De’Longhi Perfecta ESAM 5500 : Great coffee, quiet machine

Good machine, gaining in experience & making good coffee after a few times of use, would recommend it to others.

This automatic coffee machine is a very elegant device which, despite its substantial presence, takes up no more work-surface space than my previous espresso machine (a much more basic de’longhi ec270 15-bar pump espresso machine) and a separate coffee grinder. After adjusting the grinder to a slightly finer setting than the factory default, i have found this machine to produce consistently good espresso with a nice crema. A trained barista might trump it, but this is as good an espresso as one is likely to get at home without spending an awful lot of time and effort learning to use a manual machine properly. My previous, more basic de’longhi espresso maker is capable of producing similarly good coffee, but is much more variable in its output and requires a lot more effort to produce each coffee (transferring the beans, cleaning out the portafilter, wiping spilt grounds off the work-surface, etc. The speed and convenience of the perfecta esam5600 are its key selling points, especially if you want to produce multiple cups at a time. By using loose beans, the running costs and environmental impact of this machine are considerably lower than for a pod-type system such as nespresso. The milky drinks it makes are also very good. A traditional steam wand on a manual machine may produce a somewhat finer foam, but at the cost of a lot more effort. With this machine, you simply plug the milk container in (it can be stored in the fridge between uses), press a button and wait. The output is perfectly acceptable. A simple cleaning routine clears the machine’s pipes of milk, and the container can be returned to the fridge for next time. My biggest grumble (and it’s a pretty minor one) is that switching between a capuccino and a latte, say, requires not only the correct button to be pressed on the machine, but also a plastic lever to be adjusted on the milk container to change the mix of air and milk. For a supposedly automatic machine, it’s a bit of a disappointment that the one, elegant button on the main console can’t automatically result in the correct froth from the milk container. The instruction booklet gives the impression that cleaning the machine is a daunting and complex task.

We had previously bought the perfecta 5400 and unfortunately this got damaged. We tried to survive without a machine but the withdrawal symptoms were too great. So we decided to take the gamble and treat ourselves to the next model up with the milk jug. Wow, we were so pleased we did, this is an absolutely fantastic machine. A perfect cup of coffee every time without the arm aching process of frothing the milk – how lazy are weit really is a dream and we would always go for delonghi machines as they are extremely well made and they produce such brilliant results. Two of our friends have now purchased delonghi bean to cup machines and they too don’t have any regrets. Cleaning is very easy as all at the push of a button. One thing to note though is that you must wash out the water container thoroughly at least once a week to keep the water fresh. There is always an amount left in the bottom of it when it asks you to refill it, this will turn stagnant even if you are putting in fresh water on top. That’s our only issue but is a very small one.

I am very pleased with this coffee machine. Looks fab, produces great coffee. Very functional and stylish and for that price i can definately recommend it to anyone.

Let’s be honest, starting the day without a decent cup of coffee would be unthinkable in my house and for the last two or three years that role has fulfilled by a gaggia titanium which, to be fair, delivers an excellent cup of coffee. The only problem with it is the steamer which is forever leaking. My titanium must have gone back to gaggia at least four or five times, incurring £50 courier fees for the last few because it was then out of warranty. The gaggia people were always very pleasant but two or three weeks without my main coffee machine (i had a little de’longhi as a back up) was a nightmare. So, when it starting leaking hot water all over the place again, earlier on this year, i thought ‘enough is enough’ and decided to replace it. As my little back-up de’longhi had performed so well i thought i might have a look at the bigger esam5500. The reviews seemed to indicate that it was a good buy so i held my breath and clicked ‘purchase’. In typically brilliant amazon fashion it arrived the next day, well packaged and ready to go. As they say in the instructions, it takes a few coffees before it really comes into its own but by the following day this machine was delivering coffee par excellence. The hopper for the beans is easy to fill and they never get stuck (unlike the gaggia). The tank is at the front and is easily accessible (unlike the gaggia), it dispenses hot, frothy milk direct from the jug provided and you can alter the amount of air that goes into the milk so there is an almost infinite variation from plain hot milk for lattes to very frothy milk for cappuccinos. The grind settings are easy to alter as are the strength and volume settings for the dispenser. It needs descaling pretty regularly (about every two weeks for mine – but we do drink a lot of coffee) and the delonghi proprietary descaler is not cheap.

I totally love this coffee machine. We have been using daily for last 6 months and it makes the best coffee, consistently. It looked as if it might be daunting to use at first but not so; once set up (which wasn’t difficult, just follow the manual), it’s a doddle to use and fast. Cleaning and descaling isn’t a problem either – we have hard water and it tells you when to descale. Would wholeheartedly recommend it – worth every penny.

