De’Longhi Magnifica ESAM04 : good espresso with little fuss

I’ve been after a bean to cup machine for 2 years now but was concerned about the cost and if i would get the use out of it, all i can say is i wish i’d bought it sooneri chose this machine following reading reviews on which?. And about 4 weeks of research and i love it. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, there are loads of different settings so that you can tailor your coffee and adjust dependant on the beans that you buy. It looks good in the kitchen and makes a consistently good coffee. The only negative is that the milk frother can be a bit noisy when making a cappuccino but i’m being really really critical. Glad i made the investment and would defo recommend it.

I have now owned this coffee machine since late 2013 and it’s still proving very popular in my household. I purchased it to upgrade the previous entry-level gaggia machine we’d been using for the last couple of years. The one thing i would say about this machine is that it is rather large and you need to take this into consideration when planning your purchase, maybe it’s because it’s a bean to cup machine?.The build is rather plasticky, which is somewhat disappointing, but it doesn’t really detract from the machine’s operation. I have found the undercup reservoir to flood, considering that i always place a cup or jug under the machine when it carries out its initial and pre-switch off rinses. Using it is rather easy once you know how and the manual is easy to follow on this score. It’s all digital and there’s a bit of faffing around to be done at the start (adjusting the machine to suit the hardness of your water etc) but once that’s done and you’re au fait with the operation it’s a doddle. I won’t lie by saying that it’s a quiet operation – both the bean grinding and steam functions are incredibly noisy, but i guess that’s par for the course?.It’s easy to adjust the mill for the bean grinder and apparently the finer the grind, the stronger the resulting coffee?.

This is my first bean to cup machine and i’m thrilled with it. The coffee is superb and the double espresso with a fair amount of milk makes a lovely cappuccino or latte, however for calorie reasons i prefer to use less milk and the weaker long coffee option works well giving a lovely milky coffee without the need for too much of the white stuff. The milk wand has 2 settings for if you prefer your hot milk creamy or really frothy. This again is a good option catering for differing tastes. My son tells me it’s the best cup of domestic coffee he has ever tasted. Only time will tell about its reliability but at the moment i’m delighted.

My old espresso machine died a couple of weeks ago- old style grind the coffee, load it into the thingumy. Made ok coffee formany years but i was never quite satisfed by the crema. So, after a bit of reasearch i decided to go for a bean to cup- i’ve tried my brothers nespresso machine and sure, it makes good coffee, but it’s kind of souless- a bit like a readymade rather than a rollup. And although there are a few flavour options, it’s nothing like the range of coffee beans that are out there. However, i thought wow, these things are expensive. I can’t justify spend £500+ just to make nice coffee- then i spotted this one, great reviews, good price (ok £350+ is still a lot but doesn’t feel quite as irresponsible). One thing though, sorry amazon, i found it cheaper at john lewis so got mine from themgot it home, it’s a bit bigger than i was expecting and where it sits on my kitchen worktop i can’t use the cup warmer because of the top cupboards- not a problem though as i wasn’t intending to use this feature anyway,but worth noting. Got it set up and running inside half an hour- which included doing a water hardness test using a little strip that comes included. Now had it two days and have to say i’m very impressed so far- lovely espresso’s, particularly like the fact you can set the length of both an espresso and long coffee to suit your own cup size which it will then memorize, and the ability to set it to turn on for a particular time is a nice touch too- it only takes a minute or two to turn on anyway, but it does mean you can have it ready to dish up a coffee in the morning as soon as you step into the kitchen. My wife thought her capuccino i knocked up last night was lovely with a good densely frothy top on it.

I’m pleased with this, my first automatic coffee machine. I chose between this and the esam 4200s, which appears to have essentially the same guts but has a different user interface – this one has a text lcd display that tells you what it’s doing, and when it needs more beans, water, grounds emptying or whatever. The 4200s has lights, that light up and flash in various combinations, which seemed less user friendly. S also has a slightly more elaborate frother with a two-position collar; one position for more froth (cappuccino), another for just heating the milk. You can pre-program two specific ‘my coffee’ sizes with this machine, which has a standard and a ‘long’ button. The ‘standard’ espresso button can be set to produce from 20ml to 120ml, the long button from 20ml to 250ml. I haven’t confirmed that they would both result in identical coffees if set to the same volume, but i suspect that is the case. I initially set up the long button to make 175ml for my wife, who prefers long coffees, to discover that it uses two grinds which makes the coffee quite strong. Setting the volume to 125ml (or less) results in one grind. Hot water can of course be added from the spout. There are 5 different strength (referred to as ‘taste’ ) settings from extra-mild to extra strong, which i believe influence the weight of coffee per grind. There are also 4 settings for the temperature of the water used to make the coffee. To be clear, you can ‘order’ any size or strength of coffee at any time, without re-programming the my coffee one-button settings.

