De’Longhi ICM15210 : OK coffee maker

This replaces a dead krups coffee machine that cost twice as much and died of old age. The de’longhi one is exactly the same height and looks much more attractive. It makes really great coffee and does it quickly. It’s best to leave it a couple of minutes after the timer beeps, to let those last few drips through. It’s easy to fill with water – good wide access to the water tank when the lid is lifted. Very easy to wipe clean (best to use a microfibre cloth). Coffee container is dead easy to lift out for washing or rinsing. Ok, the coffee container doesn’t have a very strong catch so it can pop open when inserting or removing the jug. But it’s no problem to hold it in position (one finger) when doing either. In any case the sprung valve at the bottom stops it dripping on the counter.

Works very well as a basic coffee maker.

Honestly i’m not disappointed with this. The reviews are very so so but if you like coffee and want a quick and easy no faff coffee by one of these. Btw i’ve had no trouble at all with the filters. Just make sure you by size 4.

As with many inexpensive coffee machines, the placement of the jug must be precise for the stewed grinds to filter efficiently, preventing overflow. There is no auto-off sensor to turn off the hot plate, should you leave it on, so i use it in a fairly central place in the kitchen to prevent forgetting about it.

I bought the de longhi to replace a 35-year-old braun filter coffee-maker. I wanted something similarly simple and the de longhi fits the bill. Being able to use paper filters cuts down on messy disposal of coffee grounds. Design-wise it’s perhaps a bit taller than it needs to be, in terms of need to pull it away from underneath the kitchen unit cupboards in order to flip the top open and fill with water. I like the feature that it turns itself off after 40 minutes as it happens to suit me. However that’s neither optional nor adjustable, so may annoy other users. The plastic of the filter-holder seems to hold on to water droplets in the dishwasher, so it benefits from an extra pat dry on removal otherwise it can make the paper filter wet when next used. Personally i’d have liked it in white, to suit my kitchen decor better, whereas it only seems to come in dark brown, but for me the practicability and ease of being able to use paper filters trumps colour choice. All round a good buy at a fair price.

This is ok, i got it for my mum and dad and they are happy enough with it, makes the coffee relatively easily, could be warmer but coffee isnt supposed to be scalding hot if served correctly.

Just s good as the last one l had.

A simple coffee filter machine ,much improved.

  • love this coffee pot
  • Uses paper filters, a doddle to clean, and turns itself off after 40 minutes
  • Think “Fast” & “40 Minutes”

De’Longhi ICM15210.1 Filter Coffee Maker – Black

Product Description, Delonghi 1.3 L Filter Coffee Maker of 10-15 Cup Capacity, 900 W – Black.

Box Contains, 1 x ICM15210.1 Filter Coffee Maker1 x Glass Carafe1 x full set of instructions

From the manufacturer

  • Cupacity: 10 cups. (1,25 L).
  • Manual control.
  • Glass carafe.
  • Auto shut-off.
  • Water level display.
  • Carafe and filter holder dishwasher safe.
  • Sealed carafe plate.
  • Cord storage.
  • V shape paper filter.
  • Black plastic main colours. whit stainless steel finishing.

De’longhi 1.3 L Filter Coffee Maker of 10-15 Cup Capacity, 900 W – Black

General specifications:

  • Weight (Kg):1.7.
  • Rated voltage/Frequency (V~Hz):220/240-50/60.
  • Input power (W):900.
  • Colour:Black.
  • Display:LCD display.
  • Water container capacity (l):1,25.
  • Autoshut OFF:✓.
  • Cups:10.
  • Keep warm plate:✓.
  • Water level indicator:✓.
  • Body material:Plastic body with a metal insert.

Glass Carafe

Glass carafe with 10 cups capacity and anti drip system.

Caraff Door Plate

Plate to keep the coffee hot.

Water Level Indicator

Water tank with level indicator on both sides of the machine.

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Ordered two and used both in a very busy tea tent over a three day period. Will use them again next year.

This is the second delonghi purchased. The first one lasted 3 years and was badly lime scaled and the base plate had corroded through, possibly due to some misuse. . My only concern was that the part that holds the filter did not always close firmly and sometimes swung open. The new one seems more positive and also has a buzzer to tell you when it is turned off and on. Not a necessity as it has a light and the coffee needs to drain for a further period after the element turns off. It is simple to use not too expensive and i would not hesitate to buy another if necessary. This item was listed as prime but it did take 3 days to arrive.

I have been using it everyday for 2 months, and everything is good. Like this coffee machine doesn’t have those fancy functions, such as setting up time for making coffee. Because those functions would rarely be used. Really fast to make coffee and very easy to clean.