What a fantastic coffee machine this is, i really can’t praise it highly enough. We’ve had it for about a month now, and it has continued to work beautifully. Right out of the box it’s easy to set up, just add coffee beans and water and run through the digital setup screens to programme your language, set the time, the strength of the coffee you want, etc. It’s easily programmable any way you want it – and it makes outstanding coffee every time, without fail. It’s the first thing to light up in my house every morning – i have a couple of cappuccinos, my husband has programmed his own coffee settings for his signature brew, my son loves the latte macchiatos. We make hot chocolate with it, even use the detachable hot water spigot to make a nice cup of tea as well. It really is a lovely machine. The height of the coffee spout is adjustable so you can insert a tall glass or a shorter one. The milk dispenser is removable so you can refrigerate it, and it also has three different froth settings so you can control exactly how you like your milk dispensed. Easy to remove the milk container and simply refrigerate it after you’ve made your coffee, and equally as easy to steam clean the milk spout so it stays nice and sterile between dish-washes.

I’m not sure that i’m the right person to review this machine – while we have previously used capsule machines such as nespresso citiz and milk by magimix we have never used one that worked from ground coffee, nor one which is so clearly top of the range as this. I’ll unashamedly say that we only got this because it was offered by amazon vine, and would never otherwise get a machine like this. So you can regard this as an unbiased review, or as an uninformed one – take your pick. Well, it is very impressive visually. Taking it out of the box was like introducing a slightly boxy dalek into our kitchen. It has real presence, and put the rest of the room to shame. I half expected it to begin barking out orders at me. I’m happy to say, however, that the fear element was soon overcome and the new visitor proved friendly.

  • Brilliant, compact machine.
  • Great for a fast cup of fantastic coffee.
  • De’Longhi Perfecta ESAM5600 Graphic Touch Bean To Cup Machine – Great piece of kit

De’Longhi Perfecta ESAM 5500.M Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

Product Description, The Delonghi 5500 Perfecta gives the ultimate beans to cup freshness with only one touch you can make the perfect cappuccino;The machine can be used with either coffee beans or ground coffee;The double boiler system, with one boiler exclusively for espresso and the other for steam/milk frothing, means your cappuccino can be made almost instantly with the press of one button;The patented Auto cappuccino system mixes steam, air, and milk, producing a rich, creamy froth for great cappuccino;The new easytronic digital display is simple to use and can memorise your individual coffee – choose from espresso, cappuccino, americano, try strong through to mild and at piping hot or normal temperatures;The digital display also offers a variable rinse and decalcification auto programme which can be adjusted to reflect the hardness of local water

Box Contains,

  • 1 x Descaler
  • 1 x Full product instructions
  • 1 x Plastic coffee measuring spoon
  • 1 x Milk jug
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    Best coffee making machine for home use, compact and smartly made, does froth and good freshly ground coffee everyday.

    Chose this machine after our very expensive jura impressa avantgarde failed 3 times in less than 3 years, so decided to call it a day. The first machine arrived faulty as one of the buttons on the control panel was permanently impressed, rendering it useless. However a replacement arrived a day later and its been fantastic. If i was to compare it to my old machine (which cost 3x the price of the delonghi),they both make wonderful coffee and cappuccino’s. The delonghi has a smaller water tank but it will still make about 8 large cappucino’s before it needs refilling. It doesnt come with a water filter but i believe you can buy one to sit in the tank. The pot for the coffee grounds seems to fill quicker and descaling is required(prompted by the machine) more regularly. (i do live in a hard water area). It takes up less space on the worktop and turns itself on standby much sooner. I particularly like the milk jug which can be stored in the fridge and used as required.

    I bought this to replace a espresso machine with milk steamer and i am not disappointed. In my family we all like our coffee different. For me not too strong latte, my son strong cappuccino and my husband strong americano, and it is perfect every time. What i would suggest to anyone who decides to buy one of these is to have it set automatically to come on about an hour before needing it so that the milk is hotter. The machine is easy to clean. I empty the grounds container and top up water every night ready for the next day. I had read that the milk jug needs cleaning after every cup of coffee but you can make all the cups you need then clean after you have finished them. I would recommend this machine to anyone who enjoys coffee and would suggest getting guatemala elephant beans from whittard they are a great accompaniment.

    Used to use a ‘proper’ coffee machine. A lovely italian job with a portafilter. Was very dubious about this product. Don’t know why, probably an element of coffee snobbery. This machine delivers an espresso as good as i’ve tasted. A great crema and a great temperature.

