De’Longhi Pump Espresso Coffee Machine – : Excellent for the price

Great product well recommended.

Used moderately every week, still holding up 15 months later. Steamer is powerful and coffee tastes great. If you use the steamer you do have to wait a while for the machine to cool before you can make another espresso. The trick is to make all you espresso’s before using the steamer.

Nearly as good as my old one apart from frothing milk, but that can be overcome.

A sturdy, easy to use machine.

This is a replacement for my aged briel chamonix. It is larger than i expected, my briel was half the size. The pictogram manual was just about useless but i presume it saves them printing out in several languages. It makes a nice espresso with good crema. The hot water function is nice for a single tea. (according to my wife)the frother is ok but is not adjustable for pressure/flow like the briel. It looks ok, but i personally think the chrome looks a bit cheap. I would prefer a brushed steel/aluminium look. Tank is easy to fill but i have reservations about the tank/machine seal, you can also buy a water softener/filter for the tank if you prefer using soft water.

This makes great coffee and feels good quality. It is reasonably quiet and the frother does well with the milk. The coffee holder is really heavy, giving you confidence that it will work.

Easy to use machine , quick , good quality.

Nice coffee maker fits neatly in the kitchen matches well with other black accessories.

  • Very good for the price
  • Great coffee machine
  • Best Coffee But Built in Obsolescence

De’Longhi Pump Espresso Coffee Machine – Black

Product Description, De’Longhi Pump Espresso Coffee Machine – Black.

Box Contains,

  • 1 x EC820B Coffee maker

  • From the manufacturer

    Key Features

    • 15 bar professional pressure
    • Works with ground coffee or ‘ESE’ pods
    • 1 year warranty

    De’Longhi EC820.B Pump Espresso Coffee Machine

    A pump machine is the most traditional and well-known way to make espresso, using the filter holder and ground coffee. The De’Longhi EC820.B with professional-level 15 bar pressure offers the ideal introduction to the world of coffee and a hands-on Barista experience in your own home.

    The EC820.B Pump-Driven Espresso Maker, in a contemporary black and chrome finish, can make coffee using both ground coffee and ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) pods for added convenience and makes both espresso and cappuccino. The cappuccino system, based on an in-built manual frothing arm, mixes steam, air and milk to heat and create a rich and creamy froth. The self-priming system keeps the EC820.B ready for use at all times.

    Will This Machine Make My Favourite Types of Coffee?


    Create rapid espressos with the thermoblock heating system – ready to use in only 40 seconds.


    Using fresh, cold milk (semi-skimmed or skimmed works best), you can select the correct steam pressure and manually steam the milk in a barista fashion to create the perfect froth.


    Using fresh, cold milk (semi-skimmed or skimmed works best), you can select the correct steam pressure and manually steam the milk in a barista fashion to create the perfect froth.

    Latte Macchiato

    Using fresh, cold milk (semi-skimmed or skimmed works best), you can select the correct steam pressure and manually steam the milk in a barista fashion to create the perfect froth.

    Ease of Use

    Easy to Clean

    Optional water filter, helps to reduce limescale and improve the quality of coffee and the machine performance.

    A removal drip tray makes this easy to clear any spillage.

    Easy to Use

    Easy to use, with just two control dials needed for operation: one for steam/hot water delivery and the second to control coffee delivery.

    Water tank frontal removal, for the maximum ease of use.

    Featuring a convenient cup warmer, you can have your coffee at the perfect temperature.

    Level of Convenience

    Designed to be used both with ground coffee or ESE pods, the filter holder is equipped with 3 interchangeable stainless steel filters to prepare one or two coffees at once.

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    We bought one of these when my husband retired 7 years ago. It still works, but its leaking and the steamer has given up. We have used it to make coffee at least three times a day, over seven years, that amounts to a lot of usage. I decided to go for the same model. It can’t be beaten for it’s longevity.

    First class quality coffee every time. I am thrilled with this and would certainly buy the same again.

    Compared to our old model delonghi, which this was bought to replace, it makes a lot of noise and grunts when pumping water. Main area of dissatisfaction is the amount of time you have to wait between using the steam function and making coffee- exceeds 5 minutes wait, which i find even more frustrating if someone forgets to turn the function setting back to neutral after making hot milk. On the plus side, the steam spout does now sit over the drip tray and the milk comes out hot. Think we should have opted for the dualit version (similar price) which claimed to have under 1 minute wait between steam and coffee.

    I give this product five stars. Following a lot of research this was the only coffee machine in this price range which is able to be filled from the front. This was a neccesity due to the coffee machine being sited on a shelf. It also met my criteria of being black & chrome. It looks classy & it makes great professional tasting coffee.

    If i really want to write something bad is the cup heater on the top.

    First time of having one of these machines. Excellent coffee machine with great coffee, easy to use i love it.

    I’m really impressed with it. Makes a wonderful cup of coffee and steams milk beautifully too.

    As said awkward at first takes some getting used to but a good product. Like others have said the warming plate not very useful too feeble more of a gimick. Better to use hot water to warm the cups first. But over all pleased with product.

    • Very good for the price
    • Great coffee machine
    • Best Coffee But Built in Obsolescence

    De’Longhi Pump Espresso Coffee Machine – Black

    I spent a while looking at different models and feel i made the right choice with this machine. The coffees are great, i have only used ground coffee and am saving a fortune on costa visits. The coffee comes out hot and the steamer froths a treat. Only draw back i can find is the time it takes to make a second round of coffees as it takes a while to cool down before the coffee filter works again from the switch over of the steamer. I have recommended to friends and they have tested the spoils.

    My son bought this machine but has since moved out after a few days without brewing a perfect coffee i just had to buy the same model as it suits our needs.

