De’Longhi Nespresso EN550 : wonderful coffee machine

Everything i wanted, i would definitely recommend.

Got a really good deal for this in sales, with £150 off the rrp of £270 this is a great machine for the price. I wouldn’t pay full price though, but that’s just me being tight. Really easy to use, all automatic once you’ve set up the parameters. Milk dispenser is easy to dismantle and reassemble for cleaning. Internal workings are cleaned by the machine. Nespresso coffee is really nice too.

I have yet to try the milk frother but the espresso is of high quality and the instructions easy to understand. I think cleaning the milk attachment may become very annoying. We haven’t yet consigned the tassimon/dolce gusto to the bin but expect to.

Very good nespresso machine. Its not the cheapest model out there but very well built and well thought through. It feels solid and does every thing you need at the press of a single button. Produces good coffee, heats the milk (and froths if required). You can adjust the measures to suit your own cups. And it even cleans its own pipes at the press of another button.

Best coffee maker i’ve had and i’ve tried various types. Love the way it can automatically add frothy milk. Then you can put the milk container in the fridge. Also the coffee capsules can easily be recycled at collect+ stores.

I bought this coffee maker at a very good price. Makes a variety of excellent cups of coffee whether you want expresso or latte. I buy good quality coffee capsules, usually nespresso own with next day free delivery and recycle the spent capsules. It does take a while to set it up, finding out the hardness of your water and programming your favourite coffee but don’t short cut this. The actual making of the coffee takes no time at all.

Really pleased with my coffee machine, works a treat. Coffee is hot and the milk is frothy, by the time i have grabbed my cup the machine is ready to use and makes all types of coffee to anyone’s taste, especially me who likes milk with her coffee. Cleans easily and attachments go in my dish washer.

Very narked to get back to this page to write the review and find that the machine is now £20 less than i paid less than a week agoas for the machine itself, it’s pretty solidly built (though while the product page says it’s made of stainless steel there’s more than a few plastic panels on it, just fyi). I bought it to replace a tassimo machine, which required you to use these ‘milk discs’ if you wanted milky coffees. Those consisted of uht milk and i found them very nasty. The biggest difference between the tassimo and this machine was that the tassimo pretty much configured itself based on the barcode of the inserted disc, whereas you have to do more of the setup yourself. There’s nothing stopping you from using an espresso pod to make a lungo drink and vice versa, so you have to remember to check the type of pod you’re putting in the machine and press the right button. The machine also won’t stop you running water through the same pod twice so don’t forget to eject used pods. Aside from the fundamental differences between tassimo and nespresso this machine has a few annoying quirks. The basic controls are fairly clear once you understand which symbol is an espresso, which is a latte, etc, but the menu is quite frankly a nightmare. If i didn’t know better i’d swear that the whole thing was deliberately designed to discourage you from tinkering with it.

  • it’s pretty solidly built (though while the product page says it’s
  • Great, smart little machine that isn’t an eyesore
  • Simply the best! No faff just decent easily made coffees!

Nespresso EN550.BM Lattissima Touch Automatic Coffee Machine, Matt Black

Colour:Matt Black  |  Style Name:Lattissima
Product Description, Nespresso Lattissima touch white: DeLonghi patented ‘automatic cappuccino system’ to achieve real cappuccino and lattes automatically into a glass. 8 tactile beverage buttons to choose you favourite coffee drink; ristretto, cappuccino, latte, espresso, long, hot milk. Reduced heating up time; 25 seconds. Personalised drink option to memorise amount of coffee and milk required for your favourite drink option

Box Contains, 1 x DeLonghi Lattissima Touch – Coffee Makers

From the manufacturer

Key conveneince - close up of 6 one touch buttons

Milk frothing function

High pressure 19 bar pump for authentic coffee

Descaling function to keep the machine working correctly

Indulge at the Touch of a Button

Satisfy your tastebuds with one of the six one-touch recipes to prepare in an instant: incomparable Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato or warm milk froth suitable for many coffee and milk-based recipes.

Regulate Milk Froth

Utilise the milk froth knob to vary froth texture and satisfy every taste. The milk container is removable for easy storage in the fridge for later use.

High Pressure Pump and an Ideal Heat Control System

The 19 bar high-performance pump is the key to extracting the delicate flavour and premium aromas of each coffee capsule and creating an incomparably dense and unctuous crema. The heat control system reaches the ideal temperature in just 25 seconds.

Intuitive Descaling and Energy Saving Programme

The Lattissima Touch coffee machine is equipped with an intuitive descaling function triggered according to the programmed water hardness setting (Five levels) and the pluggable descaling pipe makes the descaling process even easier. The energy-saving function automatically turns off the machine after Nine minutes of inactivity.

Image of the nespresso capsules provided with each machine purchase

Image shows multiple colours of nespresso capsules

The Nespresso Club - image of a nespresso club invitation card on silk sheets

Image respresenting process to obtain coffee from raw bean to espresso in a cup

Instant Enjoyment

Each machine includes a welcome set with 16 capsules. Try each Grand Cru to find your favourites.

