. This makes the most amazing dishes and some of my favorites have been really crispy jerk chicken with crispy delicious fries. We have also made doughnuts in this, and they were fantasticcooking is very simple. You really don’t need to worry about measuring oil and all i do is make sure that i use a teaspoon of oil or two in a bowl and make sure that each piece of meat has a light coating. You don’t need to be precious about this because in your ordinary oven you may not use all at all.

I am so tired of trying to please my family but i think i finally have. I use this to make chips after refusing for many years to buy a deep fat fryer. Messy, unhealthy and odorous. However, this couldn’t be more different. It’s healthy, clean and neat and there’s very little odour apart from a nice cooking smell towards the last five minutes. Setting it up took about a minute. You’re supposed to rinse and dry the pan before use but i didn’t. I chopped some raw potatoes up (didn’t peel them) patted them dry, tossed them in a tablespoon of oil and put them in the fryer for 25 minutes on 4. To get them really perfect, i adjusted the temperature and made the chips smaller.

I love chips, but i am the first to admit they are not really a health food, so the idea of low-fat fryer and chip maker was intriguing. But i was sceptical – part of the appeal of chips is that they are deep fried, so how can a low-fat fryer satisfy?i am surprised and pleased to tell you that the fh2133 fryer makes great chips. The technique is simple: peel and cut your potatoes, rinse in water and pat dry (not sure why, but this is part of the instructions) put in the fryer for the requisite amount of time (15 minutes for 500g of 1cm square chips) and give them a good shake half way through. That’s it – and not only do your chips have less fat, but you are not left with a pan full of hot oil. In fact, the fryer leaves very little residue apart from a few tiny drops on the surface of the non-stick interior. The minimal instructions are in the familiar form of enigmatic pictures and diagrams without words. A spoon is illustrated for the amount of oil required, but no mention of what size of spoon (i assumed tablespoon, but i could be wrong). There are no recipes included, and although the packaging refers to an app (no, not another app) with recipes included, this app does not seem available at the moment (i assume because this model has only just come out).

I bought this machine for the reason suggested by the heading; healthier chips. Love an occasional meal of fried potatoes but, have worked hard to lose a spare tyre and do not wish to put it back. I was pleasantly surprised by the range of food that can be prepared in this machine – and at how easy it is to use. I have prepared everything from stir fry to cakemy old chip fryer, as well as being limited to the production of fried potato products, had a habit of needing hours of cleaning after each use. The delonghi is much cleaner in use and far simpler to clean. It comes to pieces into sensible sections that do not contain the awkward corners which seemed to proliferate on my previous unit. Be warned, if you buy this fryer, you’ll become the go to chef – my son is eating my food – with enthusiasm.

This is a combination low-fat fryer and multi-cooker, which comes complete with a recipe book containing over 200 recipes, from which, there is bound to be something which buyers will wish to cook as well as cook low fat chips. It is fairly unique in that it contains two heating elements, unlike cheaper types which utilise a single heater based on the fan oven principle. This process ensures even heat and allows the cooker to be designated a multi-cooker too. We have so far used it to cook chips (first thing we did) as well as a really nice risotto and some stir fry rice. In terms of practicality, this is a big fryer both outside and inside, with capacity to serve up to 6 people with chips (1 kg frozen chips fits easily) or up to almost three pounds of fresh chips using a very small quantity of rapeseed oil (about 25 minutes for fresh chips). In use, the controls are conveniently placed in the centre of the device with recipe options on a separate dial. Unlike the majority of cheaper models, this item requires no pre-heating and heats up very quickly to cooking temperature. This item is easy to use, select a function, set the time and temperature and away you go. Cleaning is relatively easy and whilst we haven’t used that option, the manufacturer states that the items are dishwasher safe. To be honest and in terms of quality and output, i would award this item 5 stars, however, for many uk families, it may be a little bit too large for daily use and storage, plus, with many people using this only for cooking foods traditionally deep fried, they might wish to select a smaller, cheaper model. Whilst this model is a large fryer in itself and well worth considering for the larger family and despite its’ large size, for those who live in a small space, it is flexible enough to provide a complete cooking solution: in effect it transforms from being a large fryer to being a small desktop cooker, capable of cooking anything from frying, casseroles, rice dishes and even pizza. In summary, great for a large family or those with less space.