    We bought this after looking at several makes. We wanted a bean to cup machine that would also make cappuccino coffee automatically but that wouldn’t be too large for a domestic kitchen. It is smaller than the esam range so that was a big plus but it has the same features as the esam machines. I bought an extra milk jug direct from delonghi so now i can have cappuccino with soya milk while my husband has his with cow’s milk. The machine is so easy to use (much easier than the jura we’d previously considered buying). It heats itself before it dispenses the first cup so that is as hot as the last cup. You can set the strength of the coffee or use pre-ground so we keep the hopper full of normal beans and keep a canister of ready ground decaf beside it for anyone who wants a decaf cup and then just select the appropriate setting each time. You can select coffee size from espresso to ‘americano’ and also set your own custom amount. You can even tailor the ratio of milk to coffee for cappuccino and set the coffee strength different for each cup of cappuccino you make if you want to. The milk steamer also allows you to dispense only hot milk (eg for hot chocolate) and you can set the frothyness from 1 to 3 (smooth – for latte – to bubbly).

    A really excellent machine that is soooo easy to use. Latte, cappuccino espresso all come out perfectly every time. And it’s great to be able to vary the cup size and coffee strength.

    We have been after a bean to cup coffee maker for about 8 months especially this brand and make. Great product takes a bit go getting used to, but we love it especially that you can do the milk also.

    The machine makes good consistent espresso, but has developed a fault (others have noted it) where it asks you to empty the grinds container, even if it’s empty or just has 1 previous use. I keep the machine clean and use soft water. The machine asks to empty the grinds regardless if you haven’t used it for 3 days. I should have read the manual.

    • Brilliant, compact machine.
    • Great for a fast cup of fantastic coffee.
    • De’Longhi Perfecta ESAM5600 Graphic Touch Bean To Cup Machine – Great piece of kit

    De’Longhi Perfecta ESAM 5500.M Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

    My original delonghi magnifica gave up the ghost after just one week the grinder packed up but fortunately it was replaced at a small extra cost by the perfecta 5500 this was nearly two years ago and touch wood it has worked perfectly since i have only had to descale it twice when the program light said so but i must admit that i do not use the milk frothing system i do however clean it out every two weeks, since members of my family are from italian stock i can assure you that it does get used yes i am very pleased with this machine.

    Got this ecam 23-450 to replace a much loved gaggia. It is so much quieterfairly complex, but clear instructions, copies of which are available on the website if you hate paper or just want to print out the important bits. Like other reviewers i thought the frother spout was too high, but if you realise the rubber end goes on the milk spout first, the shiny end (which is easier to clean) fits neatly over the mug. Once you have worked out how to program the correct size of drink to fill your own preferred mugs there’s no problem with that. There is a separate setting called ‘my coffee’ available for the programmable coffee volume – not the most obvious of names. The top of the machine has a cup warming area, but as we have an aga we prefer it to be switched off as it could be a slight risk. Great that both the water container and the grounds and drip tray come out forwards, so the machine will fit in a narrow space. The one caveat is that the bean hopper fills from the top and the machine doesn’t swivel. It is therefore difficult to fill with beans if it is situated on a work surface under cupboards. Because the hopper is wide and flat, sometimes sticky beans don’t slide down into the grinder without a gentle push.

    I have had this machine for only a few days and my first impression is extremely impressive (in fact, i rarely take the time to write reviews but i feel compelled)first point to note was the machine was larger than i expected. This isn’t a negative point but just check that you compare the measurements with the space into which you want to place the machine. Also, the place you put the coffee beans is on top of the machine, so you don’t want it in a place where there are cupboards above. Instructions are simple which is positive for me and the machine is easy to use and has a good range of options for weak to very strong coffee and adjustable for the size of your cup. The milk jug is great, fill it up, keep it in the fridge and when you are ready to use, just take out the hot water nozzle, replace with the milk jug and it heats/froths it for you, and there is a very simple cleaning function which clears out the tubes every time. And the milk is lovely and hot too. Espresso gives a lovely thick crema (even in a hard water area) and the coffee (tried with a couple of types of bean) comes out very hot unlike some machines i have used before. Despite de longhi for some reason in my mind not being as good as gaggia, jura etc i am delighted that i read the reviews on this and other sites and put my preconceptions aside this time. The machine looks great, the coffee looks and tastes great and is very easy to make and choose between the various options, what more could you want.

    This machines produces lovely tasting coffee. It is easy to use and the strength of the coffee can be adjusted to the individual taste. There are three choices of coffees. My only small criticism is that it could be warmer, i have over come this problem by putting it in the microwave.