Having tried many other coffee machines on the market but this one beats the rest. It make a lovely cup of coffee and is very easy to keep clean. I am very pleased with this pleased with this coffee machine.

Bought this for my coffee mad son. He loves it and uses it all the time.

You can make any amount of coffee. Filters are not that expensive, so you don’t need to worry about extra cost. I’d prefer it a bit smaller. Literally everytime when i remove the jug, the coffee drips on the hot plate. When i open the filter holder, water just drips everywhere. It’s really annoying i must say cause i need to wipe my coffee machine and the counter after every use.

Simple to use, makes a great cup of coffee.

We like the simplicity and price for a workable filter coffee machine. Disliked the very lightweight construction and the need to be very firm when clicking the filter holder in before use, it can seem to be in sometimes when it actually needs a really poitive push to avoid coffee on the work top. There is a need to be very carefull when pouring water into the reservoir due to the narrow curved opening.

  • love this coffee pot
  • Uses paper filters, a doddle to clean, and turns itself off after 40 minutes
  • Think “Fast” & “40 Minutes”

De’Longhi ICM15210.1 Filter Coffee Maker – Black

I bought this to replace an 8 year old, slow, filter machine that finally died. This machine is much easily to open and fill and the level gauge is really easy to read (even when bleary-eyed first thing in a morning). The touch-button start is a nice touch too. The brew cycle is very quick and this worried me slightly on the flavour side of things – although i haven’t noticed anything negative about this (however i do use very dark roast coffees ground very finely). The machine stays on, complete with the hot plate, for around 40-45 minutes, after which it switches off. Part of me thought this was a bit annoying at first, however, it’s not like the coffee goes instantly cold, and it does prevent you from having those “stale” coffees that have been kept warm for 60+ minutes, so this feature has proper grown on me – it also helps with the cleaning as it doesn’t bake the dregs onto the jug, so i’ve not had to do anything more than rinse the jug and change the paper filter to clean and reset for the next brew (i was dishwashing my last jug at least once per week).

It does great flavoured coffee, good and hot,but. It’s let down by the filter holder; for which the pivot feels flimsy and retaining catch very weak. Very often it swings open while picking up the jug. I’m sure delonghi could have done better.

Functional and easy to use although care needs to be taken when using paper filters (which are necessary as i couldn’t fit in my reusable one) as sometimes they fold in and you end up with coffee spilling all over the place. Only happened a couple of times but a messy and time consuming nuisance. Otherwise it would have received more stars.

Wanted a simple straight forward coffee maker and seems to work and brew well. Only drawback is not having drip cut off, but not a problem. Just let it finish it’s job.

Basic model and just what i wanted. Hot black coffee and easy clean.

Arrived late but works great, i use not only for coffee but tea also, both come out perfect i am happy.

This the 3rd one i have bought so that speaks for itself.

Im happy with the coffee machine, brews a whole jug very quickly and is nice and hot. The only draw back i find is that it turns off the hotplate after 40 min. As i’m the only one using the machine, 1 jug would last me over 5 hours normally. With this machine i either need to return to it every 40 min and switch it back on to keep the coffee hot or if i forget, i need a brew a new pot as its gone cold. If you want to use all the coffee made within 40 min then this is a great machine, if you want to be able to leave it standing all morning then you should get a different machine which does not turn off.

Cheap, cheerful coffee maker. Works well every morning, low tech and trouble free.

This has been one of my best buys. It is easy to use, easy to clean, makes great coffee and looks good. There are so many makes and models that i really didn’t know where to start. I am glad i chose this one as it was also well priced.

Another gift, this time for our son, who has now given up tea for the pleasure and convenience of using his delonghi coffee maker, and again superb delivery service.

I never write reviews but was just so pleased with this coffee maker. It’s easy to use, sturdy and looks very smart, but best of all it makes a really smooth cup of coffee. I’ve realised since getting it just how rough the brew my old machine was making tasted. I bought this machine based on the which?. Whilst i’m sure there are fancier machines out there, for a similar price i doubt you’ll beat this product. Only downside i’ve noticed is its hard to clean out the water tank.

This made good coffee but it is hard to remove the jug without the filter swinging open. Sometimes this randomly swings open in the middle of a brew. It stopped working mid brew after 2 years.

First purchase failed after 1 month.

Product as described, very quick delivery.

It does coffee very well, quickly and hot. The only shortcoming is that i had to buy a plug attachment to convert the uk plug to australian electricity socket.

Great product at a good price.

Good machine, good coffee, perhaps would like the coffee to be a little hotter.

Features and Spesification

  • Capacity: 10 large or 15 small cups
  • Non-drip device – jug can be removed at any time while coffee is brewing
  • Manual controls
  • Water level display and auto shut-off
  • Uses paper filters