It has a sheath for grilling & convection as well as frying of course. Thus you can use it for a variety of cooking needs. It’s a bit expensive but it’s a well known italian brand delonghi which is reliable. On/off button plus 4 power levels & variable cooking times (up to 45 minutes). It also has a viewing window to check cooking. It has a big capacity (as claims 1kg of frozen fries & 1. 25 fresh potatoes) 1 & i can fry a lot of fries with this, with much less oil & thus healthier. So far i cooked chicken with this & i’m veery pleased with the results. It cooks evenly & makes it nice & crispy on the outside.

It took a bit of trial and error to get perfect crispy chips in the ideal fryer but now i’ve perfected my method and they really are lovely, and different than just standard oven baked. It’s very easy to use and easy to clean. I’m now experimenting with some of the other recipes for the fryer. The only downside is the space it takes up on the counter so you will need to consider counter space and/or storage space. If you are looking for an air fryer then this offers a great option.

I always cook my chips in the oven with loads of olive oil on them. This classy delonghi fryer has changed all that in an instant. It is a superb chip fryer, turning out beautifully cooked chips with minimal oil on them. And it does far more than just fry chips. It is like a mini over and, as long as it fits, it will roast nigh-on anything from small chickens to veggies to anything you might buy from the supermarket freezer to oven cook. The instructions give you the setting and time for most of these things and it would not be difficult to work it out for other items. I am so very pleased with it, and it is so easy to use. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, and i had no problems at all. And it’s easy to clean, too – which is always a good thing.

I love this air fryer, it looks good out on the work top where it will be used most days. It cooks faster than a conventional, browns, uses little or no fat and is not to noisy. I have baked a cake which was lovely, frozen chips with no added oil, these were really crispy on the outside and fluffy inside. Chicken breasts were moist and a re-heated pie was hot with a nice crispy pastry top. You can practically cook almost anything in this cooker. It is operated manually rather than digital so is really easy to set heat and time. The manual includes a guide on temperatures and times, there is also an app you can download with lots of recipes. The cooker will easily cook a generous portion of chips for 5/6 people. It comes apart for cleaning and the pan is non stick.

This is more like an oven than a deep fat fryer and it is low fat so may be the healthier option, although you might not get the same sort of chips that you would from the unhealthier deep fat fryer (whether that is a good or bad thing is up to you). It is quicker than a conventional oven, although it is a bit noisy. Thankfully, it is easy to clean and not as smelly as a normal oven. You also don’t get the grease that you would get with a fryer which is definitely an advantage. The recipe app is good, has nice suggestions and is simple to use. Overall it does what you would expect but there are limited uses and it is a bit expensive for what it is. You might be better off just using your oven. However if you have a small space then maybe this is a good option for cooking.

I really, really liked this fryeri had got a smaller version air fryer previously and had found that it took a while to cook things evenly so i was interested to try a larger version air fryer and see if size made much difference. The large square cooking basket on this model means you can put several items in spread over the base surface and they all cook as the same time and evenly through. As with any fryer when doing chips, fries, wedges etc you do need to stop part way through and give the pan a quick shake to move them about to ensure even cooking. The heating element is centrally placed in the dome so gives a steady heat and the fan circulates it all around the basket ensuring all the food cooks at the same rate. The controls are basic and easy to use. Heat settings from 1 to 4 and timer goes in 5 minute increments and it dings to tell you when cooking has finished. Cleaning is quite simple as well the lower part of the lid comes off so you can wash off any splashing from fat from items that may have spit during cooking and the basket has a non stick coating. I usually find the easiest way is to have a bowl of hot soapy water in the sink and when you have finished cooking with the fryer just pop the basket into the hot water so that the food residue doesn’t get to cool down and set on the surface. As a de’longhi it is not cheap but sometimes you need to pay the extra to get a better machine. Here are the specifications for the De’Longhi FH2133 Fryer:

  • Maximum food capacity: 1. 25 kg of fresh potatoes to peel/ 1 kg of frozen potatoes
  • Upper tubular sheathed heating element for a convection and grill cooking
  • Lid with viewing window to check food during the cooking process
  • On/off heating element function: to give the possibility to use only the lower heating element
  • Mechanical control: to set 4 power levels and cooking time

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Two in one fryer and multi-cooker
  • Makes surprisingly good chips
  • Large size makes this really practical