De’Longhi Premium 15 Bar Pump Espresso Machine : Recomended up to 350 pounds

I have used this with ground coffee ( because i had some in stock) and pods. Other reviews mention that the coffee isn’t hot enough. Not a problem, so long as the cup is warmed. I have given up using the cup warmer, because it’s a bit slow, and just add boiling water to the cup to warm it. Machine is ready by the time i have done that. Result is cappuccino that tastes better than the 2 big chains sell at high prices.

Son delighted with his birthday gift.

Have had this machine for a few months now and i have to say it makes the best coffee ever.

A good idea if you are living on your own.

So happy with my coffee machine. Yes it does take a bit of getting used to but the more u use it the easier it becomes. 1 for pods, 1 for a 1 cup filter coffee of your own choice, 1 for a 2 cup coffee of your own choice. Everything is explained in pictures and writing so give yourself time to read it and make sure you have everything set up properly before you start.

Excellent coffee machine– produces as good or better than buying outside.

If you are under 70, this review would probably not be of jnterest, as you would understand modern instruction books. Firstly, i will say the machine makes really delicious coffee. I am 88 and it took 5 minutes to realise that it had to be turned on at the back,next to the plug in point, another quarter of an hour was spent looking in boxes for the water container, before i realised the left side panel slid out with the container being internal. The first couple of cups were faultless but then the milk started coming out luke warm and unfrothed. I had accidently pushed in the little slider on top of the milk container lid. The instruction book refers to this part and directs attention to the wrong illustration, without mentioning what it is for. The top of the drip tray scratches almost if you look at it, so i have cut out a piece of transparent plastic with holes in the correct places to protect it in use. I find it much quicker to warm the cups under the hot tap rather than the hot plate on the machine. I agree that if the milk is frothed manually, two cups can be prepared at the same time. But only one if you use the automatic.

Very good quality and price. Bought it for my husband as a birthday present ūüôā he loves it .

  • Excellent espresso machine
  • Pleased
  • Love it. Very good machine easy to use and

De’Longhi Premium 15 Bar Pump Espresso Machine, 145 W – Stainless Steel

Product Description, De’Longhi Premium 15 Bar Pump Espresso Machine, 145 W – Stainless Steel

Box Contains, 1 x Delonghi Stainless Steel Premium Pump EC860.M Espresso Machine

From the manufacturer

Key Features

  • This appliance can use either ground coffee or ‚ÄúEasy Serving Espresso‚ÄĚ (E.S.E.) pods
  • Self-priming system means the machine is always ready for use
  • Energy Saving function (class A+)
  • Professional frothing attachment for manually frothing and heating milk and creating latte art
  • 15 bar professional pressure
  • 2 year guarantee

De’Longhi Stainless Steel Premium Pump EC860.M Espresso Machine

Designed to be used both with ground coffee or ESE pods, this all-metal espresso maker allows you to make coffee shop-quality drinks, including crema-rich espresso and smooth cappuccinos, with the same motions typical of a ‘Barista’, thanks to the professional chromed-brass filter holder and ‘Automatic Cappuccino’ function.

Will This Machine Make My Favourite Types of Coffee?


Using both ground coffee or ESE pods, this all-metal espresso maker allows you to make coffee shop-quality drinks, including crema-rich espresso


Create smooth cappuccinos thanks to the professional chromed-brass filter holder and ‘Automatic Cappuccino’ function.


Create barista style lattes thanks to the professional chromed-brass filter holder and ‘Automatic Cappuccino’ function.

Tea / Herbal Infusions

Create tea or infusions with the hot water function.

Ease of Use

Easy to Clean

When it’s empty, by pressing the “automatic clean” button, a full cleaning cycle begins, cleansing all internal parts.

Easy to Use

The thermoblock heating system means the device is ready to use in 40 seconds. The ergonomic structure of the EC860.M allows you to access all the machine parts from the front.

This machine features a dedicated button for the cup warmer, so the cups are always ready for use and coffee can be enjoyed at the ideal temperature.

Practical and easy-to-handle, the carafe can be placed in the fridge.

The stand-by button allows maximum energy saving, saving money and respecting the environment.

Level of Convenience

Designed to be used both with ground coffee or ESE pods, this all-metal espresso maker allows you to make coffee shop-quality drinks

With an automatic cappuccino function you just need a single press of a button to transform the milk in the built-in carafe into a thick and smooth froth, for a perfect cappuccino.

Self-priming system means the machine is always ready for use.

The traditional milk frother allows you to be hands on if you want, or use for hot water and steam delivery.

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We have had a few coffee makers but this is by far the best we have had.

Very good machinehave it for more then a year, bought on amazon for 150couple of things:milk frother needs to be clean regularly with delonghi liquid, its quite long procedure. We use microwave to heat milk for 1-1. 5 minutes insteadsome standard cups are not fitted, it luck of 0. 5-1mm in heightone design fault that.