Nespresso Capsule System

The Nespresso capsule system delivers ideal taste and aromas thanks to the preparation of high-quality coffees in hermetically sealed and recyclable aluminium capsules for coffee enjoyment.

The Nespresso Club

Free for any private purchasers of a Nespresso machine, the Nespresso Club is always there for you; online, by telephone (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) or in one of their Boutiques. Order your Nespresso capsules, receive personalised advice and obtain technical support for your machine: whatever you are seeking, the Nespresso Club is with you every step of the way.

They also offer a capsule recycling service to all Club Members in mainland UK and ROI.

The Positive Cup

They believe that each cup of Nespresso has the potential to not only deliver a moment of pleasure but also restore, replenish and revive environmental and human resources. In effect, a cup of coffee that can creates value for society and the environment.

This is the Positive Cup vision and continues Nespresso’s commitment to sustainability in coffee sourcing and consumption.


Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 17.3 x 25.8 x 32.0 cm
  • Water Tank Capacity: 0.9 L
  • Container Capacity: 9-11 used capsules
  • Milk Container Capacity: 0.35 L
  • Weight: 4.5 kg
  • Dimensions of the box (W x H x D): 24.8 x 35.3 x 38.4 cm
  • Power: 1400 W
  • Pump Pressure: 19 bar

Nespresso Lattissima Touch by DeLonghi

The newcomer of the Lattissima range, Lattissima Touch is the must-have one-touch system. With six one-touch buttons, the Lattissima Touch offers a convenient way of enjoying, at home, many ideal coffees including cappuccino and latte macchiato.

en 750
Lattissima Touch Gran Maestria CitiZ and Milk U Milk Lattissima Pro
Pump Pressure 19 bar 19 bar 19 bar 19 bar 19 bar
Empty Water Tank Detection
Fast 25 Second Heat-Up
Programmable, One-Touch Buttons Buttons Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo, Cappuccino, Latte Marcchiato, warm milk froth Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo Espresso and Lungo Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo Ristretto, Espresso Coffee, Long Coffee
Milk Based Drinks One-touch system with removable milk container. Integrated Aeroccino for hot or cold milk froth. Integrated Aeroccino for hot or cold milk froth. Integrated Aeroccino for hot or cold milk froth. Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Milk,
Movable Drip Tray for Large Cups Sliding drip tray Metallic pivoting drip tray Metallic pivoting drip tray Magnetic cup stand Adjustable drip tray, to allow the use of both coffee cups and glasses for Latte Macchiato
Energy Consumption Class A-40 per cent A-40 per cent A-40 per cent A-40 per cent A-40 per cent
Automatic Power Off
Water Tank Capacity 0.9 L 1.4 L 1.0 L 0.8 L 1.3 L
Dimensions (W x H x D) 17.3 x 25.8 x 32.0 cm 32 x 30 x 38 cm 23.7 x 27.7 x 37.2 cm 21.3 x 25.1 x 36.5 cm 40.5 x 39 x 30 cm

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We are not huge coffee drinkers, but we love good quality coffee. Having looked at several coffee machines, we settled on this one. It’s easy to use, excellent quality and produces lovely coffee.

I have had this coffee machine for a while now and it is very good. The coffee tastes amazing and it is surprisingly worth the money. Only downside is it’s loud but that’s not the end of the world.

Update: unfortunately after just over 2 months the milk is only coming out luke warm now at best which is very disappointing so have deducted 2 stars. Bought one of these in a black friday deal for £119. I’ve always had a traditional coffee machine but tried one of these recently in a hotel. Makes excellent coffee from small shots to large cups, lattes and cappuccinos within seconds. Pods are well priced and the strengths vary. I can’t recommend this machine enough.

Was recommended to get one of these, so when it was on offer, i jumped at the chance. My only complaint is that although advertised as white. It is definitely not a brilliant white, in fact, quite a pink/ beige white. It’s ok, but wouldn’t suit someone who wanted a proper dazzling brilliant white to blend and go with their decor.

Love the product, it is easy to use and makes great coffee. We got a great deal as well.

My previous nespresso had lasted around 6 years before leaking badly – i was not prepared to spend money on repairs if i could not be guaranteed it would work so i opted to buy a new one. This one is nice – easy to set up and use and no complaints as yet although i am not expecting any to be honest.

So glad i bought this product, i hate instant coffee and since ive got this i love buying the capsules and trying all the different type of coffeess you can get from the shop buy this you wont regret it.

 fantastic black friday updgrads from our previous nespresso machine with seperate milk frother. This is well worth the full price, makes cafe standard coffee at the touch of a button. Well thought out design with easy clean function, push away cup stand and fridge friendly milk storing cube.

  • it’s pretty solidly built (though while the product page says it’s
  • Great, smart little machine that isn’t an eyesore
  • Simply the best! No faff just decent easily made coffees!

