De’Longhi ICM2B 10-Cup Filter Coffee Maker : Love it !!

This is a coffee maker we have known for a long time. Fast to use, no filters to mess about with. Makes a whole high volume or low lovume, you choose, fill the glass jug with the water volume coffee you might need and spoon or tip some ground coffee into the top opening built in filter, close it up and switch it on. You get a small or lot of coffee depending on the water volume, quality is up to you in regard to how much coffee you put in. One the coffee is ready the hot plate the coffee pot sits on keeps it hot, great for anytime and especially social coffee mornings. By the way, the price is very low compared to other models. Hoigh quality coffee, low money output, what more do you need.

Let me start by saying that i have owned this coffee machine for nearly four years and have been extremely impressed. Build quality/reliabilityits simple design means that there isn’t that much to go wrong; the only issue i have had in the past 3/4 years was when i dropped the jug and had to buy a replacement. The ‘permanent’ filter has also started to wear away now but this is understandable, i can just use disposable filter papers instead. It does look/feel fairly cheap with its plastic body but what can you honestly expect for this price. Featuresit is very simple to use and relatively quick, just a few minutes depending on how much your are brewing. The hot plate is fantastic and keeps it just about the perfect temperature so you won’t need to throw away cold coffee. In terms of the coffee itself, if you want filter coffee then this will deliver, tastes as it should. Valuethis is what set this machine apart for me really. 99 in 2013 and it has reliably been making me coffee since.

This is a good item for the price, and it was brewing fresh coffee within ten minutes of being out of the box. The design is curvy and the black colour-scheme has a hint of 80s retro about it. I liked the built in washable filter, and while other makers in the range have a range of electronic features, this contents itself with an on/off switch. The coffee tastes good as i type – cheers.Good value, but i think four stars is fair as there isn’t a strong sense of hard-wearing durability.

It gets used at least once a day and is well appreciated by my colleagues. Only thing to note is that when pouring the first cup of coffee from it each time the condensation on the underside of the lid does run down the outside and create a couple of drips each time.

Great machine at a good price, i read the reviews before i bought and was slightly concerned in case it had a funny smell. I need not have worried i washed the washable bits before first use and had no smell, just great coffee and kept hot. I especially like the when you remove the pot from the machine it shuts off the filter bit and so no drips onto the hot plate. Very pleased, good value for money purchase.

This was a bargain at the price and it is a good basic coffee maker, it is quick but doesn’t sacrifice flavour for speed. However, my one quibble is that the lid of the jug is hinged and cannot be removed which makes it difficult to place on the drying rack. I bought this to replace a previous (different) delonghi model after i broke the jug and discovered that a replacement jug costs 21£, so i’m anxious not to break another.

Our old machine gave up the ghost and looked at lots of options, mainly thought about the pod systems until i read several reviews and realised that if making for 6 people have to put 6 pods in and wait for that amount of time, also costly. With this machine you just put the required amount of water in and ground coffee and very shortly you have a pot of coffee. Also very good that the hotplate stays on so can keep a pot going as long as you want. Couldn’t be more happy with my purchase.

I bought this a few weeks ago for £12. 99 and i can`t believe how good it is. The only thing i can find to complain about is that it drips slightly when i first begin to pour but don`t let this put you off, it is still terrific value and i am sure most people will love it.

  • The hot plate is fantastic and keeps it just about the perfect temperature so
  • Still working well!
  • Bargain

De’Longhi ICM2B 10-Cup Filter Coffee Maker

Product Description, The De’Longhi ICM2B Coffee Maker, with its practical design, is a stylish and easy-to-use machine that can produce 10 cups of filter coffee at one time.
It has a water window on either side of the machine, which enables you to see easily and clearly when more water is required, while the thermostatic hot plate ensures that, once your coffee has been made, the glass carafe will keep it warm.
To ensure that none of your coffee is wasted, the ICM2B is fitted with an anti-drip mechanism that allows you to remove the carafe at any time. For added safety, the ICM2B Filter Coffee Machine also has non-slip feet and a pilot light to indicate whether the machine is on or off.

Box Contains,

  • 1 x De’Longhi ICM2B Filter Coffee Maker
  • 1 x Thermal jug
  • 1 x Full product instructions
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    For the price you can’t go wrong. The machine produces piping hot coffee – unlike some we’ve experienced. This is our second one in just over a year; not surprising as we only drink coffee and use it extensively. Given how relatively cheap it is you can’t expect the product to last for years. We have no problems whatsoever with the plastic smells which have been reported by other users.

    This is a bog standard coffee filter machine. Takes forever to fill up but gets the job done. The description mentions a milk frother but this is obviously for the more expensive model.

    I have no complaints about this machine, it’s simple and works very well. I would say its great and fast and not too loud. I am very happy with this and would reccomend it to others.

    I had never owned a filter coffee machine but always fancied one. When this one came up on bargain buys on amazon i read the reviews and compared similar machines and decided it was worth going for. I took the advice of a previous reviewer and took time to wipe the machine to get rid of any dust and then gave it a couple of trial runs without the coffee ( it does advise you to do this in the instruction booklet). Then i made my first batch – lovely coffee. And not a hint of the factory plastic smellit sits comfotably on my worktop without taking up much space. I would definitely recommend. Delivery was superb – it arrived 2 days after ordering.

    Very pleased with this item. Delivery was incredibly fast, and after reading some of the reviews i was anxious about the plastic smell. Well there is only one smell with mine and that is the delicious brewing coffee smell. I did run through with water first as instructed,tho’. I think this is excellent value for money, and the item seems very efficient.

    The comments from other reviewers about the plastic smell almost put me off but decided i’d take the risk as i already own a de’longhi espresso machine and also bearing in mind the excellent price. Arrived promptly and on unpacking did notice the plastic smell but ran thro a jug of water (as you’d expect to do with any new machine) and the smell was gone. Only took about 15 mins for the 10 cup jug to run thro. Really pleased with the purchase.

