De’Longhi ICM15240BK Filter Coffee Maker – : makes great filter coffee

For the price this is excellent value. We use ours very heavily and it’s never let us down. The only downside is, you have to wait till it’s completely finished before you can pour a cup or it will drip on the hot plate which is a pain to clean afterwards.

Bought to replace a previous delonghi that was ideal. Unfortunately, this one is not as well designed or as well made. Warming base only stays on for about 10 minutes and then shuts off. Machines does not come with a permanent filter, so have to purchase paper filters. It is front loading, which helps. Removal of pot from machine to pour coffee always results in drips onto warming base, which then has to be cleaned up. Carafe is odd, not as well designed as earlier models, and invariably drips, so find myself having to pour my morning cup of coffee over the sink or wind up wiping up coffee puddles. Makes a decent pot of coffee.

Very good and useful coffee machine.

We love coffee and it is quite well. Our previous one was also delonghi but has more little coffee box. It has delivered so fast and recommend.

Nice how you can pour the water in beside the filter. I do no like how it turns itself off. Often i’d like to linger over a pot of coffee but it will not stay warm, so i bought an insulted carafe.

I have had four of them over the last 5-6 years as the clever device at the top which allows you to fill with water from the front tends to wear out after 12-18 month of continuous daily use.

Excellent and very simple to use.

Excellent coffee machine – no bells or whistles but makes beautiful coffee. This is very well made and works extremely well. If you want good coffee – this is the ideal machine.

  • Good, front-loading, paper filter coffee machine
  • Perfect sludge-free coffee!
  • A great coffee maker and resonably priced!

De’Longhi ICM15240BK Filter Coffee Maker – Black

Product Description, The Delonghi ICM15240 Filter coffee maker, with it’s practical design, is a stylish and easy-to-use machine that can produce 10 large or 15 small cups of filter coffee at one time.
It has a patented front loading system for coffee and water which means you don’t need to keep moving it around the worksurface, from underneath the kitchen cupboards to re-fill. It also has a water window which enables you to see easily and clearly when more water is required, while the thermostatic hot plate ensures that, once your coffee has been made , the glass carafe will keep it warm.
The aroma function and two different brewing speeds allows selection of the brewing perfomance to suit the users aroma preference.
To ensure that none of your coffee is wasted, the ICM15240 is fitted with an anti-drip mechanism that allows you to remove the carafe at any time. For Added safety, the ICM15240 Filter coffee Machine also has non-slip feet and an indicator light to signify whether the machine is on or off.
The machine uses paper filters to ensure fresh tasting coffee every time and avoid the build up of limescale that can sometimes occur when using permanent filters.

Box Contains, 1 x ICM15240 Filter Coffee Maker1 x Glass Carafe1 x full set of instructions

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Worked fine for 2 years with use on average 2-3 times a week, then started leaking water out if the bottom every time it’s turned on. Apparently they only last 2-3 years which i’m not impressed with considering the price.

It does everything it says on the box.

Makes a really good cup of coffee.

Been generally pleased with this since purchasing just before christmas though their suggestion that it can be kept and operated in-between the work surface and kitchen wall units isn’t strictly accurate due to there being insufficient room to lift the lid up of the reservoir (well, in our kitchen anyway). Agree with other reviewers about not being able to detach lid to give a decent clean and i just end up rinsing it out prior to using there jug to fill the reservoir up, and also being left with water in the bottom of the jug. I also find that my second cup (always do two) is nice and hot as it’s been on the heater, whereas the first cup is always tepid and needs drinking straight away. I suppose i could just make it and let it stand for a while but i’m impatient. I’ve a problem developed now where, whilst drying the plastic filter holder, there’s a plastic spring loaded widget (pictured) that’s held on to the other side of the plastic filter by a rubber washer. Unfortunately, this is easily caught with a tea towel whilst drying and, although the first time it happened i was able to relocate the washer, the last time it came off it seems to have disappeared in to thin air. The machine still works and the coffee tastes fine but there must be a reason for its presence there. Not sure how to go about repairing/replacing it.

I bought it to replace one i had some time ago. I have tried to get used to an espresso machine but just prefer filter coffee. A word of caution, when i pulled the machine out of the box by the plastic it was wrapped in, the jug, which was loose, fell out on to the worktop and broke one of the tiny lugs off the plastic lid. It is still perfectly usable and the up-side is i can take the lid off to wash the jug, something which a few reviewers noted as a down side. It came with five filters so i was able to get it going straight away. The coffee comes out at a drinkable temperature for me but it isn’t scalding hot, however it does heat up more on the hotplate. It is very easy to fill and add the coffee and, because it uses a filter paper, cleaning is a doddle.

A little larger than i expected. However, makes great filter coffee. Addition of the aroma feature useful if you like a really strong brew.

I ordered this because my previous delonghi machine developed a problem with the heater element at the same time as the one at work. I liked the way in which i could fill the reservoir from the front of the unit, however this model switches itself off on an hourly basis so we have to make sure it is turned back on to prevent wasting good coffee. It does hold a good amount but again, watch the automatic switch off time.