The de’longhi magnifica esam04. S long bean-to-cup coffee machine is a lovely piece of kitchen equipment. The machine is compact, so it won’t take up too much space in small kitchens, and i like the grey colour and modern stream-lined design. In terms of design features other than appearance, the machine is easy to operate and, crucially, easy to clean without any fiddling about. It offers a range of options for different coffees and allows you to select the strength you prefer, as well as how finely or coarsely you want the coffee beans to be ground, which influences the taste of the coffee. You have the choice of using beans or pre-ground coffee. I prefer to use beans and the initial results weren’t too bad. The instructions recommend that you make 4 – 5 cups before using the machine to make coffee to drink, as it takes a little while to get going. As with any new gadget, it takes a while to get used to it but overall, setting up the de’longhi magnifica esam04.

After an initial delay caused by yodel, the delivery people, i received a replacement machine the very next day, after i complained to amazon. You can’t get better than thatthe machine makes exceptional coffee even using sainsbury’s own brand espresso beans. Much, much better than my old gaggia bean to cup machine. I have been looking for something to complain about, but i can’t find anything. The machine is much quieter than the gaggia, the quantity of coffee dispensed is very accurate and the strength of the drink is consistant with the chosen settings. It is very simple to operate and even sinpler to set for one’s own preferences. ( i usually have difficulty setting up new machines like video recorders and stuff, but this machine is very user friendly) i have had several compliments on the machine’s appearance even without askingwhat else can one say?. The answer is that it is an exceptional machine, particularly for a domestic appliance, well made and does the job it was purchased for vey well indeed.

I was a bit uncertain about pumping out the cash for this, but am glad i did (on john lewis – i had vouchers plus a two year guarantee is not to be sniffed at). It has given a nice espresso shot with a good cream, and the steamer \frother means you’ve got the flexibility to make what you want how you want it.

  • Brilliant coffee
  • Awesome, love it!
  • working good

De’Longhi Magnifica ESAM04.320.S Rapid Long Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine

Product Description,
De’Longhi Magnifica bean-to-cup espresso and cappuccino machine, The Magnifica ESAM04.320.S is a must for any budding barista taking their first step into domestic bean-to-cup machines. You can make an espresso or an Americano at the touch of a button, and using the traditional milk frother you can make the ideal lungo, latte, cappuccino, or other milky drink. It produces 15-bar restaurant and coffee house standard coffee in the comfort of your own home, and in the simplest way.
All aspects of a typical professional pump espresso machine (like the ones you see in your high street coffee bar), such as grinders, filter holders, and steam pipes, are found working inside the Magnifica ESAM04.320.S: De’Longhi has simply redesigned, compacted, and hidden them inside the machine. Magnifica expertly performs all of these functions at the touch of one button. The traditional milk frother allows you to impress your guests by manually frothing the milk whilst making them the ideal cappuccino or latte.
Traditional premium milk frother, Café lattes, cappuccinos, and latte macchiatos can be made using the traditional milk frother to froth the milk. Using any cold milk, you can adjust the steam pressure and manually steam the milk in a barista-style fashion to create the optimum froth.
The De’Longhi premium milk frother takes the guesswork out of milk frothing. With a quick switch of the integrated attachment you can froth hot milk with minimum froth, or for a full-bodied froth select cappuccino.
The electronic steam and coffee thermostat ensures accurate adjustable steam control. The ESAM04.320.S can be set to adjustable quantities of coffee and water, which help create that ideal, individually-tailored cup of coffee every time.

Integrated burr grinder, The integrated professional burr grinder has seven adjustable coarseness settings. The taste and quality of your coffee depends heavily on how finely the beans have been ground – choose the finer setting for a stronger taste, or a more coarse setting for a weaker-tasting coffee.
The coffee beans are freshly ground for each serving, and the coffee strength is fully programmable so you can change the amount of coffee it grinds and dispenses from 7 to 11 grams.

Removable brewing unit, The brewing unit provides perfect heat distribution; it does all of the priming, pre-brewing, warming up, coffee dosing, coffee tamping, and extraction for you.
It is automatically rinsed every time you turn the machine on or off, and the innovative design means the brewing unit is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Thermoblock, Thermoblock is the type of boiler found in all De’Longhi bean-to-cup coffee machines. It only heats enough water for your coffee serving, achieving a stable and accurately controlled water temperature that is crucial for brewing the ideal coffee.
This reduces warm-up time, so that your coffee machine is ready for use in seconds, and is made to be energy efficient compared to traditional boilers. The coffee temperature can be tailored further in the menu settings.

Ergonomic and easy to use, Both the water and coffee ground containers are at the front of the machine, so they can be easily removed for cleaning. The water tank is easy to refill – simply take it to the tap and fill – and will hold up to 1.8 litres of water.

