De’Longhi ICM16731 Filter Coffee Machine : Drip Coffee Machine

This machine makes great coffee and keep it warm well if needed. I have had filter coffee machine in the past with glass jugs which have not been very good ( burnt and bitter when left for a while). This machine makes really good coffee -the coffee is placed in a nylon filter – no need for paper inserts. You can set it for 3 strengths – this is done by regulating the speed at which the water perculates through the coffee grounds. The coffee goes into a double insulated stainless steel jug which keeps the coffee warm – this is much better than a glass jug. I tend to use the 4 cup amount – which is enough for 2 cups. The shape is good in that it is narrow – so does not take up a lot of counter top space. The machine “beeps” when the coffee is made. You have to be able to see the right hand side to see how much water to pour in. My only little negative is that you have to tilt the jug over a good deal to get all the coffee out – but not too much of a problem.

I do like my coffee and over the decades i have worked my way through most types of machines, settling predominantly on drip or espresso. This de’longhi icm 16731 filter coffee machine is good looking, i like the hourglass shape and the piano black and stainless steel will work in most kitchens. It is pretty easy to fill and clean, the lid opens wide to reveal the water tank and removable filter housing. You are supplied with a measuring spoon and it is the usual 1 spoon per cup, or more or less to taste. The coffee goes into a double walled jug which will keep the contents hor for hours. There is an aroma intensity button on the front, the idea being the longer the brew, the greater the aroma. I’ve tried this on highest and lowest settings, yes i did discern a difference, i guess it will come down to how quickly i want my coffee. Currently it is priced at c£95. That’s a lot for a drip machine, and i don’t feel the aroma setting or the freshness indicator (1 indicator bar displayed per 15 minutes. For an hour) warrant the premium.

I like this drip filter coffee machine a lot. It’s well made, in a smart-looking combination of black plastic and brushed stainless steel. The machine requires a couple of washes through with clean water before first use, and then you’re good to go. As a filter machine, this makes long coffees rather than espresso-based drinks. The basic functions are very easy to use – fill the base jug with water, and use it to fill the machine; use the supplied scoop to add ground coffee (1 scoop per cup up to a maximum of 10), turn on and press start. The digital display is neat and unobtrusive, with neat, bright white led characters on a dark background. The machine has a removable, reusable filter basket that sits in a removable plastic surround. There is no way to add a water filter to the tank, so in hard water areas bottled/filtered water is probably a good idea. The brushed metal outer insulated jug does a good job of keeping coffee warm – i’ve been back to the machine 5 hours after brewing, long after the machine had switched itself off, and found the coffee still plenty warm enough to be palatable. And without the ‘stewed’ taste that accompanies machines where a heated element has kept cooking the coffee for hours.

In the random household we love to drink coffee, but always use a bean-to-cup machine. I have used one of these filter coffee machines at work and they’re pretty simple – right?. Er, no – this one has more functions, thus it’s more expensive and isn’t as intuitive as you may think. The pros:* the black and chrome colourway looks really stylish and would complement most colour schemes* the removable nylon filter is a great way of saving the environment* it doesn’t have a huge footprint, so won’t take too much space on your worktopcons:* the instructions, as per most delonghi publications are blooming annoying* try as i might (and i have, believe me) i cannot get the top off of the thermal carafe* the extra functionality is pretty useless and just seems to justify how expensive this product is* i cannot see how hot the coffee is because the thermal carafe is opaque* the coffee i brewed earlier was lukewarm, despite the machine beeping thricein conclusion: yes, i’m a bean-to-cup kind of person, but i can still see the benefits of drip filter coffee, especially when i need to shift a few pounds and cut down on my latte consumption. This product is a ‘all bells and whistles’ version of a design classic, which should be simple to load and use, but it just isn’t. It’s about three times more expensive than a standard model, but i don’t really think that the consumer needs to faff around so much.

Firstly the instructions are terrible. The worst chinglish i’ve read for a long time. Given the price a proper set should be included. It doesn’t inspire confidence in the machine. The construction is glossy black plastic and is a real finger print magnet. Don’t use anything but a soft cloth on it. The 10 cups equates to 4 normal sized mugs. Setting the clock and timer is a huge pain. You have to cycle through a 24 hour clock.

The de’longhi filter coffee making machine is one really beautiful looking machine. It is very simple to use and program. You can program the machine to make two beautifully brewed mugs of coffee at a time to suit your wake up time. On the downside though, the jug capacity isn’t huge. Additionally the temperature of the coffee is perfect to drink at the point of it being dispensed but you can’t go back to the jug in 20 minutes and have another cup of coffee as it has significantly cooled down. It’s quite expensive if you compare it to other machines on the market. In concluding the review, the de’longhi filter coffee making machine makes beautiful cups of coffee with ease. However, if jug capacity and price matter, you may want to look at other brands.

Himself likes filter coffee, i prefer the bean to cup offerings, but this did produce a nice brew from freshly ground beans. Although it’s a steel and rather obvious black plastic finish, it is well designed to have no difficult to clean corners. Once it’s finished dripping, the spring loaded coffee compartment and the nylon sieve are easy to transport outside so the wet grounds can improve my clay garden, without any mess. Glass drip cofffee makers have always added the anxiety to making a cup because of their fragility. Simple to use, easy to clean.

I have used many de longhi products and always found them to be of the highest quality. This one does not disappoint. It’s quite a compact design and comes with a stainless steel insulated flask, so good for cleanliness and keeping the coffee warm. This has all the usual functions you’d expect on a modern filter coffee maker – permanent filter, timer function, extra brew strength option and de-calc warning / function. Simple to use and it makes excellent coffee.