Hours and hours (days) researching these machines, i read a review on here that they would of given the 850 5 stars if it had a frother for ‘latte art’ so i bought the 860 version for that extra bit. You can see more details on the delonghi website, the 850 will warm cups but the 860 has a button for a better cup warming feature. 99, the 850 was on amazon for a very good price but is currently more expensive than this higher model, the 860 wasn’t on here when i bought one so i had to go to john lewis where it is ¬£274 for the 860. I did wonder should i have spent an extra ¬£100 when the 850 was on here for ¬£175 just to have the separate frother but i’m glad i did, i can use that feature which is basically a nozzle that plugs in where the carafe go’s and gives you steam or hot water, so i can make a hot chocolate using the carafe for frothy and steamed milk, then add hot water and froth it up some more if i like, or make tea etc. I did think maybe you could get that same nozzle for the 850 but there may be a bit more to it than that. I press the top right button with 3 teardrops on it once for hot water, twice for steam, not sure the 850 works the same. These are nice machines, capuccino is lovely, the single cup bowl you fill with coffee is a bit small so i use the double cup one, press the capuccino button, then the latte one when that’s done and it’s a perfect mug, the single and double cup things are really for small cups, shame those aren’t a bit bigger so you could have 2 large coffee’s, i’m the only one who drinks coffee in my house so it doesn’t matter, but i did get a couple of hours help from one of my children in return for a frothy hot chocolate tonight. The water filters look expensive too at around ¬£5 each every 2-3 months.

We are very happy with this machine. If you watch a couple of youtube videos, you can discover all of the hidden settings and all of the amazing features this machine has. Simply search for de’longhi ec860 tutorials.

This is an excellent coffee machine. After spending a lot of time looking at various different machines. From manual through to fully automatic (as quite fancied one of the bean-to-cup machines) i decided to buy this one, as it’s very similar to my previous one, which made great coffee. This coffee machine seems so much more powerful and has exceeded our expectations. You can set the temperature of the water and you can set it to how much coffee you want it to pour. The milk frother frothed the milk in half the time of my previous machine. It comes with a milk holder that you can use to make a latte or cappuccino which you can also set the amount of milk and coffee. We don’t even use this as the manual is so quick and easy to use. Didn’t find the instructions very helpful but after watching a review on youtube and seeing how the machine worked it was very simple to use.

I have had this machine for 2 months now and use it at least once a day. Overall i am very pleased with it and the coffee it makes is good. But of course a coffee is only as good as the beans you use. It is straightforward to set up and i have adjusted the settings to my preferences. The machine woud be even better if:- the default settings for the highest temperature the machines heats the water to could be higher still. There are three settings and the hottest is still not that hot. And- it was not so fiddly to push in and pull out the automatic plastic milk container for latte and cappucunio. This is not that well designed as it sometimes sticks in place and requires some force to pull it away from the machine to reffill with milk from the fridge or wash.

Makes a very good coffee and simple to use.

Superb machine makes a great cup of coffee.

  • Excellent espresso machine
  • Pleased
  • Love it. Very good machine easy to use and

De’Longhi Premium 15 Bar Pump Espresso Machine, 145 W – Stainless Steel

Great coffee machine, makes great espresso`s nice and frothy *****.

Makes great coffee, from a great brand name , simple easy to use and iam delighted with it.

This is a great little machine. As it is my first coffee machine i took a whole day going over the instructions before using it because the initial cleaning instructions weren’t clear. After i made my coffee i found a separate piece of paper saying the original instructions for preparing the first cups was in error. Too late i had already made them but they were fine. I recommend this item but do look for the second correction sheet before you use it. It’s not plumbed in so you do have to keep an eye on the red indicator at the bottom of the water reservoir. I found the ese pods very easy to use and so far found they have excellent flavour when used with this machine.

Very good machine easy to use and clean. Would have been five stars but temperature of milk when using automatic carafe is a little too low for my liking other than that well pleased.

I wanted a better coffee machine. I am a coffee hound, having a nespresso latissimia, a french press, a percolator and several drip filters. However only the nespresso was giving me what i felt was a decent cup of coffee, and the capsules are expensive. Initially i wanted a bean to cup machine, but having done my research i was less in love with them after i read up. I was doubtful about this machine, as it has a patented portafilter, a pressurised type basket, rather than a ‘standard’ type. However having done my research again, and understood that an entry level espresso machine and acceptable grinder would set me back at least ¬£550 and require me to turn making a coffee into an actual hobby with the level of knowledge required, i went off that idea too. I do love my nespresso latissima, and i love the easy milk frother feature which means you get a cappucino or latte at the touch of a button. (they call it a macchiato, the only difference is that latte is coffee in cup first, macciata is milk in cup first. They are the same thing pretty much)hence my decision to go for this machine – i have the choice of full semi- automatic, or using the attached wand.

 first of all, i am very sad to write this review. I thought my passion for espresso found a good match in this little machine. I bought this in germany, in december 2014 at a very good price online (not amazon). Guarantee 24 months, very nice design, solid built, installation was very easy and after the 5 espressos for test and 2 capuccinos i made my first shot Рwonderful. I used it for one cup of espresso in the morning, ocasionally more in the weekends, no capuccinos were made. 3 i had some guests and wanted to make capuccinos, put milk, started machine : only made espresso with water, tried again the clean function, some steam and then stopped. I tried to make another one, the capuccino button was blinking but nothing happened, then all the lights started to blink and that was it. I am currently living in dublin and there is no service here for delonghi, took it to a local delonghi shop/service and the technician said it can t be fixed, i must send it back.