Nespresso EN550.BM Lattissima Touch Automatic Coffee Machine, Matt Black

I absolutely love this coffee machine, it makes great cappuccino’s and the nespresso selection which comes with the machine is a great variety of coffee to try and decide what strength of coffee you like and the selection of coffee pods available to purchase either nespresso brand or compatible pods is great. Easy to clean and maintain and i love buying new glasses to have my morning coffee in.

User manual recommended you to purge the machine with water before first use. I did the same procedures but facing problem generally called “airlock”. Since the machine may already placed in store for long time without use, some air was trapped inside the pump and pipe. When you try to purge the machine, you will only hear pump sound without any water coming our. This is common problem in nespresso machine if you search from internet and there is many different solution. I tried some but didn’t work for mine. Finally, i called local customer service and the following is the solution they gave me and it works1. Make sure the water tank is full and installed properly. Switch-on the machine and open the capsules lever3.

Great coffee maker, so many variations of coffee, still experimenting, having fun doing so. Have tried both nespresso coffee and other’s but will stick to the originals as much better. Would recommend to anyone, shop around though as i found this £90. 00 cheaper online than many leading retail outlets.

The best coffee maker i have ever purchased. Now had this coffee machine 5 months and it is still producing top quality cappuccinos and lattes and i still haven’t needed to to a full clean. (usually with other machines i have had,after 2/3 monthsthe machine will need a deep clean as the froth starts to be flatter,but not with this superb machine.

Bought to replace same machine which has been hammered every day seven days a week. I drink a lot of coffee perhaps as many as ten each day. My favourite a cappuccino ,this machine has been able to produce surprisingly well and that is why when faced with buying another half price i did not hesitate. It is now in reserve for when my original four year old machine gives up the ghost. Only downside bit of a job to clean milk frother.

The misses mother is extremely happy with her christmas present and is now smitten with it lol good quality machine,very quick delivery, great price (i bought it when it was on offer) and it makes a very good coffee highly recommended.

Great coffee machine, upgraded from the standard magimix and once i got used to the different buttons it’s excellent.

I’m getting to grips with using it every day. Starting to produce some quality tasting coffee without huge expense. Love that it’s programmable to your needs / cup size. Really happy with the purchase.

Great machine, great coffeeonly downside – and this isn’t a criticism of the m/c – nespresso and their partners don’t do chocolate for this system.

This is my second machine as the other one, same model lasted 7 years. Great machine, highly recommend it.

As an avid cappuccino consumer i was looking forward to having a machine that both prepared the coffee and the milk froth in one. However, for reasons unbeknownst, the automatic cappuccino/latte preparation settings dispense the milk before the coffee. Have you ever even once been into a coffee shop when they prep coffee in this order??. No, because the coffee then kills the milk froth when poured on top of it. I’m truly perplexed by this :-/it is possible to dispense the two separately and so you can choose to dispense coffee first and then manually dispense the milk froth. However, this means standing with your finger on the button until the correct level of milk is dispensed. It’s also quite fiddly so even using the milk frother separately, you have to use the ‘clean’ button between each cup of coffee you prepare. Can you press the button and walk away so the water flows through the system cleaning it?. You have to press and hold the button (for 16 seconds according to the manual) each time. I’m a massive nespresso fan, and for them apparently being such coffee experts, i’m wholehearted disappointment with this machine.

Marvellous coffee maker, absolutely love it. Purchased at a very good value price too. Probably for the person who wants a little more from their coffee maker.

Addictive selection of coffee pods. Run some hot water through without a pod to preheat the system.

Great when you learn how to use it. Water container at back can be fiddly to put on. Regular use best as otherwise i forget how it works.

Had this for a while now and really like it. It seems pretty foolproof and makes very good coffee.

Absolutely love this machine easy to use nespressos after care was outstanding they talked me through a problem we had fixed it whilst i stayed on the telephone and sent a complimentary cleaner makes lovely frothy cappuccino use mine every day.

I registered the machine on nespresso and got a free gift containing 150 capsules. It’s a real surprise for me. Excellent value for money, especially when i got this on boxing day. The rapid-cappuccino-system is something like plastic material, so i can wash it by the dishwasher or by hand and don’t need to worry about the abrasion problem. I got it for about half a month and it works well till now.

Only 2 weeks in and what can we say, brilliant and worth every penny, espresso, cappuccino, latte, hot milk, it has everything and so easy to use some people complain it’s complicated but only so if you are lazy and don’t bother reading instructions properly. So far so good we hope it lasts a long time, fingers crossed as we love the coffee it produces and the look of it is well designed. All positive no negatives, but still only 2 weeks in.

Features and Spesification

  • DeLonghi patented ‘automatic cappuccino system’ to achieve real Cappuccino and lattes automatically into a glass
  • 8 tactile beverage buttons to choose you favourite coffee drink; ristretto, Cappuccino, Latte, espresso, long, hot milk
  • Reduced heating up time; 25 seconds
  • Personalised drink option to memorise amount of coffee and milk required for your favourite drink option
  • Sliding drip tray to allow use of both coffee cups and Latte glasses