    Product worked excellently at first, however there are so many issues with the machine that it can become a pain to keep maintaining. Problems:* the only way to add in ground coffee seems to cause it to spill into the machine beneath, messing it up ridiculously. There’s no place for a filter so you get stuck only using beans if you don’t want to vacuum the thing after every single use. * coffee comes out luke warm unless you have a huge cup with barely any milk. Using the cup warmer seemed to make little to no difference to this. I found myself needing to boil the kettle just to add in a little heat to the coffee. * expensive – a lot of waste. An average bag does about 20 coffees for £3-£5 depending on your brand, which can start adding up if you have a family of three, and constant visitors and find yourself going through about £20 worth of coffee just to keep up. Unlike filter coffee makers, this uses pressure to push the flavour out of the grounds for one cup, it doesn’t make a pot worth for a set amount that saves on the waste. * within three months i found my machine’s milk carafe stopped working, as did the hot water tap, and keep getting hot water circuit warnings.

    Produces a great cup of coffee. Took awhile to find the best bean, but the costco columbian beans work a treat. The milk frothier hasn’t been great, it worked fine at first, but now refuses to dispense milk. Bad news is that delonghi don’t do house calls to fix, so its either put it in a box and ship, or a trip to their office near portsmouth. I would of expected a better quality of service for this sort of money.

    This machine not only looks wonderful in my kitchen but is very easy to use. It initially takes a little setting up to get the strength and coffee quantities right, but it’s easy to do, just takes a while, especially after you’ve had several taster cups and are bouncing around the kitchen full of caffeine. Once that is done however it’s a breeze. I set mine to deliver the exact amount for our mugs and found the latte to be nice and hot, even when the milk comes straight from the fridge (which i was a little concerned about after previous comments). The timer function is handy in the mornings to get the machine ready but to be honest this isn’t necessary as the unit only takes a minute or so to warm up. Cleaning is simple and the milk jug can go back in the fridge after use. It’s so nice to have a real coffee in the morning, i will never use instant again, my kettle is redundant. The only issue i have which is nothing major is that for hot water only you have to remove the milk jug and replace with the water spout, i’m sure this could have been done another way but it does literally takes seconds and there is nowhere to store the water spout when not in use. I can see it ending up in a drawer never to be found again. I thoroughly recommend this machine, it is expensive but for ease of use and quality of coffee it’s worth it, and looks damn fine too.

    I bought this back in may 2009. By 2012 the milk frothing no longer worked and finally today, february 2015 after 7917 cups of coffee according to the statistics, i’ve had to give up on it as the amount of coffee beans it grinds has gone random, sometimes grinding about 4 beans and sometimes grinding far too many resulting in a ‘less coffee’ warning. Between 2012 and it finally dying i’ve had to use a separate milk frother which was fine as it made good espresso perfectly. Thankfully i live in a soft water area as it requests descaling seemingly every 2 weeks (i don’t recommend it but i pretty much happily ignored the warnings for the last 5 1/2 years)i wouldn’t recommend this machine however the replacement i’ve just ordered is the delonghi easm 4200 that just does the coffee side as i much preferred the milk from a separate frother. Hopefully it’ll last at least the same amount of time.

    I would have given this 5* if the price hadn’t risen so much in the couple of years i have had it,the good news: it makes fantastic coffeeespressoamericanolattecappuccinoare all pretty easy to do. You just put the beans in the hopper every so often, milk in the jug provided (if desired) and press the ‘go’ button for one or two cups. However, if you love coffee, the biggest possible choice of flavours is available in beans, and once i found my favourites i now take it short, neat and black. I get my beans mail order at prices from £7 – £15 a kilo, and enjoy superior coffee every day without paying high street prices. The bean hopper holds a full 250kg of beans. Next to it is a central covered slot with a measure if you wish to use ground coffee. On the top right is a warming plate for cups. And yes, you must use warm cups for great coffee. And the inside bottoms should be egg shaped, not flat with a hard edge. The water reservoir lasts us a long day for the two of us.

    This is the best appliance i have ever purchased, the coffee is lovely and once you set it up it is so easy to use.

    This makes great tasting coffee and it is easy to use. However it could do with a warning light to say when getting low on water or when grounds tray is nearly full. This is becase it often stops midway through making coffee which can be irritating. Also coffee cups must be pre heated or the coffee is not warm enough. Cleaning it is a bit of a pain as the grounds compressor inside can be difficult to remove.

    Set up and instructions require a bit of reading but once its ready it is very easy to use and the coffee is smooth and reach and creamy and ready in no time. Unfortunately i still have to leave my bed to prepare it .