This is an outstanding machine, which we’ve now had for just over a year. We use it mainly for americano, with the odd cappuccino and latte. It has been faultless; its fast, with a warm-up to ready from cold in 35 seconds, its quiet too (well, i think it is) oh, and the separate milk frother unit works really well, and you can keep that in the fridge to ensure the milk its always cold (which it has to be to work correctly) and it stays as fresh in this as it does in a carton. So, recommended unreservedly.

Decided to treat ourselves to a new coffee machine as ours had started leaking ordered from amazon warehouse and are very happy with the product we can make the drink we enjoy and use it more than we did our old one yes it was strange which button to press but do read the instructions and you will soon be enjoying a nice coffee.

I’ve owned this 860 model for about 6 months and have been very happy with it. It is robust and produces good coffee (espresso or coffee/milk drinks) with an especially excellent automatic ‘milk froth’ capability; no need to diy with a milk jug/frother nozzle etc – for me this is a significant capability you can also get hot water/make tea if you wish. . —–i think it’s worth mentioning from the outset that the 4 drink option buttons produce ‘just’ 2 types of drink automatically; what the doubling-up of those buttons allows you to do is precisely program different volumes of coffee with 2 buttons and different ratios of milk vs coffee with the other 2. So, if larger liquid volumes are programmed a ‘latte macchiato’ is made (as opposed to a ‘cappuccino’) since your programmed amount of frothed milk is dispensed first, followed by your programmed amount of coffee – a ‘latte’ is made coffee first. I say that as i also own a philips senseo latte select, which also froths milk automatically, but which can produce both a ‘latte’ and a ‘latte macchiato’ (as well as cappuccino) automatically since the milk/coffee dispensing is done in the necessary order as required. Some more quick comparative comments on this model later on. . However, as this machine is ‘logic-controlled’ you can interrupt/’skip’ the milk/coffee automatic process (the user guide does mention this ) – so, you can manually make ‘latte macchiato’ quite easily since you first use the coffee process then the ‘latte’ process, stopping it after it has added the milk = coffee first then milk = ‘latte macchiato’ —–i bought (second-hand) this newer 860 model after already owning and liking so much the ‘older’ 850 model. This 860 adds a switchable cup warmer and a nozzle milk frother option (the 850 only has a nozzle to dispense hot water). Aside from that i believe that the 2 models are identical. I use the 860, with the 850 in storage should (when ?) the 860 pack-up this machine is essentially ‘computer-controlled’, with the bank of 6 push-buttons on the left offering far more options when pressed in combination with other buttons and/or pressed for differing durations.

Really good machine in love:).

I recomend, no problems so far, works great, great coffee, for the money best choice, you can’t go wrong with him.

Had to send this back, as the coffee was only warm and could not do anything about it. The milk container was flimsy and i think would a soon break. I would not recommend this product, looks good but the coffee not so good. Amazon were brilliant about the returns.

Had for 6 months now and it working great. Makes delicious coffee, proper italian taste. Very easy to use and keep clean.

Fabulous , replaced my baby gaggia after 8 years , thought i would try a de’longhi coffee machine, not disappointed, , lovely hot coffee.

I have just ordered one of these machines. I ordered it on sunday 27/10/13. It arrived on tuesday 29/10/13. A full 5 days before the due date of 4/11/13. Great servicenow for the machine / it is excellent works well. Easy to use and setup makes great coffee. I have read on other sites that there is a problem with the milk temp-richer when using the auto frothier. I have used the wand and the auto with no problems with the temp in fact any hotter and it would be scolding all in all it’s just about perfect a great machine a great buy cannot fault it.

This machine is unbelievable good.

M at the end of january 2015 so i’ve had it for 4 months at the time of writing (june 2015). My favourite coffee mug holds 300ml and is 87mm tall. Using the milk dispenser/frother (item ‘c’ on page 2 of the instruction manual) and the latte macchiato button (item b12 on page 3 of the instruction manual) didn’t anywhere near fill my mug and the coffee was luke warm even though i warmed the milk frother’s pipes with steam as recommended on page 11 and warmed the cup with hot water first. To get a full mug i followed the instructions for reprogramming the latte macchiato button which i found on page 12. The first few attempts didn’t produce nice coffee so i decided to go back to the factory settings. There is no way to reset the machine to factory settings. After more experimentation i got a full mug with very nice coffee but it was still much too cool. So, i decided not to use the milk frother anymore and try the water/steam spout (item d7 on page 2 of the instruction manual).

Only used it once so far but it made a very nice espresso, the temperature was on the lowest setting and it was a perfect heat.

Features and Spesification

  • Thermoblock heating system – ready to use in 40 seconds
  • 15 bar professional pressure
  • De’Longhi patented Automatic Cappuccino system
  • Can use either ground coffee or ESE pods
  • Comes with a standard 2 year manufacturer’s warranty

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