    This is my first time ever owning a coffee maker and i was glad i had purchased it , it does what you want it to do but you need to remember to turn it off before you go out or just get yourself one of those timmer plugs like i have and it will then turn off as you set it to.

    I’d read the reviews before buying this product, most of them were favourable, however, a few weren’t, saying things like there was a funny smell, but i thought, what the hell. Once i received it, i gave the filter and the jug a quick wash and its been great, the coffee is lovely i can’t smell a thing and for £13. 99 its an excellent coffee maker, buy it, its fantastic.

    • The hot plate is fantastic and keeps it just about the perfect temperature so
    • Still working well!
    • Bargain

    De’Longhi ICM2B 10-Cup Filter Coffee Maker

    Very straightforward and works well. I read about the plastic smell. When i received the machine i was just about to go away, so i unpacked and made every part open to the air for the week that i was away. No plastic smell has ever been noted. I’m very happy with the coffeemaker.

    De’longhi icm2b filter coffee maker, 10 cupi bought this coffee maker having read reviews saying it produced a drink tasting of plastic. In this household we love good coffee so buying this was a risk, however, i can say it give only excellent delivery, a full flavoured drink and it is a very economical machine. We recommend it unreservedly.

    This coffee maker is terrific value and does everything expected of it. I would have awarded 5 stars if there was not a small drip when pouring. This does not detract from satisfaction with the product and a steady supply of good coffee is ensured.

    Works and keeps working, perfect for those wanting coffee for a day in, not for those in a rush.

    I wanted a relatively compact machine as it does not get continuous use and therefore spends quite a lot of time in the kitchen cupboard. Many others are too tall or bulky to do this, but this one is fine. For me, this machine produces an ideal amount of fresh coffee quickly and it makes all the right noises and smells. It is quick enough that if you want more than 10 cups it can turn a fresh brew around almost before you’ve drunk the first lot. It keeps the coffee hot and the non-drip system prevents the hissing and the staining that usually results from coffee dripping onto the hotplate. Wary of the previous comments about a plastic taste, i ran it twice with just water before using it for coffee and had no problems with funny tastes. Be careful with the jug on butler sinks or the like: it seems quite thin glass.

    99 for this machine and my view was i would be happy if it lasted me a year at that price. It will be a year old in just under 2 weeks and has been fine. It is used at least once a day and makes nice filter coffee. It does what i wanted it for, can’t say fairer than that. It has only one slight niggle which is that the carafe and the machine read different water levels, the jug will be filled to six cups, but the machine will read as six and a half, nothing major and you soon get used to it. No plastic smell or taste for me.

    Have had this coffee maker a few weeks now, use it everyday, easy to clean makes a lovely cup of coffee and for the price you can’t go wrong, buy one you will not be disappointed.

    I purchased this as a replacement for an old machine when i broke the jug. Took a chance as i did not like the sound of the plastic smell mentioned in other reviews. I miss the fresh coffee smell but it tastes fine. The hot plate is much better. Keeps even a full jug piping hot. Buy this if you don’t have much money or can’t smell plastic. (the smell does not fade with time).

    This is the second coffee maker of this make and type as the first stopped working after a couple of month’s or so. Amazon replaced with no hesitation and were totally brilliant arranging collection of the old unit and supplying a replacement immediately. This second unit has performed faultlessly, is quick and does what it should without problem.

    This coffee maker was purchased, @ a great price , to replace our existing m/c that didnt make a decent cup. The improvementhas been incredible,i think it must be something to do with the high temperature the water is heated to. This coffee maker is also a lot faster.

    This coffee machine makes a fine cup of coffee and is hotter than many i have had before. I only have one criticism and that there is an odd plastic smell that persists for some time, although it appears to be getting less pronounced as time goes by, it does not however seem to effect the taste.

    We use it every morning makes great coffee.

    Its a nice coffee machine easy to use and set upclear instruction guidethe jug washes out wellthe coffee compartment opens with use of index fingerwe use filter coffee sheets inside the unit then its can be disposed of rather thanhaving to wash the basket where coffee remains.

    This was bought for my friend’s father who i am told uses it every day and loves it. Great machine from what i’m told. I did not even know if i was going to buy it as i do not know a lot about de’longhi but apparently according to others they have proved their worth in this coffee machine.

    I own an expresso machine but sometimes (especially when you have a houseful of guests) a filter machine is just easier. This is a fantastic machine for the price. Haven’t experienced the plastic smell others reported but i did clean it as per the instructions.

    This is the second de longhi coffee maker i’ve bought. The first was used every day, and refilled all day long and lasted for five years. I looked at all the reviews and decided that i like this one so much, i bought another.

    At a price that equates to a cafetiere glass, this is a marvelous piece of equipment for coffee addicts – fill-ups all morning from one brew. No paper filters needed, simple to use and stylish.

    After spending a long time looking around the hundreds of coffee makers available, i eventually went for this model based on the brand, reviews and cost. The item was delivered in fantastic time, and was put to immediate use. I have to say that for a straight forward and uncomplicated coffee maker this ticks all the boxes. Very easy to use, looks great and simply exceptional value for money. A number of the reviewers have mentioned a plastic smell/taste when using the machine, but i have not experienced this at all. The instructions make it clear that you should wash/wipe down the components before use to remove any residual manufacturing dust. So long as you do that then there ought not to be any problems.

    Features and Spesification

    • Black filter coffee maker with 10-cup capacity
    • Permanent coffee filter and water level window on both sides
    • Drip-stop mechanism
    • Thermostatic warming plate and on/off switch with pilot light
    • Non-slip feet