Great coffee machine, no problem with the ‘auto off’ feature, simply just press the start button again. Auto off works well because our old one could be left on all night.

  • Good, front-loading, paper filter coffee machine
  • Perfect sludge-free coffee!
  • A great coffee maker and resonably priced!

De’Longhi ICM15240BK Filter Coffee Maker – Black

Even better than the more expensive one that it has replaced as we never used the timer before so bought this one without a timer.

Have this for 8 mo, works fine and still go strong.

This coffee maker had to replace an old friend, a hard act to follow but the delonghi is speedy, well designed and has reduced stress in the office.

Bought to replace a similar model which failed after nearly 4 years of daily use (the element failed). Decided to go with this model again as it makes great coffee and is very convenient to use – the front access for filling in particular. It’s slightly annoying that you can’t take the lid off and put the jug in the dishwasher but it’s not difficult to clean. We use a thermal jug to keep the coffee in once it’s made which is much better than keeping it warm on the hotplate – that only ruins the flavour. Also bought at a great price.

Eventually got a nice coffee machine again.

Bought to replace older model which worn out, at good amazon discounted price. Very much like the delonghi front loading, and this model brews well. In fact paper filters better and cleaner than permanent filter basket on previous model. Would prefer bit longer shut off period than 40 mins but shut off does stop stewing, and what’s left can be microwaved hot. Agree with other comments that jug does have minor design faults, and that is why 4 stars and not 5.

Poor design, when the machine was used for only the third time, the spring had come out of the coffee/filter holder, therefore, the flow of coffeedid not stop when the glass jug was removed to pour coffee, what can be done to avoid this next time?. This is a great pity, as otherwise this product makes great coffee, comments from the seller, or manufacturer, please.

In the past i’ve purchased coffee makers without doing any real research as to quality and taste of the coffee made. I did so this time, and thankfully the delonghi brand has proven to be excellent. The machine is easy to use and makes a great-tasting pot of hot coffee. I recommend this coffee maker to anyone looking for a good-tasting basic cup of coffee – we really can taste the difference.

Originally purchased the version with the timer but the heating element burnt out after a couple of years, so replaced it with this one. It’s reliable and makes consistent filter coffee but does require regular descaling. Down side: the one piece jug handle and rim are a little flexible when in use and need to be treated with care; if you fill with water by swinging out the filter body the unit becomes unstable, it rocks on the base. This did not happen with the other version. For the price it represents good value for money.

After several machines with permanent filters, i decided to give the paper filter machine a try. This is a cracking machine that produces sludge-free coffee, mug after mug, pot after pot. Why didn’t i go paper earlier?looks are ok, doesn’t take up too much room on the worktop. Agree with the comment regarding pouring the cold water into the machine from the jug – it just won’t let you get that last little puddle of water in there. A design flaw, but not a deal-breaker. For a fine pot of freshly brewed coffee, you can’t go wrong with this.

Very fast & reliable delivery. Excellent product in good working order.

The machine was easy to set up. As advised, i ran a couple of water cycles through it before making coffee. I had my first coffee this morning. One fairly major snag is the carafe. It is difficult to empty into the water reservoir. The last drops remain in the jug. Worse, the lid of the carafe cannot be removed which makes it fiddly to wash. It does not say if it is dishwasher safe but if it is, it would be difficult to place in the dishwasher because the lid remains attached.

Very good service – coffee machine is great, very fast and looks good.

Well amazon do get things right sometimes. Coffee maker came today very quick delivery. I had a swan machine before this and its only made about 40 lots of coffee before a problem with the switch developed and it kept blowing plug fuses and my houses main fuse board tripping out. So i read a few reviews and decided on this one. As said it came quickly and when i opened it i heard a rattling in side and thought o god er we go again. Any case not to bad it was just a small water tank filter that needed putting back in place. So done in seconds after looking at the pictures in the manual. It comes with 5 filter papers so after initially running 2 full water tank no coffee grind processes to clean away any manufacturing residue i have made my first coffee. Some buyers state they don’t understand how the aroma button workswell that’s easy to explain.

The coffee maker has worked fine for 2 years, but now its heater element has gone open-circuit and is not economic to repair (you can’t buy the part anyway it turns out). Pity as otherwise it was doing the job well. One other negative – the jug has always leaked somewhere at the join between glass and plastic moulding. I’ve applied a food-safe silicone sealant but still it leaks.Rather annoying as it drips on the worktop every time you pour. Probably just our bad luck to get a leaky one.

Got this as a present for someone close, six weeks ago and they are constantly telling me how good it is.

Everything works fine except for the water jug when you have to be careful when pouring to avoid a spill. A small redesign of the spout would correct this.

Used most days and as yet no problems. Keeps the coffee hot for over a hour.

Features and Spesification

  • Capacity: 10 large or 15 small cups (1.3l)
  • Patented front loading coffee and water
  • Aroma function and two different brewing speeds
  • Non-drip device and auto shut-off
  • Uses paper filters

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