De’Longhi Icona Micalite KBOM3001BK Kettle – : Five Stars

This is the second one i have bought.

Lovely design and colour but very noisy when in use.

Good looking, effective kettle.

Slightly more noisier than other ones i have had. Bought on question answered by other owners as to its durability as kettles in our house only last 14 months due to heavy water. Have taken advise and started descaling with the aim to do it every 1-2 months. Noticed after a month a significant amount had already built up. Thanks to all who gave advice. Will report back how long this one lasts with the regular descaling.

Looks great and boils quickly.

Nice looking, but boils slower than my previous kettle and was twice the price, bit like designer labels.

Great kettle that looks stunning next to it’s toaster counterpart. Highly recommend for any modern kitchen.

Got fed up with the filter though & took that out. Not sure it’s worth the money though.

  • Excellent, smart kettle.
  • Bought 3 years ago – really great!
  • Beautiful stylish kettle with some minor design features.

De’Longhi Icona Micalite KBOM3001BK Kettle – Black

Product Description, Add a touch of elegance to your kitchen with the sleek and desirable De’Longhi Micalite KBOM3001 Jug Kettle. Speedy and practical, the powerful 3 kW rapid boiling De’Longhi KBOM3001 also boasts a generous 1.7 L capacity and a 360 degrees swivel base for flexibility and convenience when you need it. A subtle water-level indicator and automatic shut off makes the De’Longhi Micalite KBOM3001 Jug Kettle an ideal addition to any worktop.

Box Contains, 1 x Delonghi KBOM3001

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Design is sleek, pours beautifully. The lid is not attached but i quite like that. Would recommend this kettle definitely.

It is a fast boiler, really rapid and it is useful to see exactly how much water you have put in, so you can judge for one cup or six. It is a great design and always looks good on the work top. It is easy to clean and has a wonderful shine even after 3 years of daily use – we are home all day (retired) and we make at least 12/14 mugs of teas or coffee every day. My only downside is that it tends to be noisy, but this may have been fixed on a newer kettle and as it boils so quickly it is not really a major problem. Even my scaredy cat doesn’t take any notice of the noise when she is feeding, despite running frantically upstairs and hiding under the bed when the doorbell rings.

Fast delivery and excellent service. This is a beautiful stylish looking kettle in metalic red. Have bought matching toaster and look great together. The kettle swivel base is very light and flimsy and could do with a little more weight to keep it flat. The spout is too small to fill up directly, so requires the lid to be removed each time. Other than that the design features seem ok and only time will tell.

Annoyingly hard to read water level and it’s quite a noisy boil.

Looks great – little noisier than my old kettle but not too much.

Goes with my matching toaster.

I ordered this kettle from amazon because it was a lot cheaper than in local shops. Delivery took a while because they were out of stock but i waited because of the competitive price. I have now used it for a couple of days. With workmen in the house, it has been used rather a lot in that time. It boils very quickly, looks smart and a bit special on the worktop and seems stable on its base. Metal kettles do feel hotter than plastic ones and it would have to be treated with care with children around, but then so would any other kettle. The flex is a good length, not too long, not too short. The only drawback i have found it that if you don’t put the lid on properly, it can fall into the kettle – and it difficult to get out again. However, in general i am very pleased.

Looks great, it’s quiet and boils quick, what more could you want in a modern kitchen.

  • Excellent, smart kettle.
  • Bought 3 years ago – really great!
  • Beautiful stylish kettle with some minor design features.

De’Longhi Icona Micalite KBOM3001BK Kettle – Black

I like it but you can’t see how much waters in without lifting the lid off.

Very nice kettle, works very well and looks great. Only downside is when filling it up water goes everywhere unless you take the top off and fill it up through there. This is only a minor problem apart from that it’s a 5 star product. I highly recommend this product.

The look of this kettle is great, it’s nicely designed and finished but i am not convinced under the value for money point of view.

Works well, better filter than our previous model, seems rather noisy compared to our last one.

Kettle is brilliant at boiling water, but the water gauge is hidden behind the handle so difficult to see level when filling.

Fast, quiet and beautiful kettle.

Really happy but it is a heavy kettle.

It is no noisier than my previous kettle.

Not a lot you can say about a kettle really, it looks fantastic and boils quite quickly which is what you need.

Nice solid kettle, water level indicator hard to see.

This was bought as a christmas gift for my parents. It arrived in good time and the kettle itself is lovely and works very well. However, the condition of the box that it came in was very poor. The box was damaged, scruffy and unnecessary stickers covered it. As this was a present, i felt embarrassed to give to my parents so had to buy a different box to put it in.

Good but ‘black’ is not really black, it’s a charcoal, dark grey, very disappointing as it does not match my other black de longhi items next to it.

This is great value for the money.

. Worth the little extra spend over plastic versions.

Bought several of these over the years – a great kettle. Great looking, more powerful than most (so boils water faster). Didn’t actually need to buy this one as i managed to fix my current one.

Bought as present person very pleased and cheaper than high st.

Lovely looking addition to the kitchen. In short:in my opinion it boils quickly, has a good noise level when boiling and is easy to keep clean. I have given 5 stars as i’ve used it daily sincemay 2015 (it is now aug 2015) without issue. I’m hoping the reliability will prove to be as good as other delonghi goods i’ve owned. If not then it will drop some stars.

Love this kettle, stylish and works well.

Features and Spesification

  • Rapid boil
  • Three level safety protection
  • Removable washable feature
  • Cordless kettle with 360 degrees swivel base
  • Measuring window
  • Do not fill with more than 1,7 litres of water (max. level). If the kettle is overfilled, there is a risk that boiling water may overflow and cause burns