Digital display, The intuitive digital display enables you to effortlessly navigate the controls, and tells the user exactly what is happening at all times. It will inform you when the coffee grounds container needs emptying, and when the water tank needs filling, and will take you through all the steps of making your favourite coffee. It even tells you when it’s time to descale the machine.
Dedicated buttons on the machine allow you to tailor your favourite coffee by the amount of water and coffee strength.
With the Magnifica ESAM04.320.S’s dedicated long function button, you can make an ideal Americano at the touch of a button. Where other machines may over-extract the single ‘grind’ affecting the taste and quality of a coffee delivery, the Magnifica produces two ‘grinds’ to create the ideal full-bodied Americano flavour.

One or two cups, Select one or two cups of coffee at the same time just by pressing the relevant button. The number of coffees selected is indicated with a single or double cup on the front panel. This function is available for the black coffee options on the machine, and automatically adjusts the amount of coffee ground in a single brewing cycle.

Personalising coffee functions, Two rotary dials on the machine allow you to tailor your favourite coffee by the amount of water and the coffee strength (amount of coffee ground).

Automatic shut off, The Magnifica ESAM04.320.S will automatically switch itself off after a pre-set amount of time has elapsed.

Adjustable coffee dispenser, The coffee dispenser can be moved up or down to accommodate both full-size latte glasses and espresso cups.

The bean-to-cup journey, The function of a bean-to-cup machine is just as the name suggests: delivering coffee straight from freshly ground beans into your cup in seconds. After pressing one button to select espresso, the bean-to-cup journey starts at the integral coffee bean grinder: an adjustable, professional conical burr grinder will expertly grind the beans to your desired coarseness.
The ground coffee is then packed tightly by the internal brewing unit. Hot water is forced through the coffee up to a professional 15-bar pressure. The espresso is then delivered straight into the cup. The hallmark of a well made espresso is recognised by the ‘crema’, a creamy, hazelnut-coloured layer that sits on top of the espresso to seal in temperature and flavour. The thicker the crema, the better the espresso, and the quality of the machine that produced it.
If you have run out of coffee beans or want/prefer to use pre-ground coffee instead (decaffeinated for example), use the control panel to change the settings and put ground coffee in the ground coffee compartment.

De’Longhi quality and coffee, Quality and reliability remain integral to De’Longhi’s brand values. All products are subjected to rigorous quality checks. The top of the range machines are still designed, produced, and assembled by hand in the Italian production sites, in order to uphold the expected high standards.

Coffee Club, When you have purchased your Magnifica coffee machine, you will be invited to join the De’Longhi Coffee Club to access a world of coffee inspiration.

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  • 1 x De’Longhi Magnifica
  • 1 x Traditional Milk Frother
  • 1 x Stainless steel drip tray
  • 1 x Plastic ground coffee spoon
  • 1 x Waste coffee tray
  • 1 x Descaler
  • 1 x Full product instructions
  • 1 x UK plug
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    Have it for almost 2 years now and using it every day. Great coffee, depending on what coffee you use. Can’t imagine mornings without that machine. Easy enough to wash, milk frother does the job perfectly well, the only annoying thing about it is that i have to refill water tank so often.But i guess it’s my own fault – should drink less coffee. With good beans the coffee that machine produces beats hands down any nespresso machine.

    I was so happy to receive this coffee maker through amazon vine, i actually did a happy dance through the kitchen. Then i started to panic that it’d be too complicated and i’d never be able to work it. Turns out, those fears were unfounded, this thing’s a doddle to usemy only real problem was the weight of it, trying to get it out of the box was fun, definitely a two person job. Once this was out of the way i could admire the beauty of the machine, it’s so compact it takes up hardly any room. I ran through all the instructions in the leaflet, there weren’t many to be honest it was really simple to set up. You set the time, fill up the water container, the bean hopper (if you’re using beans), then give it a quick run through to clean it. Once you’ve made a couple of cups of coffee with it you’re ready for your first drinkable cupto be honest i haven’t really fiddled with all the settings, you can choose coffee strength, bean coarseness, and all manner of other things. Personally i’m happy with the factory settings, the coffee tastes great that way. This machine is so brilliant it even tells you when to fill/clean the various bits and pieces. It can even be set to make you a cup of coffee at a particular time so it’s ready when you climb out of bed.

    It was a present to my husband, who cannot praise it enough. It is easy to use, easy to clean, and most of all, makes excellent coffee. Drawbacks are that the water tank seems to empty rather quickly (but it is a trade-off with the size if the machine being small, which is a plus), and it can be noisy for a few seconds while it grounds the coffee, unsurprisingly.

    • Brilliant coffee
    • Awesome, love it!
    • working good

    De’Longhi Magnifica ESAM04.320.S Rapid Long Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine

    Features and Spesification

    • Cup Warmer
    • Integrated Coffee Grinder
    • Milk Frother
    • Programmable
    • Removable Tank
    • Thermoblock
    • Thermostat