    Makes lovely coffe and looks good too. I especially like the front water tank it makes it so easy to refill.

    Agree with the which report, which finally made my mind up to buy this product. We use it with loose coffee with a ‘double shot’ so we don’t know about the sachets.

    The first coffee maker we have bought, and a purchase made on the back of amazon reviews, and price. Delivery from amazon prompt but there was no outer packing added by amazon to the manufacturer’s box although fortunately there was no transit damage (others might not be so fortunate). Instructions are not very clear, as others have indicated, but we muddled through as everyone else has done without any problems. First thing we noticed is that it will not take ‘tall’ mugs, but ours at 95mm will just fit under, which is ok for us. We use ground coffee, not pods, so there was some trial and error to optimize things. First the single shot basket thing seems to hold more proportionately more coffee than the double shot basket (i. 2x single is more than the double). Both baskets are sensitive to how much coffee is put in, since only a slight overfill even when using the measuring spoon will either prevent you from loading the holder into the machine or the machine can’t pump through the coffee. That part mastered we then found that coffee ground fine for espresso machines definitely works best, not ‘ordinary’ ground coffee from a packet.

    I love this machine, only negative is that it does not stop running when you have the correct amount in cup, frother works well and makes perfect coffee every time, easy to clean and operate.

    Boy, was my husband happy when he unwrapped his christmas present this year. Took a while to get used to – really, over an hour before a cup of coffee was delivered – but if he had read the simple leaflet and ignored the booklet our christmas morning caffeine fix would have been delivered far more quickly. Any how, this machine is great, and is actually extremely quick when you know how it works. Super coffee every time, whether or not you want steam/froth and all the trimmings.

    The first machine failed immediately. De’longhi were rubbish but amazon provided a replacement within two days. This machine is so good that i wonder how i ever coped with my old machine (dualit). Ready for use within a minute, easy to use and makes excellent coffee every time. I don’t use the steam option but tested it and appears fine.

    Overall i have been really happy with this machine, it makes a great cup of coffee just like a shop bought one, but takes a bit of practise to work out the best way to get the most from it. It is quite hefty compared to some which is a good thing, it feels solid and long lasting, and all the controls are suitably tactile. I suspect all of these little machines are somewhat compromised for the money, but this is what i found. I have had the machine for 2 weeks if that helps. The real problems as mentioned by other reviewers is that the cartoon like instructions are absolutely pointless and only just about tell you what you need to do. You do have to try to read them though as its not intuitive otherwise. The other problem i have had is that the little cups you put the coffee in, which then goes inside the handle thingy are supposed to to click in, but they no longer click and just sort of sit there. It does not affect the function it just means that you can’t bang the thing against the edge of the bin to get the coffee out without loosing the little cup in the bin. Maybe i did something wrong but i will never know as i can’t read the instructions. Its not such a bad thing as previously the little cups were quite tricky to remove from the handle.

    I’d been struggling to replace a previous espresso machine. I’d even gone as far as to buy one. However, the major problem i was suffering was clearance. The height between the dispenser and the drip tray. This has _just_ enough clearance for a reasonable sized mug and easily fits my espresso and cappuccino cups. It is a fairly basic model, but it makes great coffee. As with most models you determine the amount of water in your drink by how long you leave it in the water position. Other reviewers have said that it is complicated to use, i can only imagine that they have never used an espresso machine before. My wife claims to be a technophobe, but she worked it out (albeit she had to open the instructions).

    Makes a great cup of coffee. Bought the optional water filter which is working well.

    Bought to replace my krups machine that had given me 15 years faithful service. Spent a long time researching, reading reviews and finally agreed on the ec820. B as a good compromise, between the cheap and expensive models. I’ve now been using it on a daily basis for 2 months and have been really pleased with it. I thought the pictorial instructions were fine, and the machine was easy to set up and operate. It makes a great cappuccino and the crema is lovely – much better than i could ever achieve with the krups. Its easy to keep clean, nice and solid and looks good on my work top. Fingers crossed that it will continue performing well.

    Having had a de’longhi machine for approx five years, the type where you turned the knob at the top to achieve steam, it still works but tired, hence this new model. My first impression of the ec820. B out of the box is ‘wow’ for the price, it did what it say’s straight out of the box, and made great cups of espresso and cappuccino first time, with no issues. I’m most impress with the milk frothing system which froths the milk in one continuous cycle. Nnnniiiiiccccceeee machine so far, fingers cross.

    This was a gift for my mum she loves it so it get’s a 10/10 from me look’s great and apparently makes even better coffee recommend seller very fast delivery.

    Excellent coffee and highly reliable.

    I am useing it for the last 4-5 years and still goes well. First i had an isue with it about not getting the coffee through , but realised that the coffe was to grinded.

    I chose this rating because the steam wand stopped working after a few months. Fortunately amazon were fantastic, although i live in spain they dispatched a replacement which arrived the next day. Fingers crossed the replacement doesn’t go the same way.

    I bought this after extensive internet research. I was looking for simplicity & top quality of both equipment & coffee produced. This coffee maker delivers both in a great looking package that is excellent for the price paid, amazon beat other retailers by a massive margin & delivered super quick.

    Features and Spesification

    • Make and enjoy espressos, cappuccinos and lattes
    • Thermoblock heating system makes this machine ready to use in just 40 seconds
    • 15 bar professional pressure
    • High gloss finish with chrome detailing
    • Works with ground coffee or ESE pods
    • Make and enjoy perfect espressos, cappuccinos and lattes
    • Works with ground coffee or ‘ESE’ pods
    • 1 year warranty
    • The brewing head needs careful cleaning as well as the coffee filter ,the steam spout needs to be checked, either one if blocked can cause a leak due to back pressure.

    Specifications for this item