  • Good coffee, nice looking machine, pricey 7/10
  • Drip Coffee Machine
  • Coffee not hot enough for my liking

De’Longhi ICM16731 Filter Coffee Machine, 1200 W, Black with Stainless Steel finishings

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I drink too much coffee and i am trying to drink a bit less espresso from my de’longhi bean to cup, so i was pleased to get a chance to try out this filter machine. It looks great and it works well enough, but i am underwhelmed with the coffee it produces. That may just be that i am so used to the more intense flavours from pressured machines – so if filter coffee is you thing then this may be more to your liking. The machine is really at the top end of the price range for filter machines and i am not sure that it does enough to justify it. De’longhi is a good make (my other de’longhi machine has worked well for more than 5 years), and this is attractive to look at, but apart from the double walled jug which well keep the coffee fresher for longer, i am not sure that this offers a lot more than much cheaper models. Overall, whilst i can see the appeal of this machine, i would think you could pay less and get something nearly as good. That said it should last you for years – so you may feel that the looks are worth paying for.

Pros:easy to useeasy to cleanlooks good on my worktopkeeps coffee hot for a good whilecons:way overpriceddrips a bit when pouringfunny taste to begin with, lasts a whileway overpriced, worth saying twicei personally feel you could get a better machine for less money.

This is a good filter/brewer that looks fine on the table. The obvious problem is it’s entering a very competitive market with well branded and lesser known brands all fighting for a share. I feel pricing is a little off currently at around £90 mark. Yes, the are options at way more money but there are also good machines at around the half price and less, including its own models. In particular, i’d look closely at the moccamaster and melitta ranges. However, don’t dismiss this model because arguably a great advantage this de’longhi has is its history. There are loads of older models still pumping out decent caffeine after several years use. This new model is based on that fine history and so probably as safe a buy as you’ll find. Operation is no great problem. You need to get a few jugs of hot water through the system to clean it of any residue.

If you like filter coffee and have a smart office then this might be just the machine for you. Its hourglass shape with lots of shiny black plastic and stainless steel really looks the part – and it makes good coffee too, varied strength to taste, and keeps it hot in the thermal carafe. Available at a price – rather expensive compared to other machines, which is really the only downside.

If you like old fashioned filter coffee this is a stylish, modern alternative. The hour glass inspired shape does look good, however the price is considerably more than you would normally pay for a filter coffee machine. For the inflated price, you do get style and a double walled stainless steel jug which pours well (without any dribbling except by those waiting for the coffee) and also keeps the coffee hot for up to 4 hours (so they say). I can’t say i ever want coffee that is older than a couple of hours and i haven’t tested this. The keep warm base only boasts up to 40 minutes, but the jug should go on keeping the coffee hot for some time with its thermos approach. There is a ‘freshness indicator’ but i feel that the success of that feature would be very subjective. Personally, i did not notice the over-brewed result you can get with filter coffee that has been sitting around for a while. As with many coffee machines, i did not feel that the result was perfectly hot. There is an option to slow the brewing process for a fuller flavoured result using a coffee intensity button. Three speeds are provided for this option, the slow setting allows longer brewing for more flavour.

This version includes the permanent filter as well as the thermal jug. Not just beautiful but also an excellent coffee maker. The ability to slow the flow in order to strengthen the coffee works well. I’m not sure i need another digital clock in the kitchen but it and the rest of the digital display are informative. The jug does keep the coffee warm although i would prefer it hotter to begin with. I am a coffee fanatic and drink a lot of filter coffee in the morning, preferring the all in one coffee maker to meet my needs during the day. This lovely thing is a pleasure to own and use.

This is an excellent coffee machine. It looks stunning with a sleek, contemporary design, although it is slightly larger than imagined. It still sits nicely on the worktop though and doesn’t take over. It is fairly easy to work out, although the instructions and the machine don’t align. When it starts brewing a cup appears but the instructions say a white light. There is a function for 3 different strengths. I used the medium strength and it suited me. It takes several minutes to brew but i would expect this to get good coffee. The thermal jug is a nice touch as it keeps the coffee warm for longer. Overall a great machine which is a superb addition to any kitchen.

I know coffee aficionados don’t use boiling water to make coffee as it can scorch the coffee – but i like my coffee hot. This machine sadly just doesn’t produce coffee how i enjoy it. There are some plus points:this machine is modern and sleek in design. You can stop the flow of coffee as it’s being made to fill up a cup rather than wait on the whole pot being filled. It’s easy to adjust the strength. You don’t need paper filters – a filter is built in. Niggles:ignore the amount of cups when brewing – the indicate very small cup amounts. You need just about 3 cups to fill a mug. The price is in the higher end of filter coffee machines. The coffee is just not hot enough for my liking.

  • Good coffee, nice looking machine, pricey 7/10
  • Drip Coffee Machine
  • Coffee not hot enough for my liking

De’Longhi ICM16731 Filter Coffee Machine, 1200 W, Black with Stainless Steel finishings

When unboxing the machine i was impressed by the build quality, comprising a mixture of high grade black plastic and brushed metal. It looks very stylish on my worktop and doesn’t take up as much space as similar coffee machines. The digital element it very easy to use and lets you select how strong you want your coffee, and the timer function would be of use during the week when time is limited in the morning so that you can wake up to lovely fresh coffee. Unfortunately there are one or two drawbacks to this coffee machine. One is that since using the machine i have washed all the parts by hand several times but am unable to shift the smell and taste of what i would describe as burnt plastic. And secondly, when pouring the contents from the jug, the lid leaks from the centre spilling onto the counter top. I am therefore rather disappointed with this product which, given the cost, should be a high quality coffee machine.

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