    So i will say i never buy cheap, you seriously get what you pay for. In this instance i weighed up the delonghi and a similar looking more expensive gaggia. Eventually plumped for this as my partner is a complete latte nut. They love the coffee this produces and we keep our milk in the fridge (it’s a samsung set at exactly 4degrees as specified in the delonghi manual), but it has to be said the lattes are poor, not the foam at all but the milk temperature is almost completely cold. It seriously ruins the coffee. For lattes we get a better result by heating the mug in a jug and frothing it ourselves but at this price we should not have to do this. Currently very disappointed with this christmas gift.

    S super compact one touch milk solution bean to cup machine, 1. 8 litre, 1450 watt, silver and blackwe recently bought this machine from amazon as it was being offered at £386. 99) and our old machine was worn out (as i write the price has gone up by £200 so we’re really chuffed) – what a bargain. We have friends who have used a similar machine in their home for some time and they are real converts and having read loads of reviews of delonghi bean to cup coffee machines and thinking we’d like a high end machine but didn’t want to fork out £1000+ (which many of them were) we were delighted to spot this offer. It was very difficult to tell what the differences between this and other top end delonghi models were (and there are plenty of them if you go to their website) except that some had fancy touch displays but did the same things, slightly bigger capacities and could do a few more things (which we were unlikely to use). The pressure is the same as others (15 bar) and as there are only two of us in a relatively small kitchen we thought this compact model would do the trick. The machine arrived well packaged and on time, fits perfectly on our worktop and as an amazon prime member was delivered free of charge too. We have had various coffee machines over the last 20+ years including 2 x gaggia (our first one we bought in italy and brought home as they were not readily available here) and a ranchillio which was our latest machine (the latter is a challenging machine to froth milk with by the way, despite watching lots of utube videos). We are daily drinkers of coffee (illy is always our first choice) and have been used to doing everything ‘barista’ style ourselves so we were a little sceptical about an all singing/dancing type and although we have only had the machine a few days we are totally converted. The other reviews were very useful in helping us make our choice so i won’t bore you with the details they have covered but so far we are delighted. The instructions are very well put together and our only hiccup was pressing the language button a second too late and having to continue setting up in french and then reprogramming into english afterwards (we learnt some interesting technical french terms in the process though) we live in a hard water area but use a brita water filter so haven’t bothered with a filter for the machine (should be cheaper) but we’ll see how things develop. We’ve set the machine to ‘auto start’ so it’s ready when we come downstairs and we use the hottest water setting (best coffee should be made at 97 degrees apparently).

    My whole family loves itwas a good choice. It is very easy to use and the design is very good. I would recommend to all coffee lovers.

    Good points – excellent coffee, easy to use, low messbad points – size (it is bean-to-cup. ), finish (but on a par at this price point)we purchased this coffee maker as we wanted an easy to use machine – coffee with the lowest amount of faffunpacking the machine we were surprised at its size; it’s about 14 inches tall and quite deep, about half the size of a microwave. In comparison to manual espresso machines, very large; about average for bean to cup. Be aware that you need to access the top of the machine to fill with beans or pre-ground coffee, this has limited us to putting it onto a worksurface where there are no wall cupboards. The machine is quite ‘plasticy’, lacking the elgance of some of the other more expensive steel machines, but still appearing to be high quality. The drip tray top is steel and appears to be prone to scratching – it’s scratched from the milk container within 3 weeks. Setting up the machine was very easy – plug in, fill with water & beans, coffee mug steaming. At first the coffee seemed quite cool, even with the temperature set to the highest setting. Pre-warming the mugs with hot water solved this. The potential coffee options are immense – long coffee, strong coffee, very short coffee, double shot etc.

    I intended buying another machine and was quoted a price. On arriving at the shop i was told a mistake had been made,and as a sign of good faith i was offered this model at a price of £450. . I grabbed it pretty quick. It does everything it says and makes good coffee. The thing i like is setting the time,so when i come down in the morning the machine is switched on and ready to go. An instant coffee in seconds. It also gives you piping hot water if you want a tea. The cappuchinos are great,you can adjust the frothiness. All in all a great machine with a two year warranty.

    Bought this machine in may 2013 and for four months it gave excellent service. Then the heating failed on the milk side. I had to repackage the machine myself and it was collected promptly. I have been told that by delonghi that it will be at least two week before i get it back.

    Features and Spesification

    • Fully Automatic Espresso/ Cappuccino Maker
    • Can be used with either coffee beans or ground coffee
    • Double boiler system
    • Easytronic digital display
    • Integrated adjustable burr grinder
    • Removable 1.8L water reservoir
    • Adjustable steam emission
    • Electronic Steam and Coffee thermostat
    • Cup Warmer
    • Removable drip tray